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Clash of Clans: Switch Between Villages with Supercell ID!
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Clash of Clans: End of Summer Party!
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Clash of Clans: 7th Clashiversary Celebrations Continue!
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Clash of Clans - Special 7th Clashiversary Dev Talk
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Clash of Clans - It's Time to Party!
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Clash of Clans: Traveling Master Builder (Builder Hall 9)
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Valkyrie Queen Skin Available Now! (Clash of Clans Season Challenges)
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World Championship - June Qualifier - FINALS - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - June Qualifier - Day 2 - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - June Qualifier - Day 1 - Clash of Clans
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See You Later, Builder Base! (Builder Hall 9 | Clash of Clans Official)
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World Championship - May Qualifier - Finals - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - May Qualifier - Day 2 - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - May Qualifier - Day 1 - Clash of Clans
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P.E.K.K.A King At Your Disposal! (Clash of Clans June Season Challenges)
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April Highlights - Clash of Clans World Championship!
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Clash of Clans Gladiator Queen Skin Available Now! (May Season Challenges)
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World Championship Group Draw - April Qualifier - Clash of Clans
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Clash of Clans SEASON CHALLENGES Have Arrived! (New Update)
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World Championship - March Qualifier - FINALS - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - March Qualifier - Day 2 - Clash of Clans
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World Championship - March Qualifier - Day 1 - Clash of Clans
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Season Challenges NEW UPDATE! (Clash of Clans Developer Update)
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Clash of Clans: Clash Chronicle #1
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Clash of Clans: Barbarian King's Run (Lunar New Year 2019)
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Clash of Clans - 2018 Year in Review
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Clash of Clans World Championships 2019! More info SOON!
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Clash of Clans: A Clashmas Tale
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ICE GOLEM! New TH11 Troop (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: Lost in Donation (Clash of Clans)
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STONE SLAMMER! New Siege Machine! (Clash of Clans Update)
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Be prepared to get Lost in...Donation! 👀(Clash of Clans)
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New BAT SPELL coming to Clash of Clans! (December 2018 Update)
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Clash of Clans: Village News #5
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Clash-A-Rama: Pork-tergeist (Clash of Clans)
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Introducing: Clash of Clans Figures 2.0
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Clash-A-Rama: Donny and the Spell Factory (Clash of Clans)
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Step Inside the Spell Factory in the next Clash-A-Rama! (Clash of Clans)
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Clash-A-Rama: Clone Alone (Clash of Clans)
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Clan War Leagues - Clan Spotlight - Dark Looters Are Back!
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CLAN WAR LEAGUES Are Coming! Clash of Clans New Update
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Clash-A-Rama: Clash-A-Lot The Musical (Clash of Clans)
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  • Mustafa Khedapa
    Mustafa Khedapa Годину тому

    Who else thinks that the valkyries voice sounds exactly like the archer queen

  • Ryan James Lee
    Ryan James Lee Годину тому

    5:17 if you get bad omen by killing the flag pillager

  • Earl Game Vlogs
    Earl Game Vlogs Годину тому

    The royal ghost is very kind Who agrees?? 👇

  • Brandy Collazo
    Brandy Collazo Годину тому

    Gary gary gary

  • DarkHypex
    DarkHypex Годину тому

    I am never gonna edit again

  • Robofortress
    Robofortress 2 години тому

    The valkyries in this show turn me on more than they should

  • Gufran Khan
    Gufran Khan 2 години тому

    hllo s.r my name is luqman i gave my friend my id to play for a few day but he gave you my id is beand by lying s.r i did no thing my friend did s.r apologize please return my id s.r when you beand my id was in my id 12 clan whose name the immortal 50 request me

    • Gufran Khan
      Gufran Khan 2 години тому

      Sar plee sopprcell se bolo na meri id dede plzzz😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Connor-Rage
    Connor-Rage 2 години тому

    I think what I really enjoy about this series is that it has great VA, funny gags, solid animation, and is able to immerse you into their world. Plus, with Tress McNeil and Tom Kenny, I definitely get Fururama and Spongebob vibes from time to time. Keep it up Supercell!

  • Abdul moeed
    Abdul moeed 2 години тому

    Please give a flag of Pakistan. Please give a flag of 🇵🇰

  • Pew Pew
    Pew Pew 2 години тому

    “Hey weird kid”

  • Killer Knight
    Killer Knight 2 години тому

    So the baby dragon does change to the normal dragon like in clash of clash but just change in size

  • Killer Knight
    Killer Knight 2 години тому

    The balance changes are like in real life because they change the team up so much also I never use the wizard because 5 elixir and is almost one shot or one shotted by a fireball 🔥

  • ZeeraRoGza
    ZeeraRoGza 2 години тому

    Am I only here to remind that Clash of Clans was the best game ever?

  • Samar Hassan
    Samar Hassan 3 години тому

    47jaaan. da v koi kamm chnga ni.knjr 3 staar ni ly skda

  • Samar Hassan
    Samar Hassan 3 години тому

    parri bbaary frookhat. in pak arena clan

  • Samar Hassan
    Samar Hassan 3 години тому

    pak Arena clan zinda baaaad. parri murda baad

  • Saradsimu Subba
    Saradsimu Subba 3 години тому

    Can class of clan do anything my th 12 I'd has been hacked by some one

  • War ClasHer
    War ClasHer 3 години тому


  • じぇいくJakeDePanda
    じぇいくJakeDePanda 3 години тому


  • Charge Entertainment
    Charge Entertainment 4 години тому

    Coooorn Chopper!!

  • GoldenPlays iOS
    GoldenPlays iOS 4 години тому

    8:30 this channel is weird Try find why I said this 6 builder huts, no gold storage and 2 elxier storages, and a lvl 1 barrack with gobs and archers

  • GoldenPlays iOS
    GoldenPlays iOS 4 години тому

    0:42 A town hall 10 With low lvl stuff and barely anything And no king or queen and weak walls

  • Paige Hensel
    Paige Hensel 5 годин тому

    Also its ironic that before this i was playing clash of clans and i use a full team of 25 barbs and 20 wizards because 2 of these parts main troops were wizard and barbarian

  • Patrick Butler
    Patrick Butler 5 годин тому

    Are you gonna make more episodes?

  • 100 subs sin video
    100 subs sin video 6 годин тому


  • V Prakash
    V Prakash 6 годин тому

    Did anyone notice all the posters at 1:48

  • JLaloEduar Torres
    JLaloEduar Torres 6 годин тому

    like 2019

  • It’s Urboi66
    It’s Urboi66 6 годин тому

    5:21 T R A I N R O B B E R S

  • Jaime Ayala
    Jaime Ayala 6 годин тому

    I'm so dumb for removing the 5th anniversary cake but I have the 6th

  • SK Gaming
    SK Gaming 6 годин тому

    Why are you removing global chat

  • Donut Man
    Donut Man 6 годин тому

    *Get Jacked*

  • Pika Memez
    Pika Memez 7 годин тому

    Wow this is a full on heist lol

  • Cesar man
    Cesar man 7 годин тому

    The wall breaker doesnt have blood but he has elixer in him. Or is it an elixer mosquito?

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone 7 годин тому

    6:39 *me when I'm home alone*

  • World Wrecker
    World Wrecker 7 годин тому

    Next suggestion: Thanos king Big chin: ✔️ Has a metal gauntlet: ✔️ Likes to fight: ✔️

  • nethmini wickrama
    nethmini wickrama 8 годин тому

    happy birthday clash of clans

  • Mr Pro Kid
    Mr Pro Kid 8 годин тому

    Grand warden th 7 ?

  • COOL DUDE 21
    COOL DUDE 21 8 годин тому

    This episode reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Zane Cardoza
    Zane Cardoza 9 годин тому

    Petition for a pekka king

  • Daniel Yeung
    Daniel Yeung 9 годин тому


  • Mr. quality Vids
    Mr. quality Vids 10 годин тому

    and why mini pekka in coc?

  • Emin Emina
    Emin Emina 10 годин тому

    Valkyrie and miner =💏💑👫❤💖❤💖❤

  • Dallas Mejia
    Dallas Mejia 11 годин тому

    Lol try me magic archer vs lava hound mega knight and inferno dragon lvl 10

  • Pat McKeon
    Pat McKeon 11 годин тому

    I’m watching in 2019

  • Rodelo Romera
    Rodelo Romera 11 годин тому

    This is a good poem 1:37

  • Luke Hopkins
    Luke Hopkins 11 годин тому

    Are we not going to talk about how he slid out of his shackle?

  • Jeffrey Chavez
    Jeffrey Chavez 11 годин тому

    Town hall 11, almost there!!

    NT11BOSS BOSS 11 годин тому

    Why did the arrows go from blue to red back to blue

  • debigcheze
    debigcheze 11 годин тому

    the plot: literally every other kids animation out there to some degree the jokes: because i haven't paid my debt to society yet also the jokes: i'll say what i said on our first date; this all ends tonight

  • Daniel Patterson
    Daniel Patterson 11 годин тому

    0:08 cursed images (7 builders)

  • ravinder sharma
    ravinder sharma 12 годин тому

    Supercell i have a question for you.. please tell how to remove supercell id from other phone device.. please tell..i have given my supercell id to someone to play for a week..but now he is not removing that from his phone and always logging in my id..i got a big trouble while playing clash of clans.. please help could i remove my id from his phone.. please reply @supercell 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • debigcheze
    debigcheze 12 годин тому

    why are these good?

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 12 годин тому

    Hit like if you miss those days

  • Marcel Dupont
    Marcel Dupont 12 годин тому

    8:28 If he was in a Stratego game, he would have survived.

  • Dominic Glodean
    Dominic Glodean 14 годин тому

    Thos flying goblins have to be added in clash of clans

  • Qais Ismail
    Qais Ismail 14 годин тому

    0:14 goblin anchor

  • Ольга Полушкина
    Ольга Полушкина 15 годин тому

    00:22 могу слушать вечно

  • Oliver XD
    Oliver XD 15 годин тому

    More clash a rama 😫😫😫😫

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey 15 годин тому

    Hello supercell your game coc is fabulous but in this game you provide all things in town hall but my issue is you provide all things in builder hall like spells,clan castle and etc. That's it who support my tweet

  • Костя Вивдич
    Костя Вивдич 15 годин тому

    Мне одному жалка гиганта педалагу

  • Martin Manson
    Martin Manson 16 годин тому

    That baby builder is a jessy?

  • this is taseen
    this is taseen 16 годин тому

    Guys how do I sell my clash of clan account

  • Z OyuncuTR
    Z OyuncuTR 16 годин тому

    Golem Barbarian Witches GoBitches Plsss like +1

  • Game Mobil
    Game Mobil 16 годин тому


  • Mani Kandan
    Mani Kandan 17 годин тому

    Hey supercell why you guys are removing global chat

  • Thijs Brundel
    Thijs Brundel 17 годин тому

    Do smaller clans also need less points to go up a tier?

  • miguel zaragoza
    miguel zaragoza 18 годин тому

    Yall sing so good

  • Filip zjuk
    Filip zjuk 18 годин тому


    YEMEK DÜNYASI 18 годин тому

    Bordobereli klanına buyurun lütfenn yeni açıldı büyütelim yetki verilir ilk 3 kişiye

  • Zhanzibarr 2.0
    Zhanzibarr 2.0 18 годин тому

    The title: You’re no archer! My title: KITTENLOVER5

  • Devendra Sharma &
    Devendra Sharma & 19 годин тому

    Please don't remove Global chat Otherwise Your game is gone die 👎

  • كرار رحيم
    كرار رحيم 19 годин тому

    انا ليست لي قريه 😔قويه ولا حته ضعيفه ارجو منكم أن تعطوني قريه بقاعة قبيلة مستوى 9 ارجوكم فأنا احبكم وأريد أن أشارك مثل الجميع في حروب القبائل و الحروب العاديه 💝💝😩

  • 10K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    I wish bandit was this good

  • Тихомир Бикузин
    Тихомир Бикузин 20 годин тому

    Why don’t SUPERCEL make wizcon like a tournament?

  • Wilfred Estillore
    Wilfred Estillore 20 годин тому

    That so fany hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • John Philip Rosales
    John Philip Rosales 20 годин тому

    bullshit!!!!!manipulated game!

  • Darren TheFatty
    Darren TheFatty 20 годин тому

    This is why NASA want spaceships

  • Mr ridiculous fortnite gaming
    Mr ridiculous fortnite gaming 21 годину тому

    Bring back clash a rama

  • LukmanVII Gaming
    LukmanVII Gaming 21 годину тому

    Hello im from 2019..

  • Skiller Pro
    Skiller Pro 22 години тому

    Why can’t she just step out of the village

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 22 години тому

    Did anyone see the hog rider cloud

  • Cj claire Daguplo
    Cj claire Daguplo 22 години тому

    Who unlock that skin because i did not.

  • Bibomisa
    Bibomisa 23 години тому

    Don't be mad because the story never end.. be happy because the joy you had when you played it!

  • Markanday Tiwari
    Markanday Tiwari 23 години тому

    Sir my id was confusly babded by coc

  • Paki Boi
    Paki Boi 23 години тому

    Join my clan it’s: lakh di lanat

  • Jackson [XR-7]
    Jackson [XR-7] 23 години тому

    0:43 Area 51 on Spetember 19

  • SuperSonic2324 YT
    SuperSonic2324 YT 23 години тому

    How many more years will this world championship take

  • Cotton
    Cotton 23 години тому

    Part of the reason I keep playing this game is you can chat with people all over the world. Might be done with it now.

  • Tristan Robert
    Tristan Robert 23 години тому

    And also supercell is a mobile company in Finland and why Finland 🇫🇮

  • Tristan Robert
    Tristan Robert 23 години тому

    Finland: who what is this video ? Finland: oh my god I love this video 😀

  • SuperMan on Fire
    SuperMan on Fire День тому

    can u imagine if the king & queen be married then they can have children like new troops will be known to all.

  • ابو حسام الاسطور ممدوح


  • Ryah Esteves
    Ryah Esteves День тому


  • Nam Dinh
    Nam Dinh День тому

    combo heo vẫn là nhất

  • SilverGalaxy728
    SilverGalaxy728 День тому

    8:42 does that count as rape?

  • Intan ClasherGirl
    Intan ClasherGirl День тому


  • SilverGalaxy728
    SilverGalaxy728 День тому

    10:23 I thought the miner has a shovel

  • Danil448
    Danil448 День тому

    :DDDDDDDDD it's normal 6:20

  • Danil448
    Danil448 День тому

    Пасхалка на один дома :D

  • HeyIm Jaref
    HeyIm Jaref День тому

    9:31 barb with shirt on 9:34 barb with shirt off