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Rod Blagojevich: I’m a Trumpocrat
Переглядів 63 тис.День тому
Zeldin on why he believes Barr will not resign over Trump's tweets
Переглядів 56 тис.День тому
Barr, Wray speak at a DOJ workshop event
Переглядів 84 тис.День тому
Hannity: Bloomberg buys spot on the debate stage
Переглядів 187 тис.День тому
DOJ shuts down rumors that Barr will step down over Trump's tweets
Переглядів 131 тис.День тому
Ingraham: Bloomie (doesn't) get your guns
Переглядів 132 тис.2 дні тому
Nunes blasts Bloomberg over past comments on farmers
Переглядів 156 тис.2 дні тому
Blagojevich out of prison after Trump commuted his sentence
Переглядів 118 тис.2 дні тому
Tucker: America is being sold to China
Переглядів 407 тис.2 дні тому
'The Five' on criticism of Trump's clemency spree
Переглядів 100 тис.2 дні тому
Gutfeld on Obama claiming credit for Trump’s economy
Переглядів 700 тис.2 дні тому
Trump looks to upstage 2020 Dems ahead of Nevada caucuses
Переглядів 156 тис.2 дні тому
Trump commutes sentence of ex-Gov. Blagojevich, pardons Kerik
Переглядів 202 тис.2 дні тому
Trump: I agree that my tweets make Barr’s job harder
Переглядів 300 тис.2 дні тому
Lisa Boothe has this prediction for Bloomberg debate showing
Переглядів 250 тис.2 дні тому
Rudy Giuliani on Mike Bloomberg, stop-and-frisk policy
Переглядів 165 тис.2 дні тому
President Trump kicks off four-day visit to Western states
Переглядів 136 тис.2 дні тому
Grisham on Trump threatening to sue over Mueller probe
Переглядів 177 тис.2 дні тому
Gingrich on Bloomberg's dramatic rise to Democrat debate stage
Переглядів 271 тис.2 дні тому
Ingraham: A party of snobs
Переглядів 378 тис.3 дні тому
Piers Morgan rips media's love for Avenatti: It's a stain on US media
Переглядів 391 тис.3 дні тому
Graham: There's a political hit job being done on Barr
Переглядів 349 тис.3 дні тому
Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election
Переглядів 445 тис.3 дні тому
Scalise: Pelosi should investigate the FBI, not Trump
Переглядів 244 тис.3 дні тому
Gutfeld on the media's phony contrition over Avenatti
Переглядів 219 тис.3 дні тому
'The Five' on 2020 Dems blasting Mike Bloomberg
Переглядів 513 тис.3 дні тому
Andy McCarthy calls out Washington's 'silliest controversy'
Переглядів 129 тис.3 дні тому
Tom Homan slams Dem resistance to Trump's sanctuary city plan
Переглядів 93 тис.3 дні тому
1,100 former DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign
Переглядів 201 тис.3 дні тому
Gen. Keane: Taliban truce will be very difficult to achieve
Переглядів 16 тис.3 дні тому
New details emerge from Clinton-Lynch clandestine tarmac meeting
Переглядів 1,4 млн3 дні тому
McSally calls on Dems to stop new investigations and get back to work
Переглядів 172 тис.3 дні тому
AOC challengers speak out on 'Fox & Friends' on their campaigns
Переглядів 575 тис.3 дні тому
Bloomberg denies allegations of past racist, misogynistic statements
Переглядів 152 тис.3 дні тому
Foreign national to plead guilty in college admissions scandal
Переглядів 112 тис.4 дні тому
Kellyanne Conway weighs in on Bill Barr's pushback of Trump
Переглядів 414 тис.4 дні тому
Trump kicks off Daytona 500 with Grand Marshal speech
Переглядів 642 тис.4 дні тому
Trey Gowdy breaks down McCabe probe
Переглядів 664 тис.4 дні тому
Bannon: Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against Trump
Переглядів 821 тис.4 дні тому
Collins: Trump will get reelected because of Pelosi
Переглядів 299 тис.4 дні тому
US, Taliban reach 'reduction in violence' deal: Report
Переглядів 78 тис.5 днів тому
France confirms first death from coronavirus outside Asia
Переглядів 103 тис.5 днів тому
Local Democrat officials prepare to defy Trump's ICE crackdown
Переглядів 364 тис.5 днів тому
Jury convicts Michael Avenatti of extortion in Nike case
Переглядів 262 тис.5 днів тому
Prosecution, defense deliver closing arguments in Weinstein trial
Переглядів 86 тис.5 днів тому
DHS Secretary Wolf says DOJ will continue sanctuary city lawsuits
Переглядів 164 тис.5 днів тому
Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton as potential running mate: Report
Переглядів 192 тис.5 днів тому
Matt Whitaker weighs in on Barr's push back against Trump's tweets
Переглядів 360 тис.5 днів тому
Homan praises Trump's plan to send border patrol to sanctuary cities
Переглядів 429 тис.5 днів тому
Fitton, Former DOJ official reacts to probe into McCabe being dropped
Переглядів 143 тис.6 днів тому
Michael Flynn's lawyer reacts to outside prosecutor reviewing case
Переглядів 463 тис.6 днів тому
Hannity: Democrats' unequal standard of justice exposed
Переглядів 521 тис.6 днів тому
Gaetz: An old FBI business card isn't a 'get out of jail free card'
Переглядів 286 тис.6 днів тому
Gabbard calls out DNC Chairman Tom Perez's 'failure of leadership'
Переглядів 148 тис.6 днів тому
Trump notably quiet on DOJ decision not to prosecute Andrew McCabe
Переглядів 158 тис.6 днів тому
'The Five' reacts to the media's criticism of AG Barr's new DOJ decision
Переглядів 370 тис.6 днів тому
Coronavirus cases exceed 64K globally, death toll nears 1,400 in China
Переглядів 224 тис.6 днів тому
Chris Wallace: Barr throws a brushback pitch at Trump
Переглядів 92 тис.6 днів тому
Kevin McCarthy on Democrats’ unequal standard of justice exposed
Переглядів 175 тис.6 днів тому
Bernie Sanders holds a rally in North Carolina
Переглядів 86 тис.6 днів тому
DOJ won't pursue criminal charges against Andrew McCabe
Переглядів 88 тис.6 днів тому
Mark Steyn reacts to ‘moderate’ Democrats shifting to the left
Переглядів 278 тис.6 днів тому
Dan Crenshaw shuts down Bernie Sanders over his Green New Deal claim
Переглядів 202 тис.6 днів тому
Ingraham: In Bloomberg's China cabinet
Переглядів 508 тис.7 днів тому
Hannity: Dems wasting time, resources on more possible investigations
Переглядів 818 тис.7 днів тому
Tucker: Fairness is the most important American idea
Переглядів 420 тис.7 днів тому
McConnell on Trump's tweets: He should listen to Barr
Переглядів 540 тис.7 днів тому
White House responds to Barr's concerns with Trump tweets
Переглядів 124 тис.7 днів тому
'The Five' panel gets heated over Roger Stone trial
Переглядів 521 тис.7 днів тому
Gutfeld on Bloomberg buying Instagram influencers
Переглядів 366 тис.7 днів тому
Mike Lee on why he voted to limit Trump's ability to wage war with Iran
Переглядів 97 тис.7 днів тому
Body of missing 6-year-old girl, Faye Swetlik found
Переглядів 400 тис.7 днів тому
Senate approves Iran war powers measure
Переглядів 210 тис.7 днів тому
Gingrich: By Super Tuesday you'll realize how big a threat Bloomberg is
Переглядів 1,1 млн7 днів тому
New York Governor Cuomo speaks ahead of meeting with Trump
Переглядів 64 тис.7 днів тому
House Minority Leader McCarthy holds a press conference
Переглядів 257 тис.7 днів тому
Meadows blasts Chuck 'Swampy' Schumer for playing politics with Barr
Переглядів 464 тис.7 днів тому
Speaker Pelosi holds a press conference
Переглядів 130 тис.7 днів тому
Stephanie Grisham on what to expect from Trump, Cuomo meeting
Переглядів 339 тис.7 днів тому
Whitaker weighs in on Barr seeking a lighter sentence for Roger Stone
Переглядів 202 тис.7 днів тому
Ingraham: Not an Obama re-Pete
Переглядів 321 тис.8 днів тому
Don Jr.: The one thing Bloomberg can't buy is personality
Переглядів 290 тис.8 днів тому
Hannity: Biden campaign on life support
Переглядів 399 тис.8 днів тому
Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs
Переглядів 752 тис.8 днів тому
Trey Gowdy blasts calls for Barr to resign as 'the dumbest damn thing'
Переглядів 737 тис.8 днів тому


  • Uncle Boss
    Uncle Boss 5 годин тому

    Hillary's not all bad...

  • Okoboji
    Okoboji 5 годин тому

    Whoever has the most money speaks the loudest and wins elections. This is the 21st century definition of plutocracy.

  • T W
    T W 5 годин тому


  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor 5 годин тому


  • Euan Reid
    Euan Reid 5 годин тому

    Has anyone told Latin or South America this ... oh the irony the parasitic Imperialist Pucker whining.

  • Radu G
    Radu G 5 годин тому

    The reason poor people are poor is because they can't think for themself and listen to the rich preaching how to stay poor.

  • Clarke Foco
    Clarke Foco 5 годин тому

    I can stand just about anything because I have lived through Hiliary Rotten Cliton politics.

  • Dan Greife
    Dan Greife 5 годин тому

    Typical DemoKKKrat move. Saying no but meaning yes!

  • John Pender
    John Pender 5 годин тому

    OMG!!! Look at her mug.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin 5 годин тому

    A peasant revolt could save us but peasants these days are not nearly as smart as those in the Middle Ages.

  • Bruce Edwards
    Bruce Edwards 5 годин тому

    napoeon mike and killery .,;;.giant loosers bigtime !!!!!!!`100mill ++trumplicans will reelect president trump,, in a red tsunami nov 3 ,, 2020 magakag !!!!!!

  • CeeCee Diamond
    CeeCee Diamond 5 годин тому

    Anybody else thinking he knows way to much. Will be loyal to Trump? We will see something big coming down the road.

    L RIGGS 5 годин тому

    If she WOULD be vice president, the president will be found dead (by "suicide" of course) so that she can have the presidency----DREAM ON, HILLARY----YOU WILL NEVER SEE PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN, SO DREAM ON!!!!!

  • Bobby M.
    Bobby M. 5 годин тому

    They traded one traitor for another Donna the dumbass is worse than Juan.

  • Linda Stewart
    Linda Stewart 5 годин тому

    Well, thank the heavens above!!!

  • Jeffrey Kalb
    Jeffrey Kalb 5 годин тому

    Hillary wants Bloomberg as HER running mate.

  • bart roberts
    bart roberts 5 годин тому

    Obama?Only Safe Space Triggered Children think he did anything to make the Economy better!Keep Your Doctor!He'll GO DOWN in HISTORY as the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!

  • Codeine Cowboy
    Codeine Cowboy 5 годин тому

    Thanks trump!

  • Fanta Graham
    Fanta Graham 5 годин тому

    Truth hurts, Lebron?

  • Janet McConnell
    Janet McConnell 5 годин тому

    God bless you Rod! It looks like your relationship with God has strengthened through the dark valley that you were in! Praise God! Obama set you up and denied knowing you in spite of the pictures of the BBQs that you had with him. He's a rotten, evil man and may Justice be served. We serve a God of Justice!

  • Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay 5 годин тому

    no i i won't be afraid

    STAR MAN 5 годин тому

    Doj is run by leftist Democrats ! I wonder if Trump can clean house fired them all huh ? 🌪️😠

  • JWfan Dick
    JWfan Dick 5 годин тому

    You tube, stop the sensoring

  • Robert Harden
    Robert Harden 5 годин тому

    Yes we do need a new president his name is Donald Trump.

    MAGNUS DUNNING 5 годин тому

    Why is she on Fox?

  • tgone23
    tgone23 5 годин тому

    Drudge Report? Just re-brand Fox Entertainment.

  • Diana Perrone
    Diana Perrone 5 годин тому

    Ed Henry is a flake, trying to put words in Hogan’s mouth. Good on Hogan for not letting him. Henry likes to stoke the fire in a way that fans the fake news of the left.

  • Randy Leverett
    Randy Leverett 5 годин тому

    Prison is not now nor should it ever be an option for non-violent people. Eight years their children have been without a father and their mother without a husband. our judicial system isn't to blame "we are" for allowing it to happen.

  • RJ
    RJ 5 годин тому

    The most corrupt governor ever, commuted by the most corrupt president ever.

  • Roberto Velez
    Roberto Velez 5 годин тому

    Ok so Hillary didn't get in trouble before where are her charges now? 2 years of republican senate/house/doj and not one investigation or any charges for Hillary? Why did the DOJ just drop the investigation into Mcabe?

  • Margie McLaughlin
    Margie McLaughlin 5 годин тому

    BOOM🎤 Bannon called it as it is.

  • Graham Miles
    Graham Miles 5 годин тому

    I can imagine how proud its parents must be of its performance.

  • Fuck Donald Trump Phonky ass lol pos

    I hope all of you Trump Supporters kids die in a house fire 🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😂

  • Taylor Bole
    Taylor Bole 5 годин тому

    Why do people listen to this

  • Jcapps57 Johnson
    Jcapps57 Johnson 5 годин тому

    Obama is a disgrace to AMERICA, and a very BAD president. He didn't do squat for eight years except try to make us a SOCIALIST country. Obama should be in jail!!

  • Roman Kartunov
    Roman Kartunov 5 годин тому

    If Trump wouldn't be declaired the winner, it becomes strong indication of dems have broken the law again.

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John 5 годин тому

    She's running for president

  • Mustang Medic
    Mustang Medic 5 годин тому

    Never forget Benghazi

  • Kimberly Means Of the Royal Priesthood

    Very funny😂😳🤐

  • Paula KyRed
    Paula KyRed 5 годин тому

    AG Barr is doing a wonderful job, and appears to be cleaning up the Department.

  • Mae B. Donnelly
    Mae B. Donnelly 5 годин тому

    Dem's are pushing Bloomberg because he wants HRC for his running mate. I hope he gets shut down. Bloomberg has so much hate for the America and should not be in the race much less a president. He thinks his money is his power to tell all what should be his to take. He wants machines to replace people and all people are stupid and do not deserve live.

  • Original 6 Hockey
    Original 6 Hockey 5 годин тому

    Her lips are moving she’s lying.

  • Timothy Ryan
    Timothy Ryan 5 годин тому

    Nobody Crosses the BOSS: Michael Bloomberg !!

  • MrWatsonComeHere
    MrWatsonComeHere 5 годин тому

    Does anyone care what Schiff says?

  • Jazz Haze
    Jazz Haze 5 годин тому

    Premise: In logic, the premise is the basic statement upon whose truth an argument is based. In my opinion, here's an issue of premise that causes our divisive society: Duality is our only option! Duality: when two contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values are held to be true, each by their opposing believer -a dualism. Being taught by our society that 'duality' is the ultimate reality has caused the ego of many a man to search for "his or her own singular truths." That quest may be pointless. Many times 'shades of grey' may be the only logical destination, and that arrival may open the ego to calm down and settle into less identity and attachment, while seeing a larger available freedom. Shades Of Grey: when an issue or idea does not have a clearly right or wrong position, then it is neither "black nor white," but rather spread across,"shades of grey." -All that said, in simpler words: Life is complicated. Life is different for different people. I think our Founding Fathers struggled dearly to give us Americans a way to live, navigating both 'Duality' and 'Shades of Grey.' And yet we are often expected to believe only in 'Duality.' This or that! My idea or yours! No vs Yes. Republican vs Democrat. Pluralist: an advocate of a system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority, freely co-exist. The pluralist nature of a 'Free Country' or 'Free America' dictates that differences of thought, desire, and action will NEED to co-exist. To be a pluralist can be a challenge, to say the least. Again, we are so often given the opportunity to search for and spend money on our " i " identity. iPhone iPad iShopper iShoes iMovie iPics…. i am the only i. I would imagine that if we could all understand the freedom in plurality and strive to accept it, we may have an easier time working out our troubles here in America. (Every opinion or view held needn't be 'Right' or 'Wrong' or 'Mine' vs 'Yours') Authoritarian: favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom. The Authoritarian leader needs to undermine Pluralists. The Authoritarian leader needs to be "Right" and NOT "Wrong." BUT -An American leader needs to understand and accept Pluralism and Pluralists for America to be truly free. -Read the above script to your kids or friends or family today, and tomorrow, and the next day. -Try talking with people, but remember to listen too, while letting go of your ego identity. Don't worry about who you are right then… just enjoy the conversation and see if pluralism might not be fun. You can still walk away and go golf, or smoke, or work, or whatever. -God bless America

  • Statts63
    Statts63 5 годин тому

    It's pretty narcissistic to assume anybody cares about her uterus. It's about the child that has a unique DNA profile

  • Taylor Bole
    Taylor Bole 5 годин тому

    Get that out of here 😂 dude OBAMA IS A JOKE

  • Ardah Holcomb
    Ardah Holcomb 5 годин тому

    Those who are calling for the resignation of AG Barr are afraid of what he might uncover!!

  • Paul intouch
    Paul intouch 5 годин тому

    AMWN, GOD Bless you Sir, Give All the Glory to GOD

  • Daniel Robbins
    Daniel Robbins 5 годин тому

    This dude never worked a day in his life he doesn't know nothing about blue collar getting down on his knees and getting dirty

  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith 5 годин тому

    Osama! Didn't do anything for us he did things for himself.. He just played the part and had a jolly ol time at it..

  • Shirley Smith
    Shirley Smith 5 годин тому

    Fake News! Anonymous source says Barr is going to step down. When are people going to realize the media uses anonymous sources every time they send out their propaganda? The media doesn’t report news, they create it to further their agenda and narrative! Think for yourself! Wake up America!

  • Marxist Millennials
    Marxist Millennials 5 годин тому

    Hillary likes her running mates more corrupt.

  • tgone23
    tgone23 5 годин тому

    So impeachment. Grand.

  • Pete Edwards
    Pete Edwards 5 годин тому


  • RJ
    RJ 5 годин тому

    The most corrupt governor ever, commuted by the most corrupt president ever!

    • Timothy Ryan
      Timothy Ryan 5 годин тому

      👌🏽👍🏾👍🏿👌🏽 trump and blagovich - Both HUMAN SCUM

  • microcz
    microcz 5 годин тому

    We desperately need USA to stay strong and show to the rest of the world there is no place for socialism, antisemitism and radical islamism. Trump 2020.

  • Xan Pollaro
    Xan Pollaro 5 годин тому

    I just hope America can see what an ASSHAT he is and they put him in between the tallest Socialist and Democrat 🥱 For that reason alone, I may watch😎

  • Ss Russ
    Ss Russ 5 годин тому

    More like Bloombergs mistress/play toy...... they meet in the oval office few times a week with cases of cigars while bill meets Pelosi in the mop closet... I will move to Mexico if they get elected

  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell 5 годин тому

    Lmao Barack's nation was soooooo stagnant

  • Eddie Gargias
    Eddie Gargias 5 годин тому

    I swear these Democratic clowns the spineless cowards they should be fired and on top of that they should be charged with perjury because they're violating their oath of office! And once removed they should be charged with tyranny and then placed on the felony list never to practice law or politics again! And on top of that they should lose all their wealth and give it to the homeless that they've caused all the problems to and that their money should go to the sanctuary cities that they established for these illegal immigrants! So we need to fire all these clowns talking out their orifice what are they sit and replace them with The Real Americans who love this country not democracy or are communism or socialism. They should be willing to make America great and make it a republic again!

  • Timothy Ryan
    Timothy Ryan 5 годин тому

    blagovich & trump: Both HUMAN SCUM

  • daryl goto
    daryl goto 5 годин тому


  • Random shiat in my life
    Random shiat in my life 5 годин тому

    That tna week guy doesn't look scary anymore

  • randy bounds
    randy bounds 5 годин тому

    She needs to run out of this country.

  • Amos Barker
    Amos Barker 5 годин тому

    We love you Bernie💙 I'm voting for you again.

  • RJE
    RJE 5 годин тому

    Would demo rats complain if Nancy were in prison and received clemency?

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele 5 годин тому


  • Marxist Millennials
    Marxist Millennials 5 годин тому

    Derp 32 oz

  • John January
    John January 5 годин тому

    ... “He’s like Lord Farquarh....” I laughed out loud.....

  • Rob G
    Rob G 5 годин тому

    Yep,both President's are are responsible for our Economy !!

  • Miguel S.
    Miguel S. 5 годин тому

    And who is selling America to China? Its workers? Keep voting for billionaires and those who accept money from billionaires.

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 5 годин тому

    I am not a Democrat but I have always felt this man's sentence was much too harsh for what he was accused of doing. Every politician does this stuff, it's how Obama got his Senate seat to begin with!! There was more to this and I truly hope he does indeed get with the DOJ and take down some crooked politicians.

  • S J
    S J 5 годин тому

    I wish this woman would change her views on some issues and become a Republican. I wouldn't mind a female Republican president with her sense of personality. She does actually seem like a likeable lady.

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier
    John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier 5 годин тому

    The folks at the justice department can drop dead. Drain the swamp.

  • hot rod 218 hotrod 218
    hot rod 218 hotrod 218 5 годин тому

    Why are you showing one year old news come on man get real.

    ANOMIC AGE 5 годин тому

    HC has no shame.

  • dafttool
    dafttool 5 годин тому

    The Dog & Toady Show: Putin’s Poodle & Disbar the Sycophant

  • Terry Bolin
    Terry Bolin 5 годин тому

    The next time the Republicans and the Democrats like each other know that America will be no more

  • Dallas Davis
    Dallas Davis 5 годин тому

    she needs arkancided

  • Adam Simpkins
    Adam Simpkins 5 годин тому

    Just wasted 5mins of my life.

  • Mike Filibeck
    Mike Filibeck 5 годин тому

    There’s nothing wrong with the president that we do have we sure in the hell don’t need no Democrat in the office

  • Leman Kurtz
    Leman Kurtz 5 годин тому

    I dont give a Sh*t WHO is talking about it. Stop & Frisk is a VIOLATION of the constitution. It's one thing to frisk in a traffic stop setting, or with a known offender, but as a

  • Rock Roll
    Rock Roll 5 годин тому

    It’s a “Done Deal.” Trump already won re-election and we will retake the House by a large margin.

  • Kathy Savage
    Kathy Savage 5 годин тому

    Trumpocrat!! Oh. The left will really hate him now !!

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 5 годин тому

    I love it Jessie pulled a Comrade Poopie Pants on Donna🤣🤣

    STAR MAN 5 годин тому

    Doj is run by leftist Democrats !

  • Wakey Wakey Britain
    Wakey Wakey Britain 5 годин тому

    he's a blooming pest

  • rlopjax66
    rlopjax66 5 годин тому

    Fact is that now you will come to heel. The move to control all has begun. If you don't think population control is here, then you are asleep. Wake up. You are now a vital part of the new world order. Did anyone ask for 5G? LET THE KILLINGS BEGIN.

  • ty.andrea Henderson
    ty.andrea Henderson 5 годин тому

    she needs to wake up.. the last prez... dug the hole deeper...

  • dafttool
    dafttool 5 годин тому

    The Dog & Toady Show: Putin’s Poodle & Disbar the Sycophant

  • Brad Tharpe
    Brad Tharpe 5 годин тому

    The dirty Democrats only have a wet dream that a g bar would resign

  • Christopher TheCarpenter
    Christopher TheCarpenter 5 годин тому

    Andy is a hero

  • Coil's Tree Service
    Coil's Tree Service 5 годин тому

    See Democrats, President Trump Good! come on over, you don’t have to be a communist anymore!🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020

  • rooxy dunggu
    rooxy dunggu 5 годин тому

    In one way or another Trump always amazes

  • Vsm Yu
    Vsm Yu 5 годин тому

    Bloomberg could be her running mate!

  • Nancy Ferguson
    Nancy Ferguson 5 годин тому

    Welcome home!

  • Juliana65
    Juliana65 5 годин тому

    Is Hogan wearing a rug?

  • Tylette Crosby
    Tylette Crosby 5 годин тому

    Wonder what the real reason was there something given back his freedom when it was stolen from him now what did he really mean we not talking about no tape