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WATCH: Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump | January 24
Переглядів 215 тис.2 дні тому
PBS NewsHour West live episode, Jan 24, 2020
Переглядів 30 тис.День тому
The NewsHour family shares lessons from Jim Lehrer
Переглядів 1,8 тис.День тому
PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan 24, 2020
Переглядів 42 тис.День тому
The NewsHour family remembers Jim Lehrer
Переглядів 4,8 тис.День тому
Drug company executives face prison time for role in opioid epidemic
Переглядів 2,5 тис.День тому
News Wrap: Trump addresses crowds at anti-abortion March for Life
Переглядів 2 тис.День тому
WATCH: Sens. Klobuchar and Fischer weigh in on impeachment trial
Переглядів 1,6 тис.День тому
PBS NewsHour West live episode, Jan 23, 2020
Переглядів 32 тис.2 дні тому
WATCH: Sen. Bob Casey outlines importance to hear witness testimony
Переглядів 3,5 тис.2 дні тому
PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan 23, 2020
Переглядів 50 тис.2 дні тому
The extraordinary legacy and unique voice of Jim Lehrer
Переглядів 12 тис.2 дні тому
WATCH: Jim Lehrer speaks to Harvard University graduates in 2006
Переглядів 2,1 тис.2 дні тому
WATCH LIVE: Mike Pompeo speaks on foreign policy in Florida
Переглядів 3,2 тис.2 дні тому
Remembering Jim Lehrer
Переглядів 31 тис.2 дні тому
Judy Woodruff remembers longtime NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer
Переглядів 13 тис.2 дні тому
WATCH LIVE: Chuck Schumer speaks ahead of Trump's impeachment trial
Переглядів 38 тис.2 дні тому
WATCH LIVE: State Department addresses latest on Syria and ISIS
Переглядів 10 тис.2 дні тому
PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan 22, 2020
Переглядів 49 тис.3 дні тому
News Wrap: At Davos, Trump urges Europe to liberalize trade policies
Переглядів 4,5 тис.3 дні тому


  • wakeup people
    wakeup people 15 хвилин тому

    Let the Senate circle began. 1, 2, 3 .....💥

  • Brittany James
    Brittany James 18 хвилин тому

    Now that's a bad b****. She told you from the beginning that Trump will be impeached. Now look at your dumb faces. Don't come for Auntie Maxine unless she sends for you.

  • Amir Bahrami
    Amir Bahrami 44 хвилини тому

    Satan's impeachment will never succeed

  • David Stone
    David Stone Годину тому

    ❌Jerry Nadler is an angry career politician liberal Democrat and Trump hater here’s proof: I'm Sorry This Is Happening To You: Jerry Nadler Loses It and Calls Trump A Dictator. Remember Jerry anger and hate shortens your life especially when you’re 70 pounds overweight like you are.

  • DonPeyote
    DonPeyote Годину тому

    3:33:22 - the talking in the background did not help at all

  • Philip C
    Philip C Годину тому

    The republicans had fidget spinners while the demunists had voodoo dolls provided by the Clinton foundation.

  • Alfredo de Jesus Viso
    Alfredo de Jesus Viso Годину тому

    Trump 2020.

  • Steve Siegelin
    Steve Siegelin Годину тому

    Also if your biggest evidences that someone someone said they were going to fire someone a year ago and gave them one more year to straighten their act out and they still didn't do it and got fired anyway then your evidence is mute. Everybody she did business with said she was not the person for the job. They didn't say she was bad at her job but she wasn't good at either. And yet she was actually given an additional year. And she didn't get fired she was transferred to a different position.

  • Steve Siegelin
    Steve Siegelin Годину тому

    I still say that all of you guys need to pull your head out of your ass. We actually gave them lethal aid, something the Obama administration did not do. Not to mention Joe biden's son the cocaine riddled Bidenwas given millions of dollars for sitting on his ass and not knowing anything about energy companies. The Democrats are all liars, or at least love to misconstrue the facts to make it look like something wrong was done when in fact that's how you do business. We are not the world's piggy bank. Keep America Great, Trump 2020.

  • Fatima Wali Ahmadi
    Fatima Wali Ahmadi Годину тому

    Mr. Congressman, with all due respect, does your heat tells the same???

  • PapaGeorg10
    PapaGeorg10 Годину тому

    This season of House of Cards is really good

  • Begitte Olsen
    Begitte Olsen Годину тому

    218.000 views on the DEMS snooze- fest... Amazingly low. I wonder why ( not)

  • Gerald Hilton
    Gerald Hilton 2 години тому

    Sometimes you have to repeat the truth and facts backing it up, as you would with a ill-mannered child or children. The GOP should be ashamed for not standing up for America, instead of standing up for a spoiled child (TRUMP)!

  • Irish freedom
    Irish freedom 3 години тому

    Democrats are pure evil. How could any american vote for these scum. Shame on yous

  • Dan Marlin
    Dan Marlin 3 години тому


  • Joseph Gallardo
    Joseph Gallardo 3 години тому

    That speech was great

  • Joseph Gallardo
    Joseph Gallardo 3 години тому

    Republicans if don't care about ur honor don't take ur grandkids and great grandkids who are screaming from their mothers womb

  • Joseph Gallardo
    Joseph Gallardo 3 години тому

    U have to be an idoit or stupidest person on the face of the Earth if it was a snake it would of bit u three times Fisher stop being a decendant of Cain Repent and believe the gospel

  • Sandra Arnal
    Sandra Arnal 3 години тому

    The Republicans who like an want to keep their jobs really should vote to have witnesses along with 45 and all documents. You need to remember you work for the American public not 45, and we want a fair trial, we need to hear, see all the evidence .

  • jdl619
    jdl619 4 години тому

    It's so sad how many of these fake accounts on these comments so sad don't use my account on this show I will sue your ass

  • Cornell :D
    Cornell :D 5 годин тому

    When the Tangerine Turd says "Put America first", he really means to put himself first and line his pockets as much as possible!!

  • Martha Halsey
    Martha Halsey 5 годин тому

    He’s got to be the most disgusting human being and I’m being kind I have ever heard in congress I don’t understand how he can get up and tell the American people such lies and get away with it.

  • Trump Zilla
    Trump Zilla 5 годин тому

    PBS NewsHour tries so hard to smear Giuliani. I typed Giuliani's name in youtube search and most of the video's are on the PBS NewsHour channel, spinning the news. Trump will win 2020. Too bad for you.

  • Richard Kennady
    Richard Kennady 6 годин тому

    Fucking shut up.

  • Liz Girl
    Liz Girl 6 годин тому

    Sleaze bag Nadler... Trump LANDSLIDE coming!

  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow 6 годин тому

    This is a waste of people's time and money!

    • Kneenaw
      Kneenaw Годину тому

      Just like Trump wastes our tax money to golfing in Florida on the weekend. Just like he used our tax money as leverage to gain dirt on political opponents from other countries. If investigations into serious allegations of corruption are a waste of time then you'd love living in Russia or China.

    • Begitte Olsen
      Begitte Olsen Годину тому

      I AGREE... I only hope that the DEMS thinks that it was well spent. Personally I think that the money could AND should have been used to benefit the people.

  • Vena Z
    Vena Z 6 годин тому

    fricken dems R liars, cheats n stealers of this nation. president trump isnt their puppet. they did nothing when obama did all his shady deals.

  • Chamorrita Jaz
    Chamorrita Jaz 6 годин тому

    What our president is doing...making our country look like it's not freedom towards others. I believe he's making immigrants receive assylum so hard is because he doesn't want them here. It's a damn free country. What's sad is that they are scared to stay in their own country.

  • itchy robot
    itchy robot 7 годин тому

    Nadler & Shiff - Eloquently prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is guilty and should be impeached, charged for his crimes & removed from office... American people - whaaaaa this is too long, I'm BORED! Rest of the world - FACEPALM!

    • Kneenaw
      Kneenaw Годину тому

      Republicans don't even watch the full thing, they just say what they heard on Fox news.

  • John Heigis
    John Heigis 7 годин тому

    Semper Fi, Jim! Good we'll.

  • josefrancisco izquierdo
    josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

    R.I.P. Jim Lehrer 🌄 "GREAT NEWS COVERAGE !"

  • Bradley Dean
    Bradley Dean 8 годин тому

    Oompa loompa speaks..

  • Bradley Dean
    Bradley Dean 8 годин тому

    When are they going to let us know what crime was supposedly committed?? FYI.. the president doing his job is not a crime

  • Very Violator
    Very Violator 8 годин тому

    When will you expel Mr.Putin in jail or help us? (I am Russian)

  • Conrad
    Conrad 8 годин тому

    RIP Jim Lehrer

    • Charles Katz
      Charles Katz 8 годин тому

      Yes.Loved hearing from Justice Bryar that he possessed a "Moral Intelligence" which it seems to be the beneficiaries of more informed when he squarely would ask for that clarity when he he perceived on our behalf it was not yet evident

  • msndrstdwlf BB
    msndrstdwlf BB 8 годин тому

    The hearing is a farce and hoax. This will embolden him and give him immunity for any crime including blackmail and bribery.

  • ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo 8 годин тому

    The Pig (Trump) likes through his teeth, every day. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of the most insidious brain insults we know. You will not know the full extent of your injuries for years, in many cases. "Headaches"!!!! What a dirty filthy liar we have for a president.

  • josefrancisco izquierdo
    josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

    "AlJazeera" News (Live) has "live chat"...

  • josefrancisco izquierdo
    josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

    "I LOVE PBS NEWS." ❤️🧡💛💯💛🧡❤️

  • josefrancisco izquierdo
    josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

    Sorry, but "our comments here are a mistake." They will be "blocked," soon...unlike NBC Nightly News' and others.

  • roger le phoque
    roger le phoque 9 годин тому

    The Bidens may or may not be guilty of corruption with regard to Ukraine. That's not the point for now. What is the point and central to Trump's trial in the Senate is his attempt to target the Bidens for his personal, political gain. The accumulation of all the evidence leaves no doubt that this was his intent. Trump's claim that he was targeting corruption across the board in Ukraine stretches credulity beyond breaking...

  • josefrancisco izquierdo
    josefrancisco izquierdo 9 годин тому

    The Democrats keep repeating the same thing "over and over again" because the Republicans seem to be "hard-of-hearing."👂

  • WalkonEarth
    WalkonEarth 9 годин тому

    wow, Jim Jordan got money to dress properly now? 😆

  • Team Colby is the way to go
    Team Colby is the way to go 9 годин тому

    Remove the traitor from our white house asap.

  • Matt Dowling
    Matt Dowling 9 годин тому

    So much repetition. A shame to the people of our country, and an embarrassment to the world

    • Jason Dodd
      Jason Dodd 5 годин тому

      I know, right? How can Trump keep repeating and go unstopped? Shameful.

  • Lector Apia Antica Heracles
    Lector Apia Antica Heracles 9 годин тому

    This is exactly the criminals accuse the police officer who is trying to arrest the criminals. BIDENS are horrible criminals, traitors. Zelensky idiot should be impeached by not doing his duty, not Trump.

  • Lector Apia Antica Heracles
    Lector Apia Antica Heracles 9 годин тому

    Imbecile. The Potus can call anyone on anywhere on Earth. What a stupid shamans clown show for nothing. Go home and rest. The blockheads' party is over.

  • What the Fox
    What the Fox 10 годин тому

    shameful ...Judas

  • April Jones-Foston
    April Jones-Foston 10 годин тому

    Looking forward to hearing REPUBLICANS & trump's defense to the DEMOCRATS very strong, detailed & accurate case.

  • The warrior z
    The warrior z 10 годин тому

    The inpeachment was insufficiently substantiated.

    • Kneenaw
      Kneenaw 57 хвилин тому

      I would agree that perhaps the first charge could be argued but the second is so obvious that voting aquit for obstruction of Congress is downright ridiculous.

    • jane hyden
      jane hyden Годину тому


    • The warrior z
      The warrior z 10 годин тому

      That's right you fuckers.

  • scott matthews
    scott matthews 10 годин тому

    Maybe the Real Adam Schiff will show up and save the day. Get Jack McCoy on the case!

  • Bristol Jakubowski
    Bristol Jakubowski 10 годин тому


  • lon arbuckle
    lon arbuckle 10 годин тому

    longs as they don,t investigate you,,,??

  • Gudz Lock
    Gudz Lock 10 годин тому

    What facts are there of all of this... just saying. Lots of calling out and no real crime or facts... point me to the facts. Real things that happened that the FBI hasn't already ruled out. Ok now a Ukraine tape... it should go through a proper investigation. I think the democratic party will fall apart cause it is a joke. Get the job done if you are so sure. Nothing gets done with you guys. A cheap attack on the election and a party that will fade. Purely from a bipartisan point of view ... ,media democrats are a joke. I know some good democrats that aren't the media ignorant type. I see the party splitting up over this disgrace ... you guys are a disgrace to our country and you should be ashamed of yourself. Half the democrats I talk to think the argument is silly and no way is there a chance in the senate. You put stress on our country and the american people to benefit your party which is basically fake. I see a more socialist democrat party taking over the role ... real people and not a bunch of wrestle-mania fake stuff. They have valid concerns but their leaders are corrupt but really they are just lazy.

    • Miss Beatrice Haven
      Miss Beatrice Haven Годину тому

      You are living in some kind of la la land. However the majority of Americans and most of the world knows he’s guilty as charged. If he’s acquitted it’ll be because the Republican Senate has rigged the trial. Moscow Mitch and Swishy Graham publicly said they would not be impartial jurors. Millions of Americans witnessed them taking an oath they would be impartial. If there’s no justice at this trial, then there will be a reckoning on voting day.

  • lon arbuckle
    lon arbuckle 10 годин тому

    alone with over 50 percent of the people who think otherwise...lol

    • itchy robot
      itchy robot 7 годин тому

      are you drunk or just illiterate?

  • john decoteau
    john decoteau 10 годин тому

    joseph maguire must step down or be fired.

  • Joshua Ayres
    Joshua Ayres 10 годин тому

    Democrats are losing there minds lol there so asshurt there not getting there way like they did in the house that he was not allowed counsel in the impeachment trial in the house....fyi I dont support donald trump and I'm not a Republican I was a registered Democrat but changed because of this embarrassment and news act like all is well and new like CNN even know dems where wrong in house but still reports how bad Republicans where.....so I lost faith...i will not be voting at all at this time

  • Allen C.
    Allen C. 10 годин тому

    Why don't Americans get someone to work for them. The do nothing republicans do nothing but erode our rights and damage our government.

    • Mike van der Noordt
      Mike van der Noordt 3 години тому

      ​@John brenot What does that has to do with this trial? And it seems to me that democrats just call for more thorough background checks, so that it's more difficult for mental cases to aquire assault rifles and shoot up your kids. One-liners like "they want to take away our guns", "they want to kill our babies", "they want to turn USA into USSR" are nothing short of idiotic, untrue and dangerous. It's very sad to see that there is no nuance and only this kind of scare-mongering... Anyway, back to the case; when compelling evidence is presented, it seems republicans answer with this kind of non-related nonsense.

    • John brenot
      John brenot 6 годин тому

      Seems that the Democrats are hard at work taking away our second amendment rights, which constitutional right are Republican's eroding?

  • Bar BS12
    Bar BS12 10 годин тому

    Even though the evidence is overwhelming that Trump is guilty and a danger to our national security the Senate to not going to Remove him, because 53 members of the Senate include Moscow Mitch and the Russian Republicans

    • sweetbuttercup08312
      sweetbuttercup08312 9 годин тому

      Louis G yeah because they want to work together and come to reasonable agreements. That shows you right there that they are working as a bipartisan group. If the Democrats were so against Trump and the Republicans why wouldn’t they just vote against everything? do you think the military budget goes into Trumps pocket? They didn’t give him anything. Laws, amendments and budget choices are proposed and then they are voted on by everyone. Yes they voted to increase the DOD budget. It paid for all kinds of things like giving our soldiers more money for themselves and their families amongst other things. Considering how stupid he is did you ever think they voted for a bigger budget to prepare us for war? Look at what he just did in Iraq for no reason...He has literally alienated us from our own allies by all the stupid things he says. He Pulled out of the nuclear deal and then killed Iran’s general...why? Do you realize that deal was made to curb Iran’s nuclear production? The reason given? Because of lack of trust in Iran and Trump claimed Obama made a bad deal. The deal was working. Everyone was complying. It took 9 yrs for them to come to that deal and in just 2 yrs in office it got squashed, which then made Iran pull out of the deal. They said if the US isn’t going to comply neither will we. Not only was Iran complying they were happy about it. They were dancing in the streets holding American flags. We successfully negotiated a deal to keep an enemy from making nuclear weapons which gives us security that they wouldn’t try to use them against us or our allies Now the people in Iran and Iraq are burning flags in the streets saying “death to America” and putting a bounty on his head. Good job bro...

    • Matt Dowling
      Matt Dowling 9 годин тому

      This is not a cover up by repubs, barbs12.... and the evidence is LAUGHABLE. An embarrassing state our country is in because of these corrupt politicians....

    • Louis G
      Louis G 10 годин тому

      Yeah he's so dangerous the dems voted to give him an extra $130 billion in the military budget to drop bombs on people, plz open your eyes

  • New York 16 year old girl Emma
    New York 16 year old girl Emma 10 годин тому

    Worst Trump💩💩💩

    KARUGO WILSON 11 годин тому

    Trump loves 🐦

    • tea towel
      tea towel 7 годин тому

      drumpf loves bullshiting it's why he has trouble flushing soo much flushing

    • josefrancisco izquierdo
      josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

      Trump Loves Trouble.

  • Ed S
    Ed S 11 годин тому

    Those damn Democrats keep repeating evidence of trump’s corruption. Why aren’t they more like those spineless Republican cowards? Vote blue no matter who.

  • Eyvonne Hammonds
    Eyvonne Hammonds 11 годин тому

    What a gigantic farce! And that SMELL! Someone arrived with Shiff on their shoe! 🤮

    • tea towel
      tea towel 7 годин тому

      @Ed S 😉👍

    • tea towel
      tea towel 7 годин тому

      @Bonny S 😆😆😄 love it 😄

    • tea towel
      tea towel 7 годин тому

      @April Jones-Foston 😆😂🤣😆🤣😄

    • Bonny S
      Bonny S 8 годин тому

      @April Jones-Foston you can't eat all that McDonald's and not expect some blow back! 😂

    • April Jones-Foston
      April Jones-Foston 10 годин тому

      Apparently, Mr Schiff had just removed his foot from trump's rear end & the stench was indeed vile.

  • Kay Ferguson
    Kay Ferguson 11 годин тому

    Let me push back all the Republicans and Trump's lawyers to elementary school.

    • itchy robot
      itchy robot 7 годин тому

      @Matt Dowling dead eyes? ROFL typical republican argument.

    • Matt Dowling
      Matt Dowling 9 годин тому

      Kay, look at the dead eyes on Schiff, Nadler, and Jefferies.... many other dead eyes. something is wrong inside there.

    • Dnd Mcdonnell
      Dnd Mcdonnell 10 годин тому

      You make no sense??

  • Hdhdh Bdbdhd
    Hdhdh Bdbdhd 11 годин тому


  • Bob Downs
    Bob Downs 11 годин тому

    PBS does not appear to be unbiased. We are all funding this news outlet. Does this not entitle us to objective reporting?

    • Bonny S
      Bonny S Годину тому

      @packardexelence PBS is not a substitute for other news information. They don't cover local or even regional news in some cases. They don't have the staff to do it. It's budget has been steadily eaten away. Their commentators ask intelligent questions and they have a balance of opinions. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it a decent option compared to what else is out there? Yup. I would hate to think programming choices by PBS would diminish your thought process enough to feel good about following the Republican agenda, at this point in history especially.

    • packardexelence
      packardexelence 3 години тому

      @Bonny S PBS NEVER EVEN REPORTED THE TERRORIST ATTACK ON THAT ICE FACILITY!!!!!!!!!!!; OO YEA!!!! REAL "neutral"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh; & the COVINGTON CATHOLIC KID; I just can't wait for how PBS COVERS their pending lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & HEY I VOTED FOR Pres.OBAMA TWICE!!!!!!!!!! ---BUT I AM TRUMP & REGISTERED REPUBLICAN----NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • April Jones-Foston
      April Jones-Foston 7 годин тому

      "Biased ?" PBS is simply reporting TRUTHFULLY.

    • Bonny S
      Bonny S 8 годин тому

      @josefrancisco izquierdo I can't watch Fox News. It gives me heartburn and destroys my hope of a benevolent God.

    • josefrancisco izquierdo
      josefrancisco izquierdo 8 годин тому

      Faux News is biased, "Pro-Trump."

  • john decoteau
    john decoteau 11 годин тому

    quite compelling testimony!

  • Doodelay
    Doodelay 12 годин тому

    Future Americans? All of us living - right now - that remain unaffected by Fox News brainwashing will despair

  • Ghost of Pambo
    Ghost of Pambo 12 годин тому

    Where’s the crime? After three days, Democrats still haven’t named ONE that warrants impeachment.

  • Nope
    Nope 12 годин тому

    Adam Schiff closing starts @9:13:00

    • Clinton Pachingel
      Clinton Pachingel 10 годин тому

      america needs to stop bossing around the world

    • Dnd Mcdonnell
      Dnd Mcdonnell 10 годин тому

      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .......

  • Madden Master
    Madden Master 12 годин тому

    My awful guess is that after all schiff & others talk s ended ..Republicans will vote they do not want to see documents & vote they do not want to hear witness ! And then vote NOT to impeach ..SAD (if so) All those voting NOT to impeach should be voted out of office! .... -all real usa citizens should carry proof & show it ..to use public roads ,school, libraries ,get welfare & all things our taxes pay for ..illegal -have no proof and should not b able to use our public stuff =we paid taxes for....Tulsi Gabbard, Representative From Hawaii, for President 2020.

    • David Stone
      David Stone 59 хвилин тому

      Madden Master - ❌Jerry Nadler is an angry career politician liberal Democrat and Trump hater here’s proof: I'm Sorry This Is Happening To You: Jerry Nadler Loses It and Calls Trump A Dictator. Remember Jerry anger and hate shortens your life especially when you’re 70 pounds overweight like you are.

    GATT2B WE THE PEOPLE 13 годин тому

    The Democrats are clowns they so stupid I love our PRESIDENT he is way ahead of these clown they wanted to IMPEACH him from day one so what does my Smart President do I'll tell you he threw a line with the right bait and hooked them dumbass clowns knowing they were stupid enough to bite on it and the truth he did nothing the only abuse here is he spanked those idiots so bad I almost feel sorry for them but I can't do that because they are losers and like PRESIDENT TRUMP WE THE PEOPLE ARE WINNERS!!! But don't hate on me yet I have a good idea all the DEMOCRATS including the politicians move to Ukraine and help them fight the fake ass war y'all keep talking about if you DEMOCRATS care that much about the Ukraine get the hell out of the USA because here we support Trump not tax wasting dumbass liers all you eat these word y'all were out played and look like fools because We Have The Right Leader One That Can out Think the Whole DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THAT I'LL SAY PRES.TRUMP IS A GENIUS....LOL YOU FOOLS

  • Hope and Grace
    Hope and Grace 13 годин тому

    Only Trump can drag our country into different types of war: Whites against Color Rep against Democrates Christians against Christians Comminuty against Community USA trades against other countries Law against the Law Constitution against the Constitution Rich against middle class Middle class against the poor Class against class Iranians against Iranians Blacks against their own USA against immigrants (Humm his parents were immigrants, Malania is an immigrant) but brown immigrants is his racist color of choice) The Bible against The Bible (choses verses that appease his pallet) He is a leech - a life sucking parasite. Impeach him and set out country free from misery! Trump not worthy fighting for! IMPEACHMENT MUST HAPPEN!!!

  • kaben Asfaw
    kaben Asfaw 13 годин тому

    I'm still on poverty and welfare bitch

  • Tim Dog
    Tim Dog 13 годин тому

    Sexual predator trump is a pathological liar

  • gxxxumpy
    gxxxumpy 13 годин тому

    pbs is just as corrupt as all of the democrats ill vomit now ,,,and your tax dollars pay for this garbage group,,,

  • jeremy x
    jeremy x 13 годин тому

    Everything this man has spoken is absolute and concise facts regarding impeachment, the process and the validity of our presidents actions that has led up to and warrants this very process

    • Irish freedom
      Irish freedom 3 години тому

      If you believe him your stupid. Simple as that. Democrats have Europe in a mess and they doing the same to america

  • George Scott
    George Scott 13 годин тому

    Constipation no more. Jefferies you are the enemy,,,PERIOD

  • Prisoner Windfeather
    Prisoner Windfeather 13 годин тому

    A 1% raise in 2 years. Fing liar

  • Prisoner Windfeather
    Prisoner Windfeather 13 годин тому


  • Prisoner Windfeather
    Prisoner Windfeather 13 годин тому


    • Prisoner Windfeather
      Prisoner Windfeather 4 години тому

      Just a gamer tag. I am Angela McCain

    • jdl619
      jdl619 4 години тому

      Why don't you use your real name

  • Seabreeone
    Seabreeone 13 годин тому

    Wow after 6 videos that said " comments are turned off" We see this one where Nazi Nadler will take comments. Keep speaking NN. AKA Nazi Nadler. When the Americans get you on the stand. under oath. You and buddy shift are held to really tell the truth. You will be prosecuted by real America. Tried and CONVICTED. As we all know you can make up and lie all you want now. But under the rules of America. If you lie under oath you are guilty of Treason. So let us call witnesses . Shifty, The NADS. Biden, Hunter. all the way to Obama.. We need Justas and truth and American integrity. Long live AMERICA.

  • Jeremy Kozlowski
    Jeremy Kozlowski 13 годин тому

    this is the end of the end of the DNC partisan hacks

    • rextrek
      rextrek 13 годин тому

      yeah -- Okayyyy Deplorable

  • Marcus Hughes
    Marcus Hughes 13 годин тому

    He’s a very sick and racist man- I’ll and forsaken

  • Timothy L. ove
    Timothy L. ove 13 годин тому

    Clear and dirty water from the same spring

  • Berg
    Berg 13 годин тому

    Republicans will pay for decades to come for their treasonous ways.

  • T Bro
    T Bro 13 годин тому

    Democrats plotted against President Trump all these years Father God please in Jesus name deliver President Trump from the evil plot of the Democratic Congress, just like you have delivered Nehemiah and the children of Israell from the evil plan of Sanbalat and Tobiah hands long ago. Father reverse their plot back to them and show your mighty power in this matter for they do not believe in you.

  • Janna Watson
    Janna Watson 14 годин тому

    Schiff says “ cant trust the people to make the right decision in voting.” It’s more important to impeach all Presidents we “ Democratic Party Commies” don’t like in office. Schifty needs a whooping.

  • Arnie Phelps
    Arnie Phelps 14 годин тому

    I still can't believe that this witch hunt has been allowed to progress this far. Someone needs to put an end to this derangement.

  • A Stitch in Time
    A Stitch in Time 14 годин тому

    From the witness testimony a month ago, to the present, there is a logical thread to the Demos argument. That is the memorable argument and their point has been very well made.

  • fuzzy Parker
    fuzzy Parker 14 годин тому

    All of it right there in our nation's history and yet they still have their lips wrapped around that orange things arse truly baffling

    MEXCAN FUN 14 годин тому

    They mostly cut off comments so then I won't watch. Treasonous dems. And very patient Trump has video evidence now. Have you all forgotten about GITMO?

  • Liberty Doctrine
    Liberty Doctrine 15 годин тому

    Nadler is the definition of corruption

  • Nanny Mcphee
    Nanny Mcphee 15 годин тому

    look at the soldiers with dam brain damage and he's saying bump on the head yeah right

  • Liberty Doctrine
    Liberty Doctrine 15 годин тому

    Lies lies lies lies lies

  • Tattletale RED
    Tattletale RED 15 годин тому

    Bolton dispite his war hawk reputations He was a brave man, to stay out of this war, to support America over Russia Somehow, I Believe that He is the Whistle Blower Like Deep Throat And We can All Bet, That The Truth is All going to be released in his Book, Which will recover his financial Losses and Stress caused by Trump Interestingly, HE Can Also Bring Down the Lawyers Who Are risking Disbarment For Obstructing Justice... There is NO DOUBT NOW, That Everything is going Downhill For Trump and His Base There will No body who will pardon them but Putin. Republicans should recognize Now, What Being Patriotic Means. As Bolton has demonstrated.

  • Maru telléz
    Maru telléz 15 годин тому

    Republicans are assholes

  • Maru telléz
    Maru telléz 15 годин тому

    Republicans are corrupted

  • mark allen
    mark allen 15 годин тому

    What are you people waiting for? ARREST his ASS...NOW!!!

  • Will Rose
    Will Rose 15 годин тому

    He think he's the male maleficent.