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Elizabeth Warren has her 2020 mojo back
Переглядів 3 51017 годин тому
Trump accuser: I am so glad I am not his type
Переглядів 47 565День тому
Lemon and Cuomo: This is a moment of reckoning
Переглядів 44 640День тому
Trump questions why Obama hasn't endorsed Biden
Переглядів 40 288День тому
Cuomo questions media reaction to Trump allegations
Переглядів 30 392День тому
Tourists flock to explore eerie grounds of Chernobyl
Переглядів 15 784День тому
Axios: Leaked documents show red flags in Trump picks
Переглядів 111 433День тому
Pro-Trump Democrat suggests ditching Mike Pence for Nikki Haley
Переглядів 30 099День тому
North Korea praises Trump's 'excellent' letter to Kim Jong Un
Переглядів 66 011День тому
Boris Johnson ducks questions about police call at his home
Переглядів 42 199День тому
Steve Mnuchin details new sanctions on Iran
Переглядів 82 283День тому
Trump announces new sanctions against Iran
Переглядів 76 031День тому
Trump sexual assault accuser: He pinned me against the wall
Переглядів 212 780День тому
Watch heated moment from Pete Buttigieg's town hall
Переглядів 352 7202 дні тому
Fareed: China's rise has been a miracle
Переглядів 143 2522 дні тому
Pence says Trump moving forward with Iran sanctions
Переглядів 150 4192 дні тому
Trump: Let's make Iran great again
Переглядів 196 3273 дні тому
Trump: I'm not looking for war with Iran
Переглядів 71 0923 дні тому
Smerconish: This scenario would be a nightmare for Dems in 2020
Переглядів 80 1033 дні тому
E. Jean Carroll accuses Trump of '90s sexual assault
Переглядів 264 2024 дні тому
Angry protesters confront Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Переглядів 141 2064 дні тому
Erin Burnett: Trump's explanations don't add up
Переглядів 187 4044 дні тому
Manafort texts to Hannity: Would never give up Trump or Kushner
Переглядів 107 5454 дні тому
ICE set to begin immigration raids in 10 cities
Переглядів 219 1104 дні тому
Trump explains decision to call off Iran strike
Переглядів 242 7404 дні тому
Missouri rules against state's last abortion clinic
Переглядів 34 6304 дні тому
Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran
Переглядів 330 5474 дні тому
Watch Anderson Cooper's moving on-air tribute to his mom
Переглядів 132 1604 дні тому
Hong Kong protests over extradition bill continue
Переглядів 48 6064 дні тому
NYT: Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran
Переглядів 193 7615 днів тому
Erin Burnett reacts to Trump's 'you'll find out' line on Iran
Переглядів 213 4135 днів тому
Hope Hicks' House committee testimony revealed
Переглядів 202 1325 днів тому
Roy Moore running again for US Senate seat in Alabama
Переглядів 42 4025 днів тому
Video shows Iran shooting down US drone
Переглядів 605 4675 днів тому
Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings
Переглядів 686 0225 днів тому
Trump on attacking Iran: You'll find out
Переглядів 217 7235 днів тому
Amanpour confronts Saudi minister on Jamal Khashoggi killing
Переглядів 286 6265 днів тому
Obama voter: This is why I voted for Trump
Переглядів 281 6305 днів тому
Trump administration rolls back Obama-era clean air rules
Переглядів 58 8265 днів тому
Behind America’s gender wage gap in soccer
Переглядів 16 5035 днів тому
Protesters defy military crackdown in Sudan
Переглядів 28 2995 днів тому
Iran shoots down US drone aircraft
Переглядів 173 4345 днів тому
McCabe: Congress should perform an impeachment inquiry
Переглядів 100 3375 днів тому
Why Elizabeth Warren is surging in the polls
Переглядів 94 6506 днів тому
CNN reporter gets up-close look at attacked tanker
Переглядів 41 4296 днів тому
Congressman: Hope Hicks refused to answer these questions
Переглядів 545 2426 днів тому
Congressman booed in reparations hearing
Переглядів 187 9176 днів тому
CNN reporter: We don't know where Trump got this number
Переглядів 338 4076 днів тому
Ex-Trump confidante Hope Hicks testifying before Congress
Переглядів 205 9896 днів тому
Ryan: Trump touting controversial drug made by his friends
Переглядів 46 1246 днів тому
MH17 investigators name four suspects facing murder charges
Переглядів 33 8606 днів тому
Mitch McConnell: Obama elected to make up for 'sin of slavery'
Переглядів 503 5546 днів тому
Cuomo on Central Park 5: Trump is clinging to a proven injustice
Переглядів 275 0167 днів тому
Trump voter's false claim surprises CNN reporter
Переглядів 929 6307 днів тому
Pompeo: Trump doesn't want war with Iran
Переглядів 31 9537 днів тому
US sending additional troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions
Переглядів 55 0017 днів тому
Mexican troop deployment falling short of promise
Переглядів 40 3847 днів тому
Donald Trump has never stopped running for president
Переглядів 61 4267 днів тому
Erin Burnett: This is why US allies don't trust Mike Pompeo
Переглядів 140 3187 днів тому
Cuomo blasts McConnell: His priorities are bent out of shape
Переглядів 102 3148 днів тому
Internet chokes on President Trump's reaction to Mulvaney's cough
Переглядів 251 0628 днів тому
Trump campaign fires pollsters after unflattering numbers
Переглядів 333 8428 днів тому
Senior Iranian official has warning for US
Переглядів 168 9448 днів тому
Mohamed Morsy, ousted Egyptian president, dies in court
Переглядів 236 3158 днів тому
NYT reveals youngest known child separated at border
Переглядів 20 6888 днів тому
Iran says it will break the low-grade uranium stockpile limit
Переглядів 45 9658 днів тому
Anderson Cooper's tribute to his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt
Переглядів 1 154 3508 днів тому
Protesters call for Hong Kong chief executive to resign
Переглядів 59 7658 днів тому
Trump asks Mulvaney to leave ABC interview for coughing
Переглядів 675 9668 днів тому
Fareed: This is a canary in the coal mine for America
Переглядів 303 1979 днів тому
Tapper presses Beto O'Rourke about low poll numbers
Переглядів 104 5089 днів тому
Father goes viral for giving out hugs at Pride parade
Переглядів 110 6639 днів тому
What the 2020 Democrats' song choices reveal about them
Переглядів 39 75210 днів тому
Officer disputes Netflix portrayal of Central Park Five case
Переглядів 191 56010 днів тому
Smerconish: Only sure thing with Trump is uncertainty
Переглядів 94 66910 днів тому
Source: Frustration in White House over ABC interview
Переглядів 663 57811 днів тому
Suspect: I didn't mean to shoot David Ortiz
Переглядів 103 45411 днів тому
Video appears to show alleged Cuba Gooding Jr. groping incident
Переглядів 145 00511 днів тому
This is why Mitch McConnell calls himself the 'Grim Reaper'
Переглядів 123 71311 днів тому
Jake Tapper: Trump is ringing in his birthday with this gift
Переглядів 274 76311 днів тому
Trump blames Iran for tanker attack: They did do it
Переглядів 82 89611 днів тому
US: Video shows Iran removing unexploded mine from tanker
Переглядів 154 35711 днів тому
Don Lemon: In this White House, anything goes
Переглядів 145 41812 днів тому
Trump tweets that Sarah Sanders is leaving White House
Переглядів 118 97812 днів тому
Cooper reviews FBI's site detailing when to contact them
Переглядів 85 17012 днів тому
Charlamagne Tha God compares Elizabeth Warren to Rachel Dolezal
Переглядів 88 09512 днів тому
Watch Trump say goodbye to Sarah Sanders
Переглядів 206 39812 днів тому
Airport camera shows moment missile strikes
Переглядів 147 21612 днів тому
Trump's stunning admission causes backlash
Переглядів 558 02612 днів тому
Donald Trump's narrow 2020 map
Переглядів 152 87612 днів тому
Sen. Graham on Trump comments: It's a mistake
Переглядів 321 92812 днів тому


  • unknown yuhdoneknow
    unknown yuhdoneknow Годину тому

    Smh. These are little innocent children smh. These parents will pass their hate down no matter what

  • Mr. Finesse
    Mr. Finesse Годину тому

    Believe these fuckers over my Prez...🖕🖕

  • Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma Годину тому

    Speaking Spanish - ILLEGAL - TRUMP Speaking English - LEGAL - TRUMP Mr. Bitch, you may learn how to treat a religion..

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B Годину тому

    How about all the un arm black men and women cops kill

  • Dave
    Dave Годину тому

    As a loyal Democrat I want death and destruction to rain down upon the earth!

  • AD8
    AD8 Годину тому

    Says that fata morgana is a superior mirage. Shows an example of an inferior mirage

  • Chris chris
    Chris chris Годину тому

    War criminal still a free man after all the human beings that got killed on both side in Iraq cause him and his 1 % buddies wanted the oil america is broken

  • George Watts
    George Watts Годину тому

    I think it should be a felony with a minimum 10 year sentence for anyone to falsely accuse someone of rape.

    PRINCE DOH FONCHAM Годину тому

    I started laughing at the comedy from start to finish. This CNN does not learn anything. This surface after announcement of reelection period.

  • Mcjuggerfat
    Mcjuggerfat Годину тому

    Bunch of snowflakes in this comment section. The cop was doing his job. Where he was wrong was when he charged him with assault

  • Preston Brice
    Preston Brice Годину тому

    Lemon head sucks! He’s so fake... Soooo FAKE! I literally get nauseous when I hear him running his mouth falsifying statements all across the news as if everything he says is true.. And the bone head next to him... let’s just say brain dead

  • Kenneth L
    Kenneth L Годину тому

    So where is the part where she says people find rape "Sexy" and you had to stumble off, Anderson?

  • Michael Broyles
    Michael Broyles Годину тому

    Even as a democrat i even question this?. Especially the timing of this one??. It's full blown battlefield mode with 2020 elections are around the corner. This looking very suspect more like a political hit on trump??. 😂😂

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt Годину тому

    It's called wampum in Indian speak.

  • HBradley
    HBradley Годину тому

    Chris makes these cringey videos....why? I can't ever finish them they are so bad

  • NPC#8675309
    NPC#8675309 Годину тому

    So I assume we're back to "believe all women" now?

  • Seasons Four
    Seasons Four Годину тому

    The only thing people can say anything that they want is when it was a long period of time where the evidence is mere doesn’t exist anymore or won’t be able to verify what people said. Even an old photo can be said that we were close or we had sex before or … all kinds of fantasies...Anyway, she would dare to write a book to insult Hilary, she will be damned. She will not be able to sale any copy and she will be in prison.

  • Linda Gorun
    Linda Gorun Годину тому

    I believe in this smart, detail oriented, compassionate woman. Elizabeth Warren is everything the current WH resident is not. We need to go out and vote Blue no matter who the Democratic winner is. But I certainly hope it’s Senator Warren.

  • Tap Payne
    Tap Payne Годину тому

    Really”.... All of these nice comments on the past POTUS.... You called him Nigga”.... Now civility is is what you Miss... Wow ...You voted your heart “ Now the Nation knows exactly whom and what you wanted ....You Got!!...!!...As a Black man ...he nothing for me...I fight every day...Not to be killed by race soldiers calling themselves police...Them being called just because I’m in a place where it’s deemed I’m not to be...I laughed at all the comments...Because they reflect the hypocrisy of those back a racist Fool whom now has his finger on the big guns.... When he pushes it....I will smile “ During that flash of light knowing you White folk finally got what you wanted..... All people of color will be gone...!!.... Oh yeah “ So will you “👍🏾

  • Joey Cap
    Joey Cap Годину тому

    Shes not my type either

  • Raymond Espinoza
    Raymond Espinoza Годину тому

    You know you guys are the ones making it sound like bullshit the aliens have been here for thousands of years there is evidence that you the media cover up with more lies

  • Jonathan Pasch
    Jonathan Pasch Годину тому

    I Googled "fake news". I clicked and now I'm here. 👋😃 Hey errbody!

  • Tahir Bhutta
    Tahir Bhutta Годину тому

    I hope Americans fallen activities will connect all Arab nd Islamic states

  • Susan Walters
    Susan Walters Годину тому

    Hey folks, the truth to this video is the fighting parties are those loyal to the land of Syria & its people against the foreign backed forces mainly from neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia etc...... the likes of cnn could never be honest about the details of conflict because it would expose their alliance & agenda to rip apart countries whose finances the western imperialist vultures want to control...... putrid dogs in western media have no integrity

  • Liem Nguyen
    Liem Nguyen Годину тому

    Viet nam helf iran shot down thê drone of amercan and secret sending 500 soldiers to iran for attack american beside more china Russia north korea are friend will attack american trump just is big mouth never do something done and now trump so worry and crying

  • In full bloom
    In full bloom Годину тому

    I cant with these fools they post the mug shots.. aren't they taken before the interrogation. And you can easily intimidate children without bruising their face. Smh

  • costa rica
    costa rica Годину тому

    After 2 seconds of deep investigation I find the defendant INNOCENT of ALL CHARGES.. Looking at the so called Victim skin color and his uniform., I truly believe the Defendant feared for his life... and he should be payed $15 million dollar for his suffering... y YA!

    ROXEY Годину тому

    Seriously? Mojo? LMAO

  • Bob Johanson
    Bob Johanson Годину тому

    She a lot of racist shit against white people.

  • Harry Limes
    Harry Limes Годину тому

    They were putting him out before he was even lit. What kind of shit is this? May he burn in hell for his sins and pretending to be set on fire......

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams Годину тому

    "Harvard Harris poll reveals shocking level of public indifference to Democrats’ presidential field" ( )

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly Годину тому

    Another desperate attempt by CNN. This network is an embarrassment. I can't wait for Trump to be in office again in 2020. CNN is a disgrace.

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass Годину тому

    And I bet you she's going to make plenty of wampum!🙄 It'll be a breeze in the primaries with cupcake questions being thrown about. If she is so fortunate to meet President Trump in the general election. Things won't be very nice for the fairy little lying Indian..🇺🇸

  • HR Pickinstuff
    HR Pickinstuff Годину тому

    CNN sucks. How do you get back what you never had?

    THE INHERITOR Годину тому

    One day America will grow up

  • Jester Avrgjoe
    Jester Avrgjoe Годину тому

    Faux-A-Hoaxes is successful, because leftist morons will believe anything.

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson Годину тому

    LOL CNN is a comedy channel now jeez. It's like you guys put out foolish headlines just to get a reaction at this point

  • Frieda A
    Frieda A Годину тому

    Senator Warren has my vote, but I want to pause and thank AOC for forcing this administration to see what they were doing to these babies. President Trump will be the first American president tried for crimes against humanity. Thank you AOC for calling these death camps out for what they are. President Trump is turning America into the new Nazi regime.

  • Robert Shields
    Robert Shields Годину тому

    Countless women have accused Trump of a sexual assault and he professed that he had the star power to grab women by the pussy. Seems to be no doubt he is scum and belongs in jail. Lock him up.

  • PJ Brown
    PJ Brown Годину тому

    Ha ha ha hahaha...... Oh, sorry. #TRUMP2020 #KAG

  • micheal coler
    micheal coler Годину тому

    That the problem with CNN right there it’s clear the U.S. and China are more then competition , Democracy and communism are the complete opposite of Government and people that live in a Republic like the U.S. ware free markets and capitalism rain could ever stand for mass control and forced oppression simply because of the individuals rites and ability to create build and provide for themselves there families and there community the individual has not choice our rites in China that is water and oil CNN much more than competitors

  • mary maske
    mary maske Годину тому didn't work the first 16 times you tried why not try for the 17th? Good grief CNN, give us a fuckin break.

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock Годину тому

    Wage gap? It's simply advertising. Not as many watch. Plain and simple.

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez Годину тому

    It’s a shame that tRump is getting away with it! What does it take for this moron to face justice! tRump is not above the law!

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis Годину тому

    This is a pretty well reasoned response

  • Adam West
    Adam West Годину тому

    This is GREAT for our PRESIDENT !

  • D. D
    D. D Годину тому

    That's how you know? Sent see UAplus from ApexTV fool future found you're know

  • eugenius1126
    eugenius1126 Годину тому

    He mistakenly thought his keys were a weapon

  • In full bloom
    In full bloom Годину тому

    This is B.S. and of course they put the cop of color on here to speak against these exonerated men.

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams Годину тому

    #AmericaBewareYourDemocrats "... I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations..." (James Madison) - Democrats sell socialism to the gullible ... to bring America to its knees - Democrats hate America and love Mexico, and show it by their resistance to every initiative to bring that country in line with fair trade (eg USMCA) - Democrats hate America's military and try their best to decimate it - Democrats hate the idea of the Electoral College because they lost the 2016 Presidential elections, and are bent on deestroying the institution if they have to ... to gain power! - Democrats want to abolish ICE because they protect Americans against violent gangs of illegal immigrants - Democrats want to raise your taxes, while Trump and Republicans want to lower or eliminate them - Democrats want to relive their glory days as the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation - Democrats, aided by Special Counsel Mueller, tried to orchestrate a coup against a duly elected President: "Dan Bongino: Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History":( )

  • Harris Asif
    Harris Asif Годину тому

    Anyone from zerkaa in called vid

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Годину тому

    Oh well.. these immigrants be racist AF towards black Americans... send they asses back 👌🏾

  • Cam M
    Cam M Годину тому

    This is the best of CNN two white clowns. They both are equal to a foot high pile of human shit.

  • Danny Ripfade
    Danny Ripfade Годину тому

    It's the same as Trump

  • Color me A Baddie
    Color me A Baddie Годину тому

    Anyone notice how most whites are Pagans! They have symbol worship(Flag)

  • immobilien
    immobilien Годину тому


  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock Годину тому

    Elizabeth "Tittie less wonder" Warren.

  • Lulu Malulu
    Lulu Malulu Годину тому

    The police are nothing but scum!

  • Sunshine Mcn O
    Sunshine Mcn O Годину тому

    Don is from the eastern part of Nigeria yay !

  • N O
    N O Годину тому

    Oh we right it off cause liberals are all liars n Looney and no credibility

  • Can't Relate
    Can't Relate Годину тому

    Good, now next step is to stop putting them in a tank. They don't belong there.

  • Pepper Gut
    Pepper Gut Годину тому

    If it was up to Mitch McConnell he'd have a rope around every Black and Hispanic people's necks in America. It's not every White man but white men like him is the primary reason why the Alt Right movement and NEO Natzi movement has slowly gained momentum.

  • 007 373 5963
    007 373 5963 Годину тому

    Hahahaha 20 years!!!! 😂😂😂😂 she waits 20 years to talk about this, coincidently right when her book comes out, if anyone believes this wacko they’re so ignorant

  • Steve Thetford
    Steve Thetford Годину тому

    Why would anyone believe this Nazi fem. My dog wouldn't hit that, let alone Trump

    SYMPOL BMX Годину тому

    “Thank god its not something vicious and political” REALLY?!?! Did I really just hear that coming from CNN?? Dudes clueless

  • Barry Bro
    Barry Bro Годину тому

    No I think a good 45-55% of us realize the president is going down as the worst in history, is probably the worst in many other ways from "good people on both sides" to taxation for the 1%. Its just the rest of america who hold the position of "well its locker room talk" to "he's the best president we've ever had!" despite all of the supporting evidence saying otherwise. We arent numb, we've just been waiting for action for a LONG time, so when another body piles up on the roster, it doesnt ultimately matter, he should have been impeached ages ago.

  • Roman Hoax
    Roman Hoax Годину тому

    *Amazing, they cut out the bit where this old hag says "rape is sexy" hahahaha this is a horror show for CNN*

  • Abigail McCormick
    Abigail McCormick Годину тому

    He dares question the Obama-Biden bromance? This is sacrilegious!!

  • Richard Fellows
    Richard Fellows Годину тому

    No chance

  • PJ Brown
    PJ Brown Годину тому

    Because Obama knows that Biden is a groper. He probably groped Michelle many times. Lol

  • Susie Lovasz
    Susie Lovasz Годину тому


  • Biggie Wainui
    Biggie Wainui Годину тому

    Cuomo shut the fuck up. Thats why you want to run the story cause its fake. Thats another lie that you want to spread. Fuck up and listen to the bitch story and you will find out how she lied about the whole thing. She wanted to sell her book thats all. Only stupid idiots will believe CNN after a whole 2 years of Russian collusion and then it turn out to be a set up of the incoming president by the Dems and Hillary Clinton. Once Bill bar start putting the deep state actors in Jail, he should also consider putting you guys at CNN in Jail for spreading too many false stories. Thats why you are the No 1 fake News Outlet of them all.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson Годину тому

    Cnn is still in business? I wasn't sure.

  • Patrick Tolman
    Patrick Tolman Годину тому

    CNN sucks

  • Elixium - X
    Elixium - X Годину тому

    Opening dude with piss colored tie, sounds like a neo nazi

  • snowflake melter
    snowflake melter Годину тому


  • Drake Pryce
    Drake Pryce Годину тому

    That fat woman is going to have a f****** heart attack if she keeps shaking her giant blob arms

  • Sharmarke Suleiman
    Sharmarke Suleiman Годину тому

    Why did he put his hand behind his back? surely he should’ve just crawled forward

  • Patrick Tolman
    Patrick Tolman Годину тому

    CNN sucks

  • Percel McCollum
    Percel McCollum Годину тому

    Oh all lives matter now well until we get more black revolutionary people like this brother only then we will be equal

  • Mike Missouri
    Mike Missouri Годину тому

    Lol Dems

  • Aleen Chowdhury
    Aleen Chowdhury Годину тому

    Happy black Father’s Day 👏

  • Carefulleek93 !
    Carefulleek93 ! Годину тому

    In this instance, he is breaking a law. Refusing a lawful order to stop.

  • Vladimir Stojacic
    Vladimir Stojacic Годину тому

    Civilian killing missile. I wish you to use it in second US civil war

  • Walk this way
    Walk this way Годину тому

    CNN sucks

  • Dustin Q
    Dustin Q Годину тому

    You can't make this up.... These people really think we are all stupid. Well a big part of us are, but there enough normal people too !

  • snowflake melter
    snowflake melter Годину тому


  • Joe Morello
    Joe Morello Годину тому

    That was interesting! When a person flat lines, it is possible to use a defibrillator to bring them back to life! Elizabeth Warren became DOA, dead on arrival but she managed to use the defibrillator! Let's see what she does with her second chance? Also, there was nowhere to go but up, because she hit rock bottom! I sometime say: It's not how hard one can hit the ground, but how high one can bounce! 🇨🇦😊

  • Patrick Tolman
    Patrick Tolman Годину тому

    CNN sucks

  • Bip Bap
    Bip Bap Годину тому

    I read her book on Hunter Thompson decades ago, and she was writing about her rape fantasies then. As I recall her fantasy was that Hunter had trapped her in a pit on his property and debouched (the word she used) her regularly.

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox Годину тому

    He used to be Russian KGB so I imagine he learned English at some point but forgot after a while.

  • Patrick Tolman
    Patrick Tolman Годину тому

    CNN sucks

  • Star Scream
    Star Scream Годину тому

    Whatever u say muslim. Allah akbar

  • Dean Tha kid
    Dean Tha kid Годину тому

    I'm not an trump fan but all these women all of a sudden is just not sitting well to me...... and a picture that shows that I met someone at a party doesnt mean... your guilty🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️... Until there is evidence I think we should not pass judgement.. Just as the campaign is formally launched ?? 🤔 is that no way shape or form concerning??? Some a yall dems are just hypocrites... Rant over😂😂😂 Bring the hate 🤦‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😂😂😂

  • J ROK
    J ROK Годину тому

    Oh god now they’re crying 🤦‍♂️

  • immobilien
    immobilien Годину тому


  • Cassandra Stitts
    Cassandra Stitts Годину тому

    Some people are so stupid. You see skin instead of coming sense. So what if the skin is darker than yours if a person has a good heart, education, morals, no police record then let them do the job. You wanted 45 and you got a big fat liar, racist, orange monkey. Just because it's white don't make it right. Hope he stays out of the tanning bed. Why is he ashamed of his whiteness? Answer that please.

  • Ralph Scheibler
    Ralph Scheibler Годину тому

    Keep going with this STORY cnn. This is HUGE. This will really help your ratings and this might dig cnn out of the dark and unimportant basement dwelling scummy fake news station that it is. If cnn pushes this story long enough this strange and despicable woman might sell her book.

  • Sean
    Sean Годину тому

    got to roll with trump on this

  • Brian Isaacson
    Brian Isaacson Годину тому

    No man could get hard with this beast ! NOBODY ! Go trump vote red!