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Galaxy Buds Plus review: better sound, fantastic battery life
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Bad voting tech is ruining US elections
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Microsoft accidentally made a great Chromebook
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Exclusive look at Cruise’s first fully driverless car
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The electric skateboard trying to dethrone Boosted
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Insta360 One R: GoPro Hero 8 meets the GoPro Max
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The future of foldable PCs at CES 2020
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Inside Byton's electric car with a 48-inch screen
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Sony Vision-S concept car first look
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Segway S-Pod looks weird, but it's really fun
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OnePlus Concept One hands-on: disappearing camera
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Mercedes-Benz Avatar car first look
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Samsung CES 2020 keynote in under 6 minutes
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Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes
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Alienware turned a gaming PC into a Nintendo Switch
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Why the new TCL phones matter
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LG at CES 2020 in under 12 minutes
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Samsung's new 8K bezel-less and rotating TVs at CES 2020
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Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite hands-on: but why?
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Inside Ikea’s big bet on smart home tech
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Google and YouTube moderators speak out
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Robocalls are finally getting blocked
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This drone does what DJI can't
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I took a ride in Waymo’s fully driverless car
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How Disney+ is winning with The Mandalorian
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The electric Porsche Taycan is ready to take on Tesla
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Why electric scooters are illegal in New York and London
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Surface Pro X review: heartbreaker
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Why Apple TV Plus is basically free
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AirPods Pro review: the perfect earbuds for the iPhone
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Better luck next time, Samsung
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Samsung’s Galaxy Books double as a wireless charger
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Beats Solo Pro review: on-ear noise cancellation, finally
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GoPro Max review: the most accessible 360 camera
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Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: the best Android experience
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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
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Google Pixel 4 event in 10 minutes
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Pixel 4 and 4 XL hands-on: what the leaks didn’t tell you
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Pixelbook Go hands-on: Google’s cheapest Chromebook yet
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Google's new Wifi router is a smart speaker
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Electric bikes: everything you need to know
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Samsung made the smartwatch Google couldn't
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iPadOS review: sounds like a computer to me
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The alternative App Store for iPhones
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Surface Duo first look: Microsoft's foldable Android phone
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Microsoft Surface Earbuds hands-on
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Microsoft Surface 2019 event in under 11 minutes
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Surface Laptop 3 hands-on
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Microsoft Surface Pro X and Pro 7 hands-on
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Surface Neo first look: Microsoft's dual-screen prototype
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The best autonomous drone just got better
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Exclusive: Uber's CEO on its new app
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OnePlus 7T review: best of the 7 Pro, for less
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Amazon's new Echo lineup 2019
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Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon's smart ring
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Amazon Echo Frames hands-on
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Amazon Echo Buds hands-on
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Boston Dynamics Spot hands-on: new dog, new tricks
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Charli XCX interview: how artists optimize for streaming
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Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch
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iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buy
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iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone
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Why Netflix canceled your favorite show
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Monsta X & Steve Aoki: how K-pop took over YouTube
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Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on
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Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
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Apple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-on
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iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max hands-on
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Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro event in 11 minutes
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LG G8X hands-on: two screens, one phone
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Jabra Elite 75t first look: the AirPods rival gets an upgrade
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How Samsung 'fixed' the Galaxy Fold
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Porsche Taycan first look
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Everything Amazon announced at IFA 2019
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Porsche Taycan event in 5 minutes
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How the Despacito producers use online sample stores to create hits
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The best bad idea for smartphones
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Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on: today’s Game Boy
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How the composer of Deadpool and Mad Max scores movies
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Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone
Переглядів 718 тис.6 місяців тому
An exclusive look at Eric Prydz’s 5-ton LED Holosphere
Переглядів 183 тис.6 місяців тому


  • Adyanz 123
    Adyanz 123 Годину тому

    I thought this video was uploaded on April first as a prank.

  • J F
    J F 2 години тому

    Galaxy Buds weren’t the first iterations of true wireless from Samsung, the IconX were. I’m still rocking the 2018 (aka 2nd gen) and won’t upgrade til this thing breaks. Overall great unbiased review.

  • Purple Lord
    Purple Lord 2 години тому

    'second generation' weren't there two generations of icon x'es?

  • Christoph Wieland
    Christoph Wieland 3 години тому

    Bought the Buds last year right when they were released and I've been pretty happy with them. But after about one year of using them multiple hours nearly every day, they started to wear down in some aspects. I will definetly buy the new ones ASAP. The only thing I'd have liked is to change the design a bit more.

  • Shirish Veerabattini
    Shirish Veerabattini 3 години тому

    I didn’t know my galaxy buds were meh until I’ve seen this video, been using them for an year with my S10 they work just great.

  • The Flip Wizards
    The Flip Wizards 3 години тому

    When you have to sacrifice some graphics for better performance

  • Kinan
    Kinan 3 години тому

    The problem with samsung they just cannot do any thng perfect as tech wise , samsung phone are good over priced like iphones .

  • F J
    F J 3 години тому

    Dieter doesn't like research and innovation....

  • Paulo Steiner Dorta
    Paulo Steiner Dorta 4 години тому


  • Fredrik Seglem
    Fredrik Seglem 4 години тому

    The original buds where awful at launch but got a lot better after som updates. Is it likely we'll see the same improvement curve here?

  • Unnamed channel
    Unnamed channel 5 годин тому

    I can get Brand new Galaxy buds for 130 USD And Galaxy buds + for 200USD. Is plus version Worth 70 more bucks?

  • Thorvald Olavsen
    Thorvald Olavsen 5 годин тому

    Meh, y'all remember that foldable gameboy? This is the same with extra steps

  • Brandt Bleustone
    Brandt Bleustone 5 годин тому

    Earbuds hurt my ear canals.

    • White Fox
      White Fox 3 години тому

      At least they don't slip out like the airpods 🤦 Also if they heart you need to get a better fit and use the proper ones

  • Damian Kidd
    Damian Kidd 5 годин тому

    There's a special place in the history of mankind for people that include call quality details in headphone reviews. Thank you so much.

  • Flüg
    Flüg 5 годин тому

    Would it be so hard to magnetically attached batteries so you can swap them out instead of having to wait for them to charge in the charge case? You also solve the product life time problem with these being tied to life of the battery in the headset, two birds, one stone.

  • Phillip Pugh
    Phillip Pugh 5 годин тому

    iPhone users should get them because there half the price and they sound better those are facts. And everyone else should get them cause they sound good and last long

  • Jonathan Gil Santillan
    Jonathan Gil Santillan 5 годин тому

    We want Dieter

  • nuyou21
    nuyou21 5 годин тому

    Forget Samsung's Galaxy BrokeBuds+. The call quality still sounds laughable, just like the same water resistance level. 🤦‍♂️💯

  • Abhijit Kosuru
    Abhijit Kosuru 6 годин тому

    First minute of this video sounds too good to be true wow!

  • Marios Karampalis
    Marios Karampalis 6 годин тому

    Jabra are better and works the same way in any android phone! Maybe in third version reach the jabra's level.

  • Rohan Molligoda
    Rohan Molligoda 6 годин тому

    Yes definately a contender

  • myname
    myname 6 годин тому

    Watching this review, while using my S9, coupled with the new Buds plus...these are very nice.

  • speedplays
    speedplays 6 годин тому

    I'll buy em when the buds 3 come out

  • TrulyTails
    TrulyTails 6 годин тому

    Have a P2XL on the way rn. If screen recording does come along does anyone know if it'll apply to the unlimited photo storage that google offers with the pixel line up?

  • big chonk
    big chonk 6 годин тому

    I find the torque is a major problem for these cars, they csnt seem to perform coming out of corners on anything other than the ideal line.

  • KM
    KM 6 годин тому

    but does it support OPP? :)

  • Sabrina Moran
    Sabrina Moran 6 годин тому

    I read lots of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Troplusfix Dating Secrets can help you get laid by hot women. Has any one tested out this popular dating course?

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran 6 годин тому

    11 hrs? Geez. That's crazy jump in time.

  • Ashwath Seshadri
    Ashwath Seshadri 6 годин тому

    I absolutely love the way you reviewed this product... Great details!! not that I would buy these because of the bud design...

  • Jasraj Singh
    Jasraj Singh 6 годин тому

    I use my original galaxy buds for long calls all the time and even record some music while i play guitar. It sound absolutely great even in mildly crowded and moderately loud places.

  • Andrew Cisneros
    Andrew Cisneros 6 годин тому

    ( I own gen1). I'm pretty disappointed gen2 doesn't have active noise cancelation. For those that tried the airpods pro, it makes a difference. Also the air ventilation of the airpods pro helps A LOT for comfortability. Let's go Samsung... 😒

  • Shubham Chauhan
    Shubham Chauhan 7 годин тому

    What about gaming?

  • MattyIce
    MattyIce 7 годин тому

    Why not compare call quality with AirPods Pro? Why did you use regular AirPods?

    PARADOXICLES 7 годин тому

    "its an invasion of privacy" except its in public! the public isnt private. Opposites are not the same. What happens in public is public domain. If people dont want to be seen in public, dont go in public. if they are embarrassed to be in to do something in public, dont do it in public. PROBLEMS SOLVED.

  • soryina
    soryina 7 годин тому


  • Vid Petrovič
    Vid Petrovič 7 годин тому

    OMG He actually sad GALAXY BUDS PROOO .... Can you please not??

  • Wagner Lana da Paz
    Wagner Lana da Paz 7 годин тому

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  • Aloop
    Aloop 7 годин тому

    Fight Night Champions please!!!!

  • NuggetBucket
    NuggetBucket 7 годин тому

    Has Huawei has screen recorder

  • malcom masvikwa
    malcom masvikwa 7 годин тому

    The first unbiased review I've seen. Shoutout to this guy

  • Gordon Chaffin
    Gordon Chaffin 7 годин тому

    Wow, all of those wireless earbud microphones sound *terrible*

  • Jon B.
    Jon B. 7 годин тому

    Watching on my Note 9 Listening on my Buds +

  • me
    me 7 годин тому

    He always looking for a right side? Am i right?

  • jordar wala tech
    jordar wala tech 7 годин тому

    Nice review

  • Aaron Kirk
    Aaron Kirk 7 годин тому

    Excellent review. Loved the microphone demonstration and comparisons.

  • Mihai Croitoru
    Mihai Croitoru 8 годин тому

    Buds Pro are comming ANC and crisp Sound ! 189€ ! They will be hard to beat!

  • Conorsd26
    Conorsd26 8 годин тому

    Can they still do the flip click

  • uncanny15
    uncanny15 8 годин тому

    AirPods Pro is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Yep. Just Eric
    Yep. Just Eric 8 годин тому

    Buds not enough. I like the collar type earbuds, but know I am the minority. Maybe eventually.

  • Eihctir Beelat
    Eihctir Beelat 8 годин тому

    @3:42 air buds?

  • Kioto
    Kioto 8 годин тому

    meh, not worth the money- there are a lot other models for 30-50$, which are just slightly worse

  • Sean McKlo
    Sean McKlo 8 годин тому

    I wonder what’s on the left side of the camera 👀👀

  • maximua78
    maximua78 8 годин тому

    I am right here! :) where is he looking at...

  • Dwarkesh Jangid
    Dwarkesh Jangid 8 годин тому

    Stop looking at the camera screen and please look at the lens

  • Kane
    Kane 8 годин тому

    Enjoyed this review, thanks Chris! I thought the mic comparisons segment was great. I own a Samsung S10e as i wanted a smaller form factor phone and have always been on android. I've been wanting to expand into the rest of the samsung eco-system including the Galaxy Buds, and whilst the Buds Plus seem good - I simply cant justify spending that on wireless headphones yet when my bluetooth QY7's that cost me £17 about 3/4 years ago still do the trick! I'd have expected a drop in price on the original buds too given they were discounted before christmas and I was actually waiting to see if they dropped further upon the Plus' realise, i guess not.

  • NotBen 10
    NotBen 10 8 годин тому

    I wat to ask for the ambient sound in the galaxy buds plus Also want to ask how do you find the pixel buds and are you exited about them? I hope that they have a nice micro and niche ambientsound.

  • Photosounder
    Photosounder 8 годин тому

    1:40 "and it's changing lanes on its own" SHOW IT THEN, I want to see the car change lanes, not see some guy say that the car is changing lanes.

  • Matt T
    Matt T 9 годин тому

    I am considering the galaxy buds plus for my s10 plus. In the jarba 75t are 40 dollars more than the new galaxy buds plus

  • Rueben Jones
    Rueben Jones 9 годин тому

    I changed my wing tips because they hurt... I put the wing tips from my mpow m30 on them and they look as if they were made for them and they feel so much better on the galaxt buds now i can actually wear them all day

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 9 годин тому

    First attempt last year? Samsung has had wireless earbuds before the original AirPods. Get ur facts right

  • Ultra HT Tech
    Ultra HT Tech 9 годин тому

    The next generation will be called Galaxy Buds Ultra.

  • T Pfaff
    T Pfaff 9 годин тому

    The galaxy buds were generation 3 not 1. Also the galaxy buds have really great sound quality not "average." They have been considered superior to pretty much all true wireless buds except for the Sonys. Its kind of hard to compare them to the sony's because the sony's are twice the size anyway. Yall really dont know a thing about what makes sound "good" do you?

  • Zosh
    Zosh 9 годин тому

    Watching with the original galaxy buds. Got them for 150$ CAD tax in (a hell of a good price) when they released. I love them. I don't understand why you don't like them.

    • Zosh
      Zosh 2 години тому

      @rayray098 Probably, but I'm sure some of them would have told me 🤷‍♂️

    • rayray098
      rayray098 3 години тому

      @Zosh The people you were speaking with did, though.

    • Zosh
      Zosh 7 годин тому

      @Jon B. Personnally, I never had any problems

    • Jon B.
      Jon B. 7 годин тому

      Cus the originals have really bad call quality

  • YEGO Network
    YEGO Network 9 годин тому

    One question elon ? Where can i park this thing 😆? 6'3×6'8x19.4" jees

  • M E P R
    M E P R 9 годин тому

    What's the IP rating?

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone 4 години тому

      ip 69 69

  • talklein39
    talklein39 9 годин тому

    This is a good vid, But dude, try to look at the camera. It was so clear that you were reading out of cards. This issue doesn't come up much with the verge vids, but in this case it was very noticeable...

  • Leo Katz
    Leo Katz 9 годин тому

    They copied Apple

  • the special one
    the special one 9 годин тому

    Guys, tell me please, I have an iPhone 6s, I want to take these wonderful headphones, will they work fine on an iPhone?

    • Phil PJ Davis
      Phil PJ Davis 4 години тому

      @the special one. I don't know?

    • the special one
      the special one 6 годин тому

      @Phil PJ Davis Another question, when connecting to an iPhone there is a window like in an airpods? magic apple)

    • Phil PJ Davis
      Phil PJ Davis 7 годин тому

      You can now download the app for iPhone for the buds+. Which means you will get the same quality of sound that Samsung gets!

    • the special one
      the special one 8 годин тому

      @Jonathan Botello thaknks)

  • Grime Fork
    Grime Fork 9 годин тому

    Hippy Milf in overalls .

  • iAMe100XP
    iAMe100XP 9 годин тому

    There better be skins for this

  • fabio m
    fabio m 9 годин тому

    ms bs for gullible pseudo-humans

  • hunnerdayEDT
    hunnerdayEDT 9 годин тому

    I love all the generations of the Buds. The battery life is amazing on the Buds+. So, this makes it my favorite. I listened to them comfortably all day yesterday. I hope that Samsung NEVER adds active noise cancelling. While also comfortable, the Amazon Echo Buds showed me that the ANC function on in-ear buds really messes with my eardrums; painfully so. So, if I want noise cancelling I just use my Bose QC35. To me what will make them perfect is better water resistance not ANC.

  • Mateusz Ptaszyński
    Mateusz Ptaszyński 9 годин тому

    Galaxy buds were like Samsungs 3rd attempt at TWS earbuds not first

  • LB
    LB 9 годин тому

    Can we use a second display by using the usb c on the surface go ?

  • ジモルモットケ
    ジモルモットケ 9 годин тому

    I don’t know why the verge hates samsung so much ? as if samsung was their boyfrien’s ex …

    • MaxKito2
      MaxKito2 7 годин тому

      ジモルモットケ That’s exactly what I was thinking. The Verge never ever sounds genuinely fair about Samsung products...they always do the impossible with attitude, body language, sarcasm, making negative jokes to deliver the wrong message about Samsung products to consumers. I will never understand why this Verge company hates so, so much Samsung. And because of Samsung, all these employees from Verge have a God damn job. Just saying

  • CesAlvz
    CesAlvz 9 годин тому

    iPhone 11 Pro looking dated in comparison with its thicker bezels, chin and notch

  • Rob Blake
    Rob Blake 9 годин тому


  • Sebastien Sterling-Adams
    Sebastien Sterling-Adams 10 годин тому

    Hey buddy look up.......I'm over here

  • L3g1t
    L3g1t 10 годин тому

    Me: getting GalaxyBuds for christmas. Samsung: I'm ruining this mans whole.... whole... äääh... whole life(?) How to try to be funny...

  • Siam Khan
    Siam Khan 10 годин тому


  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 10 годин тому

    I don't understand why people have such bad reviews of the old Buds mic. I use it outdoors all the time and people can hear me perfectly. I have also recorded my mic to hear the sound and it's crystal.

  • GreenCup, BlueCup
    GreenCup, BlueCup 10 годин тому

    So people that do not own an Apple product and are not part of Tim's ecosystem are out of luck if they want to watch "The Morning Show".. not good. That's a lot of credit cards that will not be charged. Plus its not a free service. I signed up for he one week trial by fishing out an old iPad I had laying around and creating an Apple ID then subscribing.. that whole process took half an hour of verification and re-verification (that failed with "bad phone number" for no reason many times until I restarted my iPad) .. to both create my Apple ID and then enter all my info to subscribe to this one service (Apple TV+) then I logged into it and found that practically every movie and many TV Shows must now be purchased/rented if I want to view it. So.... if I keep this service that means I just paid for a rentals store. I am watching "The Morning Show" on this app though Fire TV prior to my free trial ending then un-subscribing... this is a horrific platform for ANY user I would argue inside or certainly outside the Apple universe.

  • Kenneth raiford
    Kenneth raiford 10 годин тому

    this wasn't a good review it felt like it was scripted and the first galaxy buds are still good and u can compare the buds plus too the airpods pro and truthfully the buds plus are better then the airpods pro I dont feel like you was being truthful

  • Phillip M.
    Phillip M. 10 годин тому

    The sound quality was average? I'm sorry but that's very untrue. As far as I rememeber they were praised for such good quality and reviewers said they had better sound than most (even apple's), but the problem was the price.

  • akaspidey
    akaspidey 10 годин тому

    I got these for my iPhone and had no issues so far. Chose them over AirPods because of that 11-hour battery, which is ideal for when I'm at work.

    • Jaasim
      Jaasim 6 годин тому

      one one silly people, its bluetooth!

    • the special one
      the special one 8 годин тому

      friend, tell me how they work on an iPhone? I will be grateful for the answer

  • Zack
    Zack 10 годин тому

    I like this dude

  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann 10 годин тому

    Just look into the camera ...

  • Michael Dison
    Michael Dison 10 годин тому

    I have a Note 10 and definitely plan on picking these up soon.

  • Waba Waba
    Waba Waba 10 годин тому

    I skipped the first generation happy with second generation. Battery life is amazing. I have not had any complaints on call quality while using these. Hopefully they can do an update so thry can connect to to multiple devices at same time like the 75t. Thanks for the review

  • Vandel Jason Strypper
    Vandel Jason Strypper 10 годин тому

    Samsung battery is better oh cool no wait i don't want a bomb on my ears

  • Haim Peretz
    Haim Peretz 10 годин тому

    Why not just buy the 1more ANC tws with noise canceiton?

  • Carlos Alba
    Carlos Alba 10 годин тому

    Omg these are 150 stop crying about ANC!!! Why don't you complain airpods don't have ANC and actually still cost more?

  • Valdo Satrio Wibowo
    Valdo Satrio Wibowo 11 годин тому

    i really think verge review for call quality really matters for some people, at least for me. thanks

    • Aniruddh Basu
      Aniruddh Basu 10 годин тому

      @Pravin Durgani He is one of the Best reviewer 🔥🔥🔥

    • Pravin Durgani
      Pravin Durgani 10 годин тому

      Bro watch JimmyReviewRoom's videos. He reviews earphones and headphones perfectly for every scenario.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 11 годин тому

    Call quality on these...edging out the AirPods

  • Justine Chang Lee Hau
    Justine Chang Lee Hau 11 годин тому

    Galaxy Buds was not the first

  • Darnell Wesh
    Darnell Wesh 11 годин тому

    Do they have to mimic EVERYTHING Apple does??

    • Masquirrel
      Masquirrel 10 годин тому

      The Gear Iconx buds were out before Apple's first Airpods. Typical ignorant Apple user

  • 吴仁晓
    吴仁晓 11 годин тому

    end at 0:46, unfortunately, there is no active noise cancellation.

  • Valentin Marcellin
    Valentin Marcellin 11 годин тому

    Do they work independently of each other? Why don't all ear bud reviews discuss that? I switch between air pods all the time so I can also be aware of my surroundings.

    • HeyItsMeJustin
      HeyItsMeJustin 10 годин тому

      They can work independently, most true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 does.

  • Crobenick
    Crobenick 11 годин тому

    The whole time I was just wondering; where are you looking at?

  • Devan Modi
    Devan Modi 11 годин тому

    Where can I get that Spotify badge?