The New Map of America

  • Опубліковано 20 вер 2019
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    The New Map of America
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      By the way for anyone that does not know the Youtooz comes on the last week of October

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    2:40 cause Jerry looking like a snack.

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    So wait, are you saying that if Im living in Florida

    Im also living in all states in America

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    Every part with Ted killed me, big lion is so powerful

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    I physically couldn’t breathe in when Ted didn’t know how to zoom out

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    Anyone else notice the yootooz website says it’s 4 “

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    Travis is my role model

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    Honestly haven’t laughed like this in months I feel like there is hope

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    I cant believe nobody is talking about ted saying "that's like a spooky d"

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    I both love and hate how Ted obviously has photoshop and chooses to use MSpaint

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    wtaching Travis is like watching a small idiot infant who doesn’t know what simple logic is



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    Fitz:I fear no man, but that thing (*Carson yootoz*), it scares me..

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    Innocent guy he's like ah fuck

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    This is a cool vid

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    "I don't know what ears look like."
    "But you have two of them."
    "I can't see them right now, ted."

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    *American anthem intensifies*

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    When you're on salt so you decide to go to your school bullies child and beat him up to oblivion

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    Travis talks so lifelessly and honestly its hilarious

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    I know that you will probably never see this Carson but I just wanted to let you know that you will always be my ThickNeckMinecraftBoyfriend. Love you bb

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    I would love to see a more perfect union become a reality. Josh 2020, make it happen

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    1: Big lion
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