Trump: I'm not looking for war with Iran

  • Опубліковано 22 чер 2019
  • President Trump says in an interview that while he isn't seeking war with Iran, there will be "obliteration" if a conflict begins. #CNN #News


  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 2 дні тому

    democrats believe sending cratefuls of cash prevents war

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Даниал Саидния
    Даниал Саидния 7 днів тому

    CNN just wants higher popularity gain from the war so they could increase their ratings. Shame and dislike.

  • rolback
    rolback 8 днів тому

    CNN wants a war, listen to all CNNs warmongering guests they have on their propaganda channel. President Trump deserves a Noble Peace prize.

  • Henry Cantrell
    Henry Cantrell 10 днів тому +1

    Trump is full of bullshit if he Trump is so wonderful as the Republicans say he is why dont he release his tax returns why didn't he serve in the military why are there so many women saying Trump tired to have sex with them why does Trump lie all the time?

  • Sergio Camargo
    Sergio Camargo 15 днів тому

    If we can sit down with Iran and come to a consensus we can curve the hatred towards us. We cannot listen to Isreal they need to fight their own battles. If Isreal wants to go to war with Iran let them. Let the Jewish blood spill not American again.

  • Sergio Camargo
    Sergio Camargo 15 днів тому

    We dont need to protect everybody because they dont care honestly especially Israel they still believe that they are the superior race. Who else thought the where the superior race during the second World War? Who is paying for the millions we are spending just to station our military off the shores. Just imagine if we go to war? I really do not understand Bolten. He needs to step down period. He is old school swatting bees with a stick no longer works. Actually it never worked. My two cents.

  • Sergio Camargo
    Sergio Camargo 15 днів тому

    Its that simple.

  • Sergio Camargo
    Sergio Camargo 15 днів тому

    Once we begin to lose American liv3s than people will complain about being in war. Allow Isreal to fight their own battles. Why are we even placing sanctions on Iran? We are just cornering them into the wall. They will fight. Lets drop three sanctions and see if they honor their word.

  • Sergio Camargo
    Sergio Camargo 15 днів тому

    This is why President Donald J. Trump is the Commander in Chief not Bolten.

  • David Kim
    David Kim 17 днів тому

    Hilary would have struck in a heartbeat

  • darkheart72
    darkheart72 18 днів тому

    Fuck kill porky pig and that old mother fucken pensioner boltafuck

  • Chief Hawkeye
    Chief Hawkeye 19 днів тому

    "I'm not looking for war" but I sure as hell will make something up for one!

    • Extra Angry
      Extra Angry 18 днів тому

      How dense are you? He literally had the chance to start a war, but called it off. He's doing everything BUT making stuff up to start one.

  • Work hard Game harder
    Work hard Game harder 19 днів тому

    Good job Donald Trump

  • Joe B
    Joe B 19 днів тому

    Fuck Bolton

  • J Henry2508
    J Henry2508 19 днів тому

    Israel will stage another false flag soon. The circus must go on.

  • Indy Jones
    Indy Jones 20 днів тому

    Trump is not looking for war with Iran just like Bush was not looking for war with Iraq. The same old propaganda all over again, while people fall for it and support another planned take over of a sovereign country for their own interest.

  • MrZadeeh
    MrZadeeh 20 днів тому


  • LightenUp
    LightenUp 21 день тому

    Dems wanted him to respond. Go figure.

  • Shayan Sheikhlary
    Shayan Sheikhlary 21 день тому

    big war coming!

  • C Su
    C Su 21 день тому +1

    Great President Trump wins again! Get use to it.🖕👍😎😎😎

  • Eric Vetter
    Eric Vetter 21 день тому +1

    You know nothing about military strategy!! Fuckem...send more drones! Let them give away there ground to air missels location....! It's a fucking drone!!!

  • J AG
    J AG 21 день тому

    He's all BS, it's all about him

  • M. saif
    M. saif 22 дні тому +1

    Afghanistan the Graveyard of America😁
    Trying to run away from Afghanistan they won't let you run.
    MR DONALD TRUMP must fuck himself harder

  • Ratt Pack
    Ratt Pack 22 дні тому

    Why does the main stream media assume that trump is lying about everything. Their default with trump is lying. Damn cnn is so bad.

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 22 дні тому

    None of these news casters especially the women will EVER fight in ANY of these wars they want. COWARDS & WARMONGERS

  • goldtvlive
    goldtvlive 22 дні тому

    Fuuuuckkk there so lucky

    [email protected] 22 дні тому

    I have an idea. If a President or any world leader even thinks of a war with another country, their children( being old enough )should be drafted, like everyone else. I wonder if Don Don, Jarred, and all Trumps kids had to be drafted , would he even consider starting one? I think if he’s brave enough to send in other people’s children, than let’s make it mandatory to send his kids first.

  • Liem Nguyen
    Liem Nguyen 22 дні тому

    VIet nam helf iran shoot down the drone of american and now have sending 500 secret soldiers to iran for attack american beside more Russia ,china ,north korea are good friend . Trump so worry because 4 country attack to american is approaching

  • Rich Richiuso
    Rich Richiuso 22 дні тому

    But i will do anything to get the heat off of me anything lie all the way

  • Michael Whitted
    Michael Whitted 23 дні тому

    First off, "cocked" and loaded? Second, that dumb fuck PULLED OUT OF THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL BECAUSE HE HAD OBAMA'S NAME ON IT!

  • tigerslear
    tigerslear 23 дні тому

    .............-------- CNN FAKE NEWS ---------................

  • Feels
    Feels 23 дні тому

    Iran is not as backwards as people think. They're pretty advanced. War with them would not mean free prizes for us, people would die, our people would die. There's no sense in this.

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns 23 дні тому

    As a straight white male, what exactly makes you think I’m going to fight this war for you cnn? Nothing should. Because I won’t. Enough European men died in the past two centuries for demented socialism and capitalism. It’s time WE got to LIVE motherfucker.

  • adfasd
    adfasd 23 дні тому

    Hillary would have been attacking already

  • Joelz Castillo
    Joelz Castillo 23 дні тому

    Understand this cnn we know all ya do it’s hate and acuse trump of nothing so the fake news you guys spreading out it’s not working it never work. We know trump stands with the American people not the Globalist. NWO. Deep state and everyone with Trump derangement syndrome needs to go soon

  • jane dais
    jane dais 23 дні тому

    Putin called , told him to stand down.

    OG FLOE 23 дні тому


  • Jamie Malokas
    Jamie Malokas 23 дні тому

    Hasn't America done enough to the Iranians over the last 65 years? Where does it end? If any country had done to the USA what the USA has done to Iran, of course all Americans would hate them forever. It should be obvious to everyone by now that when it comes to foreign policy Trump will always put Israel's 'Greater Israel Project' first, ahead of American interests.

  • Gamer Historian
    Gamer Historian 23 дні тому

    "Bomb bomb bomb Iran"- John McCain

  • Aphobias Polemos
    Aphobias Polemos 23 дні тому

    The best way to make Iran great again is to kill all the sharia-law-loving muslims.

  • OpnDoarPlcy
    OpnDoarPlcy 23 дні тому

    Veterans who have already been to war in Southwest Asia know better from first hand experience and support this decision. We don't need another stupid war in the sandbox.

  • D Max
    D Max 23 дні тому +1

    *Trump has a cognitive disorder.* Trump's erratic and indecisive behavior is an indication that he has a neurotransmitter deficiency, short term memory disorder and or some initial stage of dementia. I see this same behavior in my elderly parents.

  • seano8484NPC2222
    seano8484NPC2222 23 дні тому

    CNNs very own tribe would love war in Iran

  • kay cee
    kay cee 23 дні тому +1

    I do not care how much the media twists what he says. I do not care how bad he looks. I do not care about his sex life. At all. I do not even care that his language skills are not academic. I only look at what he does and what his policies accomplish. I see a booming economy. I see low unemployment rates. I see African Americans back at work. I saw American companies that had fled overseas returning home. I see the President staying up til 3 am in a suit on Airforce One waiting to greet our prisoners returning from Korea. I see China paying attention to him and returning to the negotiation table. I see him strengthening Israel, standing by Netanyahu, recognizing Jerusalem, saying Shehekhianu. I see him freeing Iran from a devastating regime. I see him tough on terrorism. I see a man who's delivering on every promise He’s made, not just talking to get votes. I see a lover of America. One who defends his men in uniform stronger than anyone I've ever seen. One who is proud of his flag, without feeling sorry, without excuses. I see an American hero. Let them say what they will. Trump is a hero. You will see. I love America. He loves America. I love him as our President. No one is without fault. We hired a man to do a job. He has surpassed my expectations in record time. Single handedly He fought our broken establishment. And he's doing it for free ... Stop listening to talking heads. Look at policies. I'm proud to support Trump and you should too!

  • Fred Gonzalez
    Fred Gonzalez 23 дні тому

    Con News Network, thanks to God that now we have a strong President. Not that coward chicken shit Obama, let's face it he doesn't have any cojones, he was a clown and an Iranian toy a shame for the United States.

  • Maria da Luz Moutinho
    Maria da Luz Moutinho 23 дні тому

    Não pretende uma guerra com o Irão ...porque é que rasgou os acordos??? Se atacasse o Irão lógico que a América tem armas mais destrutivas .. mas as consequências no médio oriente e mundo seriam graves!! Há tantos países com armas nucleares inclusive a América ...porque esta forma de actuar com o Irão??

  • Verizon Wireless
    Verizon Wireless 23 дні тому

    Donald Trump knows exactly what the hell he's doing I hate it when left-wing liberals get on here and say he is undermining the American people he doesn't know what he's doing CNN the left-wing liberals and all who hates Trump can kiss my a.. always bashing that man y'all don't want him to succeed but he will and you will be a second term president

  • oskorbitel ereiskui
    oskorbitel ereiskui 23 дні тому +1

    What? Put in your pants! Are you afraid of Iran !? Well, it’s right that he, along with China and Russia, will simply gouge you into all holes!

  • William S
    William S 23 дні тому

    "The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. It should scare everyone." - Hillary Clinton (when she was trying to scare everyone into thinking he was a warmonger). Sorry CNN, you'll have to wait for the next Obama or GW Bush to get your next war.

  • Charsi Baba
    Charsi Baba 23 дні тому

    CNN and all the media except for Tucker Carlson beating the war drums.... /Dems.=war mongers ..Trump did the right thing on this .

  • Pete 913
    Pete 913 23 дні тому

    This whole crisis was manufactured by Trump and Bolton when they pulled out of the Iranian arms deal, so now we're supposed to give Trump credit for not attacking Iran? That's some really twisted logic.

  • Mike Pelligrino
    Mike Pelligrino 23 дні тому +1

    What is he hiding in his tax returns? Russian payments?

  • daigawn
    daigawn 23 дні тому

    Lying piece of garbage! His entire regime is about bombing foreigners and distracting the populace.

  • Vulture_Grey: WOW
    Vulture_Grey: WOW 23 дні тому

    I like his decision to not retaliate with a tiny little bite. Increase sanctions until they realize all we want is peace. Make the people of Iran hate their leaders.

  • M. Rodrigo Lemus
    M. Rodrigo Lemus 24 дні тому +1

    Ah the Warmonger Dove... So Donald Trump destroyed President Barack Obama's IRAN DEAL against all ALLIES advice (except of course the "Jewish state"), reimposed all sanctions against Iran, conducts economic war blocking Iran's oil sales and starving their people... Hired two Warmongers IDIOTS Pompeo and Bolton... Appoints one Jewish Mid East "adviser" after another whispered in his ear... Floods the Persian gulf with WARSHIPS, spy drones and 1,500 more Troops etc.... Threatens, goads and incites Iran's government, and claims he's not looking for a WAR with Iran or regime change? hahaha... DUMBASS.😆

  • Robert Daniel Curtis
    Robert Daniel Curtis 24 дні тому +2

    Donald Trump made the right decision. Screw anybody who says otherwise, we don't need to be in a war with Iran!

  • Jeanne Darc
    Jeanne Darc 24 дні тому

    Good decision by a weak president.

  • HumanDrillBit
    HumanDrillBit 24 дні тому

    Liberal scum want the USA to go to war with Iran.

  • Dave White
    Dave White 24 дні тому

    Trump keeping everyone on their toes. smart move

  • M.L. DeMedal
    M.L. DeMedal 24 дні тому

    Where is the coverage of this important story?

  • George Morris
    George Morris 24 дні тому

    they want another 400million in cash like OBAMA gave them, once they get a nuke they will blackmail. progressives? IDIOTS!!!!

  • gondor532
    gondor532 24 дні тому

    Haha and if he attacked braindead liberals would attack him because of that. Regressives just thrive on hate and ignorance.

  • Shapes in Planet
    Shapes in Planet 24 дні тому


  • The P
    The P 24 дні тому

    The bankruptcy specialist don’t give a fuck
    Iran simply has his pee pee tapes

  • The P
    The P 24 дні тому

    Counter measures on conalds tax returns

  • The P
    The P 24 дні тому


  • Akela DeWolf
    Akela DeWolf 24 дні тому

    Any time a dimotards speaks, someone eventually has to come back, and tell the truth....

  • _shifty
    _shifty 24 дні тому


  • Adam
    Adam 24 дні тому

    the bar is that low we are supposed to praise him for not wanting war.

  • yaya lamii ܞ
    yaya lamii ܞ 24 дні тому

    This US President leaders is very rich but bad too not very friendly with neighbouring countries

  • L. R.
    L. R. 24 дні тому +1

    Libtard media after drone attack:
    Trump is racist, a war monger, he wants to kill all muslims!!!
    Libtard media after Trump announced no war:
    Orange man weak, there is no communication in the west wing reeeeeeeee!!!
    Me: 🤦‍♂️😒dumbasses!

  • M J
    M J 24 дні тому +1

    Because expecting Big snap

  • Satam Abu Ajram
    Satam Abu Ajram 24 дні тому

    Trump is a very strong confidant leader and it takes a strong leader to do what he had done .His pull back shows how leaders need to be .Anyone knows that Iran or any other country is no match for the US force and the president is no need to prove it. I hope Iranian Leaders takes this gesture and work with the president to resolve all outstanding issue.

  • jon elsea
    jon elsea 24 дні тому

    So they shot down our toy plane because we fly it into their yard. So what. Send them a bill if it was unjustified. No lives were lost. Don't put our sons and daughters in harms way over a fucking toy plane.

    • Akela DeWolf
      Akela DeWolf 24 дні тому

      we didn't, international waters dummy )

  • Alex Vouitsis
    Alex Vouitsis 24 дні тому

    Warmonger bullshit. President was right not to ignite a counter strike

  • Tovarasul Ceausescu
    Tovarasul Ceausescu 24 дні тому +9

    Ealrier:"Trump is going to attack Iran, what a warmongerer! "
    Later:"Trump doesn't want to go to war over a drone, what a coward! "

  • Annahita Fan Club
    Annahita Fan Club 24 дні тому

    Trump not looking for war????Whattttttt?! 💩Big bully Trump. Shame.

  • Manny Mann
    Manny Mann 24 дні тому


  • Poco Loco
    Poco Loco 24 дні тому

    Why do morons think that the air strike started it self and Trump just saved the world?

  • Leo Peridot
    Leo Peridot 24 дні тому

    I will say this this is one of the few times I agree with Donald Trump not wanting to start a war with Iran. I think Trump found out at the last minute that DOD probably lied to him where the drone ws shot down. It wouldn't surprise me none. Usually if WH wants a war, they'll invent a BS narrative to start one. USS Maine with McKinley. Gulf of Tonkin with LBJ. WMD with Bush-43.

  • UrsinRath
    UrsinRath 24 дні тому

    I call for all illegal immigrants to serve atleast 1 contract in the US military in exchange for citizenship.

  • cykacookie tardovic
    cykacookie tardovic 24 дні тому

    Americunts loser's. Iran pulled ur balls off to show the world ur cunt government based on Jews and bluff

  • cykacookie tardovic
    cykacookie tardovic 24 дні тому

    Scary cunt. Request another drone from lakheed martini to build new drone. And tag it 500 Million dollar project this time. Then send it over Iran to be fuck less than min😂😂😂

  • Harry Cardillo
    Harry Cardillo 24 дні тому

    Trump bombs = he's a warmonger. Trump backs off = he's a wimp. CNN = scummy fake news. There is your math lesson of the day.

  • Colin Farrell
    Colin Farrell 24 дні тому +1

    He made the right dession

  • Big C
    Big C 24 дні тому

    To hell with it..I wanna see some stuff blown up.. Let's go... We're already in hell

  • Josef Middleton
    Josef Middleton 24 дні тому

    I'm only a comments reader.

  • obliviox
    obliviox 24 дні тому

    May be the first level headed right decision he has ever made as president

  • B Y
    B Y 24 дні тому

    It's all just talk until Bolton and Pompeo are fired.

  • Courage Karnga
    Courage Karnga 24 дні тому

    Yeah, right, and we're not looking for your taxes.

  • garmatey
    garmatey 24 дні тому

    Right wingers commenting on this video: what the fuck video are you watching where you're getting the idea that the dems want war? Watched this video twice to make sure I wasn't losing my goddamn mind and the only people wanting war are the president's advisors.

  • garmatey
    garmatey 24 дні тому

    The 'strong man' will take us all down

  • WTF Again?
    WTF Again? 24 дні тому

    I think Bolton and Pompeo pushed for this major attack. The military said no. A gross overreaction to a drone loss.
    Of course the drone was in Iranian airspace. Not much point to the mission if it wasn’t.

  • bbslick1 gonzales
    bbslick1 gonzales 24 дні тому

    Man Trump just talks like I as in me . Never we. As in We the People

  • WTF Again?
    WTF Again? 24 дні тому

    Trump creates a crisis then calls off the attack he ordered and then takes a victory lap? WTF?

  • Kelly and Rich Weddle
    Kelly and Rich Weddle 24 дні тому +2

    I agree with the president's decision to call off the attack.

  • Nguyen thi Thanh huyen
    Nguyen thi Thanh huyen 24 дні тому


  • Tee X
    Tee X 24 дні тому

  • Bokeh Electric
    Bokeh Electric 24 дні тому +2

    WTF! In the course of a minute this bitch asserts that the president is an idiot and too incompetent to lead??? United States President? . Fuck this bitch Amy Pope. Propagandist Cunt, Amy Pope.

    • WTF Again?
      WTF Again? 24 дні тому

      Bokeh Electric
      Well he is incompetent and unfit to lead. Your point?