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  • angel me
    angel me 3 години тому

    Hope Jeff hasn't heard of this one and will now xD (I just found it out myself :3 , yeah 10 years later )

  • No.13
    No.13 3 години тому

    I just had a bilateral and umbilical hernia repair a week ago. First week of recovery was pretty slow. Week 2 almost no pain left.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    Remus can figure out who he likes vs. doesn't like. He doesn't have to ask permission. I'm tired of getting it wrong. My brain is tired. LOVE U REMUS.

    • Allyson Baxter
      Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

      I'm Remus's. He's upset about me spending my whole life not knowing who he was or is. He wants me to get in line. I wasn't planning on getting out of line. LOVE U REMUS.

    • Allyson Baxter
      Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

      If you live forever then I'll be happy. I have major issues about death and immortality. I want Remus to live forever. LOVE U REMUS.

    • Allyson Baxter
      Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

      That's of course if Remus wants to sit down as the head of our table. It's up to Remus. Please don't waiver on being Lucifer's daddy. He's excited and has wanted a daddy to for so long. LOVE U REMUS.

  • wingsofjeet
    wingsofjeet 3 години тому

    Thank you....

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez 3 години тому

    February 26 19, 215 I will post an update every month.

  • Kazim Imam
    Kazim Imam 3 години тому

    @3:28 do some real squats man showing your ass crack ain't no funny 🤮

  • Claude Bruyère
    Claude Bruyère 3 години тому

    Hi , I am 68 years old and been doing weight training for the last 7 months .I bought good used equipment from Ottawa fitness depot . The owners are friends of mine . I have an Olympic bar good for 1500 lbs. and an x-bar for the same . I get to use my x-bar more often . I do mostly quarter squats with a shoulder shrug and fore arm lift at the top of my squats . I find this to be a total body compound exercise . I started lite and now I can do the full 315 lbs of my weights . I train every other day . I lost some 30 lbs and gain muscle mass in my thighs, calves, lower and back . Triceps, biceps, fore arms and super hand strength . Abs, shoulders front and back, plus chest . I now do lighter weight 150lbs for reps. I do 8 sets of 30 reps each at a faster pace . then on the second day. I do 8x6 at 220lbs . Than back to 150lbs . I work the pounds to lower than 150 and my max to 8x3 at 250, 270, 290 than 315 lbs only 1 time per week. I keep my body guesting . I use no belt, straps or lifting shoes . On my off days I play hockey 1h30m twice per week Tuesday and Thursday . I do the weight Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sat. and Sun. are my rest days.I do basic meals of porridge with 4 eggs added. Whole milk, hard cheese, beef, tuna etc...I am now 220lbs as opposed to 250lbs 7 months ago . I take magnesium and potassium supplements . BCAA and creatine . with lots of water and green salads .That`s it in a nut shell . with overhead military presses and bent over rows . I also do 10lbs dumbbells for high reps of 300+ using different angles . I follow you 2-3 times a month .Thanks for your dedicated site . For me the gym is at home . Saves on gas and time . Best regards . Claude Bruyère

  • Ignacio Rodrigues
    Ignacio Rodrigues 3 години тому

    Of course, athleanx throwing shit at a good excercise and reviewing a bad form of that excercise as if it were the correct way to do it. Strict muscle ups are not bad.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому i was looking for a regular movie when bada bing the one in question appeared on here. i saw it on 06 or 07 but i didn't realize who you were. i never looked the other way. im trying to go back in time and fix it. as far back as a i can go. love u remus.

  • Wes Hall - WalksOnOne
    Wes Hall - WalksOnOne 3 години тому

    Since I have added chest cable flys to my training routine, I have noticed an increased strength in my bench, which I am now fatiguing at a higher rep.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    the stairs, the stairs silhouette and stick figures are on your facebook page. feel free to break any mirrors that have to do with the stairs before and after that i didn't think of. mirror anything you want to mirror w/me and mom. love u remus.

  • GSA
    GSA 3 години тому

    You look 5' tall, how tall are you ?

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    i want you to live forever. I have high anxiety about immortality. i don't need therapy for being born. im just like him. id be the same way if i had had his childhood. i know what works. im not stupid. how many times did remus call 911 when i was going off on tommy, lol? im laughing with remus. love u remus.

  • Azan Says
    Azan Says 3 години тому

    Can anyone tell me what to do for middle left back pain? I'm very happy to see so many people are healed through this procedure, however i have middle back pain on left side and I'm not sure if this procedure is for me, because everyone here is talking about lower back pain. So if anyone has experienced same problems as me, please advise.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    tBeing in the woods is a dump from Dennis that I happen to see. I didn't sit that one up either. I know Dennis wants to blame me for that one to. Bullet proof cars and windows and being safe from death across the board has been established for Remus. This includes hits. I'm never leaving again or taking off again. That's in stone. There's some videos from God that show we never break up for the rest of eternity. I put that one on Remus's facebook page. I'm pretty sure I broke the stairs completely. I sent those videos to Remus or put them on his facebook page. If breaking the chandelier was bad then I didn't mean to do that. I've broken alot of stuff on Remus. I can't keep track of all the mirrors. Remus has a home at 1801. We have 4 total. Remus had a "blood transfusion," with me. So to speak. I think I've covered everything important. Remus is over the tables and sitting as the head of our table. LOVE U REMUS.

  • imagine being a mouse
    imagine being a mouse 3 години тому

    Hey guys its Jeff, Athlean What is for dinner?

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 3 години тому

    Carrot cake for a cheat meal lol dead weight lol

  • Life with Murph
    Life with Murph 3 години тому

    Fatty water!!!

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 години тому

    I feel like this is conflicting information from what I watched yesterday, which was basically telling me that static stretches like these that are held in 30 seconds actually weaken the muscle and that we should be doing isometric stretching. Stretch or not stretch I don't know all I know is that the moment I severe issues with neck pain due to forward posture which I'm trying to resolve

  • Ryan Duda
    Ryan Duda 3 години тому

    1. Your getting cheap gear from the bald guy in the gym. 2. Your trans gender gf or bf is twice your size 3. You flex and you don’t look like a hard penis 4. You fight your grandfather in a MMA match and he wins 5. When homeless alcoholics don’t even lift and they are more shredded

  • Colonel Mayhem
    Colonel Mayhem 3 години тому

    Do you drink any alcohol or never?

  • Harsh Brahmbhatt
    Harsh Brahmbhatt 3 години тому


  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    You ever feel like your under the microscope with whatever you say or do and people are just waiting for you to fail? I bet that comes from dennis and danielle. The work comment was meant for Dennis and not Remus. Remus's face was blacked out. That was right when I came back on Facebook after going off on Dennis. I was fatigued. That was an accident. Talk about dirty pool. I DO NOT WANT A PRENUP WITH REMUS. LOVE U REMUS.

  • Grzegorz Witczak
    Grzegorz Witczak 3 години тому

    I did this exercise a bit differently by putting my hand on the dumbbell rack and positioning my legs like I would push against the wall (one straight knee and the other bent). I was wondering if this would have a similar impact on getting Hernias ?

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 3 години тому

    What's the difference between this and a standing cable flye?

  • Herzi 8
    Herzi 8 3 години тому

    Have this to the opposite way..

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    Remus had it right the first time about Dennis. I was asking about Remus on twitter. I asked about Remus in the 1920s because it's 2020 which is a whole century. 100 years. Yep. I was trying to wake up. I yack, yack, yack. I was asking about the Remus bourbon. I asked if God did it or Remus did it. I couldn't tell. Remus should get my microphones. I can't say a damn word it seems w/o being under the microscope. MY CIA contact lenses have been out. I want all of Remus's children to deal with their daddy to get to me. I don't know who's mad at whom and I'm sick of getting it wrong because I guessed wrong. Remus stays over the tables and as the head of our table. I figured out Rome again. I thought Gaia was Teresa. It doesn't matter but I understand Remus's feelings more now. It took 200,000 tries but I got it. Remus knows how to wake me up. Remus won't stop. Remus knows me and knows how to do it. When he goes on the housewives I'll wake up after 200,000 tries and everything will happen. 2011 is when Remus got upset over the stairs. The masks or whatever they're called came out on twitter then twitter suspended me. I wasn't sassing anyone. I couldn't find the masks that were the Remus stairs with before and after. I didn't the @ names memorized. Twitter wouldn't reactivate my account. Remus a.k.a. matt makes an appearance on the housewives in 2014. I have to binge watch the housewives on hulu after President Obama mentions the housewives. I'm connected w/o being connected. I didn't know what Remus looked like until I started waking up. I think Remus is claiming me on twitter. Twitter is the main cause with why got so upset about the stairs before and after. Twitter and Facebook are social networking websites. Remus is on both of those. That's one way I found him. Remus gave his first and last name on the housewives. Remus is on youtube to.

  • Unternehmenspolitiker sind böse
    Unternehmenspolitiker sind böse 3 години тому

    Good to know about some of these “bad” forms; been doing some for about 4 decades...🤔

  • Jasonardo
    Jasonardo 3 години тому

    Been in pain for 4 days. Seems to start to get better, then comes back with a vengeance. Did 3 sets of 10, pain is gone. could feel the release while I was doing the exercise. Incredible!

  • Christopher Ramon-Reid
    Christopher Ramon-Reid 3 години тому


  • XDviper45
    XDviper45 3 години тому

    What im getting from these videos, no matter the exercise, is to go through the full range of motion in a nice slow tempo so your muscle gets fully worked.

  • Demy
    Demy 3 години тому

    7:14 “Orientated”

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 3 години тому

    Don't wear your heart on your sleeve for people with shitty attitudes. My attitude isn't shitty. Danielle and Dennis don't have any land. Remus does. Dennis should call 911 and tell them how a Remus grandchild done him wrong! LOVE U REMUS!

  • Devin Piccinin Witzell
    Devin Piccinin Witzell 3 години тому

    How do you lose body fat percentage

  • David McLean
    David McLean 3 години тому

    can you do a demo with a band without handles. I travel all the time and am not able to use the weight machine very often.

  • Jr Alli
    Jr Alli 4 години тому


  • King Thesus
    King Thesus 4 години тому

    The dumbbell floor press also inhibits overextension of the chest some people come down to low on the bench and start stressing the shoulder

  • Raymond J Blaze
    Raymond J Blaze 4 години тому

    These are good tips. Keep uo the good work. Btw those shorts are fire; where did Jesse buy them?

  • Kotbo 8211
    Kotbo 8211 4 години тому

    Mr. Whole Lotta Money going BROKE.

  • gahb _
    gahb _ 4 години тому

    Love you Jeff❤️

  • tomhook hook
    tomhook hook 4 години тому

    see your abs do a 20 hour fast the next 4 hours and clean food do this for 30 days

  • Nahid Ali
    Nahid Ali 4 години тому

    I'm from India can i take membership for build muscles n fat loss program in your site.. But i can manage diet??????

  • Gaurav Nagar
    Gaurav Nagar 4 години тому

    Some idiots still thought hrithik body is computer graphic in war

    ZEN WISDOM 4 години тому

    Zen says please speak less and show more.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 4 години тому

    remus is swagged. im not. i need remus. i love remus.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 4 години тому

    the dash mark circles on my back is what God put iodine on. I thought it was scoliosis. my spine and shoulders were cramping. i thought scoliosis was coming out. ive always wanted to marry remus and have his babies. ill never hurt remus's feelings on purpose. i had pneumonia in 2016. they cut my back open and sucked out the pneumonia fluid in my lungs. im just like him. i know what works. making sure remus lives forever will be my therapy. my brains went on vacation when it looked like he was leaving. i have ptsd from william leaving. remus got his retard back. im an airhead and thick with it. im not retarded about him. love u remus.

  • Mobile Legends Bugbusters
    Mobile Legends Bugbusters 4 години тому

    I'm just scrolling for exercises to challenge my 8 packs

  • hydra66
    hydra66 4 години тому

    Jesse, the mustache twirling villain

  • Julian
    Julian 4 години тому

    so I did this for about 6 months every day, quit for about 6 months and back on it for about 2 weeks now, and for some reason it has suddenly become effortless overnight. even the scissors which I slowly became better at but has always been painful, is now effortless. I don't know why

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 4 години тому

    2011 TO 2020 is when all the masks start bleeding out. everything makes sense now. he knows how to wake me up. he's smart. he knows me. love u remus.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 4 години тому

    he needs to stay on my heartbeat. he wouldn't have killed her if he had stayed on there. guess who i belong to. im chilling the f*ck out, can't help it. LOVE U REMUS.

  • Sherlyn Brianna
    Sherlyn Brianna 4 години тому

    Who has school

  • Alvaro Rodriguez
    Alvaro Rodriguez 4 години тому

    One question. There’s this rule of rather have control than sacrifice form for additional weight. But at the same time there’s a good chance that without enough weight, you’ll need to go to the 20 reps interval in order to feel fatigued. I feel that there is no optimal middle ground for me. What to do? Probably change exercises, right? I honestly don’t know. For argument’s sake, let’s focus on the barbell row. If heavy on the back, I’ll have to cheat at some point. If I don’t have to cheat, I don’t feel any significant burn.

  • Mark Morley
    Mark Morley 4 години тому

    I needed to see this . Am 51 and been training now for almost three months and didn’t know what splits to choose and I have a much clearer idea now and also the confidence to change if no improvement. However what would be a good amount of time to stick with a programme before change

  • yancey ca
    yancey ca 4 години тому

    you are best

  • dirtyjew1974
    dirtyjew1974 4 години тому

    I was close on my estimation. I thought about 5'10 and 180

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 4 години тому

    Jindal Mahal is a drug abuser

  • Sakir Khan
    Sakir Khan 4 години тому


  • gerrapk
    gerrapk 4 години тому

    The only way to jump higher is to do face pulls.

  • S54
    S54 5 годин тому

    26th feb 2020

  • GTRGTX999
    GTRGTX999 5 годин тому

    Can't thank you enough for all this Jeff!

  • S54
    S54 5 годин тому

    But you are still only just tensing the muscles like you did your bicep. I think sit ups are better or leg raises.

  • Allyson Baxter
    Allyson Baxter 5 годин тому

    you're back on my heartbeat. i go into a coma when i fall asleep. im CHILLING OUT. LOVE U REMUS.

  • Gods Of War
    Gods Of War 5 годин тому

    Jeff. If you activate your front delt every time you do side laterals you will overdevelop your front delt and this is the most common cause of shoulder pain. I literally don't understand how you can recommend this.

  • Andrea Trofino
    Andrea Trofino 5 годин тому

    Can I ask something? Pregnenolone can be useful to older people who practice gym to produce testosterone? Thank you very much.

  • Luca Belli
    Luca Belli 5 годин тому

    Great video

  • CrossAssassination
    CrossAssassination 5 годин тому

    What is the difference between the cable press and cable fly? Would they work the chest muscles the same way?

  • Zlatko Polak
    Zlatko Polak 5 годин тому

    ‘The things that you fear the most are the ones that change you the most’ I just love that quote so much

  • fatdepressedveg knight
    fatdepressedveg knight 5 годин тому

    Don't want to be picky but as you are a muscle anatomy channel Vince Gironda talked about bicep training that your elbows had to be tucked into your side of your body or slightly push back, That when you doing a bicep curl your only lifted to a certain height and still keep your elbows by your side Soon as your elbows come out in front of your body and your lifting beyond the bicep range you then engage your shoulders and the biceps do not engage When Jesse was doing the exercise you could see that his shoulders were taking over

  • Mauricio Lima
    Mauricio Lima 5 годин тому

    Your gains are killing your gains! Solution: Facepulls and carrot cake.

  • Ridzuan Sani
    Ridzuan Sani 5 годин тому

    Im trying....

  • Jon C
    Jon C 5 годин тому

    3:38 I see you Zangief 💪🏽

  • The mad mechanic
    The mad mechanic 5 годин тому

    Jeff can you do a video on body weight back exercises

  • sleman shamry
    sleman shamry 5 годин тому

    U the best

  • The Rictorious Drummer
    The Rictorious Drummer 5 годин тому

    Fun fact: The “still not your face” pulls are actually really good for the side delts and lower traps. haha

  • Crazy Indian Vision
    Crazy Indian Vision 5 годин тому

    Calesthenics is the best

  • 7blacky
    7blacky 5 годин тому

    Aren't we hitting upper chest with incline?

  • Aaron Römer
    Aaron Römer 5 годин тому

    wow this is the only time i found someone really addressing exactly the exercises which cause me pain and how to change them to make it better and avoid that shoulder pain! thanks a lot!

  • Mauricio Lima
    Mauricio Lima 5 годин тому

    Best way to build a big chest: face pulls. Lol

  • CaptainDaniito
    CaptainDaniito 5 годин тому

    Make full workout videos please