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  • Manart Simono
    Manart Simono 4 хвилини тому

    Omg i loved your french so baaad Bonjour je suis un dophin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 excellente j'adore

    • Manart Simono
      Manart Simono 3 хвилини тому

      TRÉBUCHET 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nikki Nic :P
    Nikki Nic :P 7 хвилин тому

    "Everybody loves pizza" me: *lOuD coUgH* _i dont eat pizza tho-_

  • Owen Lindhartsen
    Owen Lindhartsen 7 хвилин тому

    We never learned what the up button did

  • Cuddle Bunnies
    Cuddle Bunnies 10 хвилин тому

    0:00 👌 () () (;w;) (>🍪 Here’s a cookie

  • Ktportal Productions
    Ktportal Productions 12 хвилин тому

    I broke my back when I was 6 😂. It SUCKED

  • yo adrienne
    yo adrienne 19 хвилин тому

    My mom went to the doctors when she hurt her foot. They said it was not broken. 3 days later she went back, they checked again and were like yeah it's fractured.

  • Raspy 1243
    Raspy 1243 20 хвилин тому

    I've sprained an ankle about a year ago and it also still hurts. I jumped off of a trampoline and landed wrong on my foot.

  • hey is the earth look at it just look at it

    3:22 ill dri k the milk

  • Every day Tryhard
    Every day Tryhard 27 хвилин тому

    I need more of this plz

  • •Luna Amore•
    •Luna Amore• 27 хвилин тому

    5:41 i can't stop laughing from that crying agony-scream(noise) XD i really just can't get enough of ur work

  • S O V I E T
    S O V I E T 29 хвилин тому

    *Step* SCAP *Step* badabadabadoobelidabbelydabbladabbladabblababbelibabbelibabbelibabbelabbelo belidabbelydabbladabbladabblababbelibabbelibabbelibabbelabbelo

  • xSun Flowerz
    xSun Flowerz 29 хвилин тому

    I never go outside therefore I dont get hurt ;)

  • Myas Contaminations
    Myas Contaminations 33 хвилини тому


  • Jůpïťëř ._.
    Jůpïťëř ._. 46 хвилин тому

    I'm the youngest in my family 🙃

  • Terimatt _1738
    Terimatt _1738 51 хвилина тому

    Burn the whole country that’s all got to say

  • GachaChocolateWoof PLAYZX
    GachaChocolateWoof PLAYZX 55 хвилин тому

    I never or ever want a tree house reason why is because some random person could go to your tree house and sleep there or do bad things in there. Also finding random people in your tree house is scary.

  • Kambrea Donate
    Kambrea Donate Годину тому

    I sprayed my leg too so alway my friend got mad at me and she pick me up and throw me hard on the ground and ya it hurt but I didn’t break a bone so ya!

  • Captain Carnage
    Captain Carnage Годину тому

    I hate music. To loud

  • Eden Johnson
    Eden Johnson Годину тому

    sue you? SUE YOU?! *I will go one step farther than that*

  • Kambrea Donate
    Kambrea Donate Годину тому

    I subscribe!

  • Eden Johnson
    Eden Johnson Годину тому

    This is very how to basic

  • Kambrea Donate
    Kambrea Donate Годину тому

    Lol am the youngest

  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium Годину тому

    I agree with you. In fact, I love cold pizza.

  • Zach Webb
    Zach Webb Годину тому

    The only thing I don't like about this channel is that there isn't enough of it

  • LunarIsLost
    LunarIsLost Годину тому

    I was but by a spider when I was 4, got poisoned, almost died, and now spiders look like killers to me. :3 (Edit: I was bit by a wolf or widow spider and it bit THROUGH me not no big bump on my head A HOLE IN MY FREAKING HEAD)

  • Sara Herrmann
    Sara Herrmann Годину тому

    i dislocated my left kneecap and i couldn't feel pain...until i relocated it...straighten it hurt a lot....i had to have a brace on for 2 months.... and then when i could walk on it i had another brace on it for another 2 months.... so yea...

  • Devany Brown
    Devany Brown Годину тому

    Me: *see microscopic spider a mile away* Also me: "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

  • Sandkorn46
    Sandkorn46 Годину тому

    1:40 i looked behind me lol He was there.

  • Hana Seiter
    Hana Seiter Годину тому

    Please make more videos!!!! Please.

  • I'm the Manager
    I'm the Manager Годину тому

    Omg when u jumped off and thought u broke your ankle that was so funny after you r so funny!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea Griffin
    Chelsea Griffin Годину тому

    Let’s make this video popular again

  • MyDude
    MyDude Годину тому

    0:00 i hear that noise very often

  • CJDkat
    CJDkat Годину тому

    It does not help that I'm watching this with a spider right behind me also a fly walked across my screen at the end and I thought it was an animated spider Love your videos💗🕷

  • The Galaxy Ant
    The Galaxy Ant Годину тому

    welcome to the pineapple pizza group: group members: I.C.S (ice cream sandwich) me :) you (if u like pizza)

  • TheLegendOftomorrow 5
    TheLegendOftomorrow 5 Годину тому

    Yo i also am the yunggest with 2 sisters

  • the Boi
    the Boi 2 години тому

    Hey before I leave on my trip can you tell me how you animate?

  • I'm the Manager
    I'm the Manager 2 години тому

    This is so funny I love the background noises like clapping in the beginning

  • BMX kid
    BMX kid 2 години тому

    Trust me it hurts when you brake a bone

  • I'm the Manager
    I'm the Manager 2 години тому

    Omg the beginning is so funny!!! Plzz keep it up!! I was in A bad mood and that made me laugh

  • ROBIN109
    ROBIN109 2 години тому

    MTREEV Cribs

  • the Boi
    the Boi 2 години тому

    You were in my recommended now I found a good channel thank you UAplus

  • Jade Luvs Gacha!
    Jade Luvs Gacha! 2 години тому

    My little sister doesn’t like pizza

  • ღ ღ Itz Mitzi ღ ღ
    ღ ღ Itz Mitzi ღ ღ 2 години тому

    5:24 **bootiful**

  • Cube Solver
    Cube Solver 2 години тому

    That scream tho HAHAHAH

  • Anny Lopez
    Anny Lopez 2 години тому

    My cousin shoved a spider in my face.. *RrRrRrrReEeEeEEe*

  • Yokuutsu
    Yokuutsu 2 години тому


  • Tabs yet Stone
    Tabs yet Stone 2 години тому

    I’ve done this once, I was on one of those rental multi bikes. My feet were hanging of the edge and my foot wrapped around the bar. The tire ripped my skin. I stood up and screamed to stop the bike. My father had to roll the multi bike backwards to get my foot out. He carried my to the snack bar and to the man who worked there to get some ice. This lovely elderly lady came over with a cloth to stop the bleeding and tried cheering me up with a pepper mint. This took place at a beach. I also stepped on a bee at the same beach. Now I think that beach is cursed

  • DDOG tutorials
    DDOG tutorials 2 години тому

    You remind me of the odds ones out

  • Oracle Of Orange s
    Oracle Of Orange s 2 години тому

    Mate. I smarts always drew comics with a style like yours, you have made me practice art more. You are the funniest animator I've ever watched lol

  • sally kilby
    sally kilby 2 години тому

    This was hilarious,😂😂😂😂thanks for making me laugh 👏👏 👏 but not so much with the creeping me out as the clips of the REAL spiders scared the 💩 out of me! 😨 ( not actually , but you know....nearly 😉 ) The "door" bit at the cabin was brilliant, something I'd do if I hadn't have ran out of the cabin by then.🏃 And to all the people in the comments thanks SO much for making me laugh too, 😂😂, and for reassuring me that there's so many people who are just as terrified of spiders as I am. 👏💞

  • Paige Bachand
    Paige Bachand 2 години тому

    Ur family is wholesome

  • Jennae Williams
    Jennae Williams 2 години тому

    Jeez, I've been waiting for you man! Love your vids. And stories. Noice. Keep it up!

  • Ateeq Ahmed
    Ateeq Ahmed 3 години тому

    Btw love from India bro ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ateeq Ahmed
    Ateeq Ahmed 3 години тому

    Damn bro your videos are so funny, creative, relaxing and interesting to watch bro. I wish u soon hit 1 million subscribers. Love your videos bro 👍👍👍

  • PizzaManBros121
    PizzaManBros121 3 години тому

    I agree

  • Kiku Honda
    Kiku Honda 3 години тому

    My redbull skippable ad before the video is buffering.

  • Anny Lopez
    Anny Lopez 3 години тому

    My brother broke his bones 6 times out the window by jumping out thinking he was super man p.s never broken a B o n e

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl 3 години тому

    I don't like pizza....

  • Cocoíto
    Cocoíto 3 години тому

    Comes on my recommendations Me: likes the content •_____• -____- I’m subscribing

  • Minty Clover
    Minty Clover 3 години тому

    My biggest ouchie bang bang was when i... Dropped a wine glass on my big toe in a family meeting-

  • Se ns
    Se ns 3 години тому

    Man that pumpkin looks great

  • La Shan
    La Shan 3 години тому

    The way he hit himself on the window 😂😂

  • Arlene Nieves
    Arlene Nieves 3 години тому

    Ice cream sandwich:”EVERYONE LOVES MUSIC” Me:WHAT ABOUT MIGUEL’S FAMLIY FROM COCO Everyone in the comments :SHUT UP

  • Rogue Strucid
    Rogue Strucid 3 години тому

    Sprains hurt soooo bad

  • 1.2k with no video challenge Pls sub
    1.2k with no video challenge Pls sub 3 години тому

    Sub to me pls

  • Ketzely Olmos
    Ketzely Olmos 3 години тому

    Ice cream sandwich: I usually try and save spider Billie eilish: hold my spiders

  • Madison Kuhle
    Madison Kuhle 3 години тому

    i sprained my ankle in sixth grade while playing frisbee and then walked miles and miles every day for a week in chicago. i never went to the doctor (found out it was sprained later) and it’s still messed up to this day

  • Hello_Avery
    Hello_Avery 3 години тому

    "Or I'm near an idiot, although that idiot is usually me." ME

  • Waffle
    Waffle 3 години тому

    I lived in Australia and it took us 2 and a half years to find out our house was a spider. Joke

  • Odd Creators
    Odd Creators 3 години тому

    Who was reading the subtitles like “WoH, dIs TrIpInG mE oUt”

  • Ashley Gordon
    Ashley Gordon 3 години тому

    This video was hilarious!! Also, the things that you said about being the youngest were really reIatabIe because I'm the youngest too!😊

  • Fionnan Casey
    Fionnan Casey 3 години тому

    I don’t like pizza

  • Wolfy Dimeandback draws
    Wolfy Dimeandback draws 3 години тому

    “My hopes aren’t high” Ends video with this 10/10

  • Izzy
    Izzy 4 години тому

    Thank you for the sound effects Mr. Sandwich

  • Stascious Op
    Stascious Op 4 години тому

    Omfg that slap sound when u threw the shild

  • Chloe Lo
    Chloe Lo 4 години тому

    “Also be thankful I don’t live in Australia” Me: *lives in Australia* “I know, I’m surprised a spider hasn’t eaten my cat yet”

  • Katie Wilusz
    Katie Wilusz 4 години тому

    I know someone who doesn’t like pizza .... -___- it’s really sad Also how does pineapple pizza taste ? I haven’t had it yet but I really like pineapple in general .

  • l i z e t t e
    l i z e t t e 4 години тому

    His videos are so simple and and make me wheeze-

  • LeFanGacha _YTV
    LeFanGacha _YTV 4 години тому

    Hey look i have 4 sister and 1brother

  • Jose Severino
    Jose Severino 4 години тому

    I want to draw

  • amador castaneda
    amador castaneda 4 години тому

    james charles: *im about to end this mans whole carrer*

  • Shannon Macey
    Shannon Macey 4 години тому

    i’m the oldest of three (me, my sis and my lil bro) and lemme tell you every prank is so fulfilling

  • Toast The Second
    Toast The Second 4 години тому

    so now one’s gonna talk about the endin-

  • Train Gamer 115
    Train Gamer 115 4 години тому

    Me when I go to a family reunion 0:10

  • Soni Jez
    Soni Jez 4 години тому

    You feel pain only for 5 min when u break a bone

  • Esai Morales
    Esai Morales 4 години тому

    Wait what about koalas in Australia

  • Ayah S.A.
    Ayah S.A. 4 години тому

    yes yes please do a livestream :D that would be great betchuthoughtiwouldntreadthatdescriptionhuh

  • Axv Draws
    Axv Draws 4 години тому

    Keep up the great work I checked social blade ur made about 100k subs with in 5 days of u making this video u will hit 1 mil soon

  • Beanistic
    Beanistic 4 години тому

    My dad owns a pizza business

  • Crystalz Wild
    Crystalz Wild 4 години тому

    I slaps I Youngest in the family in the family raise your hand! Aww look at the cute baby I’m 30 Yeets

  • Isabella S
    Isabella S 4 години тому

    I'm the oldest in my WHOLE family, so, I'll tell u a secret if ur the youngest, We never want a younger, then we learn how to use the younger so we try to use u as much as we could until u know we use u... thx

  • FoodIsMyWaifu
    FoodIsMyWaifu 4 години тому

    Youngest here... I have two older siblings. They show me how to fight, but never let me fight them T^T

  • Lane Sullivan
    Lane Sullivan 5 годин тому

    I had a wolf spider under my couch once before school like 2 years ago and I was late when I came back I thought it was gone because I didn’t see it so I walk in and it runs out from beneath my chair right beside the front door so I run outside call my mom and tell her and she tells me to get my neighbor to help me and she gladly did she brutally murdered this thing and took the corpse outside and I have never talked to her about that incident again

    • Lane Sullivan
      Lane Sullivan 5 годин тому

      By the way I’m 10 so I still live with my mom

  • Honeymelle C.
    Honeymelle C. 5 годин тому

    Who woulda _thunk_

  • Rex
    Rex 5 годин тому

    I've broken 7 bones YEEET

  • Ziviestorm
    Ziviestorm 5 годин тому

    Lol same but I have three of them

  • w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑

    I really do think we’re all living the same life just a lil bit differently

  • Yung K
    Yung K 5 годин тому

    And its not funny gust a litte

  • GachaWolf 54
    GachaWolf 54 5 годин тому

    My friend broke both her legs in a car crash in Colorado

  • Enes _ Aykac
    Enes _ Aykac 5 годин тому

    My sister hates pizza