Obama voter: This is why I voted for Trump

  • Опубліковано 20 чер 2019
  • CNN's Alisyn Camerota sits down with a group of Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 to discuss where they stand on supporting the President now. #CNN #News


  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 6 годин тому +1

    *Trump's got this in the bank* *TRUMP2020❤🇺🇸❤🗽*

  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 6 годин тому +1

    *The best guy is the black guy he is the most sane.*

  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 6 годин тому +1

    *I can't stand that bitch fuck you CNN!!*

  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 6 годин тому +1

    *THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE MOST RACIST AGAINST BLACKS THAT YOU CAN GET* *That bitch "reporter is putting words in their mouths and Trump's mouth*

  • Ra L
    Ra L 10 годин тому

    Fake news

  • Denise
    Denise 10 годин тому +1

    CNN= fake news

  • trqmj
    trqmj 11 годин тому

    These people give me hope.

  • dookieface
    dookieface 11 годин тому

    ignorant skepticism

  • stang55 dude
    stang55 dude 12 годин тому

    I'm not a road scholar. but I thought the President enforces the law not make laws. Its ashame that bitch has a news show and is so stupid on how the government works.

  • Kevin Sargent
    Kevin Sargent 16 годин тому

    This blond woman.. hates her self... black woman too...

  • Kevin Sargent
    Kevin Sargent 16 годин тому

    The to white guys are fing each other...

  • tigre tigre
    tigre tigre 21 годину тому

    Black guy wants to give leftovers to assylum seekers who have been forced out of their country because of us meddling in their countries of origin. If you don't want refugees, then stop overthrowing their democratically elected governments and stealing their resources. It's not rocket science!

  • tigre tigre
    tigre tigre 22 години тому

    America's heading down the drain very fast... Politicians and the media are at fault.

    • tigre tigre
      tigre tigre 11 хвилин тому

      @Ra L trump will f**k you in the arse!

    • Ra L
      Ra L 10 годин тому

      No it isn't

  • tigre tigre
    tigre tigre 22 години тому

    Black dude defending Trump and his policies is totally hoodwinked!!

    • tigre tigre
      tigre tigre 29 хвилин тому

      @Ra L your ignorance is staggering!

    • tigre tigre
      tigre tigre Годину тому

      @Ra L you 've been bamboozled! AOC 4EVA!

    • Ra L
      Ra L 10 годин тому

      You've been hoodwinked! Trump 4EVA! Keep crying snowflakes!

    • Justo FNG
      Justo FNG 17 годин тому


  • tigre tigre
    tigre tigre 22 години тому

    Some of them are totally bamboozled!!

  • drizza19
    drizza19 День тому

    The black man was on point!

  • Ken Pippan
    Ken Pippan День тому

    KKK Democrats, this is your party!!!!

  • monkey business
    monkey business 2 дні тому

    Y'all people are crazy and voting for this racist man,he a lier a con and crook

  • ROLA37
    ROLA37 2 дні тому +2

    Black guy only one that has any sense ...trump 2020

  • Yasin Hassenbey
    Yasin Hassenbey 2 дні тому

    Trump supporters always show their lack of intelligence 😂😂😂 it’s truly fucking mind blowing lol the man in the front row is every bit of stupidity a human can hold in a brain cell 😂🥴

  • Victor Yorro
    Victor Yorro 2 дні тому +1

    Blackman on fire

  • Victor Yorro
    Victor Yorro 2 дні тому

    Blackman. Well done

  • Victor Yorro
    Victor Yorro 2 дні тому

    Me duele la cabeza. Cnn. Just keep pushing the envelop

  • Me Crazy La La
    Me Crazy La La 3 дні тому +3

    Wateva I voted for Obama too & it was a friggin mistake. But not anymore I support Trump 100%!

  • BrandyLyn Patrick
    BrandyLyn Patrick 3 дні тому

    If you want to seek asylum you come to the port of entry and do it legally! We as a sovereign nation deserve to get to check you out before we let you in and I definitely don't agree that the taxpayers owe anyone free anything. I should be able to choose who I want to be charitable to. The government should not be taking my hard-earned money and giving it away to someone else that COULD BE a crook, murderer or a free-loader who is here to mooch off of our taxpayers. I believe in the rule of law! Congress should stop ACCUSING ICE and BCP of carrying out the laws that they enacted. They have said for decades that illegals should come through the ports of entry and not jump ahead of the line. They have said for quite some time that we need a wall. It was only when Trump announced that he was going to do it that they decided it was IMMORAL to have a wall. The very politicians who claim that walls are immoral HAVE WALLS AROUND THEIR PROPERTIES. While I have the chance to say it, I think that the politicians that have called for Pres. Trump's tax records and his family's tax records should have to put up theirs first! I don't know that the information that I see is true, but if what I have read is true, they are the crooks. Even though he has been harrassed "6 ways from Sunday" since before he took office, Pres. Trump has delivered on his promises as much as he could even though he has been resisted in every way possible and then some!

  • pokey gumby
    pokey gumby 3 дні тому +2

    CNN will always be fake news.. End of story.

  • Susan Elizalde
    Susan Elizalde 3 дні тому +1

    Guest panelist, re: ILLEGALS “...purposely brought your family to this border...” . Again CNN caster MUST put spin to distract from ABSOLUTE valid point presented. Clearly CNN pushes continuation illegal burden influx. (Frank Elizalde, submitted by) Cheers to panelist!

  • Chris Campbell-Moore
    Chris Campbell-Moore 4 дні тому

    These people are coached OR they just don’t watch the real news and actually research their reasons

  • Tony Babauta
    Tony Babauta 4 дні тому


  • Mapex Zildjian
    Mapex Zildjian 4 дні тому +1

    This thing was so chopped up it's almost hard to watch

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez 4 дні тому +1

    The CNN mediator was bias as expected.

    • Susan Elizalde
      Susan Elizalde 3 дні тому

      Of course! CNN BIAS is natural for CNN. CNN must disrupt & distract voicing of issues they deem to be contrary to LEFTIST concoctions. (Frank Elizalde, submitted by).

  • Jack dull
    Jack dull 5 днів тому

    Leadership starts at home with your parents.

  • zach gottheimer
    zach gottheimer 5 днів тому

    It was a very short time that republicans had control is that a fucking joke. They had as much time the Democrats have had control of the Congress and not even both houses so that dumb fuck needs to shut up.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 5 днів тому

    Why edit

  • heinz53
    heinz53 5 днів тому

    If anyone judge this President of the "form" instead of results, you just did not get it.
    Then you have NO idea that it is ALSO the form bringing the successes.
    His opposite is STILL the publicmoney addictive parasitical psychopath's "walking" on the "plantations" and taxenslave the deplorables SO bad that the middle class almost was ruined, ONLY "busy" with themselves till the day of today, and "giving back" only devision, destruction and total socialist radical NSDAP fascist CRAP. This IS only Satan at work......the Jim Crow laws in just another form.....
    And the President is dealing with Satan......and not drinking nice cups of coffee with them.
    This is the appropreate form the President is using, the ONLY form Satan understands.....at last.
    THIS is what makes America great and why He is the best real President of the greatest place on the planet.
    His brutal form.......GREAT!
    And ALL this CRAP for one Dollar a year.....???
    Because he genuin loves the nation and the real peoples real working in there.....defends them FIERCELY NUCLEAIR from decades democrats ripping them off for own private purposes......probably democrat secret meetings on the Lolita Express on deplorable cost.......
    NO one should adress this "friendly political correct"........

  • Richard Foster
    Richard Foster 5 днів тому +4

    Boohoo Trump hurts my feelings ...Give me a break ! Trump getting stuff done ! I guess they rather have a soft nice guy and get nothing done ! Wake the hell up !

    • Teresa Graham
      Teresa Graham 4 дні тому +1

      Richard Foster They just cannot stand that finally someone has the balls to stand up to them and the liberal media. But I have a feeling that all hell is fixing to break lose Killary is going to get busted for all the crap she’s done, Bill is going to get busted for going to child predator island. The liberals have opened a can of worms that they will wish they had kept closed.

  • Nuri Bauswell
    Nuri Bauswell 5 днів тому +5

    Always gotta use the black woman to push the democrats agenda of emotions race baters... the black man! Good job my brotha. 💯

  • Nuri Bauswell
    Nuri Bauswell 5 днів тому


  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor 6 днів тому

    It’s funny when fake news hears something they don’t want to hear they edit it. Did you notice how the minute the guy said “let’s take care of our own people first and if there’s something left then give it away.” And yet nobody cared. It’s obvious that they really don’t care why they voted for trump. They just want to show that trump voters aren’t happy. So they handpick a select few to come and interview. If they thought 2016 was bad wait till they see 2020 with the pool of garbage running for Democratic ticket. Also notice that they didn’t ask a single question about the democratic plans of free everything for everyone. I bet the lady with the 14 year old son would have loved that.

    JOHN COLLINS 6 днів тому

    Ha hate crimes. What a joke.

  • Bobby Hansen
    Bobby Hansen 6 днів тому +3


  • H C
    H C 6 днів тому

    Take care of Americans, and if there's something left over .... we can give it to you. WORD!!!! America's got about half a million homeless people. 10% of those are war veterans. The poverty rate is about 12% That's 40 million American's living in poverty ....... Where's the compassion in taking care of them ?? The Dems and the left only want these immigrants for their votes .... they don't give a shit about nothing else

  • John Villalovos
    John Villalovos 6 днів тому +3


  • rrrkev
    rrrkev 6 днів тому +1

    Maga 2020

  • RussianTroll
    RussianTroll 6 днів тому

    People regret their vote only because he is inappropriate not because his policies are Awful

  • John Gregoire
    John Gregoire 7 днів тому

    One smart black man on that panel I’m not surprised black people in this country are getting the short end of the stick because of immigration the black people of this country are the white man’s brother don’t forget it

  • John Gregoire
    John Gregoire 7 днів тому

    Fucking lies lies and more lies Trump will win easily in 2020 and thank God for that

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales 7 днів тому

    How could any mature adult vote Democrat. They promote abortion, antifa violence, promote illegal immigration, raise taxes on working taxpayers and try to restrict gun ownership to LAW abiding responsible citizens.

  • monty artripe
    monty artripe 7 днів тому

    The black guy on the bottom is the only smart one and the lady next to him

  • Recon Andinos
    Recon Andinos 7 днів тому

    This black guy is so ignorant

  • Joseph Keenan
    Joseph Keenan 7 днів тому

    ThatS a whole lotta stupid in one Black head

  • Elton R
    Elton R 7 днів тому

    That black man is one ignorant man

  • usssanjacinto1
    usssanjacinto1 7 днів тому

    Real racism was during the Watts Riots of 1965 where blacks were sprayed with 300 PSI fire hoses, attacked and bitten by police dogs, and dragged off by the neck in handcuffs.

  • Armandhammer
    Armandhammer 7 днів тому

    All leftists shall be defined by the actions of BLM and ANTFA henceforth.

  • Agustin Topete
    Agustin Topete 7 днів тому

    This bitch is a trump hater, she can see America getting greater, fake news, Trump 2024

  • Davidisawesome15
    Davidisawesome15 7 днів тому

    Lmfao this fucking CNN host is trying her hardest to degrade Trump and make them feel stupid for liking anything he does. The wall hasn’t been built because the democrats are fighting hard af not to have it built. How’s that his fault the walls not built yet??

  • Patrick Nanai
    Patrick Nanai 8 днів тому +1

    Fake News ! 🤣 the real news that made sense was the real Americans speaking 'Trump supporter's' lol.

    • Almighty Kue
      Almighty Kue 7 днів тому

      Yeah Trump Supporters are as big of morons as Hillary Supporters though. For example none of you seem to notice that for 2 full years Trump had possession of 100% of the government's authority. He had 2 full years where he could have passed a budget for the wall with literally noone able to stop him as Dems had no controlling power in either house. But he didn't. In fact did you notice the Wall talk died out after he was Elected? It didn't begin to be another big push till the Dems won the House. When it would become impossible for him to pass it.
      You got played, the same way the Dems got played by Obama. Dems thought Obama was gonna do something for them but he cut regulations on Oil and Gas, expanded their rights further than even Bush did. He passed pro gun regulations that allowed people to carry guns in State Parks. Trump supporters got played because you thought Trump would actually build a wall. That is fucking hilarious because as I pointed out he had all the authority to fund the wall on his first day in office. And continued to have that authority up until his midterm.

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 8 днів тому

    They only voted 4 Obama because they didn't want 2 be called a racist if they didn't. CNN is fake news.

  • Quentin Campbell
    Quentin Campbell 8 днів тому

    I'm glad CNN (not too much a fan of either CNN or Fox News) is giving people who voted for Obama and Trump a chance to be heard. There's more out there! They need their voices to be heard by the media and the parties! It's not the color of your skin that should determine who you vote for! My family were JFK and LBJ Democrats(New Frontier and Great Society) who were supporting Ben Carson in 2016. People can support others from the other party despite what the media says!

  • Matt Hoover
    Matt Hoover 8 днів тому +2

    Xenophobia right there!

  • Paradox
    Paradox 8 днів тому +4

    "You can statistically say anything, but I don't see it." How does one even respond to that?

    • Dilini Jayasuriya
      Dilini Jayasuriya 6 днів тому

      Paradox I know right!

    • WhenTheSkyTurnsDark
      WhenTheSkyTurnsDark 7 днів тому +1

      Paradox funny how a guy who isn’t seeing racism is being absolutely abhorrent to people fleeing their countries and trying to find sanctuary in a place that can easily provide it.
      Just the way he is talking makes me wonder if he is a Republican plant. There is some serious bitterness in his heart.

  • MrS98VAC
    MrS98VAC 8 днів тому

    You cannot just grant immediate citizenship to all of these illegals. They are vioalting the law, then playing victim!

  • Yugen Utopia
    Yugen Utopia 8 днів тому +3

    My God the uneducated ignorance in this panel, we are doomed 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Reina Jenkins
    Reina Jenkins 8 днів тому +3

    No shade just an observation.
    Darryl wimbley strikes me as someone that blows with the breeze cause he voted for Obama cause he's black YET he sounds like the typical white trump supporter- "if it doesn't affect me I don't care".

    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams 5 днів тому

      Every one should not be held in political correctness. The point was very clear. But to add to his point. If this country is not gonna settle its debt to the African American. Then why should it be ok for anyone to piggyback back of the movement. We can talk about the treatment of illegals all day long. The minute you bring up reparations.no one wants to hear that.

  • James Gilliam
    James Gilliam 9 днів тому

    Listen to the nasty ones speak up and cover up for the Democrats and the fake news journalist. But I like that one black man that stood up for what's right. And for this women that call herself a journalist you are to have your press pass revoke and you should be thrown in prison with the rest of those dirty Democrats and you will get what you deserve for the fake a** news you been telling. So if you really want to do something get out there and tell some real news and stop lying so much.

  • Cory Skowronek
    Cory Skowronek 9 днів тому +1

    The worst thing Donald Trump has done is make people think that it's ok to be ignorant.

    • Der Aua
      Der Aua 8 днів тому

      Quite the role model.

  • Ken C
    Ken C 9 днів тому

    Oh, the santimoneous, condescending BS, from CNN!

  • Swirl
    Swirl 9 днів тому

    Trump fucking said Mars is a part of Moon.

  • John Bush
    John Bush 9 днів тому


  • Braxton Bragg
    Braxton Bragg 9 днів тому +1

    Most Black women are delusional. Allowing white women to manipulate them.

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson 9 днів тому +1

    Cnn with more fake news and bad actor

  • L R
    L R 9 днів тому

    Came to the comments to read about liberals complaining but instead got mostly conservative perspectives. Go away conservatives Im trying to debate some leftist loons on here. 😊

  • Paula Mears
    Paula Mears 9 днів тому +1

    WOW! Proud of what Trump has done with immigration???? Children is over crowed cages stolen from their parents. The National Socialist German Workers' Party separated children from their parents too. Trump is the very definition of FASCIST! A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government - and no tolerance for opposing opinions. A.K.A. TRUMP!!!!!!!!

  • Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort 9 днів тому

    They did not make the switch due to Russian interference.

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin 9 днів тому

    CNN you need to go belly up. You flat out just suck. You try to twist everything around.

  • thisshouldbevalid please
    thisshouldbevalid please 9 днів тому +1

    I felt bad for you americans...this is one of your biggest news network??

    • London Ashley
      London Ashley 7 днів тому

      Man the American media over here is a mess and is heavily politicalized. Instead of searching for truth they support their favorite party.

  • cobra5ptoh
    cobra5ptoh 9 днів тому +1

    The brother was on POINT!!!!

  • A. vsh
    A. vsh 9 днів тому

    Tis is all bullshit ...all u American generally.. please understand legal and illegal meaning and try to argue...illegal means illegal period tat is wrong come in the right way tats all President is asking...y is it so wrong bout tat...CNN I'd like is like nazi the the ministry of propaganda

  • nadoo lovely
    nadoo lovely 9 днів тому +2

    According to the lady, since the kids have Nike sneakers 👟 that means they are living the life 😭😭 this is truly sad. I come from a poor country so lemme tell you

  • John Sands
    John Sands 9 днів тому +1

    I'm voting for TRUMP 2020

  • Angela McDaniel
    Angela McDaniel 9 днів тому

    The black guy in the front row is correct l. People need to come into America the legal way. When you cross the border illegally, the illegal is not respecting the country and their laws.

  • Angela McDaniel
    Angela McDaniel 9 днів тому

    White lady in the front row is right about immigration and the border wall. Trump is trying to do something and the Democrats are preventing him form securing the border.

  • Angela McDaniel
    Angela McDaniel 9 днів тому

    White guy, you don't know the facts about Charrlotteville. There was more than 2 groups. Antifa, KKK, black lives matters and normal non-violent Americans were there. Antifa, black lives matters and the KKK started the fighting. Trump stated racist is wrongs. Violence is wrong. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

  • Angela McDaniel
    Angela McDaniel 9 днів тому +1

    Trump is fighting against everyone in the the U.S. government.

  • Danyel Rash-Sawyer
    Danyel Rash-Sawyer 9 днів тому +1

    I literally can't finish watching this smh

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 9 днів тому

    Nothing worse than an ignorant black guy

  • Patrick Vale
    Patrick Vale 9 днів тому +1

    Wow! The bias is amazing! The moderator so bias! No wonder you been called fake news!

  • L C
    L C 9 днів тому +4

    Blah blah blah!!! The black man on the front rower is awake!!! Bravo, Sir!!!

    • Elton R
      Elton R 7 днів тому

      He is ignorant! His argument is just based on what he sees with his own eyes only. Some I'm pretty sure this man doesn't believe in God either.
      It's ok to be ignorant and selfish, but some one will probably call him ignorant and selfish.....he is ignorant and selfish.

  • Kimberly Brumley
    Kimberly Brumley 9 днів тому

    Every time a black man finds Trump to be right CNN .
    CNN get all upset and then try to use these children at the border.
    If you say it the parent of these kids
    That place there kid's in danger.
    Then they bring up that Trump is a racist.
    If that doesn't work CNN calls you a racist bigot.

  • Y2 DRE
    Y2 DRE 9 днів тому


  • American Ride
    American Ride 9 днів тому

    This is what Trump said about charlottesville, "we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of bigotry, hatred, and violence. It has no place in America.". When he said f"fine people" he was obviously talking about the statue debate and not the two hate filled groups that fought each other.

  • Stan M
    Stan M 10 днів тому

    USA in decay

  • Kallevoue Voue
    Kallevoue Voue 10 днів тому

    Aigan CNN fake news stop lying🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Greatest Shopper
    Greatest Shopper 10 днів тому

    This explains the African American man that is supporting trump ... uaplus.org/kanal/vXFA5ol6qDWHQu0

  • Darnell Magruder
    Darnell Magruder 10 днів тому

    Darrell Wimbley is ignorant and stupid and typical dumb N-E-G-R-O!

  • Terence Burse
    Terence Burse 10 днів тому +1

    Darrell wimbley need to wake up just bc you don’t see it don’t mean it’s not happening..second since when is the kkk good people especially when they stand for hatred of blacks smh WAKE UP MAN !!!

    • Billy Thompson
      Billy Thompson 8 днів тому

      Just because the KKK was there does not mean all people on the right agree with them.. your comment shows your ignorance

  • Ace Shabazz
    Ace Shabazz 10 днів тому

    They always find a buck dancing buffoon ass negro and put his dumb ass on television...

  • Ryan Gordon
    Ryan Gordon 10 днів тому +2

    Darrell wimbley you are awesome.

  • Zaher Miran
    Zaher Miran 10 днів тому

    CNN lady is dumb and stupid.

  • Nina Fuhr
    Nina Fuhr 10 днів тому

    He'll keep them.