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Cyberpunk 2077 - Xbox E3 2019 Briefing
Переглядів 399 74913 днів тому
Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Game Unboxing Video
Переглядів 431 63315 днів тому
Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video
Переглядів 1 049 44016 днів тому
Cyberpunk 2077 - Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer
Переглядів 10 111 46916 днів тому
Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal - 48-minute walkthrough
Переглядів 16 888 19710 місяців тому
Cyberpunk 2077 - official E3 2018 trailer
Переглядів 17 797 699Рік тому
Cyberpunk 2077 - Mike Pondsmith about Cyberpunk World
Переглядів 792 9826 років тому
Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer
Переглядів 15 028 3436 років тому
Cyberpunk 2077 title reveal
Переглядів 971 5796 років тому


  • Sid Msi
    Sid Msi 5 хвилин тому

    No animals? Cities have rats and birds etc

  • Gracie Sullivan
    Gracie Sullivan 12 хвилин тому

    I’ve only had Jackie for less than a year but if anything happened to him I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself.

  • Invisible Blue
    Invisible Blue 16 хвилин тому

    Hope this cop dude will show up somewhere in the game.

  • pajs88
    pajs88 28 хвилин тому

    Get Me :)

  • kiruba victor
    kiruba victor 30 хвилин тому

    So there is third person view in this too?

  • pajs88
    pajs88 30 хвилин тому

    "Get the fuck up Samurai, we have city to burn"

  • Ceeway 01
    Ceeway 01 34 хвилини тому

    1:30 she is hot

  • королевский питух
    королевский питух Годину тому

    Великолепно,вы большие молодцы

  • Red Comrad
    Red Comrad Годину тому

    Кодзи.. в смысле CDPR гении.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee Годину тому

    Would be good when it comes out to ps5 after the ps4 release and add in so you actually pick up ya jacket an put it on.. or actually press the button an pick up the can.. that would be more believable

  • Philip Fry
    Philip Fry Годину тому

    None of the mp4 are on the server. Is there a trigger we need to do to access the files?

  • James Lohrman
    James Lohrman Годину тому

    why is this duckin age restriction wby cabt 7 year olds watch this

  • Normandy Vannheim
    Normandy Vannheim Годину тому

    We've got some money to burn!

    STORM BREAKER Годину тому

    Why no one's talking about the badass song?

  • Leo Rod
    Leo Rod Годину тому

    Still amazing every time i watch it

    ALMODMER Годину тому

    This game is breathtaken

    PROGxAMER 2 години тому

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Not Even Keanu: UAplus:Take A Look A 6 Years Old Teaser Of Cyberpunk 2077

  • ファイサルFaisal
    ファイサルFaisal 2 години тому

    13 year old me: “OMG I CANT WAIT FOR IT TO BE RELEASED!” 19 year old me: “I’m still waiting...”

  • Khaira Husna
    Khaira Husna 2 години тому

    Well i don't know if the trailer was in 2013 lol

  • BasicMeme
    BasicMeme 2 години тому

    I really wish they wouldve held out another year and put this on next gen consoles , imo the current gen consoles simply arent that powerful and id hate to see the graphics on this gem get watered down just so that current gen consoles can run it.

  • GOY NextDoor
    GOY NextDoor 2 години тому

    Just Great

  • Versold dst
    Versold dst 2 години тому

    Damn this trailer,the graphics were too good for 6 years ago lmao

  • Leocel Udinov
    Leocel Udinov 2 години тому

    When people are re-watching and this comes out of nowhere

  • Cayden414
    Cayden414 2 години тому

    These are the real OGs of Cyberpunk 7077 👇congrats you are a true fan 👇be an OG of mine today! 👇if not it’s ok

  • Yololo Lololo
    Yololo Lololo 3 години тому

    Alita sister???

  • zack k
    zack k 3 години тому

    Well this aged well

  • Khaymn Adams
    Khaymn Adams 3 години тому

    This seems like a good movie when's it coming out

  • Khaymn Adams
    Khaymn Adams 3 години тому

    When i see gameplay then ill buy it otherwise aint gonna pre order it

  • GAULMEN098 [gamingzone]
    GAULMEN098 [gamingzone] 3 години тому


  • Cloud Nation
    Cloud Nation 3 години тому

    Wait wHuT?!

  • Daddy Smash Mouth
    Daddy Smash Mouth 3 години тому

    3:51 What you came for

  • Rômulo Gomes E
    Rômulo Gomes E 3 години тому

    Anybody knows the name of the music for 3:54?

  • EXOTIC Turtle
    EXOTIC Turtle 3 години тому

    Wake Up Samurai. We've Got A Game To Buy.

  • Damien Spies
    Damien Spies 4 години тому

    6 years ago??

  • League Staff
    League Staff 5 годин тому

    Only interested in jacket but its not included....

  • Rubik
    Rubik 5 годин тому

    Wither 4! we don't need shit cyberpunk

  • Manoj Bhatt
    Manoj Bhatt 5 годин тому

    Feeling sad for people from 2013

  • Kaylem
    Kaylem 5 годин тому

    Oh wow I remember this, time sure moves quickly on the internet

  • Robjohn Aducal
    Robjohn Aducal 5 годин тому

    The game gets cancelled and is released in 2077

  • Ethan Silvestro
    Ethan Silvestro 5 годин тому

    Wake the f*** up samurai, we have a city to burn...

  • Arman Kundu
    Arman Kundu 5 годин тому

    Damn...damn damn damn damn damn

  • Naughty  Gamer
    Naughty Gamer 6 годин тому

    In 41:49 how is he talking even when V blasted his head off with the shotgun lol

  • Tellawi
    Tellawi 6 годин тому

    Wait this was 6 yrs ago wtf

    KNIGHT SLAYER 6 годин тому

    I am very excited for this game

  • The FrosT
    The FrosT 6 годин тому

    Класс бро

  • Zalcry
    Zalcry 6 годин тому

    Shoots off ducking head - finishes sentence

  • Adriaan Pretorius
    Adriaan Pretorius 6 годин тому

    Mr Pondsmith, true artists still exist! Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

  • Randhir Mukhiya
    Randhir Mukhiya 6 годин тому

    They replaced the lady character

  • Adriaan Pretorius
    Adriaan Pretorius 6 годин тому

    Ordered. waiting... ;-)

  • Makaber YT
    Makaber YT 7 годин тому

    jak polaczki zrobią to dobrze zrobią ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • XxAntonioTononoxX
    XxAntonioTononoxX 7 годин тому

    Before 6 years wtf

  • Selim Ertan Selimsk
    Selim Ertan Selimsk 7 годин тому

    videosunu izlerken pc kastı amk oyunu düşünemiyorum TR TR TR TR

  • Pancho Moner
    Pancho Moner 7 годин тому

    Oh shit 2013

  • B. K.
    B. K. 7 годин тому

    The game is gonna be BREATHTAKING

  • Najib Rahman
    Najib Rahman 7 годин тому

    I like the part where the game gets unboxed.

    NOVOICE 7 годин тому

    3:50 FOR PORN

    NOVOICE 8 годин тому

    wait, this was announced 6 years ago?! but didnt hear about it until Keanu revealed it at E3 this year.. WHAT THE FUCK

  • Mayur Kshirsagar
    Mayur Kshirsagar 8 годин тому

    My ass still playin age of empire 3 on high tech pc

  • kyle cooper
    kyle cooper 8 годин тому

    no one: not a lving soul: Keanu Reeves: WAKE THE F*ck SAMURAI me watching the trailer for the first time: YES MR REEVES, SIR

  • Andre Fanny
    Andre Fanny 8 годин тому

    No third person ?? really ? in 2020, the only game in 1st person should be Call Of Duty, all other games should be in 3rd person !!! What an incredible mistake. You don't know how many players you just lost, bad decision, very bad decision. You killed your own game.

    • JayJapanB
      JayJapanB 3 години тому

      @Marcus Kane I thought I was having Deja vu

    • Marcus Kane
      Marcus Kane 7 годин тому

      Don't forget to post your "whiny message" tomorrow ;)

  • BabooKTM
    BabooKTM 8 годин тому

    Trauma Team as its finest <3

    PIXELKING_959 9 годин тому

    We have a city to burn

  • high love
    high love 9 годин тому

    Cd project red definitely is changing the gaming community for the better, and what we want , can’t wait to get my hands on it

  • Angry Happy
    Angry Happy 9 годин тому

    Everybody: the release date is 2077 because of the title. CDPR: Am i a joke to you?

  • Mielon
    Mielon 9 годин тому

    "Efekt na mysz był zaskakująco dobry. Nanoantenka sprawdziła, że siatkówka reagowała na fale długości 980 nanometrów, emitowane ze słabiutkiej lampy LED. Wraz z tym obserwowano reakcje w mózgach zwierząt odpowiadające widzeniu. Przy kolejnej, bardziej praktycznej próbie, myszy rozpoznawały kształty wyświetlane przez lampę LED w różnych warunkach. Jednocześnie nie zmieniła się zdolność laboratoryjnych zwierząt do widzenia w dzień. Po prostu zyskały nową umiejętność, a na dodatek nie zaobserwowano skutków ubocznych, jedynie wizualne „zamglenie” - zmianę zabarwienia. Można się spodziewać, że zaraz po badaniach laboratoryjnych pojawią się grupy chętnych do testowania tego na własnych ciałach biohackerów. Kilka lat temu miał miejsce ciekawy precedens, gdzie niejaki Gabriel Licina pozwolił sobie wprowadzić do oczu za pomocą kropli Chlorin e6 (Ce6), który znacznie poprawił jego zdolność widzenia w ciemności i na dłuższe dystanse. " za:

  • Connie Wonnie
    Connie Wonnie 9 годин тому

    The expressions are not quite there, but this is the best I’ve seen so far!

  • Henrychan 7888
    Henrychan 7888 10 годин тому

    Bulletproof hotties oh shiet

  • s q u a r e e
    s q u a r e e 10 годин тому

    1% The graphics are awesome 99% I bought this game only because of keanu

    THE SHAW 10 годин тому

    Gta: you kill hookers Cyberpunk: hookers kill you

  • Brian brush
    Brian brush 10 годин тому

    Holy crap when I saw the Keanu Reeves trailer I thought this game was something recent. Wow.

  • Braken Vow
    Braken Vow 11 годин тому

    ...wait, 6 years ago???I just heard of this last year.(I mean good thing for me cause the long wait would have killed me... figuratively speaking.)

    THE 7 DAY THEORY 11 годин тому


  • Aulia Reski
    Aulia Reski 11 годин тому

    Anyway, anyone know the song played near the end of this trailer?

    • Superman201319
      Superman201319 10 годин тому

      Chippin In by Johnny Silverhand (Portrayed by Keanu Reeves). Sadly there's no official full version of it.

  • Micah Ryan Resurreccion
    Micah Ryan Resurreccion 11 годин тому


  • Aulia Reski
    Aulia Reski 11 годин тому


  • AnimeDrunk
    AnimeDrunk 11 годин тому

    Was this really announce 6 years ago? I thought it was like 3 years tops.

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 11 годин тому

    that time when people ain't such a sensitive bitch

  • Siege Psychedelic
    Siege Psychedelic 11 годин тому

    This game looks so dumb bro u cant even open a build menu like you can in the masterpiece Fortnite. I’m kidding. I won’t survive without this game. April can’t come sooner 🥳

  • 12 13
    12 13 12 годин тому

    2013 wew

  • Adil Hameed
    Adil Hameed 12 годин тому

    This teaser was *BREATHTAKING*

  • Luis Eduardo Jimenez González
    Luis Eduardo Jimenez González 13 годин тому

    Not enough “BREATHTAKING” people in this trailer but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that everyone is happy

  • TheNeed4Gaming
    TheNeed4Gaming 13 годин тому

    I found out about this game on E3 2019. It was first announced in 2013? How long does it have to take? I bet my granchildrens children will die of old age by the time it comes out and I'm only 22!

  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood 13 годин тому

    Finally, Johnny Mnemonic 2!

  • AfroCow 8
    AfroCow 8 13 годин тому

    Only took em 8 years for this game

  • Kenneth Purboadji
    Kenneth Purboadji 13 годин тому

    2019 anyone

  • Captian Venom
    Captian Venom 13 годин тому

    Wait so this was the trailer back then and it’s still in development? Sorry I dont know this game

  • Johally sa
    Johally sa 13 годин тому

    oh look, I see titties...

  • Rahul jariwala
    Rahul jariwala 13 годин тому

    Soo.. It's been under development for 6 years now....!!!!

  • dark thoughts
    dark thoughts 14 годин тому

    First person shooter RPG, I dig but what if we can get a 3rd person opt for this beauty, so it can be a visual treat, don't get me wrong I'm a 1st person freak but this game bloody beautiful..just a thought

  • twystd
    twystd 14 годин тому

    The lady kneeling down is probably a cyberpsycho, which is a mental illness that occurs when you implant too much cyberwear in your body. That lady has some type of dermal cyberware (which is why the bullet barely scratched her and shattered), along with the mantis blades protruding out of her arms. It's possible that she has a ton of other cyberware, but that's all I noticed. She's surrounded by dead people, which means that she likely went on a cyberpsychotic killing spree. The police at the beginning don't seem to have good enough weaponry to fight that cyberpsycho, however the man at 1:20 has a special blue patch on his arm that says MAX-TAC, which belongs to the Maximum Force Tactical Division. They're essentially cyberpunk's version of a SWAT team, specifically created to deal with cyberpsychotic outbreaks. They get the 'best in armor, commo-equipment and vehicles.'

  • Surreptitious S.
    Surreptitious S. 14 годин тому

    This game looks like if CDPR decided Deus Ex and GTA weren't good enough being separate games. Or good enough at all. I don't think CP77 will reinvent the wheel. I don't think that's the goal. TW3 didn't reinvent the wheel, but it excelled at being what it was. I expect this game will be one hell of an immersive sim, and it will be a great GTA clone. That alone sounds great. If is also manages to have great stories and characters (practically a given with these guys and girls) then that's all I could possibly ask for.

  • Angel Generously
    Angel Generously 14 годин тому

    This just gave me deep hype boiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  • Oshawott 63
    Oshawott 63 15 годин тому

    Ha! They totally said when it’s ready because they knew this game would take as long as kingdom hearts 3 to make!

  • Tylerownu 51
    Tylerownu 51 15 годин тому

    6 years ago????

    THERAG3 15 годин тому

    this would be an absolute killer game in third-person too

    • Ryder Barton
      Ryder Barton 13 годин тому

      THERAG3 Not Every Game needs TPP.

  • Dieter
    Dieter 15 годин тому

    I'm totally making a female be different...not caring at all about the skimpy outfits lol

  • 13727e a
    13727e a 16 годин тому

    One of the biggest im hoping they bring back is split screen if you wanna play with your friends or family without having to constantly be online,but I'm still really want a online mode as well to play with and what not

  • P illo
    P illo 16 годин тому

    breathtaking now give me likes

  • Snakers
    Snakers 16 годин тому

    3:40 bug?!!