Erin Burnett: This is why US allies don't trust Mike Pompeo

  • Опубліковано 18 чер 2019
  • CNN's Erin Burnett breaks down President Donald Trump's decision to send 1,000 additional US forces and more military resources to the Middle East amid tensions with Iran.
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  • Glockman 155
    Glockman 155 День тому

    Erin you look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    BAD! Americans don’t believe you or CNN.

  • Jeremy Blank
    Jeremy Blank 9 днів тому

    Erin, you conveniently ignore past intelligence lies that everyone else remembers

  • Larry Kuker
    Larry Kuker 9 днів тому

    Hey Erin!!!
    We trust none of you!
    Fake reporting
    Fake politicians
    Fake wars
    Fake elections
    Fake democracy
    You will pay in the afterlife for your support of endless, for profit, wars.
    Starve many children lately?
    Real reporters are not mouth pieces for your oligarchy.
    10% approval rating for Congress
    You should be ashamed!
    Selling your soul for a paycheck.

  • Ralph Tamez
    Ralph Tamez 10 днів тому

    Just believe like in the Gulf of Tonkin. . Just like 911... just like Iraq wmds.. all lies

  • Jeffrey English
    Jeffrey English 10 днів тому

    We pulled out of the Iranian agreement arbitrarily. We’re putting out fake images of a boat and a mine. Were circulating fake intelligence. We’re twittering up a storm of threats. We’re moving warships into the region. We’re known for starting wars with other Middle East on false pretenses. I mean does anybody remember the Shah of Iran? We’re threatening quote “obliteration.” Gee. I wonder why Iran is upset and preparing for war?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if our allies sided with Iran in the coming conflict. I think the world would like to be on the right side of history. America is now on the wrong side. Perhaps Iran does deserve to have some nukes. To protect them from us!

  • David Vance
    David Vance 11 днів тому

    Fake news

  • Global War News
    Global War News 11 днів тому +1

    Sorry Americans. Canadians don't trust your stupid asses because you are intentionally and knowingly interfering with our politics by backing and funding right wing climate change deniers like Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer & Maxime Bernie.
    That makes your country an enemy to Canadians and the world as a whole. The oil industry will end.

  • James Mensah
    James Mensah 11 днів тому

    Trust the same intelligence that pack of lies that led to the invasion of Iraq...

  • Mohamed Badbess
    Mohamed Badbess 11 днів тому


  • David Lee
    David Lee 11 днів тому

    ..and I hate liars.

  • emadodin zati
    emadodin zati 12 днів тому

    such a steaming pile of crap

  • Saurabh S
    Saurabh S 12 днів тому

    Trump is a clown, a smart and greedy clown

  • Badbrit_59
    Badbrit_59 13 днів тому

    That last sentence was interesting-"to showcase the evidence to convince our allies". How am I to understand that?

  • maher sinno
    maher sinno 13 днів тому

    How stupid can you really be !! So they apparently ( Iranians ) in broad day light the tanker to put their mines and they didn’t forget to ware their lights reflected orange jackets . 😂 lmao

  • Thomas Danielsen
    Thomas Danielsen 13 днів тому

    We dont trust the USA

  • Trevor McKenna-Williams
    Trevor McKenna-Williams 13 днів тому

    Why should anyone believe the Americans when they say there intelligence says something has happened when there own President keeps telling the world he doesn't?

  • Benjamin Bierley
    Benjamin Bierley 13 днів тому

    You can't have it both ways

  • # hamdale
    # hamdale 13 днів тому

    It's so very obvious that Trump is a conman. He's not even a good liar. He's only fooling the jerks that agree with Trump's horrific actions.

  • gabby X2
    gabby X2 13 днів тому

    I remember Erin. Back before she became so angry. Before she got all "triggered." She was pretty then.

  • kl. johnny
    kl. johnny 13 днів тому

    Hi Erin! 😊

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross 13 днів тому

    Yes, they saw the boat and filmed it you dizzy bitch.

  • Paul Belardo
    Paul Belardo 14 днів тому

    More Shit coming out of this piece of Trash Erin's mouth. You and your Network are a joke

  • G D
    G D 14 днів тому

    His mom does not trust him

  • earthSCAN NZ
    earthSCAN NZ 15 днів тому

    America, grow up and go and sit in the naughty corner -

  • Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton 15 днів тому

    I would rather the American taxpayers spend a trillion dollars solving the issue of scarcity and privatization of potable water for people like the Navajo Nation or Flint, MI than to spend one more penny killing those in foreign countries that were never initially aggressive towards us. It should now be obvious to all intelligent people what American Indians and Blacks have known forever - If you are not part of the economic top 5%, you should hurry up and die...

  • Michael Villarreal
    Michael Villarreal 15 днів тому

    I trust trump not cnn . Cnn are a bunch of cucks

  • Bawar Saeed
    Bawar Saeed 16 днів тому

    What proof? Here’s what we have, holes in a metal hull, let’s assume it’s the same boat, mines are under water so that’s not from a mine, and what mines cuts perfect square holes? And Japan says it came from the air. And what video is there, video of Iran helping the people on the boat by REMOVING a mine.
    It’s obvious that either USA, Israel, or UAE/saudi orchestrated a false flag while japan was is Iran an hour before meeting the religious leader of Iran

  • john livanos
    john livanos 16 днів тому

    lying bastards

  • Lyle Simpson
    Lyle Simpson 16 днів тому

    A video showing an Iranian boat crew 'removing' part of a mine proves absolutely nothing. If a US crew went up and removed that device would it prove they originally planted it. This is illogical.

  • Pierre Moeini
    Pierre Moeini 17 днів тому

    Is disgrace to America. ,I am glad the rest of the works are not alone to see that and some Americas see it too

  • William Abbey
    William Abbey 17 днів тому

    False flag 🚩 look at 911 American greed

  • ghasan23
    ghasan23 17 днів тому

    Trump's administration didn't do anything new, the only difference is that trump is stupid how they go about false flag ops. Obama is also the same war criminal as was Bush, Clinton and trump today. We lie, we cheat, we steal.

  • Ryan McAlister
    Ryan McAlister 17 днів тому

    Yuck that ladies face

  • Manatee 7
    Manatee 7 17 днів тому


  • El Nachismo
    El Nachismo 17 днів тому

    And you were worried President Obama’s was gonna start W W III

  • Robin Fleet
    Robin Fleet 17 днів тому

    Why believe anything coming out of the White House. Hardly a source of truth and honesty, especially in the last few years. The photos shown in this video are still no evidence, it could have been photos taken anywhere and not necessarily in the area of the damaged tanker, there is no real continuity in the alleged photographic evidence. Coupled with contrary reports from individuals that were on the ships hit, it is suspect that the information that Pompeo alleges is manufactured.

  • S Oval
    S Oval 18 днів тому

    Bolton should not be in office !! Bolton must go he lied on weapon of mass destruction with Bush and now this folks .. Bolton should be charge of War Crimes ! CIA ! Pompeo is a lier !

  • TheAstroKid
    TheAstroKid 18 днів тому

    That guy is a demon!

  • kozmic zian
    kozmic zian 19 днів тому


  • Nick Rose
    Nick Rose 19 днів тому

    CNN gave the debate questions to Hillary Clinton beforehand.
    THIS is why nobody
    believes the
    C linton
    N ews
    N etwork
    🇺🇸MAGA 45 20/20🇺🇸
    Perfect Vision for AMERICA

  • xxx tino
    xxx tino 19 днів тому

    troops that are going in first there's good as dead spend your time wisely. This is war. First time our country will be fighting a real army not guerrilla warfare since world war II.. with all the bells and whistles

  • xxx tino
    xxx tino 19 днів тому

    Wait Trump says don't trust intelligence community an now we trust them LMFAO 😂 stupid Americans a country or children. So easily manipulated

  • hungry jack
    hungry jack 19 днів тому


  • reverse thrust
    reverse thrust 20 днів тому


  • alinaghi Jamali
    alinaghi Jamali 20 днів тому

    US intelligence community or fact manipulation community to prepare Tonkin like incidents and reports?
    You are laughable.
    And by the way, why don't you attack Iran with your ''military might''? Just go and do it and see what will expect you and your allies.
    Trump should take control over mad dogs within his team instead blaming incidents on Iran.
    These lies won't move your agenda forward. With or without war you US has to leave this region.
    No allies are not sceptical, they have their trousers full already.

  • Nick Molon Labe
    Nick Molon Labe 20 днів тому

    Americans do no trust CNN

  • Wigbert Lui
    Wigbert Lui 20 днів тому

    Its pretty sad that as the world leader, you should spent the money your county need to improve your citizen living standard, instead you create damages everywhere in the world by lies. Come on China, Russia, Europe, India. Stay strong together and we all will not be controlled by the stupid trump and arrogant us anymore. Look at the so called us allies, all their economy are sh*t, that’s because the americans drag you guys down with lies. Wake the hell up.

  • Francis Chiew
    Francis Chiew 20 днів тому

    Ask the Japanese owner of the tanker? He basically said no the Iranian helping his ship!!!
    So crystal clear Trump n Pompeo are liars!!!
    The European know that the American have propensity to lie...
    Pompeo even proudly stated he lied n cheated when he was CIA!!!

  • bartman22x1
    bartman22x1 21 день тому

    Erin your really getting fatter by the day ! TRUMP4EVA

  • Betterworld ok
    Betterworld ok 21 день тому

    No evidence at all and they just point fingers at innocent people. Everything has to be investigated, don't guess, agree unless you show the proof. Don't they follow the rules of law?

  • Muammar Sarip
    Muammar Sarip 22 дні тому

    Mike pompeo cannot be trusted anymore because according to him he cheat he lie he steal!!

  • BOUJEMAA doubiz
    BOUJEMAA doubiz 22 дні тому

    Dont trust nobody Everybody lies 🖕🏼fuck tha world 4 keeping sillence 🙏🏼

  • William Robles
    William Robles 22 дні тому +1

    The US kill the president Jhon .F.Kennedy, CIA.

  • William Robles
    William Robles 22 дні тому

    Mike Pompeo is a terrorist.

  • surferlaments
    surferlaments 22 дні тому +2

    this woman has been on cnn for too long.... as it has made her ugly.

  • daBreakdown 1
    daBreakdown 1 22 дні тому

    We are the bully tell isreal to shut up we will not help them or anyone else.LET THEM START AND FINISH IT THEMSELVES NO MORE WEAPONS WILL BE SOLD

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 22 дні тому

    I though I had deleted all the CNN feeds, You Tube strikes again... Well, while I am here, I'll say this!

    • Jim Watson
      Jim Watson 22 дні тому

      So it begins, CNN is openly siding with Iran. It won't be long before maybe Warren or Harris COLLUDES with Foreign Leaders and Openly tries Another Coup. If this Coup shows signs of gaining traction we will All see Obama raise his head again and he will be shooting for President for Life! McCraven was hand picked by Obama Year's ago to defend Obama's Agenda after his 8 years in office... Let the Bullshit Begin!

  • B Solo NJ
    B Solo NJ 22 дні тому

    How can we believe the U.S. intelligence community I thought they were the Deep state?? Or are they only the Deep state when they're investigating Trump!

  • BladeMasterz916
    BladeMasterz916 22 дні тому

    I don't trust US intelligence anymore..... they are all lying!!!! So they can make money on the stock of arms companies!

  • Skay24
    Skay24 22 дні тому

    Over the years there have been no attacks on oil tankers near Iran, now that the USA moved more and more soldiers to region. The attacks began. These photos are BS, Hollywood can do better ... There was proof of chemical weapons in Iraq to. So the next one will be more and more evidence, and the war will start.

  • 1mrslapzilla
    1mrslapzilla 23 дні тому +1

    give this bitch a diet she can follow, and some.meds she dont.look right she's fucked up.In the head

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen 23 дні тому +1

    He keeps lying likes his boss donal trump party is delivery WW3 he must be stop and send him away

  • sleem Kane
    sleem Kane 23 дні тому

    I feel sorry for USA is hostage for Israel

  • DragonFae16
    DragonFae16 24 дні тому

    Anyone else get a whiff of Saudi Arabia being involved here? Involved in 9/11, Yemen, Khashoggi and countless other atrocities so why not this?

  • twomicefighting
    twomicefighting 24 дні тому

    How dare them Iranians break a deal that that the US pulled out of? Treachery!!! Not.

  • Bradkey Williams
    Bradkey Williams 24 дні тому

    Who WOULD have anything 2 do with pompous pompeo?!?! EH ??
    Such a corrupt liar & everyone KNOWS it was the c.i.a. !!! WHO gets such clear images 4 evidence yet so fuckin'
    full of SHIT ???
    p.s- poorass try trumpass's !! LOL'S...

  • truth reveal
    truth reveal 24 дні тому

    TRUMP 2020 baby!!!

  • truth reveal
    truth reveal 24 дні тому

    You CNN FAKE NEWS ppl need to close up shop because you all are demonic idiots!

  • truth reveal
    truth reveal 24 дні тому


  • Allen Yeong
    Allen Yeong 24 дні тому

    John Bolden state that the damage was done by Iran on the tankers, but captain of these tankers say it is not, is the secretary of state and John telling the truth?

  • Leki Bhouse
    Leki Bhouse 24 дні тому

    Trump is going to start a war with Iran to deflect the attention of his lies

  • Rollo Tomasi
    Rollo Tomasi 24 дні тому +1

    The same way half the country doesn’t trust CNN.......

  • Chuck Longino
    Chuck Longino 25 днів тому +1


  • Chuck Longino
    Chuck Longino 25 днів тому +1


  • Chuck Longino
    Chuck Longino 25 днів тому +1


    BIG O TIMA 25 днів тому


    BIG O TIMA 25 днів тому


  • Owleyes
    Owleyes 25 днів тому

    There is a bunch of warmongers in the Whitehouse, ready to start another war at the drop of a pin. The US armament industry needs a renewed boost to make blood money.

  • Joan Tap&Go
    Joan Tap&Go 25 днів тому

    Iran is not Vietnam

  • crispy
    crispy 25 днів тому

    Too many lies and hidden agendas here.
    With all the cherry picking of Intelligence information and denial about Russian attacks on your democracy that this WH does every day, why do we have to believe anything this WH says?

    The Russian's have a history of dressing their troops up as other nations troops, just look at the Ukraine - May be this time the Russians are setting Trump up to attack Iran by posing as IRGC and planting evidence RIGHT IN FRONT of the helicopter - you would think f it was Iran they would be trying to hide it, not flaunt it.

  • Sharann Kirkpatrick
    Sharann Kirkpatrick 25 днів тому

    How UnAmerican to bitch about this subject. No matter your Political Affiliation, we are the UNITED States of America supporting each other, especially when it comes to our Military, and enemies.

  • Marcus Austin
    Marcus Austin 25 днів тому

    Bolton & Pompeo are swampy Chickenhawks! Theres swamp on both sides ! Wake up!

  • Will Storm
    Will Storm 26 днів тому

    All US intelligence agencies told trump that Russia attacked the election. Putin told trump it wasn't them. Kim writes trump love letters and trump swallows it. No one is ever going to side with trump or Pompeo you have burned all your bridges in the international arena.

  • derry667dingo
    derry667dingo 26 днів тому

    Trump administration says not to trust US intelligence community over and over again and they now say US intelligence should be trusted without question?
    Have they never heard story of “The Boy who cried Wolf”?
    Even most children get it 🙄

  • Cary Sontag
    Cary Sontag 26 днів тому

    Fuck all Iranian government officials

  • Claud Peoples
    Claud Peoples 26 днів тому

    No one trusts trump or his administration. And I have another question, for our allies, when were those pictures taken? I have a feeling they may have pulled them from long ago.

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi
    Toraguchi Toraguchi 26 днів тому

    And this is why Americans don't trust CNN.

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed 26 днів тому

    That strait is a good place to attack a carrier.

  • Drake Koefoed
    Drake Koefoed 26 днів тому

    we lied cheated and stole so just believe me.

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear 26 днів тому

    It is truly amazing how many parrots, blind followers from CNN mindset we have in our nation. It's truly sad and quite frightening. Trying to figure out if Erin wants us to go to war? I know she would never say one good thing our president has done for Americans and there are so many accomplishments trump has done! Against ALL ODDS. GET AWAY FROM THE SWAMP AT CNN. ALL THEY DO IS BRAINWASH THEIR AUDIENCE. IT'S RATHER DISGUSTING AND SO DARN NEGATIVE. ANTHONY WEINERS LAPTOP IS COMING. IT WILL TELL ALL

  • svein olav ovesen
    svein olav ovesen 26 днів тому

    This opinion piece does not reflect views of US allies at all. CNN did not spend any time watching news in the various languages that the allies speak.

  • Kim Jakab
    Kim Jakab 26 днів тому

    Erin B will soon lose her job?
    She asks questions which don't go in line with rest of the US brainwashing media. Interesting!

  • Tintin
    Tintin 26 днів тому

    Since Saddam’s wmds, or lack thereof - since the destruction of Libya, since the 3 million civilians slaughtered in the Middle East “to protect America” (not for their oil sure)... since that and more, the world believes nothing that any American government says.

  • Noah Vale
    Noah Vale 26 днів тому +1

    Now Trump is believing the CIA !

  • Chanla Vip
    Chanla Vip 26 днів тому

    If Iran attacked the that ship, why the oil ship damaged only on the side of the ship?

  • pnbliveca
    pnbliveca 26 днів тому

    Only one cheer picking is CNN and pompeio has shits more intelligent than you or any CNN reporter

  • hostiechick
    hostiechick 26 днів тому

    If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it is a duck!!!!

  • terry dean
    terry dean 26 днів тому


  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow 26 днів тому

    POMPEO is a POMPOUS ASSHOLE !!!!!! he looks like he;s never met a Golden Corral buffet he didnt like.... Pompeo is adonkey ass

  • moester75
    moester75 26 днів тому

    Whoever you outside advisors are that talk the president out of doing the air strikes on Iran, those advisor should be given some kind of metal maybe a Nobel peace prize or something. Going with airstrikes over a shot down drone would have been very bad on our part.

    • moester75
      moester75 26 днів тому

      Medal....... damn man