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10 Video Game Cheat Codes That Changed EVERYTHING
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10 GTA: Vice City Facts You Probably Didn't Know
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10 More WORST Plagues in Video Game History
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Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer - 7 Things You NEED TO KNOW
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10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of July 2019
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5 UBISOFT Mistakes They Want You To Forget
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10 OVERPOWERED Enemies We All Ran Away From
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Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Before You Buy
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Before You Buy
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10 Current-Gen Chinese Consoles You Probably Didn't Know Of
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10 BIG Games Leaked To Be In Development
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  • nicht soeren
    nicht soeren 18 секунд тому

    Fun fact I have the exact opposite problem for the first one. The first few Games I really played all were either level based, something like Dark Souls or only saved when exiting, so there was no reason/way to consantly save and now when I play an openworld game or something similar, where you have to save manually sometimes, I often find myself dying only to notice that the last auto/manual save was about an hour ago. On of the reason I never managed to finish skyrim, I at somepoint alway die with my last save being an hour ago, which often frustrates me so much that I stopp playing for a long while and start a new character, when I start playing again, just to make the same mistake once again.

  • robowizzy
    robowizzy 40 секунд тому

    Jumping Into fire to see if it does damage I need to know

  • Michael Ivanov
    Michael Ivanov 4 хвилини тому

    Speaking of CryTech: what about Crysis?

  • Dr. Hit Monkey
    Dr. Hit Monkey 5 хвилин тому

    250+ people are just in denial.

  • Matt Weatherly
    Matt Weatherly 7 хвилин тому

    Talk to EVERY never know what lore you might miss. And to add to that talk to the same NPC over and over because you forgot if you talked to them or not... AND then you talk to them right after to see if they have something else to say or a mission to give you..........

  • Vasily Iwanischev
    Vasily Iwanischev 8 хвилин тому

    Reloading until i get through a firefight flawlessly with all my shots reaching enemies and not receiving any damage

  • Dylan Brewer
    Dylan Brewer 8 хвилин тому

    Was slightly disappointed to not see WoW in here, even at the repetitive quests part. Still a nice vid though.

  • Wilfried R
    Wilfried R 8 хвилин тому

    netflix for games? why not call it gameflix xD

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 9 хвилин тому

    Number wish I could save money that way

  • Ruben Santos
    Ruben Santos 9 хвилин тому

    Try to skip cutscenes even after knowing the game has no skip option ( which I don’t understand ( I like you infamous second son, but fork you ))

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil 9 хвилин тому

    I just keep all my old consoles and games 😎 Netgames.... licensing hell 😂

  • Jaymon Whitman
    Jaymon Whitman 10 хвилин тому

    Need For Speed, ( Most Wanted) is my favorite.

    • Jaymon Whitman
      Jaymon Whitman 38 секунд тому

      Beating bosses and taking their cars. I racked up .5 million in insurance claims 1 million in infractions. Another million on other stuff. Immobilized a few police cars. Ramming off the road. They try to box me in and would ram their cars with mine. This you can do too on this game. But if they pull you over 3 times in the same c at. The p 'll ice seize your car. Never to be returned. You can change decals and paint so they recognize so quickly. The Z228 was my favorite. I had a Black Lamborghini in my garage, in the game with all the others cars that I won beating bosses.

  • ThirtyOne Fifty
    ThirtyOne Fifty 12 хвилин тому

    Ive own 4 titles of grid since xbox and tbh it all feels the same. Im probably gonna wait for humblebundle to release this game for free or on a bundle deal.

  • Goku Ssj
    Goku Ssj 13 хвилин тому

    2020 games you can literally jump onto anywhere you like. Games like watchdogs legion,dying light 2,the last of us part 2 and Dragon ball z kakarot.

  • tha real monkey
    tha real monkey 13 хвилин тому

    as a fellow creator i was wondering how you make that before you buy thumbnail. I have been wanting to use it for a video.

  • Patrick Nederstigt
    Patrick Nederstigt 18 хвилин тому

    I can honestly say I don’t recognize any of these in myself

  • Philip Marinov
    Philip Marinov 19 хвилин тому

    What is the game at 1:03?

  • joevel diaz
    joevel diaz 22 хвилини тому

    In destiny1-2, I can’t resist tbagn hunters in the tower 😂

  • Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas 23 хвилини тому

    Picking up or looting everything

  • Flo morteforet
    Flo morteforet 24 хвилини тому

    is it SLI optimised?

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc91 24 хвилини тому

    What about games with maps that fill in as you explore? You know you have to get every inch.

  • Nxc ule
    Nxc ule 25 хвилин тому

    That thumbnail really had me thinking Splinter Cell was coming back 💯

  • Aaron Kuffel
    Aaron Kuffel 25 хвилин тому

    Skyrim’s freezing glitch was so bad I’d save every 5 to 10 minutes. Freakin sucked...

  • TimtheWizard7
    TimtheWizard7 27 хвилин тому

    Purposely harming the character you play as. Jumping off cliffs, crashing on purpose, standing on fire, drowning yourself. You know the things I wish I could do in real life...

  • left for markiplier.gov44
    left for markiplier.gov44 29 хвилин тому

    falcon punch

  • Vali Malheur
    Vali Malheur 30 хвилин тому

    Spending so much time NAMING a custom character. Being stressed out trying to level up a shitty class with useless stats but an interesting move that carries over even if you change classes. Cleaning up an entire room of enemies... despite knowing they infinitely spawn. Leaning forward when sniping. To name a few.

  • felipe martinez
    felipe martinez 30 хвилин тому

    cadillac and dinosaurs???

  • Static
    Static 30 хвилин тому

    These are going to be completely different consoles. Basically the same in every way, but in such a different way. Woooooow.

  • BoyDem Creeps
    BoyDem Creeps 31 хвилина тому

    Always checking every game when you first start to see if your character has legs

  • Another
    Another 31 хвилина тому

    after play Final Fantasy game , i have to walk beside the wall to press O/X along the way to check every hidden item. .. -0-

  • MjrCinnaminBun
    MjrCinnaminBun 33 хвилини тому

    I mean falcon is just a terrible gamer. 80% of these I never do at all and other never do this also.

  • Coromon
    Coromon 34 хвилини тому

    All 10 of those things I have done, ALL 10! So glad I'm not the only one!

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle 35 хвилин тому

    i do most of this in MMOs also... :P

  • Jacob Ernst
    Jacob Ernst 37 хвилин тому

    How the hell did NO MAN'S SKY not make this list?

  • Milkshake Gaming
    Milkshake Gaming 38 хвилин тому

    Boringlands 3 should be on the list

  • Uncle Green
    Uncle Green 38 хвилин тому


  • thatpastyguy gameplays
    thatpastyguy gameplays 38 хвилин тому

    What about the moves list on mortal Kombat when your knew using bots

  • Christian Blosser
    Christian Blosser 40 хвилин тому


  • Sammy Rothauser
    Sammy Rothauser 42 хвилини тому

    Climbing a mountain instead of taking the road, thinking you're going to be taking a shortcut and then taking foreeever plus some fall damage to get to your destination.

  • quietly Gumas
    quietly Gumas 43 хвилини тому

    stack bazillion of items (99x heal pot, 99x super heal pot, 99x elixir, etc etc) and complete the game without using even one of it lol

  • dead fox
    dead fox 46 хвилин тому

    Not everyone can afford to buy expensive pc or ps4 and xbox like me i have job but my country is shit all my income is go to pay bills and foods dont have enough money to save to buy pc or console but everyone use a phone now even i hate playing fps or 3rdps game on phone this is all i got.... So to every humans saying playing mobile is not a gamer yup your right cuz we are players ...

  • DobieMeltfire
    DobieMeltfire 47 хвилин тому

    I remember way back when I was playing Diddy Kong Racing. I had thought I completed adventure mode, but the game stated I was only 80% completed. I had spend hours looking where to go next... but back then I would had never guess to look behind a waterfall!... I'm sure other had a hard time finding dragon forest for the first playthrough.

  • Ariat Cowboy
    Ariat Cowboy 47 хвилин тому

    most bullets cant go through most pad locks BTW

  • samuel arthur
    samuel arthur 49 хвилин тому

    I ain't ever selling yennifers room key not ever

  • Zuon94
    Zuon94 50 хвилин тому

    Uh... Falcon, you're my favorite of the Gameranx crew, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but Batman: Arkham Knight on PC has been fixed for a couple years now. My GTX 1080ti, for example, is averaging 80FPS maxed out at native 2160p. They didn't "just leave it" like you said in the video. In fact, the entire reason they pulled it from steam was because of the massive backlash, and they vowed never to re-release it until it was in a playable state. I'm sure the rest of your video is fine. If not, I'll edit this comment. Gonna watch it now.

  • Ariz Ariz
    Ariz Ariz 51 хвилина тому

    I hate gta sa amphibious assault because the mission is hard ,and you need to upgrade your lug capacity and i hates that

  • Tobias Rieper
    Tobias Rieper 52 хвилини тому

    When i play Skyrim or Fallout, i check the dungeons again for items. I don't want forget something. In Fallout you can recycle everything. For Skyrim i have a value mod and some more, that let me recycle weapons and armor for materials. So i keep the world clean and get money or materials for doing so.

  • Mint Bot
    Mint Bot 52 хвилини тому

    Number 3 hell yes. I have to make sure I have 100% the map as best I can before I move on. Code Vein, that game took me longer than needed because I needed to get all the zones to 100% be revealed. Also Child of Light, need to 100% each zone as well.

  • Dr904
    Dr904 53 хвилини тому

    Check every single corner and pathway so that I don't miss any items. Even when I know there is nothing there. ... But do I REALLY know there is nothing there? Can't be sure. Gotta check it out.

  • KingReed21
    KingReed21 55 хвилин тому

    Seeing a big drop and determining whether or not I can make that drop and not die from fall damage or seeing fire and walking into to see if It will damage me

  • elskie oski
    elskie oski 55 хвилин тому

    So I should buy the quest if I don't have a PC that's what your telling me right

  • Skyler Franklin
    Skyler Franklin 56 хвилин тому

    To be honest, the only thing i do is B-Hopping and thats only on Multiplayer Games lol

  • Albert Julian R
    Albert Julian R 58 хвилин тому

    the first one got me so hard.

  • Robert T
    Robert T 59 хвилин тому

    More than a year later, VR seems to stagnating. It's really a niche thing, bordering on gimmick.

  • trevor townley
    trevor townley 59 хвилин тому

    I'm falling in love with this man's voice

  • Yes Yesdoubled
    Yes Yesdoubled Годину тому

    EA bad Console bad Pc good Where are my likes

  • Dustin Grubb
    Dustin Grubb Годину тому

    I got destiny 2 when it came out free. Ended up paying 85 on dlc. Totally worth it, btw. I hate playing a game and not be able to do everything in it, even if you have to take up the space for it.

  • Lentarian
    Lentarian Годину тому

    Jumping Into A Fire To See If It Hurts You...You Gotta Try It In Every Game Just So That You Can Know Yo...

  • KT GE
    KT GE Годину тому

    Stockpiling potions and finishing the game with some many unused usables in your inventory that A&E is reaching out seeing if you want to be on an episode of Hoarders

  • Kieron Doherty
    Kieron Doherty Годину тому

    "Single player gayems"

  • Breeze Warbrick
    Breeze Warbrick Годину тому

    staring at my character for hrs for no reason (3rd person)

  • Will Scarbrough
    Will Scarbrough Годину тому

    Super Mario RPG trained me to try to push the button to timed moments, no matter what game I play,

  • TyDie85
    TyDie85 Годину тому

    Excessive saving? Look up Viva La Dirt League who touched on this very topic! lol

  • AuzCakez7
    AuzCakez7 Годину тому

    EyeToy players?

  • ManojKumar Badiger
    ManojKumar Badiger Годину тому

    Hey falcon this is like the third time u posting same issue with gamers.... Are you out of content?? I love gameranx for some original content and I see you posting the ripoff of your previous video. But much respect.. for the channel..

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr Годину тому

    Excessive saving: Dishonored 2

  • Ibrahim Habib
    Ibrahim Habib Годину тому

    Pc is best Because you can play PS3 games with Xbox 360 controller on PC Is it not enough?

  • ShadowReaper072
    ShadowReaper072 Годину тому

    that potion/ hp thingy gives me 10 hp, i have 1000. i dont need it. but i might, i mean what if i get somewhere and i have to fight something / some one, and i need just that much hp to top it off? ill hold onto it. 500 potions later, i might need them, you never know.

  • GhostNinja
    GhostNinja Годину тому

    And the first one was instantly wrong. Does no one remember Red Faction: Guerrilla?

  • XmanDammit
    XmanDammit Годину тому

    Saving an item for a just-in-case moment and never using it. Why am I like this?

  • FAH 26
    FAH 26 Годину тому

    Huh now i want to try a *Dont save ur progress run* let me think of a game tho 🤔

  • Thean Kotze
    Thean Kotze Годину тому

    Skrew around in the tutorial because you already played the game or you playe the game previous to it and the mechanics are the same.(call of duty)

    JEFF GARY Годину тому


  • help me
    help me Годину тому

    Top 10 things Gameranx can resist to tell you about single player games. (again)

  • Jonano 12
    Jonano 12 Годину тому

    When ever there is a bathroom I alway check if the toilet flushes and the sinks works. Don't know why. it has to be the most useless detail ever in a game but I'm always I little disappointed when it doesn't work.

  • Joe Cafolla
    Joe Cafolla Годину тому

    Jump off anything to see if fall damage exists and to see the extent what said fall damage does to me

  • Mussell Bestbrook
    Mussell Bestbrook Годину тому

    Infamous 1 REMAKE! or even a Remaster. I needs it!!

  • Kyle Towner
    Kyle Towner Годину тому

    Someone mentioned the first Infamous game in 2019? I was starting to think that game wasn't real and I dreamt it lol but seriously the first Infamous game is fantastic I love it so much 💝

  • HaloTTR
    HaloTTR Годину тому

    Blink. That game was so hyped. And sucked

  • Evan B
    Evan B Годину тому

    All facts here

  • ANY things
    ANY things Годину тому

    Smiley faces must be shot in every wall

  • Dontaayy-Playys
    Dontaayy-Playys Годину тому

    watching in 2019 anyone

  • Syrus Alder
    Syrus Alder Годину тому

    I feel personally attacked by that first one

  • Dom Wilson
    Dom Wilson Годину тому

    How could you forget that if a game has rag doll physics we gotta jump off the highest point of the game?

  • Robert T
    Robert T Годину тому

    Honestly Xbox should keep making the discs and allowing for used games. People are switching to digital games (PC gaming is mainly digital) and eventually once a significant majority is using the digital distribution, they can drop disc support altogether. So Maybe by the time the XBox Three is announced.

  • JasonYi
    JasonYi Годину тому

    you forgot monster hunter!

  • Captainugerbuger
    Captainugerbuger Годину тому

    Finished BOTW +DLC looking for a new open-world game for my switch Witcher Or Skyrim what do you suggest?

  • Hey Its Shy
    Hey Its Shy Годину тому

    Trying to see if a game let's you swim

  • Sujay Bhowmick
    Sujay Bhowmick Годину тому

    5:48 what game?

  • 123GOHANZ
    123GOHANZ Годину тому

    The bonus bit is too friggin real

  • Joe Schliewe
    Joe Schliewe Годину тому

    Best review

  • Scriggs Mcnilla
    Scriggs Mcnilla Годину тому

    Ive literally done all of these. Good job gameranx. 👍 oh and falcon your a cool guy.

  • Alukard TheDeathknight
    Alukard TheDeathknight Годину тому

    Locks in games indestructible Me: EAT FAT MAN 😠 Locks in games indestructible

  • CLGYT Cringe Master Gaming
    CLGYT Cringe Master Gaming Годину тому

    Dropping all your items for the heck of it and picking them up again to find all the good ones glitched into the floor. This is my experience with breath of the wild and savage lynel bows, I had a lot of them

  • Conrad Bensch
    Conrad Bensch Годину тому

    Loot everything Check every room

    THE OTHER OWO Годину тому

    I can resist.

    SENATORPAIN1 Годину тому

    it looks dreadful but i will probably try it some day.

  • Mamopy
    Mamopy Годину тому

    who tf do a manual save in Witcher 3 instead of quicksave??!

  • KasperRAa
    KasperRAa Годину тому

    I can't resist reloading saves and hearing every possible dialog option. Fallout 4 often just says the same no matter what you choose.

  • Disco Dan
    Disco Dan Годину тому

    That engine KOEI TEMCO use for some of their games is older than my great great Grandma!