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22 years of life milestone (but this time for me)
Переглядів 1 615 6698 днів тому
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
Переглядів 5 207 35114 днів тому
Basically Everything You Need To Know Before End Game
Переглядів 3 099 4692 місяці тому
I'm Something Else (Official Music Video)
Переглядів 21 089 1443 місяці тому
Just Be Yourself
Переглядів 2 486 4793 місяці тому
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences
Переглядів 2 985 6006 місяців тому
Video games changed my life man
Переглядів 4 359 3656 місяців тому
Felt cute, might delete later :3 (Merch Announcement)
Переглядів 304 1077 місяців тому
The Scariest Dream I Ever Had
Переглядів 5 881 3517 місяців тому
A Comic I Made In The Third Grade
Переглядів 2 443 8609 місяців тому
How I Got Away With Ditching Class
Переглядів 8 763 87110 місяців тому
VidCon Was Fun
Переглядів 1 951 17211 місяців тому
My Crazy Imagination
Переглядів 5 895 216Рік тому
Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War
Переглядів 6 982 109Рік тому
Devils Vs Angels Two w/ TheOdd1sOut
Переглядів 5 147 302Рік тому
Camping Unprepared
Переглядів 3 879 881Рік тому
My Random Thoughts (Adam Edition)
Переглядів 5 508 766Рік тому
I Was A Weird Kid
Переглядів 10 869 086Рік тому
Starting Youtube Drama w/ Boyinaband
Переглядів 1 310 966Рік тому
Let Me Tell You About Billy
Переглядів 6 027 785Рік тому
Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)
Переглядів 6 542 918Рік тому
Poorly Drawing Fans W/ TheOdd1sOut
Переглядів 1 712 114Рік тому
Talking To Crazy People
Переглядів 3 827 845Рік тому
Rip Offs
Переглядів 3 315 154Рік тому
Devils Vs Angels w/ Jaiden Animations & TheOdd1sOut
Переглядів 9 843 5542 роки тому
Music Is Awesome
Переглядів 2 407 7352 роки тому
100k Subscribers/ New Store and Merch/ We Found Bagel Man
Переглядів 245 7422 роки тому
The Bagel Guy Card
Переглядів 3 219 9362 роки тому
In Lazy People's Defense
Переглядів 3 562 0722 роки тому
I Just Wanted Food
Переглядів 4 402 5522 роки тому
I've Been Challenged To Eat Pizza
Переглядів 1 040 1622 роки тому
Stupid Things I Do
Переглядів 3 380 1422 роки тому
I suck at chess
Переглядів 2 704 1832 роки тому
James is a good butt friend
Переглядів 908 1052 роки тому
The Day I Got Arrested
Переглядів 4 975 7252 роки тому
The Ocean and Why Orcas Terrify Me
Переглядів 3 689 1562 роки тому
The day I almost freaking died
Переглядів 5 030 1512 роки тому
This youtube dream is becoming a reality | 10,000 Subscribers!
Переглядів 139 1082 роки тому
Had to be there moments suck
Переглядів 2 123 3522 роки тому
Переглядів 74 0272 роки тому
Running for Class President
Переглядів 2 361 9392 роки тому
I Wasn't Allowed To Watch Egoraptor
Переглядів 1 182 2912 роки тому
I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SCARED | The Joy of Creation: halloween
Переглядів 114 6552 роки тому
GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school
Переглядів 5 096 0842 роки тому
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! | Alone Sci-Fi Survival Horror
Переглядів 92 2012 роки тому
Working With Lazy People (Halloween)
Переглядів 1 297 2032 роки тому
Thank you all so much for the support | Update
Переглядів 51 3072 роки тому
I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon
Переглядів 1 309 5212 роки тому
$600 GAMING PC BUILD | Tech a Seat (2016)
Переглядів 23 5882 роки тому
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Переглядів 3 472 9942 роки тому
Переглядів 257 5072 роки тому
Alien missile thing tried to probe me
Переглядів 1 057 5482 роки тому
Someone Attacked My Car
Переглядів 1 407 5542 роки тому
A REALLY GOOD DAY | Anaheim FitExpo (2016)
Переглядів 47 2872 роки тому
My Journey on Youtube | SomeThingElseYT
Переглядів 263 7922 роки тому
Переглядів 221 8952 роки тому


  • Mc Turkeyson
    Mc Turkeyson 2 години тому

    5:00 - 5:05

  • Fnaf gamer
    Fnaf gamer 2 години тому

    0:32 i like that part i have no idea why

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer 2 години тому

    Category Comedy No not comedy legendary

  • Ashley Animates
    Ashley Animates 2 години тому

    God I was laughing so much

  • Penelope Lynch
    Penelope Lynch 2 години тому

    Gods cylinder -Adam Quote of the year

  • Ariel Dougherty
    Ariel Dougherty 2 години тому

    Now i want a bagel......

  • Eliza Smedley
    Eliza Smedley 2 години тому

    Adam: well, if you murder people... YOU SUCK Me: oh is this not what people are supposed to do, ok lemme just take this body outside then I’ll stop. 😂😂😂

  • BurningBlockAbout 99
    BurningBlockAbout 99 2 години тому

    Same, i have that all the time.

  • Kassidy Rymel
    Kassidy Rymel 2 години тому

    I had and imagination like that too when I was little I create my own movies in my head and it’d go on for dayssss

  • That One Emo Kid
    That One Emo Kid 2 години тому

    This dream is cool as hell

  • Merlina Post
    Merlina Post 2 години тому

    I like this song 👌❤️

  • delano horace
    delano horace 2 години тому

    I all ready new about captain marvel before the movie came out

  • Abnormal Aoibh
    Abnormal Aoibh 2 години тому

    Adam: I have ADHD Me: MY BROTHER. YES. I KNEW IT. My comrade! Also, have you checked out How To ADHD? It's the best ADHD channel. Great tips.

  • Creative Urmi
    Creative Urmi 2 години тому

    Why he lowkey look like a combo of Tony Stark and Harry Potter??? 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Wright
    Ashley Wright 2 години тому

    I love this song ._. So much I made my roblox avatar a demon ur my fav yt!!!

  • hi there
    hi there 2 години тому

    wait why is this in the Electro mix?

  • Maddy_ Gacha133
    Maddy_ Gacha133 2 години тому

    ( I cant stop listening to this song, Good work, AWESOME CHANNELLLLL)

  • funny sqaud
    funny sqaud 2 години тому

    if you think it is dangerous to play hide-and-seek in the dark by a apartment then try playing it in the woods because thats what me and my cousins do

  • Jennifer Ruple
    Jennifer Ruple 2 години тому

    i know your not a rip off i love your channel 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Killerlllnumll1
    Killerlllnumll1 2 години тому

    What I don't understand is why people have called me "fake" as some kind of derogatory term when I literally am just sitting there not saying anything.

  • buddy 04186
    buddy 04186 3 години тому

    "What if there are 2 mommas and they fight to the death" and "r there step mommas" r my favorite parts

  • Jbird14
    Jbird14 3 години тому


  • Jaime Sosa
    Jaime Sosa 3 години тому

    Hey here something to try banana in a blender with milk

  • Mr. DERP
    Mr. DERP 3 години тому

    Wait how are blob fishes scary?

  • Italis Skullz
    Italis Skullz 3 години тому

    **3 years later** Adam: WHERE THE F*CK IS MY CHOCOLATE MILK?!

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man 3 години тому

    I feel bad for that chicken slam dunked

  • maggie ng
    maggie ng 3 години тому


  • SkyZ_Skullrider
    SkyZ_Skullrider 3 години тому

    Yes you will wear stickers...

  • CHIBI draws
    CHIBI draws 3 години тому

    Omg I thought that was actually mark

  • Roman Kovac
    Roman Kovac 3 години тому

    One he said he is white and now he is mexican wow .

  • No go away
    No go away 3 години тому

    This video makes me so so happy YOURE DOIN GREAT ADAM!

  • the Evee twins
    the Evee twins 3 години тому

    Wait ADAM LIVES IN BIKINI BOTTOM (I said that cuz of wenee hut general)

  • nuca gaxokidze
    nuca gaxokidze 3 години тому

    so a bafe

  • Joel Clark
    Joel Clark 3 години тому

    *B I L L Y*

  • the Evee twins
    the Evee twins 3 години тому

    I like the idea that Adam was originally a angel I love the concept

  • decrisp1252
    decrisp1252 3 години тому

    Orcas are CUUTE AS

  • Jude Kendall
    Jude Kendall 3 години тому

    Story time animation is a genre in itself.

  • Sonof Voroohees
    Sonof Voroohees 3 години тому

    Rlly SCP-096 effect 0:43

  • Shark Attack 21
    Shark Attack 21 3 години тому


  • Hayden en Jaimy van Renen
    Hayden en Jaimy van Renen 3 години тому

    2:10 gate 42-0

  • Irene Perdomo Ramírez
    Irene Perdomo Ramírez 3 години тому

    I've been literally scrolling down the comments for half an hour and no one has commented on the 'passive sausage' thing

  • Mrspoopyga The Roblox Person
    Mrspoopyga The Roblox Person 3 години тому

    I CANT EAT BANANAS BECAUSE IM IN A BANANA SQUAD <;( 1 like for the vid=me free to eat BANANAS!

  • Ikuru Atoto
    Ikuru Atoto 3 години тому

    4:32 dylantero hajajsjsjs

  • Jason Kirkland
    Jason Kirkland 3 години тому

    7:55 one punch!

  • Russia /english
    Russia /english 3 години тому

    do you draw this?

  • rAnDoM GiRl
    rAnDoM GiRl 3 години тому


  • Carson Ruiz
    Carson Ruiz 3 години тому

    I would double taped my most hated rival and watch it.

  • LindaCreations
    LindaCreations 3 години тому

    Basically every time i'm forced in a project that doesn't include drawing XD

  • Liezel Broadway
    Liezel Broadway 3 години тому

    Say what???

  • CupcakeGoBOOM
    CupcakeGoBOOM 3 години тому

    man i want to meet the theodd1sout

  • AmarisAnimates
    AmarisAnimates 3 години тому

    being afraid of aliens whos only purpose in life is to take over Kansas...spiders

  • Joel Clark
    Joel Clark 3 години тому

    Adam: *Boy, I see dem bananas, NO* 0:40

  • ColorfulWolf 0_0
    ColorfulWolf 0_0 3 години тому

    Why do I get like vibes that they like in a relationship... 😳

  • Emoji Sloth
    Emoji Sloth 3 години тому

    A doctor a day keeps the apples away.

  • Sweet-Lemon Glitter
    Sweet-Lemon Glitter 3 години тому

    Cough* ahmmm cough* ...... Awe!

  • delano horace
    delano horace 3 години тому

    If this is blue u have watch all of these movies 👇

  • Liezel Broadway
    Liezel Broadway 3 години тому

    Uhh Adam your talking about scp 169

  • The Collinator
    The Collinator 3 години тому

    Mom get off games after watches tv for hours.

  • CupcakeGoBOOM
    CupcakeGoBOOM 3 години тому

    Haminations and lukeorsomething

  • Midnight Wolfy Lu
    Midnight Wolfy Lu 3 години тому

    Adam: What im naked! Why didnt anybody tell me, kids watch me! Give me clothes! Me(im a kid): You say bad words... Did you know that??? OF COURSE HE DOES!!! You worry about clothes but not words... 🤦 I still love your vids Im still your fan...still...ok bye

  • KIdgeek
    KIdgeek 3 години тому


    • k
      k 3 години тому

      KIdgeek wha

  • Krystelle Sanchez
    Krystelle Sanchez 3 години тому

    I love u so much

  • Ziarnora The Wolf
    Ziarnora The Wolf 3 години тому

    well I was just like you.....

  • mizan hai dan im from indonesia
    mizan hai dan im from indonesia 3 години тому

    0:00 i thought i click on the wrong video

  • Drayton Redmond
    Drayton Redmond 3 години тому

    You have to keep your jaw like that for mmmmmmmMmMmmmMMmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMlolbuttz another 6 weeks MMmMMkmMmMmmmmMmmMMMMmMMmmMMMmnqijwhcedheirtorfnnecn0deoimjdick

  • Kamari Hamilton
    Kamari Hamilton 3 години тому


  • I Cofield
    I Cofield 3 години тому

    Does anyone else get reminded of Lucifer when seeing 1:55?

  • Jamie Mills
    Jamie Mills 3 години тому

    Did anyone else notice that at the end he said "Don't forget to like that smash button!"???

  • Cali Lolololo
    Cali Lolololo 4 години тому

    I LOVE video games :3 (mortal kombat XL) (halo) (call of duty) (Mario cart) :3 I like gamessssss :3:3

  • Starr Willingham
    Starr Willingham 4 години тому

    I watch a lot of animators and I don’t think any of them rip offs sooooooooooooooooo ya🙃

  • Cali Lolololo
    Cali Lolololo 4 години тому

    Adam. What you NEED is run the HELL away from the fucking window! And then get a 22 (a kind of gun btw) and just tell him to leave if he doesn’t well (BOOMMMMM)

  • AndrejIko
    AndrejIko 4 години тому

    You are markaplier

  • 221ariana
    221ariana 4 години тому

    Sweet he feels the exact same way as me when I see crazy people

  • Blazing Fire Studios
    Blazing Fire Studios 4 години тому

    Well i thought of a book and now im writing that book and how i though of the book was sitting on the couch thinking of a dream i had the other night

  • Ariel Garcia Dr
    Ariel Garcia Dr 4 години тому

    This literally reminds me of myself so yeah.😰

  • dengjack
    dengjack 4 години тому

    If you managed to piss of an orca than you definitely deserve what your getting because flipping a boat for a small treat wastes energy and your only purpose is now a play toy for the orcas. And you would have to be some idiot to piss one off. In retrospect orcas getting a play toy and getting rid of somebody idiotic enough to piss off an orca seems like a great deal. If he/she didn’t do anything to piss them off then that’s a different story

  • Yoshimi Animations
    Yoshimi Animations 4 години тому

    FYI for all you “Rip Off!” People: Animation styles look alike some times with YT animation creators because animation takes a while to do and these creators like to get content to you quickly, which sometimes requires simplifying their characters.

  • tampicoso de el mejor lugar
    tampicoso de el mejor lugar 4 години тому

    Is the nether

  • redhockeyface
    redhockeyface 4 години тому

    You have to be a dad and a trucker to not be afraid

  • Some random dude 50
    Some random dude 50 4 години тому

    This beat is awsome

  • Liezel Broadway
    Liezel Broadway 4 години тому

    I love shadow!!!

    IM THE LEGENDARY 4 години тому

    wheres their pants??!?!

  • Gaming Wizard
    Gaming Wizard 4 години тому

    Does anyone else’s siblings suck? If so leave a comment if they do and like if they don’t.

  • The hatter
    The hatter 4 години тому

    One of the few singers I can tolerate.

  • Dwayne’s Collections
    Dwayne’s Collections 4 години тому

    The 1.1K dislike people don’t animate

  • Godzilla lover 911
    Godzilla lover 911 4 години тому

    U should hire a hitman

  • Ayla Ink
    Ayla Ink 4 години тому

    I've had plenty of scary and weird dreams in my life. Most of them made no sense. One of the dreams I remember specifically was a dream where me, my brother and a group of kids who were supposedly our friends with were at my grandparents house. For some reason we all went up to my grandmother's room but when we opened the door we didn't see her room. There was a large jungle type area and a house-like thing in the middle, which apparently was my grandma's room. Then a big dinosaur, which either was the T-rex or the Indominus Rex came out, and chased us. We all ran and hid underneath the dinning table and the dream always ended with the Dino just running down the stairs, or with him chasing specifically two of my friends who were struggling to get to the table. This extremely weird dream happened multiple times when I was around 6 to 8 years old, but it didn't really scared me after time because I sorta got used to what would happen, but nothing ever changed in the dream.

  • Skylar Blade
    Skylar Blade 4 години тому

    Lol 😂 the ending was the funniest

  • Isabella Dant
    Isabella Dant 4 години тому

    Adam: AHA! no he’s not here Seconds later James: I WAS HERE THE ENTIRE TIME!

  • RevangeMaster
    RevangeMaster 4 години тому

    Like call me a hater but isn't it kind of short. I mean each verse is like 4 bars. They're very good 4 bars just you know short.

  • Serenity Dobbs
    Serenity Dobbs 4 години тому

    This is like, the boy who cried wolf. xD

  • Alexandra Playz Gamez
    Alexandra Playz Gamez 4 години тому

    Ur child voice was, 🤩.

  • zqsdie zombie
    zqsdie zombie 4 години тому

    I would've stuck the middle finger up at him

  • Its FQME
    Its FQME 4 години тому

    peter parker is spiderman adam is something else MOTHERFUKER

  • lol 2151
    lol 2151 4 години тому

    I've been watching this channel for a long time but somehow forgot to subscribe ..😑

  • unicorn power
    unicorn power 4 години тому

    I showed this video to my little sister and she yelled DEMON GUY DEMON GUY and my mom came in and asked why she was yelling demon guy and I had to tell her what i was watching and she said ok carry on with what your doing and i was really scared i thought i was in trouble

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 4 години тому

    4:00 I went through the effort to pause the video at this exact moment only to see a crudely drawn naked guy and text saying “butt lolz.”

  • shakila azhar
    shakila azhar 4 години тому

    Dedicated to my 9 year old self who got bullied...😊

  • Sepi chao
    Sepi chao 4 години тому

    At first I didn’t like this song now i like it

  • a kid that playes video games
    a kid that playes video games 4 години тому

    Look up Valley Ridge bus threat, let's just say that schools insane (I found it while randomly searching up some stuff)