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NEW JUDGES REVEAL By Shin Lim - America's Got Talent: The Champions
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Dunkin' Lounge: Finals - America's Got Talent 2019
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Dunkin' Design A Cup Challenge Winner - America's Got Talent 2019
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Dunkin' Lounge: Semifinals 2 - America's Got Talent 2019
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Dunkin' Lounge: Semifinals 1 - America's Got Talent 2019
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Dunkin' Lounge: Live Results 3 - America's Got Talent 2019
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  • Tango Digital Systems
    Tango Digital Systems 2 години тому

    The second act was so terrifying!!!!

  • Аль- Имрана
    Аль- Имрана 2 години тому

    Ouuufff...I'm 🤫Hello from Kyrgyzstan.Я в шоке.Прям Индийский фильм посмотрела

  • adrianne Belyeu
    adrianne Belyeu 2 години тому


  • Artur Artur
    Artur Artur 2 години тому

    japan found talent in america khowes bro!

  • Forever Will0w
    Forever Will0w 2 години тому


  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 2 години тому

    She’s super good, but I think the golden buzzer should be use on amazing rare talents. Singing isn’t a rare talent.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 2 години тому

    In no way am I saying he didn’t deserve the buzzer but the reason the performance was really good was the dancing the music was good but as a viola it is not that hard to play that song but because he was dancing it is harder to play in tune

  • Karen Puger
    Karen Puger 2 години тому


  • JinxTheGod
    JinxTheGod 2 години тому

    Finally some acts that brought me to tears with laughter!

  • Nnisa Bebiy
    Nnisa Bebiy 2 години тому

    I'm simple person, I saw dog then I click

  • El Curioso Don
    El Curioso Don 2 години тому 💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • LyricFreaks
    LyricFreaks 2 години тому

    I keep getting chills from his voice 😍😍

  • Vanessa34905 Roblox
    Vanessa34905 Roblox 2 години тому

    Angelica, thank you so much. U inspire me so much!! I really wanna do AGT because I think I’m a decent singer. I don’t think I will end up on AGT, but you inspire me so much. Thanks so much ♡

  • koky kamal
    koky kamal 2 години тому

    💓❤️💖🥰😍😘 Amazing 😍👌😍

  • Leina Wolcott
    Leina Wolcott 2 години тому

    I used to live in South Africa and my godmother is African. Proud of them!

  • Yaboi_ Plaz Fortnite
    Yaboi_ Plaz Fortnite 3 години тому

    The first little girls voice I loved it❤️

  • Роман Петров
    Роман Петров 3 години тому

    That is a killer version of that song... best I have ever heard.

  • Rickey Harris
    Rickey Harris 3 години тому

    This young man is a miracle....

  • ten4
    ten4 3 години тому

    she sings that so well

  • Billie Elish fan And avocados
    Billie Elish fan And avocados 3 години тому

    Dude the voice crack like makes it so much better dude lol

  • Sophia Fern
    Sophia Fern 3 години тому

    love it so happy kodi lee won

  • Jonathan Moss
    Jonathan Moss 3 години тому

    Why wasn’t she on the show?! She’s INCREDIBLE!

  • Аль- Имрана
    Аль- Имрана 3 години тому

    I just subscribed..😎Hi from Kyrgyzstan

  • Niki Brock
    Niki Brock 3 години тому

    That's my cuz love you bro

  • that everyday kid
    that everyday kid 3 години тому

    well now 11,575,687 people know how to beat up terry

  • Random Tiger
    Random Tiger 3 години тому


  • The sponge boy Channel
    The sponge boy Channel 3 години тому

    What if he was mouthing? I’m not saying he’s mouthing but he could have been

  • Trinity Mashups
    Trinity Mashups 3 години тому


  • Cooper Skaggs
    Cooper Skaggs 3 години тому

    Lose the sass

  • Evility Evolotus
    Evility Evolotus 3 години тому

    Verbalase Autotune: what is this silliness?

  • Mario Caldwell
    Mario Caldwell 3 години тому

    He is amazing

  • liz akins
    liz akins 3 години тому

    What is his song called could prob read the comments but idont wanna so whats it called?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 3 години тому

    Whether you like the song or not or care about lip singing she can dance!

  • Bray_25 !
    Bray_25 ! 3 години тому

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He hit hit it from the bacc

  • warriors fan
    warriors fan 3 години тому

    someone make this a meme

  • Matias Z Cano
    Matias Z Cano 3 години тому

    Tlyler a happy

  • jodi cartrett
    jodi cartrett 3 години тому

    Yuck lol

  • Arif Mayeeinuddin
    Arif Mayeeinuddin 3 години тому


  • EmDrawsCat Meow
    EmDrawsCat Meow 3 години тому

    I know her

  • jodi cartrett
    jodi cartrett 3 години тому


  • Ally McGuire
    Ally McGuire 3 години тому

    ok so I know we are focused on Kodi but is his brother single?

  • Logan Farman
    Logan Farman 3 години тому


  • Funny Pinoy
    Funny Pinoy 3 години тому

    I will never understand the people who disliked a video like this This is PERFECTION SO WHYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HOLY COW

  • Jacob Antolik
    Jacob Antolik 4 години тому


  • Nnisa Bebiy
    Nnisa Bebiy 4 години тому

    A man and his dangerous bird is hilarious 🤣😂😂 , they're so funny

  • Assis Slv
    Assis Slv 4 години тому

    Ela canta muito bem 👏🏻

  • Zeta Miray
    Zeta Miray 4 години тому

    😍😍😍😍😍Не могла смотреть без слез ведь они же мои земляки!!!! Kyrgyzstan alga!!!!

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez 4 години тому

    Kodi lee i love ❤️ you keep up the good work 😂😇❤️❤️❤️

  • Daniel Kicklighter
    Daniel Kicklighter 4 години тому

    I'm I really going to wach this everyday.

  • Gunawan Hate
    Gunawan Hate 4 години тому

    Doanya jawa njir

  • zakru production
    zakru production 4 години тому

    I like it.. 😉👍

  • potato chris
    potato chris 4 години тому

    funny how i met them..

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 4 години тому

    Way you go champ ❤️

  • Crystal Gacha films
    Crystal Gacha films 4 години тому

    Look at Simons face at 19:43 xD

  • Chris Vallance
    Chris Vallance 4 години тому

    Ryan Niemiller to AEW confirmed!

  • A man With his cigarette
    A man With his cigarette 4 години тому

    who is that?? -bhor? -odin? -thor?

  • Arthur Santos
    Arthur Santos 4 години тому

    O vídeo mais lindo que eu assisti hoje.

  • Aditya Mota
    Aditya Mota 4 години тому

    Person: Hi Colin Cloud: Name: Steven Rodgers Occupation: Fireman Age: 32 Married 3 Kids Romanian Descent Finance Major Pittsburgh University Ate a Chalupa from Taco Bell at 12:53pm Thinking of a memory involving his childhood friend David Yuge Last had sex 3 days ago Last shaved 2 days ago

  • Dream Chasing
    Dream Chasing 4 години тому

    Period, he can sing so good I need him to win 🤗🥳🥰

  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey 4 години тому

    3-2-1... "NO"

  • Emu
    Emu 4 години тому

    Simon and shatter me: buzzes Simon and girl getting bullied: gold buzzer

  • Alben Sadiku
    Alben Sadiku 4 години тому


  • Emu
    Emu 4 години тому

    I thought it's no professonals allowed

  • Madison Santangelo
    Madison Santangelo 4 години тому

    I support autism is no different from a normal human

  • فاطمه محمد
    فاطمه محمد 4 години тому


  • Sirena-Rahket Jo
    Sirena-Rahket Jo 4 години тому

    0:19 Hello

  • indira badley
    indira badley 4 години тому

    Does he have the shringan????!!!! How does he know

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear 4 години тому

    Very talented young lady

  • Legends Beware
    Legends Beware 4 години тому

    Little bada$$

  • Freckled Toad
    Freckled Toad 4 години тому

    Albert Einstein *reincarnated*

  • edson ferreira
    edson ferreira 4 години тому

    so confused on why 1.1k people disliked this

  • edson ferreira
    edson ferreira 4 години тому

    so confused on why 1.1k people disliked this

  • bryan okkoa
    bryan okkoa 5 годин тому

    Wow wow, este si vale la pena por ir a verlo en vivo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Hardluck Music
    Hardluck Music 5 годин тому

    Does anyone know codfish ?

  • Josué Barbosa
    Josué Barbosa 5 годин тому

    Thank you for your existence , simply wonderful !!!

  • Vanessa Manzano
    Vanessa Manzano 5 годин тому

    Me acuerdo de Ella

  • Vanessa Manzano
    Vanessa Manzano 5 годин тому

    Algun español?

  • Donnies Donnies
    Donnies Donnies 5 годин тому

    Y’all are some normies in the comments.

  • cswerner63
    cswerner63 5 годин тому

    What will come first: 100 Mio clicks or 100 000 comments? Click or comment 😎

  • James Feltman
    James Feltman 5 годин тому

    Teenage Janis Joplin.

  • Gart Games
    Gart Games 5 годин тому

    Who’s taller David or Howard

  • om
    om 5 годин тому

    Any Indians here? -love from India😜

  • cswerner63
    cswerner63 5 годин тому

    It is good medicine to watch this thrice a week 😍😍😍

  • Mickey Ari
    Mickey Ari 5 годин тому

    where was angelicas family ? lol

  • Stormy 21
    Stormy 21 5 годин тому

    When I was 12, I stuck scissors into an electrical outlet. 🤦‍♂️

  • Chain Z
    Chain Z 5 годин тому

    Where my South Carolina folks at

  • Amandeep Dhillon
    Amandeep Dhillon 5 годин тому

    His back Crack ****

  • Meemoh
    Meemoh 5 годин тому

    For some reason this video made me cry. This video is a reason as to why I should appreciate my African roots🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Mary Stennett
    Mary Stennett 5 годин тому

    Who came for the cuteness?

  • hicham homsi
    hicham homsi 5 годин тому

    Funny guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i like him..but sure not to sing

  • Lady Lobo
    Lady Lobo 5 годин тому

    I hate when non singers are in the judge table.

  • Jala Burton
    Jala Burton 5 годин тому

    This is me in more

  • Jesse Jacques
    Jesse Jacques 5 годин тому

    They are just very selfish people

  • Rimjhim Karaki
    Rimjhim Karaki 5 годин тому

    I think Susan has faced a lot of challenges in her life. I wish her nothing but the best. God bless you with all the happiness in the world.🥰🥰🥰

  • Cyndi D
    Cyndi D 5 годин тому

    You are simply amazing...not only the sound & the look, but the are clearly phenomenal & I look forward to hearing a lot more from you. Thanks for taking the chance...we all benefitted from hearing you!

  • Julio Cesar Diaz Juarez
    Julio Cesar Diaz Juarez 5 годин тому

    what and MB14

  • Oh Bot
    Oh Bot 5 годин тому

    Howie reaction 😂

  • alex casajuana
    alex casajuana 5 годин тому

    That guy in the end was thinking: wtf i m going to do next?? I only come here for have fun

  • Sarah Vinnik
    Sarah Vinnik 5 годин тому

    I do ballroom and the older brother did not do ballroom

  • Guillermo Antelo
    Guillermo Antelo 5 годин тому

    Raiden wins!!!