Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell

  • Опубліковано 4 вер 2019
  • Listen to "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", out now:

    Directed by: Rich Lee
    Production Company: Drive Studios

    A note from Billie: right now there are millions of people all over the world begging our leaders to pay attention. our earth is warming up at an unprecedented rate, icecaps are melting, our oceans are rising, our wildlife is being poisoned and our forests are burning. on september 23rd, the UN will host the 2019 Climate Action Summit to discuss how to tackle these issues. the clock is ticking. on friday september 20th and friday september 27th you can make your voice be heard. take it to the streets. #climatestrike
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing all the good girls go to hell. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • Lara Kauany
    Lara Kauany День тому

    Billie eilish I love you.

  • Rozenir Nascimento
    Rozenir Nascimento День тому +1

    0:09 o sangue de Jesus tem poooodeeer

  • test subject
    test subject День тому +1

    Someone litterally did an analysis on this in my school and i am thankful for introducing billie too me

  • Angie García
    Angie García День тому

    I love you Billie eilish you are a very good singer

  • Dorcho gaming
    Dorcho gaming День тому

    Bellie:My music is depressing
    Joji:Hold my ravioli
    NF:Hold my trash truck

  • Natalia Barreto
    Natalia Barreto День тому

    I love you billie i'm from brazil

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  • Diego_1230
    Diego_1230 День тому

    This is next level exorsisome

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    ραsтεl υηιcσяη День тому +1

    Ребят кто здесь русский? Пхпхп

  • Rosa sina Park
    Rosa sina Park День тому

    Comment peut elle dire ce genre de choses ?

  • U S
    U S День тому

    Do you guys think this video is Illuminati?????

  • Işıl Wolfhard
    Işıl Wolfhard День тому

    my lucifer is lonely🖤

  • Anja Alajbeg
    Anja Alajbeg День тому

    ...I like ocean eyes billie more

  • Jûňý Řûâňô
    Jûňý Řûâňô День тому +1

    Billie love You ❤✨

  • Jøy Støries
    Jøy Støries День тому +1

    Billie: Devil wings Camilla Cabello: angel wings Me: chicken wings

  • maxair 156
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  • Kevin Mendez
    Kevin Mendez День тому

    Bitch illuminati

  • Fake Fan of Watermelons
    Fake Fan of Watermelons День тому

    It's confirmed! Good Girls like bad Guys because all Good Girls go to hell.

  • lys
    lys День тому

    her best song yet

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    수연 День тому

    영상미에서 존경을

  • UnKnown Iknow
    UnKnown Iknow День тому

    fcking iluminaty

  • CITATIONS about soul
    CITATIONS about soul День тому

    I wish his song appeared in season 5 of Lucifer!!!!!!!❤️😈🥰

    SUN FLOWER День тому

    :O sin palabras u,w,u

  • CITATIONS about soul
    CITATIONS about soul День тому

    Uuuu, I like that !!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • ShadowMare Z
    ShadowMare Z День тому

    Cool video but not really a fan of her music.

  • Katy Play
    Katy Play День тому +1

    Amor esta canción. Te quiero Billie besos desde. músic Billie elish

  • LǏKa KǏρshǏԀze
    LǏKa KǏρshǏԀze День тому

    10 facts about you 1.You're reading my comment 2.You're realizing that's a stupid fact 4.You didn't notice I skipped three 5.You're checking now 6.You're smiling 7. You're still reading my comment 9.You didn't realize I skipped eight 10.You're checking again.11You are enjoying this 12.You didn't realize there's only supposed to be ten facts Copy and paste this to ONE video And tomorrow will be the best day ever Thumbs Up If You Liked This

    NICO WALLIN День тому

    Fuck you billie! You suck! And david bowie was better when he still lived.

  • AshySSpotato
    AshySSpotato День тому

    Who else click as fast as possible to listen to Bellies new song I did

  • Madelyn M.A
    Madelyn M.A День тому

    A la principio me dio miedo

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    Mâřý Čhářłđ День тому

    Billie you're the best

  • LizzyGrace 42
    LizzyGrace 42 День тому +1

    Wtf did i just watch


    Billie elvish more like Billie eyelash LOL GET NOOB

  • TheOnePabb
    TheOnePabb День тому

    When your device has GPS but no compass and you gotta walk a bit before you figure out you went the wrong way

  • Matias Rojas
    Matias Rojas День тому +1

    like si hablas español :3

  • Deniz Tv
    Deniz Tv День тому +1

    Billi ilish button

  • Akay Shintaro
    Akay Shintaro День тому

    You are like shinigami hahahaha lol 😂😂😂

  • Wayne jako
    Wayne jako День тому

    I would actually like to sit and listen to what she has had to deal with in her life, would be interesting

  • Ktø Tö
    Ktø Tö День тому

    00:03 зрелище не для слабонервных😂

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  • Mortal GPlayers
    Mortal GPlayers День тому +1

    Garota Do Demônio

    • samara sousa
      samara sousa День тому

      Sei la,meio que demôniaca ou nn, seja só interpretação errada só sei que é surreal😴

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    Bruna Araujo День тому

    bury friends 2 kkkk

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  • Laysa Siqueira
    Laysa Siqueira День тому

    you are beautiful Billie! And all your fans believe they want you to know that without us remembering! Without anyone remembering! Only the mirror will remind you how beautiful you are! very beautiful! always remember no matter which outfit you wear, you will always be loved by your fans if a friend leaves you for a choice of clothing is not your real friend because friend is the one on your side and sees your value and we your fans see your value every song we love you! who agrees with like maybe she sees this? the question is YOU ARE beautiful! (note i'm brazilian and i want to tell you this so i'm using the translator and if i have something wrong i'm sorry) i just want to clarify that your fans love you Billie and that you are wonderful! your wonderful and unique style! that's what makes Billie Elish her style, her wonderful way of being! I want you to know that you are wonderful, amazing amazing, beautiful without anyone reminding you!

  • Dylan Grant-Minchen
    Dylan Grant-Minchen День тому

    shes talking about the fires we all had in cali... i was right in the middle of it

  • Favoritvideo
    Favoritvideo День тому

    Билли ты лучшая❤️

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    Dislike para tu cancion

  • Maria Inzunza Arce
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    Esta canción es una mierda como las chicas buenas van al infierno

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson День тому

    She's satanic and anyone who doesn't realize this is blinded and fool. Wake up generation!

  • Unicorn Todoroki
    Unicorn Todoroki День тому

    i am so confused also WHY ARE THE WINGS SO DAM BIG

  • JorgeMTZ Pro
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    Latinoamericano escuchando este tema Bv

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    I love

  • Chris Ng
    Chris Ng День тому +3

    Billie: Demon wings
    Camila: Angel wings
    Ariana: Don't Call Me Angel wings
    Taylor: Butterfly wings
    Me: Chicken wings

  • Pewdiepie shall win
    Pewdiepie shall win День тому

    3:00 um.... looks a little like russel brand here right or hav i been watching to much russel brand cuz i just saw forgetting sarah marshal today on tv and the same day i think someone looks like russel brand, seems like to much of a coincidence, i think i was making a stretch and she only barely looks like him here but no more than she does look like potentially alot of other people

  • Mirika Play
    Mirika Play День тому

    Великолепно 💕💕💕💕✨🍬

  • Anna Pavlovica
    Anna Pavlovica День тому

    your in London Billie eillish

  • Alicia Proulx
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    Did you notice that she’s making millions of dollars when she’s a teenager 💵 I’m just looking for like can you like my comment

  • Adrian Ooi
    Adrian Ooi День тому

    All the good girls go to hell with ocean eyes because of bad guy then you should see them in crown burying a friend when the party's over

  • Jair Carriedo
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  • Алиса Андреевна
    Алиса Андреевна День тому

    я поражаюсь с билли она не совершено летние но известная

  • Skye Quijencio
    Skye Quijencio День тому

    to those who disliked was probably creeped out because of the start. I was but it was a good scare.

  • lOGBOM
    lOGBOM День тому +1

    WTF is this

  • Полина Коновалова


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    Love you billie

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    Хочу сказать 3 слово яс на хуита

  • Luis Uni
    Luis Uni День тому

    Only Billi Eilish can be the hood girl and the bad guy

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    松本硬輔 День тому

    だんだん お金がかかってきてる??

  • Raul Alejandro Martinez
    Raul Alejandro Martinez День тому

    The Weeknd: Good Girls go to Heaven, and bad girls go everywhere

    Billie's Eyelash: all the good girls go to hell

  • Haily Razo1648
    Haily Razo1648 День тому

    After 5 months finally Billie makes a vid

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    Billie this song is beautyful

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    Billie I love you your such a good singer I wish I can be your sister

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    Billie: *Duh*

  • Thunder Bloomz
    Thunder Bloomz День тому

    Producer: how many fire do you want?

    ZeiDY [BLOCKS STRIKE] День тому


    ZeiDY [BLOCKS STRIKE] День тому


      ZeiDY [BLOCKS STRIKE] День тому

      @The Arinich Почему бы тебе не отсасать?

    • The Arinich
      The Arinich День тому

      Сказал чел сс говном на аве😂

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    U saying this cuz ur a *bad Guy?*

  • Малинка Петкова
    Малинка Петкова День тому

    Billie react to Bulgaria version bad guy name of the video is a losha kaka youtuber sana

  • Kaneki
    Kaneki День тому

    Now time to become dumb for billie!!

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    She create this song for halloweenm

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    Если здесь в комментах есть русские, то ставь лайк

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    Dislikes are just jelous ☺️💕

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    Это... Просто... Ахуенно

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    dragon power День тому

    Im Russian boy im 10,who Russian ?просто хочется знать

  • Martina Odei
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    No hate but the wings growing out of her back made me pass out

  • Taylor and Rainan
    Taylor and Rainan День тому

    Billie needs to be in don’t call me angel

    BELLA BB День тому

    "Todas As Boas Garotas Vão Para O Inverno"

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    ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ BILLIE SO MUCH

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    dark xx День тому

    1:57 no están el aceite que supuestamente ha ido arrastrando con las alas y que ha provocado que se incendiase

  • Jake Parker
    Jake Parker День тому

    This is fake, humans don't have wings!

  • Anime is gay
    Anime is gay День тому

    This is cringe.

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    Grosse video