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These Are The STARS Pulling Up To The Overtime Takeover 🤩
Переглядів 66 4023 місяці тому
The Professor Has An Unstoppable Move... 😱
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Behind The Scenes At Cassius Stanley's Duke Commitment!
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Cole Anthony Is COMMITTED To UNC! OFFICIAL 2019 Oak Hill Senior Mix 😱
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Cassius Stanley Official Duke Commitment Video 🔥
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  • BirdBoiDub 14
    BirdBoiDub 14 41 секунда тому

    Why da fuck does famous DeX always look so fucking retarded

  • Jay Money Productions
    Jay Money Productions 4 хвилини тому

    i saw him draw the X on smoke purpp

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 5 хвилин тому

    Herb the nigga to were 1s with a Gucci jacket and shirt and pants

  • Jackson
    Jackson 12 хвилин тому

    So no one else gonna talk abt his fortnite backpack

  • Monet Williams
    Monet Williams 13 хвилин тому

    Damnnn gherbo tallll

  • Kayne Smallwood
    Kayne Smallwood 14 хвилин тому

    12:49 he put the deck over the real torn up pieces and used the others and the deck disappear trick he put the signature card on top and made it look like a deck and once it was being squeezed he pulled that card out and the ring trick, he covered the ring with his finger.

  • Mask Gamer66
    Mask Gamer66 14 хвилин тому

    I wish YNW melly was there :/

  • yung marcell
    yung marcell 14 хвилин тому

    That chain looks fake

  • The Gang
    The Gang 17 хвилин тому

    Did Jamie say Orlando, Kentucky or Orlando and Kentucky?🧐

  • JuJu DaDon
    JuJu DaDon 20 хвилин тому

    Nigga Herb said “Can yu make my case go away ?”😭😭😭😭

  • lonely
    lonely 20 хвилин тому

    I’m trynna be on Dex’s level 😂

  • It Hurts To Cry
    It Hurts To Cry 24 хвилини тому

    On smoke purp if you look when he grabs his hand he puts the part that right back on the marker

    UK WHOZ 24 хвилини тому

    Y'all should try get lavar ball on here

  • Aimbot Saucey
    Aimbot Saucey 25 хвилин тому

    bruhh that nigga famous dex was high as hell

  • vlon er
    vlon er 26 хвилин тому

    What's the song at the start

  • You’re Welcome
    You’re Welcome 28 хвилин тому

    7:27 Lil mosey gave bro a stiff arm like madden 😂😂

  • Vamsey Palagummi
    Vamsey Palagummi 28 хвилин тому

    The top of the pen cap has an X stamps, he stamps him, then puts the stamp cap back on before writing the x on his own hand

  • Kareem Jarboue
    Kareem Jarboue 29 хвилин тому

    Bro I feel bad for Jaden and Julian cause they're really good players and they have so much potential. But their dad is so controlling it's unhealthy. Bro most people breakdown under the pressure of 1 person, imagine Julian and Jaden having the pressure of millions watching them including their dad.

  • Ultra Cheese
    Ultra Cheese 30 хвилин тому

    Wait, can someone explain the x in the hand trick

  • Jabo
    Jabo 30 хвилин тому

    I saw how he did the one with smokepurp

  • Jakeb Vailalo
    Jakeb Vailalo 31 хвилина тому

    4:03 I guess he didn’t

  • Xento Blast
    Xento Blast 31 хвилина тому

    Y'all talk about newman not being in the NBA cuz he 2 small, but y'all 4got- thesame thing was said to curry and Isaiah Washington Look at them now. Time will tell if Newman will/not make it to the NBA.

  • Tommy Jackson
    Tommy Jackson 33 хвилини тому

    The Creator surrounded this kid with angels. Truly motivating..!

  • Lil _matrix fam
    Lil _matrix fam 36 хвилин тому

    Bruh that’s real magic

  • keandre jackson
    keandre jackson 38 хвилин тому

    Dat nigga herb tall asf

  • Danielle Bailey
    Danielle Bailey 38 хвилин тому

    All these comments wow this is what makes me hate humanity y’all are really mean.

  • Devarsh Bhatt
    Devarsh Bhatt 42 хвилини тому

    Any body see the nigga put the lemonade in his converses

  • YBJaiLyn
    YBJaiLyn 43 хвилини тому

    4:00 looks like Lil Travis Yachty Scott

  • young_boi_gamer _ian
    young_boi_gamer _ian 43 хвилини тому

    His magic fake

  • faints
    faints 44 хвилини тому

    don’t let this distract u from the fact that he now has every rappers signature

  • young_boi_gamer _ian
    young_boi_gamer _ian 46 хвилин тому

    I saw him put the drink in there

  • HeyExotic
    HeyExotic 47 хвилин тому

    I saw him move his hand to his mouth with herbo

  • Giovanni Coleman
    Giovanni Coleman 49 хвилин тому

    My nigga lil tecca confused 🤣😂

  • Nick Kid
    Nick Kid 51 хвилина тому

    Cole Bennett or chance the... Nvm gn

  • Ello ppl In comment section
    Ello ppl In comment section 53 хвилини тому

    At 7:16 he has his ring on the index finger right ,when he’s going to show his magic trick he apparently takes the ring off his finger but if you notice that he’s actually holding out his middle finger, he never took it off his index finger

  • Jeremyah davis10
    Jeremyah davis10 58 хвилин тому

    Jibrizy looks like x

  • Xayrez
    Xayrez 59 хвилин тому

    7:30 Lil Tecca

  • Yaboi Carty
    Yaboi Carty Годину тому

    God damn I feel like the man

  • Unknoenmal
    Unknoenmal Годину тому

    At 11:48 he puts the pieces in his left hand and takes that save card that was in pieces from the deck from his right hand #slick look carefully like if u see

    • Unknoenmal
      Unknoenmal Годину тому

      Meant to say same*

  • Scratch
    Scratch Годину тому

    Man where juice wrld At 😭😂

  • Young yongs Parents
    Young yongs Parents Годину тому

    This guy should go on America’s got talent

  • saucey drip
    saucey drip Годину тому

    I saw wen u he put the lemonade in there

  • sam english
    sam english Годину тому

    I fucking love her!!! Growing up I always had this beast girl on my wrestling and football teams she was a nationally ranked wrestler and I have a tremendous amount of respect for all female athletes in male dominated sports.

  • 8ty 6ty
    8ty 6ty Годину тому

    6:19 you see this guy put the card in his mouth. It’s called Misdirection they pretend the magic is somewhere but it’s actually going on somewhere else.

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts Годину тому

    why the camera go on lil mosey when he he bout to show some of the "biggest" rappers that nigga ain't shit 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Todd google
    Todd google Годину тому

    If he can stay healthy he should be really good with the potential to great. He's had some set backs, but he has the work ethic and the heart. I hope he kills it this year.

  • moneykiller 2123
    moneykiller 2123 Годину тому

    Oh yeah a lil bit

  • panos chr
    panos chr Годину тому

    What's your excuse?

  • Boogin With B
    Boogin With B Годину тому

    1:15 did he just drop the deck? 🤔

  • Zen on yt
    Zen on yt Годину тому

    They are just chill.WOW

  • Kevin Mclean
    Kevin Mclean Годину тому

    What is that creature 3:42

  • Sabah Ashfaq
    Sabah Ashfaq Годину тому

    what’s better the magic or they’re reaction.

  • TKO Savage
    TKO Savage Годину тому

    What’s that beginning theme song? The man or a monster

  • Tough_Çhronic420
    Tough_Çhronic420 Годину тому

    Brody from earthganic lookin lik a Ray J wannabe😂😂

  • z- Noah-z
    z- Noah-z Годину тому

    This guy famous dex a crazy tweaker he need help

  • juanmanuel melara
    juanmanuel melara Годину тому

    Taylor Bennett look like chance

  • Emma's WRLD
    Emma's WRLD 2 години тому

    its not magic at all. its just common sense except people dont see it. i knew every trick that he did. im not even a "magician"

  • Jason Niemi
    Jason Niemi 2 години тому

    4:30 looks like chance the rapper

  • Bkkojo
    Bkkojo 2 години тому

    why taylor bennett sound exactly like Kyle

  • lil shawty
    lil shawty 2 години тому

    Obviously fake😂

  • ItsMeCareless
    ItsMeCareless 2 години тому

    6:20 you can see the card in his mouth before he snaps

  • 1k .robin
    1k .robin 2 години тому

    Shit fake

    JRDAN AJ 2 години тому

    His shit light compared to dynamo or chris angel n that one other dude

  • I_Abducted
    I_Abducted 2 години тому

    I saw when he mark the x under smoke purp hands fast asf

  • Wienix Infinity
    Wienix Infinity 2 години тому

    1:28 is where he adds the x to his hand, you can see him put the cap back on the pen immediately after doing it 0.o

  • NA Prophet
    NA Prophet 2 години тому

    That nigga gherbo stupid af lmfaooooo he said make my case go away

  • Nick Mase
    Nick Mase 2 години тому

    Lil tecca always awkward lol

  • Mike Money
    Mike Money 2 години тому

    Wtf wrong with DeX

  • Jay Klain
    Jay Klain 2 години тому

    Lost Twins back together lmao

  • Kiyon Boxley
    Kiyon Boxley 2 години тому

    Look at 5:08 you can see him put the soda in the shoe

  • Miguel Perez Coronel
    Miguel Perez Coronel 2 години тому

    Famous Dex was on all the drugs

  • Honchofficial
    Honchofficial 2 години тому

    If i was cuh i would sell all the signed cards 😭😭

  • Ellsworth Johnson
    Ellsworth Johnson 2 години тому

    i like julian and jaden but they dont play defence i can not wait till they are taught the right way to play the game like watch film play dee.you know basic stuff besides wining just a thaught ....

  • Juan Espinosa
    Juan Espinosa 3 години тому

    Querer es poder 💪😎🇵🇷

  • BabyYames
    BabyYames 3 години тому

    Larry is Corny asf‼️🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he had me weak

  • Masud Is Gucci
    Masud Is Gucci 3 години тому

    Julien has to shoot he can’t dunk lol

  • Kidd Clyptx
    Kidd Clyptx 3 години тому

    Damn I really wanted to see x and slump

  • Dripp0Josh
    Dripp0Josh 3 години тому

    I don’t wanna b the one to point it out but don’t it look like chance dropped the cards

  • iDxntTry Tv
    iDxntTry Tv 3 години тому

    You can see when he put the soda

  • Weston's Basketball
    Weston's Basketball 3 години тому

    Of Julian makes it to the NBA he will be the funniest nba player

  • Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
    Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga 3 години тому

    Famous den is actually psycho. Like top guy in ty asylum crazy

  • RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy
    RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy 4 години тому

    U should have done ski mask the slump god

  • Xczited
    Xczited 4 години тому

    Nobody : Gherbo: “man make my case go away”.

  • -?
    -? 4 години тому

    Melo got taller

  • Mary Elias
    Mary Elias 4 години тому


  • Andrew Nigro
    Andrew Nigro 4 години тому

    He looks like the 2k17 my career player where he is like 20 ft taller then his teammates

  • Grips
    Grips 4 години тому

    7:26 Mosey gave less effort in the hug then his XXL freestyle. Thats CRAZZYYY

  • Isaac Jones
    Isaac Jones 4 години тому

    He actually made lil tecca smile that's gotta be a first

  • Hampton Roberts
    Hampton Roberts 4 години тому

    Would you rather drop 30 and lose or 30 and win?!?

  • fuck u
    fuck u 5 годин тому

    Full of wack ass mumble rappers

  • 002 Gxtilu
    002 Gxtilu 5 годин тому

    Julian is fuckin small

  • Matteo Beatz
    Matteo Beatz 5 годин тому

    some good content

  • Jittxr
    Jittxr 5 годин тому

    "You guys gotta stop whining,crying,etc' this guy talking to himself 😂

  • Luke K
    Luke K 6 годин тому

    Why does Lil Mosley look like Lonzo Ball

  • Jittxr
    Jittxr 6 годин тому

    10:19 sounds familiar... I wonder what it is?

  • Tom O Brien
    Tom O Brien 6 годин тому

    6:18 puts card in his mouth

  • Mr. Incognito
    Mr. Incognito 6 годин тому

    Purp: HOOOW HOOWW BRO Magician: I can't tell bro Demon: Oh so I'm a joke to you?

  • Ummy Queen Royal
    Ummy Queen Royal 6 годин тому

    his cute

  • Tom O Brien
    Tom O Brien 6 годин тому

    Magician seems like a sick dude But magic is bullshit

  • Tom O Brien
    Tom O Brien 6 годин тому

    1:17 the deck of cards were still in his hands