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Carly, Lea and Shaun Sing Karaoke - The Good Doctor
Переглядів 56 тис.5 днів тому
Carly Breaks Up with Shaun - The Good Doctor
Переглядів 80 тис.5 днів тому
Inside The Episode | Daisy - A Million Little Things
Переглядів 3,7 тис.5 днів тому
Gary and Maggie Stuck in an Elevator - A Million Little Things
Переглядів 15 тис.6 днів тому
Amelia Asks Link What He'll Do When the Test Comes Back - Grey's Anatomy
Переглядів 119 тис.6 днів тому
The Grey Sloan Memorial Board Issues an Ultimatum - Grey's Anatomy
Переглядів 537 тис.6 днів тому
Schmitt Turns the Cafeteria Into a Ballroom - Grey's Anatomy
Переглядів 44 тис.6 днів тому
JJ Has Big News for Miller - Station 19
Переглядів 23 тис.6 днів тому
Three Relationships Take a Turn - Station 19
Переглядів 126 тис.6 днів тому
Jack and Warren Rush to Help Runaways - Station 19
Переглядів 16 тис.6 днів тому
Miller Shares His News and Sullivan Talks to Andy - Station 19
Переглядів 55 тис.6 днів тому
Dex Investigates an Heiress' Fiance - Stumptown
Переглядів 2,6 тис.7 днів тому
Hoffman and His Father Feud at Family Brunch - Stumptown
Переглядів 3,5 тис.7 днів тому
Angie Plays It Very Uncool with the New British Dad - Single Parents
Переглядів 13 тис.7 днів тому
Bachelor Nation's Tyler Cameron Guest Stars - Single Parents
Переглядів 87 тис.7 днів тому
Fizbo vs. Fizbeau - Modern Family
Переглядів 21 тис.7 днів тому
Mitchell Eats His Nemesis - Modern Family
Переглядів 108 тис.7 днів тому
Phil Steals Claire's Parisian Paramour - Modern Family
Переглядів 110 тис.7 днів тому
Glascott Tries to Show Felicia How the World Sees Her - Schooled
Переглядів 1,6 тис.7 днів тому
Wilma Asks Lainey the Tough Questions About Her Love Life - Schooled
Переглядів 1,8 тис.7 днів тому
Beverly Goldberg's Preventa Plan - The Goldbergs
Переглядів 2,8 тис.7 днів тому
The Conners - Voter PSA
Переглядів 2,7 тис.7 днів тому
Harris Gets a Phone Call from Hillary Clinton - The Conners
Переглядів 9 тис.7 днів тому
Aaron Learns His Daughter Jasmine Is Pregnant - For Life
Переглядів 4,3 тис.8 днів тому
Aaron Wallace Wins His First Case - For Life
Переглядів 8 тис.8 днів тому
Aaron Wallace Gets Cheated by The System - For Life
Переглядів 4,3 тис.8 днів тому
Aaron Wallace's Plans for Freedom - For Life
Переглядів 1,4 тис.8 днів тому
Ruby Teaches Jack How to Play 'The Game' - black-ish
Переглядів 30 тис.8 днів тому
Dre and Bow Decide to Do a No-Gift Valentine's Day - black-ish
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Rainbow's Friends Get Her Ready for Her First Date - mixed-ish
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Paul Learns an Important Lesson About Judging People - mixed-ish
Переглядів 2,7 тис.8 днів тому
Sierra Wants to Party, Not Plan - Bless This Mess
Переглядів 8749 днів тому
Mark Gives the Family Updates on the Primary - The Conners
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Dan Tells Becky and Darlene What Happened with Louise - The Conners
Переглядів 16 тис.8 днів тому
Mark Checks in on the New Hampshire Primary - The Conners
Переглядів 6 тис.8 днів тому
Carly Doesn't Want Lea to Work at St. Bonaventure - The Good Doctor
Переглядів 124 тис.9 днів тому
An Influencer Lets Her Fans Decide Her Treatment - The Good Doctor
Переглядів 86 тис.9 днів тому
Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020
Переглядів 3,3 млн9 днів тому
American Idol + Almost Famous Behind the Scenes
Переглядів 2,5 тис.9 днів тому
PARASITE's Thank You Cam Speech: Best Picture
Переглядів 8 тис.10 днів тому
PARASITE Accepts the Oscar for Best Picture
Переглядів 1,1 млн10 днів тому
Elton John and Bernie Taupin in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 10 тис.10 днів тому
Renee Zellweger Thank You Cam Speech: Lead Actress
Переглядів 12 тис.10 днів тому
Renee Zellweger's Thank You Cam Speech: Actress in a Leading Role, Pt. 2
Переглядів 11 тис.10 днів тому
JUDY Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actress
Переглядів 644 тис.10 днів тому
Hildur Guðnadottir in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 3,6 тис.10 днів тому
Joaquin Phoenix Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor
Переглядів 3,6 млн10 днів тому
Maestra Eimear Noone Conducts Best Original Score Medley
Переглядів 52 тис.10 днів тому
Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan and Vivian Baker in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 3,5 тис.10 днів тому
Oscars 2020 In Memoriam Billie Eilish Performance
Переглядів 16 млн10 днів тому
Bong Joon Ho Accepts the Oscar for Directing
Переглядів 859 тис.10 днів тому
ROCKETMAN Accepts the Oscar for Original Song
Переглядів 122 тис.10 днів тому
JOKER's Thank You Cam Speech: Original Score
Переглядів 8 тис.10 днів тому
Michael McCusker and Andrew Buckland in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 1,4 тис.10 днів тому
JOKER Accepts the Oscar for Original Score
Переглядів 120 тис.10 днів тому
Mark Taylor and Stuart Wilson in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 3,7 тис.10 днів тому
Elton John Performs '(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again' Live at Oscars 2020
Переглядів 179 тис.10 днів тому
PARASITE Accepts the Oscar for International Feature Film
Переглядів 298 тис.10 днів тому
PARASITE's Thank You Cam Speech: International Film
Переглядів 6 тис.10 днів тому
Donald Sylvester in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 87410 днів тому
BOMBSHELL's Thank You Cam Speech: Makeup and Hairstyling
Переглядів 2 тис.10 днів тому
Carol Dysinger and Elena Andreicheva in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 1,5 тис.10 днів тому
1917's Thank You Cam Speech: Visual Effects
Переглядів 3,1 тис.10 днів тому
BOMBSHELL Accepts the Oscar for Makeup and Hairstyling
Переглядів 19 тис.10 днів тому
1917 Accepts the Oscar for Visual Effects
Переглядів 26 тис.10 днів тому
James Corden and Rebel Wilson Dressed as Cats
Переглядів 311 тис.10 днів тому
Cynthia Erivo Performs 'Stand Up' Live at Oscars 2020
Переглядів 451 тис.10 днів тому
Laura Dern in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 2,5 тис.10 днів тому
Tom Hanks Presents the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum
Переглядів 45 тис.10 днів тому
FORD V FERRARI Accepts the Oscar for Film Editing
Переглядів 20 тис.10 днів тому
FORD V FERRARI's Thank You Cam Speech: Film Editing
Переглядів 2 тис.10 днів тому
Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Definitely Know About Cinematography
Переглядів 121 тис.10 днів тому
1917 Accepts the Oscar for Cinematography
Переглядів 50 тис.10 днів тому
Utkarsh Ambudkar Recaps the Oscars So Far in Rhyme
Переглядів 41 тис.10 днів тому
Jacqueline Durran in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 1,3 тис.10 днів тому
Brad Pitt & Bradley Cooper on the Oscars 2020 Audience Cam
Переглядів 41 тис.10 днів тому
1917's Thank You Cam Speech: Sound Mixing
Переглядів 1 тис.10 днів тому
FORD V FERRARI's Thank You Cam Speech: Sound Editing
Переглядів 1,3 тис.10 днів тому
Randy Newman Performs 'I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away'
Переглядів 22 тис.10 днів тому
Taika Waititi in the Oscars 2020 Press Room
Переглядів 3,6 тис.10 днів тому
1917 Accepts the Oscar for Sound Mixing
Переглядів 12 тис.10 днів тому
FORD V FERRARI Accepts the Oscar for Sound Editing
Переглядів 28 тис.10 днів тому
The Oscars 2020 Celebrates the Impact of Music
Переглядів 662 тис.10 днів тому
ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD's Thank You Cam Speech: Production Design
Переглядів 1,2 тис.10 днів тому
Laura Dern's Thank You Cam Speech: Supporting Actress
Переглядів 2,8 тис.10 днів тому
AMERICAN FACTORY's Thank You Cam Speech: Documentary (Feature)
Переглядів 6 тис.10 днів тому
THE NEIGHBORS' WINDOW Thank You Cam Speech: Live Action Short
Переглядів 3,3 тис.10 днів тому
Laura Dern Accepts the Oscar for Supporting Actress
Переглядів 239 тис.10 днів тому
Margot Robbie & Others on the Oscars 2020 Audience Cam
Переглядів 10 тис.10 днів тому
LITTLE WOMEN's Thank You Cam Speech: Costume Design
Переглядів 1,2 тис.10 днів тому
ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD's Thank You Cam Speech: Production Design
Переглядів 1,3 тис.10 днів тому


  • Mousey The Bear
    Mousey The Bear 4 години тому

    Why is there cash on the table

  • 50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e

    I feel we "definitely" should applaud the crowd

  • Daniela 101
    Daniela 101 4 години тому

    And that’s on...period!!

  • Doggo Dom
    Doggo Dom 4 години тому

    Damn Anti-Vax moms

  • Claire Dixon
    Claire Dixon 4 години тому

    ​Shaun doesn't need a "party animal" girlfriend, but he needs someone who is not stuffy & overly serious. Even for just talking & hanging out at home, Carly's demeanor is way too serious. I don't like her. Lea's bubbly demeanor is better for Shaun. He has enough overly serious people around him at work *(of course doctors have to be serious, I'm not denying that)* but outside of work he needs to be with people who are more outgoing. Lea or Claire are better choices for Shaun.

  • Louisiana Jones
    Louisiana Jones 4 години тому

    Martin Scorsese looks like: My God.... His music... I need to use this

  • Dianne A
    Dianne A 4 години тому

    Let's all remember and never forget the writer/singer of this iconic song. Rest in peace Ja'net Dubois (aka Willona Woods on the TV series Good Times).

  • xPlayer Heartx
    xPlayer Heartx 4 години тому

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I WAS SHIPPING IT WHY?!

  • Jessie Wert
    Jessie Wert 4 години тому

    People are focusing on the memorial which I get but Billie and finneas’s performance was incredible

  • Junko :D SBL
    Junko :D SBL 4 години тому

    I know a lot of people in the comments are saying that it was underwhelming but I think it fit. Her voice went with the music so wonderfully, it felt like I was going through everyone’s lives and I really cried at everyone. Because her voice was that fitting.

  • Rudy D'souza
    Rudy D'souza 4 години тому

    I feel like this is how we think Chinese people live but they really just chilling

  • Amber Taylor
    Amber Taylor 4 години тому

    oh my god. that was BEAUTIFUL

  • gorillafeet100
    gorillafeet100 4 години тому

    This is a favorite scene for me!

  • Raphael Smith
    Raphael Smith 4 години тому

    Ja’Net Dubois passed away today... 😔 here with us just a few months ago... looking great! Wow... 💔 rest easy Ms. Dubois! *RIP Ja’Net Dubois*

    KING ALPHA 4 години тому

    I had to replay the moment they sang together so many timesss!!!! RIP carly

  • Noah Voris
    Noah Voris 4 години тому

    Still the hottest guy Mer dated! 😍 Yes even Derek....Fight me!

  • CutieMoli
    CutieMoli 4 години тому

    The fact that their mandarin is off is normal, but they all sound so different from eachother when families usually sound the same haha

  • Jay Noldon
    Jay Noldon 4 години тому

    Yes, I'm a FAN of hers and she did a great job! But why the lgbt community stuff had to be displayed on the Oscars thru black people 1st, just why...... There's always a damn agenda.

  • Rattrap007
    Rattrap007 4 години тому

    This and the gun buyback intro are why i love this show. Great little jokes to start the show.

  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan1995 4 години тому

    For the people who were bummed out about 1917 not winning let this moment be a silver lining. Deakin's definitely deserved an Oscar for this movie.

  • Dan Finnegan
    Dan Finnegan 4 години тому

    Carly thinks that Shaun and Lea would be a better couple and that he should tell her how he feels. But, Lea clearly has a boyfriend, so she's most likely going to say no. Am I the only person who thinks that doesn't make sense?

  • TransDimensional Relocation
    TransDimensional Relocation 4 години тому

    Ja'net DuBois

  • Dominick Collazo
    Dominick Collazo 4 години тому

    I love eminem but that wasn't good what happened to him

  • Claire Dixon
    Claire Dixon 4 години тому

    ​@hcroussette Shaun doesn't need a "party animal" girlfriend, but he needs someone who is not stuffy & overly serious. Even for just talking & hanging out at home, Carly's demeanor is way too serious. I don't like her.

  • Hassan Jean Charles
    Hassan Jean Charles 4 години тому

    This is what I freaking call rapping, okay folks!

  • Aaron Blaze productions
    Aaron Blaze productions 4 години тому

    Isn’t he supposed to be like more powerful

  • Joy Du
    Joy Du 4 години тому

    Rachel Chu?

  • Patricia Mullen
    Patricia Mullen 4 години тому

    Rip Willona

  • MJ Matthew
    MJ Matthew 4 години тому

    Jennifer has gotten in the habit of thinking louder is better.

  • iMiguelAOG
    iMiguelAOG 4 години тому

    No lip syncing too

  • J Meezy
    J Meezy 4 години тому

    75 and Patti still Killin it!!!

  • J Meezy
    J Meezy 4 години тому

    RIP Ja’Net Dubois aka Willona

  • Joan Kelly
    Joan Kelly 5 годин тому

    It’s Em’s world, we just live in it ! Way to own it Mr Mathers ... nothing but respect ✊

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 5 годин тому

    Em looked winded AF 😂😂 But seriously he needs to tour again

  • richard lam
    richard lam 5 годин тому

    what a bunch of morons in the audience

  • Daniela Dogirama
    Daniela Dogirama 5 годин тому

    & Cameron Boyce ? 😭💔

  • Daniela Dogirama
    Daniela Dogirama 5 годин тому

    & Cameron Boyce ? 😭💔

  • SandyT
    SandyT 5 годин тому

    I love Korean dramas and movies. They have some quality writers and I'm happy they have been recognized. The Korean drama Mother which aired in 2018 would have won an Emmy if it had aired in the U.S.

  • Brett F.
    Brett F. 5 годин тому

    The writers made Carly such an unlikable character these past few episodes because everyone ships Lea and Shaun so hard that I don't care about her or their relationship anymore. As a matter of fact, I don't really care about Lea and Shaun's relationship either. I don't think Shaun and Lea make a good couple. They are perfect being just friends, not lovers, but the writers and the fan base can't see that. Not every male-female relationship has to be of a romantic nature. Lea and Shaun will make an odd couple.

  • Reina Swain
    Reina Swain 5 годин тому

    Mans what like 50 and still got it

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 5 годин тому

    Jesus Christ, that guy is the most overrated singer ever!!!

  • Ria.H Smith
    Ria.H Smith 5 годин тому

    🤧I need a family like this Mine treats me like cat shit bruh

  • Amazing _ boss_123 lit
    Amazing _ boss_123 lit 5 годин тому

    See but then Eminem came

  • Joselyn Garcia Gonzalez
    Joselyn Garcia Gonzalez 5 годин тому

    When I tell you I screamed when I saw Lin Manuel Miranda I SCREAMED

  • Clint
    Clint 5 годин тому

    Elle est vraiment à chier cette chanteuse, beurk. Aucun talent.

  • Pearl B
    Pearl B 5 годин тому

    I hate that Leah will prob end up with him she plays to many games and sleeps around really Shawn ?? Do better do better ...

  • Bia Bia
    Bia Bia 5 годин тому

    Good bye she’s annoying

    • Claire Dixon
      Claire Dixon 4 години тому

      Carly's seriousness is annoying, you mean? Yes, I agree.

  • randall burmaster
    randall burmaster 5 годин тому

    not the real slim shady, you don't know Eminem if you think that guy is him!!

  • Anthony 1965
    Anthony 1965 5 годин тому

    I wish all these rappers would f of , and stop doing monologues what they try to call songs , loada crap Example I went to the toilet Sat on the pot The seat was cold I got a cold bot , And the hilarious thing is these rappers really really think they are talented and good singers with talent , Wow crazy world we live in now YEAH GREAT VOCAL DEXTERATY NEEDED FOR THAT bring back real vocals and music is what I say 🤗

  • Himminy Hamana
    Himminy Hamana 5 годин тому

    0:49 that background noise got me like👏👏

  • eddie jonz
    eddie jonz 5 годин тому

    if Carly should get upset with anyone she should take a look in the's kinda odd how she feels some type of way about the way Shaun looked at Lea while going through that so-called "song" while she played the role like everything is cool...Lea even told her how she gets down in the elevator, but Carly thought playing the role instead of being honest was cool...i don't know any woman who would've reacted way without noticing what is gonna turn around and bite's hoping that Morgan will put her up on game, since she tried to make Carly out to be "insecure" for questioning their "friendship" in last week's episode...i'm usually not too into tv shows, but this is the second one that involves a couple breaking up that i actually dig.

  • Alena Schindlerova
    Alena Schindlerova 5 годин тому

    Where is Cameron Boyce ?!?! 😭😖

  • brown power ranger
    brown power ranger 5 годин тому

    Why the hell that boy up there don't fucking teach kids to put chairs on tables this dum get him down

  • Chef Ayitsmee
    Chef Ayitsmee 5 годин тому

    Thank you, Mr. Kimmel for allowing the world to give this queen her flowers while she was still able to enjoy them. R.I.P Ms DuBois. Thank you for all the laughs. You provided an ample amount of comfort for a kid with a tough childhood.

  • tgree18
    tgree18 5 годин тому

    RIP Willona! I am glad you got to come to the Good Times show on ABC!

  • Terry Sarju
    Terry Sarju 5 годин тому

    She loves him

  • Daryl Huggins
    Daryl Huggins 5 годин тому

    This was just two months ago! So glad Ms. DuBois came on. Wilona Woods was an awesome character. RIP Ja'net DuBois.

  • teneka wyatt
    teneka wyatt 5 годин тому

    R.I.P. Wilona!!!

  • Gacha - Fan
    Gacha - Fan 5 годин тому

    Dónde está Cameron Boyce

  • jedi1967
    jedi1967 5 годин тому

    Laura Dern is crying of laughter about Jeff besos jokes

  • Aaron Ramey
    Aaron Ramey 5 годин тому

    I couldn’t even get to the applause moments bc her vocal was horrific - i didn’t even make it to the first chorus. In her own words, “trash.” And the stuff about the oscars crowd not being “her audience,” is a load of crap.

  • Rectangle boi
    Rectangle boi 5 годин тому

    That’s lee if the cop never crashed

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 5 годин тому

    “I thought this was against the rules and for that reason I’m out” -Barbara

  • SMP2390
    SMP2390 5 годин тому

    He's handling this better then I thought I think idk how the rest of his day will be.

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 5 годин тому

    My korean grandma doesn't believe in dishwasher either. Its an asian thing i guess..

  • Shae Shae
    Shae Shae 5 годин тому

    R.I.P. Ja'Net Duboise ( Wilona)

  • Darius Green
    Darius Green 5 годин тому

    RIP Janet Dubois

  • Gejdi Petriti
    Gejdi Petriti 6 годин тому

    Only Eminem makes the show

  • это мангуст
    это мангуст 6 годин тому

    I like to play a game called “no Russian”

  • A dank meme In disguise
    A dank meme In disguise 6 годин тому

    Makes me mad cause they were on a double date and having fun.. just because you sing karaoke with your friend doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. Get over yourself Carly. Lea literally shut Sean down season 1 lmfao

  • Erick Morales
    Erick Morales 6 годин тому

    That’s What Real Music Sounds Like 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Eminem The Best Been A Eminem Fan Since My Mama Woned

  • Latrice Steward
    Latrice Steward 6 годин тому

    she took his virginity and broke up with him dame sis watch your back he might be stalking you

  • Morgue Music
    Morgue Music 6 годин тому


  • AJ L
    AJ L 6 годин тому

    I honestly loved the whole performance, but I really liked the danish woman’s note. It was really good.

  • Adrianna Farrell
    Adrianna Farrell 6 годин тому

    Smt carly deserves better. I hated how ppl hated on her when all she did was try. And ok so what she was jealous of lea almost every girl has been jealous of their bf female friends or exes. Hate how they broke them up. I want them as end game.

  • Sharika Jeter
    Sharika Jeter 6 годин тому

    RIP Ja'Net Dubois. She didn't look sick, seeing her appearance on the Live Good Times special in December. Now she's gone. Loved her on Good Times and the Wayans Brothers.

    • tgree18
      tgree18 5 годин тому

      She died in her sleep. So sad!

  • GerMart
    GerMart 6 годин тому

    No Sigourney, omit the 2nd "er" in superheroes and then you'd be about right.

  • Celeste vega
    Celeste vega 6 годин тому

    I’m just so scared for the next episode. I know lea isn’t ready for a committed relationship. And I love lea and Shaun’s friendship. They are so cute.

    • laed yoth
      laed yoth 4 години тому

      They are my favorite couples

    • laed yoth
      laed yoth 4 години тому

      You watch it first before you judge it

  • Deshune Morrison
    Deshune Morrison 6 годин тому

    Who the hell is disliking this video, seriously what is wrong with it or more likely wrong with the dislikers? Are they somehow against voting or what?

  • Yes I'm an Oddity
    Yes I'm an Oddity 6 годин тому

    He was nerves I know how it feels... you really feel like you can't breathe. When was the last time he performed in front so many people.

  • Libena Starikova
    Libena Starikova 6 годин тому

    Underwhelmed by her performance. It was good, but any decent singer could do that. And yes, agreed about the clapping.

  • John Pradlik
    John Pradlik 6 годин тому

    Why do people think she's good? She can't sing to save her life.

  • Julius Merino
    Julius Merino 6 годин тому

    Am I the only one who is unsatisfied by all of the breaks he takes with his voice?

  • Girl_in _Wonderland
    Girl_in _Wonderland 6 годин тому

    Humans are meant to use farm animals I know more than half the world survives on those animals. Yes we should make sure to respect the animals sacrifice and make sure they environment is healthy and as pain free as possible but still humans are NOT on the same level of cows or any other animal.

  • Rory Bmcconnachie
    Rory Bmcconnachie 6 годин тому


  • DJ HiPrayze Radio
    DJ HiPrayze Radio 6 годин тому

    This is the best opening performance ever at The Oscars!!! BRAVO, JANELLE MONAE!!! She know how to leave her mark on history!!!

  • mphephu sessie
    mphephu sessie 6 годин тому

    "your dad is a... mom" 😅

  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo 6 годин тому

    SCARLETT is ALWAYS HOT!❤👅👄😍😘❤❤😊😍😘

  • Alpaca :3
    Alpaca :3 6 годин тому

    “ The Beatles “

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez 6 годин тому

    Dayum them transitions towards the end tho

  • T.J Clarke
    T.J Clarke 6 годин тому

    What I don’t get is why didn’t P.J feel like he had a family with his parents i know his relationship with his dad is complicated but still.

  • The cousin Edits
    The cousin Edits 6 годин тому

    0:40 Billie...?

  • Minlix M
    Minlix M 6 годин тому

    I can’t stop watching this 🥺❤️

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty 6 годин тому

      i don't wanna sound like an annoying asshurt billie fan but y'all hatin on her without keeping in mind she was sick and really nervous, and who wouldn't be? she's just a kid

  • fatima moseley
    fatima moseley 6 годин тому

    Man I got hype for NOTHING! The devil is a liar :(

  • Donovan Shannon
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  • Kenny Lee Jian Siong
    Kenny Lee Jian Siong 6 годин тому

    Shaun is the one that needs to get a break. Everyone second guessing him. From Glassman to Carly.

  • Marius Adamut
    Marius Adamut 6 годин тому


  • sophia yurada
    sophia yurada 6 годин тому

    shoulda had taeyeon do it instead lmao smh

  • ky will
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  • Jose Perdomo
    Jose Perdomo 6 годин тому

    What is this 🤦🏽‍♂️