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WOUNDS (2019) Ending Explained
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IN THE TALL GRASS (2019) Ending Explained
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HELL HOUSE III: LAKE OF FIRE (2019) Ending Explained
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HELL HOUSE II: THE ABBADON HOTEL (2018) Ending Explained
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HELL HOUSE LLC (2015) Ending Explained
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IT CHAPTER TWO (2019) Ending Explained
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THE DESCENT (2005) Ending Explained
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IT CHAPTER TWO: All About The Losers Club
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READY OR NOT (2019) Ending Explained
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Stephen King's 1408 (2007) Endings Explained
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SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained
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TERRIFIER (2016) Ending Explained + ALL HALLOWS' EVE
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STRANGER THINGS 3 | Biggest Questions + Mysteries Explained
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MIDSOMMAR (2019) Story + Ending Explained
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SINISTER (2012) Ending Explained
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I AM MOTHER (2019) Ending Explained
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THE PERFECTION (2019) Ending Explained
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MA (2019) Ending Explained
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TOP 10 Home Invasion Movies
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THE SILENCE (2019) Ending Explained
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Tackling the Puzzles of ESCAPE ROOM in a Box!
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DON'T KNOCK TWICE (2016) Ending Explained
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PET SEMATARY (2019) Ending Explained
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US (2019) Ending Explained
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STRANGER THINGS 3 Official Trailer Breakdown + Theories
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HELL FEST (2018) Ending + Villain Explained
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GLASS (2019) Ending + Twists Explained
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HALLOWEEN (2018) Deleted Scenes Breakdown
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ESCAPE ROOM (2019) Ending + Sequel Tease Explained
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CHERNOBYL DIARIES (2012) Ending Explained
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BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")
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BIRD BOX (2018) Ending + Monsters Explained
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POOKA! (2018) Explained
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BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) Ending Explained + Analysis
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CAM (2018) Ending Explained
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DEAD SILENCE (2007) Ending Explained
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THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE (2018) Ending Explained
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SEARCHING (2018) Ending Explained
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THE GALLOWS (2015) Ending Explained
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THE ENDLESS (2018) Explained + Connections to 'Resolution'
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EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained
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SLENDER MAN (2018) Ending Explained + Creature Breakdown
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CASTLE ROCK Episode 1 "Severance" (Breakdown + Easter Eggs)
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HOW IT ENDS (2018) Ending + Cause of Apocalypse Explained
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UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB (2018) Endings Explained
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COMIC CON 2018 Horror News Roundup
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SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis
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HORROR PACK June 2018 Unboxing
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THE FIRST PURGE (2018) Ending Explained
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THE PURGE Trilogy Explained (2013-2016)
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GORILLAZ: The Complete Backstory Pt. 2 (PHASES 4+5)
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UNSANE (2018) Ending + Twists Explained
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SILENT HILL (2006) Ending Explained + Game Connections
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HEREDITARY (2018) Ending + Story Explained
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UPGRADE (2018) Ending Explained
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CARGO (2018) Ending Explained + Virus Theory
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OCULUS (2013) Ending + Lasser Glass Explained
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CRYPT TV'S Scariest Monsters Explained
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WINCHESTER (2018) Ending + True Story Explained
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Ash Vs Evil Dead CANCELLED - SERIES Finale Explained/Review
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MAYHEM (2017) Ending Explained
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STEPHEN KING'S 1922 (2017) Ending Explained
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SUNNY FAMILY CULT Ending Explained (Seasons 1+2)
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TRUTH OR DARE (2018) Ending Explained
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A QUIET PLACE (2018) Ending + Monsters Explained
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  • ada eeva
    ada eeva 4 години тому

    In the beginning I wondered why the monster was called "cancer man". Now I get it. I know kanker means cancer in Dutch because Dutch people basically swear in diseases.

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme 4 години тому

    Dare the demon to give up its power to possess anything.

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme 4 години тому

    This was stupid. She already established in the first game that if given a choice to save her friends of have all of Mexico die that she would choose to save Mexico, AND throughout the film she continually acted selflessly by picking "dare" so others didn't have to. So now we're supposed to believe that she decides to unleash carnage on the entire planet to save not all of her friends, but just her and her buddy? What's the point in taking a whole film to establish a character to then juts violate it in the last 2 minutes? They probably had an ending that made sense but then some executive said it didn't test well.

    AYO VICK 4 години тому

    damn thats a big ass cat

  • Aaron Yeager
    Aaron Yeager 4 години тому

    Strap in this is a long idea: It could be the mom had her own twin and their mom died, the twin wasn't around her family much, hence the picture and not knowing certain events their actual mother would know. This would also explain the fact the kids thinking there is something just slightly off about her, the twin wouldn't do things the exact way their mother would. Seeing her twin sister's kid going through the same thing she is going through reminds her of her current situation and brings up painful thoughts like how she can't see her anymore or reconcile so she acts out at the surviving kid. Up until then the mother had been consoling her son by feeding into the fact nothing happened as to protect him since she had a stronger bond towards her kid, but her twin couldn't because she was more driven by the truth than keeping up a facade and thought that it would be healthier for him. The twin is in the hospital for surgery because she feels like she's the "ugly" one possibly over being the reason for the twin boys not knowing of her at all. After being estranged for so long this might be a chance to redeem herself in her own eyes, instead following common movie horror tropes and facilitating the worsening of the kids obvious burgeoning mental illness(s).

  • who knowz?!
    who knowz?! 4 години тому knives out confusing review!

  • Kenneth Walker
    Kenneth Walker 4 години тому

    This isn't a origin theory he just telling us what he looks like

  • Mramazing 2468
    Mramazing 2468 4 години тому

    did anyone else realize that eli is a jumble for lie? i felt it was pretty obvious

  • jhasmine nychole
    jhasmine nychole 5 годин тому

    All the children in the foster system and she chose to make a deal with the devil for a baby ?

  • EST
    EST 5 годин тому

    Me and my homies watched this together and laughed our asses off at this movie

  • fiestadancers
    fiestadancers 5 годин тому

    Another very different genre was Spencer in Instant Family. Very versatile actress.

  • Jungkooks Moisturising Cream
    Jungkooks Moisturising Cream 5 годин тому

    Should've just stayed with Elio

  • grace eubank
    grace eubank 5 годин тому

    so im guessing there were 2 murders? one by delbert grady and the other by charles grady? bc the twins were from the 20s and charles grady’s daughters were 8 and 10, as they say in the movie.

  • GrizzlyFingers
    GrizzlyFingers 6 годин тому

    If Marta actually knew what medicine she injected without reading the label, why would she freak out? Wouldn't she realize right there that drugs were swapped?

  • paulyn delan
    paulyn delan 6 годин тому

    Am I the only one watching scary movies in daylight at public

  • Cody The Liberal Slayer
    Cody The Liberal Slayer 7 годин тому

    Still tho the nurses are dicks

  • Dewey Salazar
    Dewey Salazar 7 годин тому

    Who would win in a fight? Cole or Grace from Ready or Not? Both have 15 minutes of prep time, and the battlefield is the Le Domas Mansion. Neither know the layout, but the house is filled with weapons.

  • Seamour Butts
    Seamour Butts 7 годин тому

    Laura shoulda used Instagram or maybe Snapchat XD

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan 7 годин тому

    If I ever see the behemoth irl, I know my life ends there.

  • Cody The Liberal Slayer
    Cody The Liberal Slayer 7 годин тому

    Oh no not furrys

  • He turned into a zombie
    He turned into a zombie 7 годин тому

    George A Romero is the best . I loved how his zombies 🧟‍♂️🧟 just evolved from being brainless or mindless humans to intelligent zombies and most importantly good zombies . I dislike those people who say all zombies are dumb and don't have feelings 😡 . RIP George A Romero. The godfather of living corpses.

  • death bystereo
    death bystereo 7 годин тому

    The house doesnt physically exist. Remember the big search after the first film... they never found it

  • OctoBro
    OctoBro 8 годин тому

    The captain was drunk all the time

  • 이영문
    이영문 8 годин тому

    Oh my god Jaeden is so handsome, i love him!

  • Kimberly Santiago
    Kimberly Santiago 8 годин тому

    Finally watched this movie last night. I fully agree with you on the special affects. But I kinda liked the humor. It drove home that these adult actors were the grown up versions of the kids in chapter 1. I could easily picture the kids delivering all the same lines. Also, I’m thinking with their memory’s being lost then coming back 27 years later all at once, they probable got a boost to that part of their adult selves that were still children. The humor didn’t really take away from the scare to me but I never found any of the IT movies very scary to begin with. Enjoyable additions to the horror genre, good movies over all but but not very scary. Idk, I’ve been called nuts before lol

  • Awakening One
    Awakening One 8 годин тому

    You forgot they sugar coated that name steam. What they really mean is adrenochrome

  • Alex Frostwalker
    Alex Frostwalker 8 годин тому

    Is it bad that I'm watching this at night?

  • DeAnn LoVine
    DeAnn LoVine 8 годин тому

    May I make a sugesten? Maybe 'A Christmas Horror Story' from 2015 would be a good movie to explain due to it being a little confusing and it being the time of year? Sorry if this isn't the right place/way to ask but I'm not sure where else I could go. Sorry

  • Robbin Bonanno
    Robbin Bonanno 9 годин тому

    Just ran across this movie and also didn't know it was a sequel since flashback sequences at the beginning filled in on Arkin's previous experience. Though I'm not a Saw Fan or Hostel, I liked this movie due to the Collector and Arkin characters. I had to really dig in my suspension of disbelief with the opening as how the heck did he set up all these traps in that building?! It didn't look abandoned. You kind of fell sorry for the Collector in the end when your realize what he experienced as a child but at the same time you're rooting for Arkin to destory him as the Collector's mentality is so far gone there is no fixing him. Being a momma to three pups I hated what he did to those beautiful German Shepards. Killing humans - no prob. Screw with animals then we gotta talk.

  • David McKeever
    David McKeever 9 годин тому

    I scrolled for a bit to see if anyone shared my take with no luck, which means I'm probably wrong. But, briefly, here goes: There is no (long-term) sickness. Perhaps a viral outbreak that caused some to get out of the cities for a time. No sickness except for the "father", who is nuts. *PC Disclaimer* I've been in interracial relationships, and there are several mixed couples/children in my family. So I'm not being that guy. There isn't a lot of history of their relationship, and I did notice the sharp contrast between the affection of the two couples. Furthermore you never see the full gooey sickness except in dream sequences. Grandpa at the beginning def didn't look too hot, but it was different. At the table after the mom and son come across as scared to me. I realize there are several holes in my theory, but I'm actually rewatching it right away to see if it holds water. Basically I believe it's sort of the opposite twist that occurs in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Thanks and let me know what you think.

  • The Asterisks
    The Asterisks 9 годин тому

    Here from Jeremy Jahns' review of this year's 'Black Christmas' and god fucking damnit, they turned this classic, AMAZING film into a pile of feminzai dogshit. Fuck you Hollywood!

  • Mastama
    Mastama 9 годин тому

    so Danny become a spirit that keeped in Abra mind?

  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao 9 годин тому

    1974 version is 7/10 (2019 remake is 0/10 was just HORRIBLE!!) DON'T WATCH IT!!!!

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 10 годин тому

    For a movie that is rated R it felt very PG-13. I rolled my eyes when a CG monster showed up. Usually there is no real interaction with the character and its just some.. thing chasing after them and nothing happens. Over and over again. Very lame. The best thing about this movie was the casting, especially Eds. Felt like they kinda dumped on the Mike character though :/

  • Jeremiah Patsika
    Jeremiah Patsika 10 годин тому

    Is it me or the title is misleading? 15 minutes into the video i haven't heard the ending being explained. the title should have been Brightburn summary.

  • monika t n
    monika t n 10 годин тому

    Guys do anyone know the link to watch this trilogy ....

  • Gust
    Gust 10 годин тому

    Finally understood this movie after watching it a couple of years ago. 😂

  • ravi _arithocrix
    ravi _arithocrix 10 годин тому

    Stupid movie

  • Infamous Noob
    Infamous Noob 11 годин тому

    They Just Too Lucky Damn it. I Can't Do A Speedrun Without Encounter Magikarp 3 Times.

  • bloodstone 116
    bloodstone 116 11 годин тому

    Just call it movie explained already

  • Mastama
    Mastama 11 годин тому

    how did he got the footage of events that only happen on novel?

  • Randive
    Randive 11 годин тому

    And that’s why you research

    FURRY_HUNTER_420 11 годин тому

    I live in Australia Tall grass is already dangerous for us

  • Rachel ryan
    Rachel ryan 12 годин тому

    This movie was shit...didnt make sense...pointless and had no ending..

  • ngoc kien
    ngoc kien 12 годин тому

    now i know why i alway be rekt by the game's AI. Damn they are too good at schemes

  • divergent thg
    divergent thg 12 годин тому

    That movie escalated quickly

  • Butch Sprout
    Butch Sprout 13 годин тому

    What a disappointment it was!!

  • Louie pooey Animations
    Louie pooey Animations 13 годин тому

    Watch my UAplus channel it’s very good

  • Gittons Xv
    Gittons Xv 13 годин тому

    I love this channel but your voice is the worst. Why are you shouting all the lines so strongly?

  • ngoc kien
    ngoc kien 13 годин тому

    If i remember right, the annabell movie said that if you know the true name of the demon, you can command them or expell them, right? So when you ask the demon, if he chose truth, just ask his true name. So simple

  • Sharon Tiamson
    Sharon Tiamson 13 годин тому

    Today is Friday the 13th on that day is the Black Christmas (2019 Remake) do a ending explained

  • Kirti Mishra
    Kirti Mishra 14 годин тому

    They way little Paul was copying that private was so cute. It's a wonderful movie. I would love to see part 2 when they go in Germany to finish Hitler. Chole was badass. Also when it comes on saving family people everyone can became superhuman naturally.

  • Aaron Yeager
    Aaron Yeager 14 годин тому

    this is why I love the line, "... the prometheus school of running away from things"

  • Motivegaming
    Motivegaming 14 годин тому

    I love this movie

  • Sam Hadden
    Sam Hadden 14 годин тому

    I guess anything can pass for a Stephen King book these days. He wrote good stuff like 30 years ago believe it or not.

  • Jhone rey Andales
    Jhone rey Andales 14 годин тому


  • Gray Young
    Gray Young 14 годин тому

    Honestly, I have to disagree with your opinions on the return to the overlook. It was less fan service and more bringing the story back full circle. The story goes back to where it starts which, I’m my opinion is always good. Dan Torrance’s death was perfect as well, to me at least. It’s a book reference as well as a classic Stephen King trick, killing off the MC right at the end

  • yoshi kagami
    yoshi kagami 14 годин тому

    I can't believe I clicked on a movie ending video and got spoilers of how the apocalypse will go down

  • DreDaDon__
    DreDaDon__ 14 годин тому

    What if I told you the actor that plays Josh is 39 years old....

  • Nutrition Facts
    Nutrition Facts 15 годин тому

    1st purge is the best

  • David Feldmann
    David Feldmann 15 годин тому

    I couldn't make it more than a minute. His voice is so needlessly jarring. Stop shouting, sir - we can hear you. Just speak in your regular tone.

  • uniqcorn1
    uniqcorn1 15 годин тому

    I loved this movie, it was hilarious! I think her reactions were genuine since she was in shock and not thinking rationally, and the final family exploding scene and the scene when she punches the kid were so funny I can forgive some simplistic plot development.

  • Aeternuss
    Aeternuss 15 годин тому

    I suspect that reviewers who believe this movie to be the weirdest, most deranged and tripped-out film they've ever seen have not watched many movies. I recommend you watch "The Wicker Man" from 1973, Alejandro Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain" and Sergei Parajanov's "The Color of Pomegranates" before you watch this watered down, pretentious murk in order to get a sense of how movies can truly be mind-altering. The "story" is essentially every cliché of the slasher genre mashed together: a group of young people naively go into the wilderness (Sweden, very scary place lol) and encounter messed up stuff. They each die one by one and, SPOILER ALERT, there is a "final girl" who survives in the end. The rest of this cliché story is fluff. If you think, based on the trailer, that much of this film will mirror the original Wicker Man, you are exactly right. There is even a big fire at the end where a guy gets burned alive. There is a fine line between homage and rip-off and this may a great example of a film that slips over the edge into complete rip-off territory. I won't even go into all the logical loopholes in the story and the scenario, or point out that none of the customs line up at all with ancient Scandinavian rituals (thus making one wonder why this even takes place in Sweden to begin with, like, why couldn't this be a cult in upstate NY?) because there's no point. The script doesn't even attempt to be deep, the research here is sub-Wikepedia level, and the characters are cookie-cutter types you've seen before in a million other horror movies. One logical question I would ask, however, is how come all of these people are anthropology PhD students going to research Scandinavian paganism but none of them speak Swedish??!?!? Has the writer ever even talked to someone with a PhD??? All this said, Florence Pugh is a talented actress and does a great job with the shallow script. She transcends the material and shows that she can be a powerful dramatic actress. The cinematography is gorgeous too. The editing and sound are pitch perfect. I was especially taken by the set design, the use of furniture and quirky wall paintings to give the film a sense of intricate beauty to contrast with the horror. This is all really fabulous and the people who worked on these aspects of the film should be commended. It is all cosmetic, however. Without the mask of beautiful production and a gifted actress, the director/ writer Aster has absolutely nothing going on here. "Hereditary" was a very good, solid horror film and I wonder if Aster didn't rush into this sophomore effort too soon. This seems like a script he could have banged out in a night, especially since it feels like something made out of other films. It also seems that Aster repeats some of the same tricks from "Hereditary"- using shocking, Gaspar Noé-like violence and relying on making his audience feel uncomfortable at the sight of incongruously naked people running around. These stock images are going to get old really fast for him, he needs to work on building up to scares that really pay off. There will be people who love this director, who are swept away by the cool style and photography of this film or who have simply never seen any of the hundreds of other movies out there with strange imagery and creepy paganism, and these people are going to think this movie is a mind-blower. That's nice, but please watch "The Wicker Man" from 1973 first before you fall in love with this dumpster fire.

  • Tallan Walker
    Tallan Walker 15 годин тому

    Sam is so CUTE

  • James GrantVIII
    James GrantVIII 15 годин тому

    Did he just narrate the whole movie? He could just have said "watch the damn movie".

  • Gio Fergom
    Gio Fergom 15 годин тому

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