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Yondu | Marvel 101
Переглядів 16 5702 дні тому
SPIDER-MAN #1 - Critics React | Marvel Comics
Переглядів 47 744День тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 8 Winner
Переглядів 10 4922 дні тому
Marvel’s Avengers | Iron Man’s Original Sin Outfit Reveal
Переглядів 189 2462 дні тому
Mirror of Most Value: A Ms. Marvel Play | Women of Marvel
Переглядів 11 2002 дні тому
Vita Ayala Teases Upcoming MORBIUS Series | Marvel’s Voices
Переглядів 12 0643 дні тому
Captain Marvel | Marvel TL;DR
Переглядів 84 7784 дні тому
DAWN OF X Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
Переглядів 108 6145 днів тому
Переглядів 20 7635 днів тому
Marvel's Avengers | Iron Man Character Spotlight
Переглядів 213 8118 днів тому
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) | Marvel 101
Переглядів 31 6409 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Best of Week 7!
Переглядів 31 6268 днів тому
They Started As Marvel Interns! (And You Can Too!)
Переглядів 11 9939 днів тому
Marvel & Axe present The Fresh-Men: Chapter 4
Переглядів 111 6889 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 7 Winner
Переглядів 22 7919 днів тому
Squirrel Girl Goes to College (and the Theater)! | Women of Marvel
Переглядів 12 2789 днів тому
Marvel's Avengers | Hulk's Joe Fixit Outfit Reveal
Переглядів 185 4759 днів тому
Can YOU Name Every Hulk?! | Earth’s Mightiest Show
Переглядів 33 0869 днів тому
Absolute Carnage: Part 3 | Marvel Ultimate Comics
Переглядів 70 64710 днів тому
What Makes a Good Marvel Comics Event?
Переглядів 16 51511 днів тому
Marvel's 80th Anniversary Panel | D23 Expo
Переглядів 19 69212 днів тому
INCOMING: Setting the Stage for Marvel in 2020!
Переглядів 42 62111 днів тому
Marvel's TOP 10 Vehicles!
Переглядів 25 69412 днів тому
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | D23 Expo Q&A
Переглядів 26 96814 днів тому
Making Tony Stark's GOLD Lobster Corn Dog! (featuring Chris Gethard)
Переглядів 22 74015 днів тому
Dart and the Army of Frogs | Marvel Make Me A Hero
Переглядів 22 67615 днів тому
Legion's Lauren Tsai answers YOUR questions! | Ask Marvel
Переглядів 31 87715 днів тому
Silver Sable | Marvel 101
Переглядів 32 33215 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Best of Week 6!
Переглядів 16 80515 днів тому
How Captain America Started Listening to Joywave's new single!
Переглядів 15 08715 днів тому
GHOST RIDER #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics
Переглядів 205 55515 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 6 Winner
Переглядів 5 97516 днів тому
MOON GIRL: The Smartest 9 Year Old in the Marvel Universe!
Переглядів 10 29716 днів тому
MARVEL Dimension of Heroes | Lenovo Mirage AR
Переглядів 198 28216 днів тому
Marvel's Avengers | Captain America's Secret Empire Outfit Reveal
Переглядів 198 96216 днів тому
Is Taskmaster the Best Student in the Marvel Universe?
Переглядів 16 10716 днів тому
The SAVAGE AVENGERS Go Global! | Marvel’s Pull List
Переглядів 35 20318 днів тому
The Suits of Marvel's Spider-Man | PS4
Переглядів 183 84518 днів тому
Krakoa | Marvel 101
Переглядів 28 13422 дні тому
Today in Marvel History: MARVEL COMICS #1 is Released!
Переглядів 33 36322 дні тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Best of Week 5!
Переглядів 20 98722 дні тому
MARVEL COMICS #1000 - Critics React | Marvel Comics
Переглядів 18 05322 дні тому
Cake Boss Ralph Sculpts Super Heroes for Marvel's 80th Birthday!
Переглядів 10 83323 дні тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 5 Winner
Переглядів 7 13923 дні тому
Carnage | Marvel Becoming
Переглядів 34 82024 дні тому
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition | Accolades Trailer
Переглядів 33 50425 днів тому
MARVEL COMICS #1000 Launch Trailer
Переглядів 47 48425 днів тому
Absolute Carnage: Part 2 | Marvel Ultimate Comics
Переглядів 102 18625 днів тому
A Look at the Marvel Merch at D23 Expo!
Переглядів 17 82928 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Best of Week 4!
Переглядів 17 19729 днів тому
Marvel's Top 10 Schools: From Xavier Institute to the Red Room!
Переглядів 19 60626 днів тому
Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame - Making the Final Battle!
Переглядів 992 42126 днів тому
Disney Parks' Avengers Campus Revealed! Fans React at D23 Expo!
Переглядів 101 64627 днів тому
Meet the cast of Marvel Studios' The Eternals at D23 Expo!
Переглядів 123 06827 днів тому
Marvel Studios Announces THREE New Shows and More for Disney+!
Переглядів 250 68727 днів тому
Black Panther 2 Announced and Eternals Cast Revealed at D23 Expo!
Переглядів 273 52827 днів тому
Making a Lockjaw-Sized Dog Biscuit! | Eat the Universe
Переглядів 10 69429 днів тому
Demon-nanites | Marvel Make me a Hero
Переглядів 20 56629 днів тому
Fans React to New Marvel Studios Series at D23 Expo!
Переглядів 187 65928 днів тому
Podcaster Ira Madison III Loves Dazzler! | Marvel’s Voices
Переглядів 4 12029 днів тому
First Look Inside the Marvel Studios Pavilion at D23!
Переглядів 246 50329 днів тому
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Season 7 D23 Expo Teaser Reveal
Переглядів 279 51529 днів тому
Marvel & Axe present The Fresh-Men: Chapter 3
Переглядів 4 98829 днів тому
Kang the Conqueror | Marvel 101
Переглядів 28 37529 днів тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 4 Winner
Переглядів 2 552Місяць тому
Inside Galaxy's Edge with The Star Wars Show!
Переглядів 24 087Місяць тому
Marvel's Avengers | A-Day Gameplay
Переглядів 793 236Місяць тому
Old Man Logan by Mike Henderson | Marvel Quickdraw
Переглядів 13 652Місяць тому
Marvel's Avengers | Gameplay Watch-Along!
Переглядів 242 197Місяць тому
Coming Soon: A New Team Joins the Marvel Universe!
Переглядів 59 742Місяць тому
Marvels Podcast Announced and Ghost-Spider returns! | Marvel Minute
Переглядів 22 846Місяць тому
Roller Derby Girl | Marvel Make me a Hero
Переглядів 18 241Місяць тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Best of Week 3!
Переглядів 19 980Місяць тому
Skillet's John Cooper on collecting Marvel comics around the world!
Переглядів 16 055Місяць тому
Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week 3 Winner
Переглядів 11 191Місяць тому
SPIDER-MAN #1 by J.J. Abrams, Henry Abrams, Sara Pichelli | Trailer
Переглядів 270 651Місяць тому
Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame - Making the Cap vs. Cap fight!
Переглядів 1 094 533Місяць тому
Back to School with Marvel and Walmart!
Переглядів 12 082Місяць тому
Absolute Carnage: Breakout | Marvel Ultimate Comics
Переглядів 198 686Місяць тому
Bushmaster | Marvel 101
Переглядів 26 295Місяць тому
EXCLUSIVE: November Preview Special! | Marvel's Pull List
Переглядів 26 989Місяць тому


  • Luis Chamba
    Luis Chamba 3 хвилини тому

    My favorite single person is mj. Because she going to the trip. I don't love Peter/mj.

  • Dead pool
    Dead pool 8 хвилин тому


  • Esther McCardle
    Esther McCardle 11 хвилин тому

    Quicksilver "Kickass"

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 14 хвилин тому

    Yall forgot kluh

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage 21 хвилина тому

    Party of one, party of fun!

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 32 хвилини тому

    Oohh heey! :D It's my day every day! :P I'm 24 years old and still have no girlfriend ;( How wonderfull -.- :'(

  • Formoka
    Formoka 33 хвилини тому

    I would totally download an app that matches you romantically with different Marvel characters. Take a quiz and see who you match with. Sounds like fun!

  • Tevon Hunter
    Tevon Hunter 38 хвилин тому

    Cloak and dater🤣😂 typo

  • Maurice Dusauci
    Maurice Dusauci 42 хвилини тому

    Be honest this trailer kill Dc comic

  • Yusha Memi
    Yusha Memi 45 хвилин тому


  • It's Carnage
    It's Carnage 48 хвилин тому

    I thought marvel made a dating app lol that would of been cool

  • David Smith
    David Smith Годину тому

    All of humanity saved by the actions of a rat and a Mary Sue feminist. Disney admitted Captain Marvel could have stopped Thanos in Infinity War.

  • Ajith V.E
    Ajith V.E Годину тому

    Please,i want to be work with marvel universe as intern

  • Karen Ali
    Karen Ali Годину тому

    Even after I’ve watched this movie l, I still get goosebumps when I see its trailer

  • syedkazmi at PUBG
    syedkazmi at PUBG Годину тому

    And Ironman👌

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Годину тому


  • Cristiano Arrogantaldo
    Cristiano Arrogantaldo Годину тому

    Trying to ignore the fact that this infinity war trailer gets more views than the endgame one

  • Atakan Zerefşan
    Atakan Zerefşan Годину тому

    Wait you turn down Wanda. What is wrong with you?????

  • Saima Hussain
    Saima Hussain Годину тому

    💞💞💞Best cast 💞💞💞❤💖

  • Kobes
    Kobes Годину тому

    I....bu- you know........... *W H Y*

  • David Leon
    David Leon Годину тому

    Can anyone answer this: I started collecting Marvel Comics last year with The Amazing Spider-man #1. I found out there are codes in the issues for digital reading. I had over 100 digital comics on my iPad thru the Marvel App. I got an email last week that Marvel and Disney are “linked” and it didnt let me sign back in. I was asked to reset my password but it doesn’t let me get back in to my account. HELP1

    AKE BCH Годину тому

    Love Marvel from Thailand"""

  • TAriginalremix
    TAriginalremix Годину тому


  • johnny ember
    johnny ember Годину тому

    asal director avengers nampak macam chef wan je

  • Robert Willson
    Robert Willson Годину тому

    Guys what's the meaning of a.k.a?

  • Flemming Mikaël Nielsen
    Flemming Mikaël Nielsen Годину тому

    Who is Here After the Infinity Saga trailer?

  • Flash Spider
    Flash Spider Годину тому

    I know this could have been discussed but I think mcu can have iron man back. See in comics also Tony saved his conscious into his old armours. So he might have cloning technology ready and a body already ready to be used. This cloning tech might get into the hands of some of the enemies of marvel villains like the jackal who is famous for the clone saga in Spider-Man comics

  • Felixland Kalle Studios
    Felixland Kalle Studios Годину тому

    Go to 1:52, and then slow down the speed, and see what happens. I know, i am alone.

  • The Screenslaver
    The Screenslaver Годину тому

    So wait today’s national singles day? I thought today was national Batman day?

  • ScrapDraws
    ScrapDraws Годину тому

    National singles day: exists Us Nerds: *yaaaay*

  • Matt Dav
    Matt Dav Годину тому

    I'm leaving Area 51 with this app

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 Годину тому

    Wait, Lorraine got married? CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Go Crazy! Go Stupid!
    Go Crazy! Go Stupid! Годину тому

    A Marvel Dating app?! Now this is an avengers level threat

    • HD Movie Trailers
      HD Movie Trailers 48 хвилин тому

      Nick Fury to Peter Parker: *Do* invoke her name. (Captain Marvel).

  • Angelh103
    Angelh103 Годину тому

    All of u came for the thumbnail😏

    • HD Movie Trailers
      HD Movie Trailers 44 хвилини тому

      Actually, I came here because of the title.

  • Juan i Padilla
    Juan i Padilla Годину тому

    I won’t stop spamming this comment until Marvel Studios makes Ant-Man 3

  • Capt_BDB
    Capt_BDB 2 години тому

    You passed on shuri.... hell you even passed on scarlet witch..... the shame...

    DUKE UPADHYAYA 2 години тому

    If I could date any character from marvel universe, it would be Mj.... After reading recent spider-man comics, I'm in love with her. Second would be elektra,but that means bullseye trying to kill me every week

  • Krazy_Grim
    Krazy_Grim 2 години тому

    how do i get this game? and what platforms is it on?

  • Edmund Graham
    Edmund Graham 2 години тому

    I was far more amused by Langston's response to being reminded he's single than I probably should've been lol

    PHYLASVELL 2 години тому

    Why the he,l does this video exists marvel are you okay??

  • Peter
    Peter 2 години тому

    The funniest thing I've ever heard lol

  • Patata
    Patata 2 години тому

    Actually it’s batman day

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 2 години тому

    Photon she's a great pick

  • Joyce Plantinga
    Joyce Plantinga 2 години тому

    Miss maximoff manipulates molecular polarity now say that ten times

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 2 години тому

    !!! Wakanda Forever !!!

  • Daniel Benavidez
    Daniel Benavidez 2 години тому

    Noah! Holy frick I thought you got snapped away!

  • Subject 8
    Subject 8 2 години тому


  • MaG NITud3
    MaG NITud3 2 години тому

    This trailor is better than the Infinity Saga trailer--- Please don't kill me

  • B.C. Rivers
    B.C. Rivers 2 години тому

    First, we get a KFC dating simulator, and now this?! 😂

  • ielya tehrani
    ielya tehrani 2 години тому

    Who else is here about Infinity saga trailer

  • Ellie Hathaway
    Ellie Hathaway 2 години тому

    Scarlet witch is with Vision though

  • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
    Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 2 години тому

    Being married I doubt she can appreciate National singles day the way a single person can. So I don't buy it. I wonder if she can even understand the kind of bone crushing loneliness that can kill a person emotionally and psychologically. Should she even be in this video?

  • Reaching Nirvana
    Reaching Nirvana 2 години тому

    Is this real

  • Vision for games
    Vision for games 2 години тому

    Respected sir I have a fresh content of the PC and mobile games.

  • darkness101011
    darkness101011 2 години тому

    Is this a continuation of the HOX/POX comics? Because I wanted to buy the collected edition of that, now they've added more? I want to read everything in one. Can anyone advise?

  • James Mooney
    James Mooney 2 години тому

    I fear that scarlet witch might be cheating in on brother voodoo (last i ckecked they were dating) ( uncanny avengers - legacy and a mention in avengers no road home)

  • Nikko
    Nikko 2 години тому

    When started series WHAT IF.?

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith 2 години тому

    im early

  • Luis ZX13
    Luis ZX13 2 години тому

    WTF is this

  • Unleasher Quiles
    Unleasher Quiles 2 години тому

    Anyone Notice that Cloak & Dater Are a reference to the two Heroes Cloak & Dagger?

  • Ertuğrul Bey
    Ertuğrul Bey 2 години тому

    I am inevietable

  • Siyah eldivenli adam
    Siyah eldivenli adam 2 години тому

    Dc:celebrates batmans 80th aniversary Marvel:WaNnA dAtE A sUpErhEro

  • All Mighty
    All Mighty 2 години тому

    Man cut this Crap Fix your animation Department

  • Miss Marvel
    Miss Marvel 2 години тому

    I literally thought it’s a superhero dating app, like those storytelling romantic apps for superheroes, where you could actually pretend you are dating Bucky, but like in an app. I’m so up for it. Marvel, make it nOW

  • Elvice OS
    Elvice OS 2 години тому

    How do I delete a channel

  • henry3art
    henry3art 2 години тому

    I thought it was going to be a platform where you could date real people based off your favorite characters or comics

  • teddy
    teddy 2 години тому

    I legit thought marvel made a dating app and I was really hyped

    • teddy
      teddy 12 хвилин тому

      HD Movie Trailers lmao

    • HD Movie Trailers
      HD Movie Trailers 47 хвилин тому

      Reality is often disappointing.

    • SHIRU
      SHIRU Годину тому

      Hahahaha Same here...🤣🤣🤣

    • Ckaren001 Araujo H.
      Ckaren001 Araujo H. Годину тому

      Same xD

    • Revan Wintersoldier
      Revan Wintersoldier Годину тому

      Me too! I was like finally love, but not today I guess

  • Tareque Md Hanif
    Tareque Md Hanif 2 години тому

    downloading this app from Play Store. So excited.

    CHANNEL BLACK 2 години тому

    Ant Man 3 and Deadpool 3 pls

  • Isaiah Rucker
    Isaiah Rucker 2 години тому

    Google Play? 😢

  • I'm a tad Batty
    I'm a tad Batty 2 години тому

    It's also Batman Day...and he's usually single (besides his current status). Wonder if there's a correlation?? lol

    • David Blyth
      David Blyth Годину тому

      Depending on when you were born, Bruce had a successful marriage with Selina over in the silver age earth-2 days

  • Tezuko The phantasm
    Tezuko The phantasm 2 години тому

    😋Well this makes me feel good a whole holiday for a single wall flower like me😎

  • Bahama Jackson
    Bahama Jackson 2 години тому

    in february 28th 2020. avengers: endgame: many movies in the box office records tried to dethrone me and none succeeded me: oh really? we'll see about that! avengers 5: battleworld. hold my gauntlet this movie avengers 5 is coming. the title is called "battleworld" upnext claimed it will be bigger than avengers: endgame. than days later, a user named "multiverse" is now telling the truth upnext is right.

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 2 години тому

    But why...

  • Anggara Kun
    Anggara Kun 2 години тому

    Man I love this show and marvel pull list.

  • Jessica Zane
    Jessica Zane 2 години тому

    Who else is a true fan of Marvel 😍? Good for you, I'm not giving you any gifts.

  • Medha Bandaru
    Medha Bandaru 2 години тому

    wanda maximoff is my life ok I'm a girl and not lgbtq but still I love her as in girl power

    • Aaliyan Babar
      Aaliyan Babar 2 години тому

      Same but I love you instead

      PHYLASVELL 2 години тому

      Medha Bandaru 1. What does this have to do with anything no one cares your straight 2. Wanda doesn’t really fit this video cause she’s dating dr voodo right now in the comics

  • Fluffycat 6
    Fluffycat 6 2 години тому

    I love the T-shirt she's wearing

  • 나라 Muse
    나라 Muse 2 години тому

    *I'm Mary Poppins, y'all*

  • Emerson James
    Emerson James 2 години тому

    Why is there a dating app like that?

  • Fernando
    Fernando 2 години тому

    Scarlet Witch legend

  • sylvester war bringer
    sylvester war bringer 2 години тому

    Idk of it just me or scarlett witch looks like elizabeth olsen in thumbnail 😅

  • Matt Radar Technician
    Matt Radar Technician 2 години тому

    Avengers Resemble

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 2 години тому

    Tf it’s Batman Day.

  • Shai Diann
    Shai Diann 2 години тому

    The girl is desperate for some interracial action

  • Looler Dooler
    Looler Dooler 2 години тому

    Lorraine and Langston: Let's celebrate National Single Day! Also them: *start shitting on being single*

  • NBS 乡 Inferno
    NBS 乡 Inferno 2 години тому

    M A R V E L forever😍😘❤🔥

    • HD Movie Trailers
      HD Movie Trailers 45 хвилин тому


      OMKAR FULARI 2 години тому

      Hey dude i have just uploaded the starting song of Avengers :ENDGAME. Plzzz check it out 9

  • SilaLP
    SilaLP 2 години тому

    Today is my birthday :( and Singles day in the mcu.....

  • ESC Pro
    ESC Pro 2 години тому

    WTF !!

  • a retarded salesman
    a retarded salesman 2 години тому

    i see this as an absolute win!

  • Nitrex Prime
    Nitrex Prime 2 години тому

    i’ll date Silk or Wave

  • Havoc
    Havoc 2 години тому

    Yay! Finally a National holiday just for ME! 🤓 Happy singles day! This is my 8th year! Lol

  • Adrian Lasso
    Adrian Lasso 2 години тому


  • 10,000 subs for pizza
    10,000 subs for pizza 2 години тому

    Who else loves Marvel ??? I'm gifting my next 200 $ubs .

      OMKAR FULARI 2 години тому

      I need only 13 aubs to complete 5o k. Just joking 50 subs Plzz subscribe 😢

  • Anne Onimus
    Anne Onimus 2 години тому

    So is the app real or...

  • Vanessa Stegall
    Vanessa Stegall 2 години тому

    Deadpool, woo!

  • STRIKER Comical Gamer
    STRIKER Comical Gamer 2 години тому

    It's Batman day my guy

  • afro Puffs
    afro Puffs 2 години тому

    Hear that? That's the sound of thousands of neckbeard marvel stans having a premature ejaculation over this videos title