NYT: Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran

  • Опубліковано 21 чер 2019
  • President Donald Trump abruptly called off military strikes against Iran after previously approving the strikes in retaliation for Iran shooting down a US military drone, The New York Times reports.
    The operation was already underway in its initial stages -- ships were in position and planes were in the air -- but no missiles had been fired when the order came to stand down, a senior administration official told the Times. The strike had been scheduled for just before dawn on Friday in Iran to minimize the risk to civilians and the Iranian military, and military officials received word shortly after then that the strike was off, at least temporarily.
    The United States remains locked in a standoff with Iran, with US military or diplomatic responses having the potential to provoke further escalation from Tehran. Iran's downing of a US drone earlier Thursday has left the President caught between Republicans demanding a response and congressional Democrats warning that Trump -- and the Iran policy hardliners on his national security staff, who welcome the confrontation -- could lose control of the situation and lead the US into war.
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  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays 14 годин тому

    World War III is comeing

  • Bilbow
    Bilbow День тому

    Trump is a "mama's boy". A real leader doesn't threaten, and he doesn't just talk.

  • Leonidas Giannoulis
    Leonidas Giannoulis 2 дні тому

    Bolton and deep state faggots continue their bullshit wars according to the original plan as described in this video uaplus.org/kanal/vPVV8YXIbJMSoK0 by General Wesley Clark 12 years ago. Trump will not be able to do this trick forever. Bolton belongs in jail for the rest of his miserable life and so do the rest of the swamp creatures like him.

  • TheWorldNewsBoy WhoActuallyPaysAttentionToWorldNews

    No war with Iran from an American let’s make peace fuck Bolton

  • tumansky chikov
    tumansky chikov 10 днів тому

    The sooner Iran becomes a nuclear power, the sooner the US will stop
    threatening Iran. Before North Korea set up its nuclear strike force at
    the end of 2017, the US was threatening North Korea with Fire and Fury
    on a scale the World has never known. After North Korea has set up its
    nuclear strike force, Trump calls Kim JongUn his friend and even stepped
    over into North Korea. The same thing will happen after Iran will have
    set up its nuclear strike force.

  • persain empire
    persain empire 14 днів тому


  • Brendan Shirley
    Brendan Shirley 14 днів тому

    CNN is fucking retarded

  • persain empire
    persain empire 14 днів тому


  • Technickk1
    Technickk1 14 днів тому

    America is biggest terrorist

  • Nu Duo
    Nu Duo 14 днів тому

    The (((people))) who own CNN along with Samantha Vinograd are globalist tribesmen and want war for the benefit of their tribe.

  • Asim Yaqoob
    Asim Yaqoob 15 днів тому

    We know. Because you want saudi arabia to fight for you.

  • Engkong Saja
    Engkong Saja 15 днів тому

    I'm indonesian .... Ha ha ha america go to hell

  • Josh Bobst
    Josh Bobst 15 днів тому +1

    Trump made the right decision for the right reason this time. Take yes for an answer, you warmongers. Looking at you, CNN.

  • madan mohan Pradhan
    madan mohan Pradhan 15 днів тому

    Why not the Saudi Arabia attack the Iran?
    Why USA is in war for saudi

  • Richard Therien
    Richard Therien 16 днів тому

    Update: Minutes before President Trump gave the OK to fire upon Iran. He asked how many people will be killed. Generals said about 150. President Trump called OFF the attack saying 150 lives vs a unmanned drone is not sufficient.

  • Dexeron Starsurge
    Dexeron Starsurge 17 днів тому

    Pulls back on the war he tried to start, and the rigjt praise him for it. Drone was illegally in Iran airspace, they shot it down, and trump tried to start a war over it.

  • Stop Sovereignty, Peace and Peace
    Stop Sovereignty, Peace and Peace 17 днів тому

    Don't all of you think that American dron operation in Iran Sea or in any other countries' inside is illegal and need to protect. Shouldn't you think that every country has the right to protect their sovereignty and save their people. America is a terrorist country, the world should united to stop this evil and psycho president Mr. Trump. American people and Armed forces peoplr must not be inhuman and illogical. They must not support Mr Trump to be aggresive kill the people and envade other countries to maintain his personal ego and paranormal character. Mr. President has been accused several rape cases and he is mentally mad. If american people can not do it, the world will stop America these days are not far ahead. Thousands nuclear bombs are facing not only to the world but also to the America. America will loss more than any country guarranted.

  • Bill E
    Bill E 18 днів тому

    We need a Man in the office like Theodor Roosevelt. He would have done the right thing.

  • Neal Villangca
    Neal Villangca 19 днів тому

    CNN wants to go to war while they cant even win in Great Meme War

  • Tashi Tsephel
    Tashi Tsephel 19 днів тому

    destroy them

  • john L
    john L 20 днів тому

    WTF, so CNN wants war more than TRUMP

  • justin scott-lee
    justin scott-lee 20 днів тому


  • Bajaru Tharu
    Bajaru Tharu 21 день тому


  • topkhani
    topkhani 21 день тому

    Trump is lying.. IT"S ALL LIES .
    Trump made dumb mistake in unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA - now by hook or crook he wants Iran to deal with him.
    Iran does not have Nuclear weapons, nor weapons program nor intent to.
    Ayalolla Khamenei has, in a fatwa, forbidden acquisition of Nuclear weapons. Iranians do not lie - Trump lies daily, hourly...
    Iran supporting Terrorist is laughable - biggest supporter of Terror USA and it's allies in Middle East namely Saudis and Israel.
    This America at her best - bullying, threatening, starving, hurting whole Nations. Shameful.
    And UK is right behind them - do not believe any of their rhetoric to the contrary.

  • Kali Yuga
    Kali Yuga 22 дні тому

    Why is the USA flying drones near Iran? Why are they flying drones anywhere?
    The JewNATO States of Saudi Israelia is the biggest cancer this planet has ever had to face.
    Anyone with a shred of self respect is going to side with Iran on this. There are 2 sides to every story - in this case, the USA and Israel have a story that is entirely based on bullshit and the cowardice of the "chosen ones", and Iran are developing a UN approved nuclear program to keep their people alive after decades of being choked by globalist sanctions.
    No more Zionist wars. Every human being on the planet, regardless of race/age/ethnicity etc, needs to stand with Iran and say "NO" to Zionist terrorism.

  • zepbigfoot bearcove
    zepbigfoot bearcove 22 дні тому

    Trump just pissed off Adeslon big time

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 22 дні тому

    Will this 36 year old smug cunt fight? Will she fight this war?

  • Tea Mhatre
    Tea Mhatre 23 дні тому


  • jimmy vinson
    jimmy vinson 23 дні тому

    Screw CNN!

  • richard smith
    richard smith 23 дні тому

    CNN showing their bias support towards the warmongers. Establishment puppets much? Peace not selling much arms? Tossers

  • Franc Foof
    Franc Foof 23 дні тому

    Of course the other means ,those who confronting America,and America will go unhurt,

  • Franc Foof
    Franc Foof 23 дні тому

    All are against war but sometimes it’s inevitable,I have seen gulf war personally and from that experience I feel no army or no government in the world can fight a war with America and win and go unhurt,America has a highly developed electronic war machine,American soldiers highly motivated and trained personnel,no body in the earth can win against America for at least next 100 years,I am not commenting this due to any personal interest,but after seeing the gulf war with my own eyes,any body who loves their country and it’s army and citizens must not confront America in a war ,this is the truth,American army personnel’s well motivated,deciplined,trained to the maximum level on themselves and on their machines,also in technology and technics,its very very dangerous to play with them,once you are in a confronting mode they will slowly slowly allure you to take risky steps ,then the moment comes you will be immersed in it and no coming back,and the other will be fully wiped out

  • hugo miranda diaz
    hugo miranda diaz 23 дні тому

    The United States is using lies to pressure Iran, is looking for pretexts to attack, they are only defending themselves from an imperialist country that does not respect the human rights of the other countries.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont 23 дні тому

    We are still paying for the mistakes of the CIA.
    Dear Editor,
    The 1953 the CIA helped to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was more friendly to the oil companies.In 1988 the USA shot down Iran Air Flight 655 killing all 290 people on board, including 66 children. We know that the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department can no longer be trusted until the bad apples are jailed. In the meantime I commend Donald Trump for giving Iran a pass on shooting down a drone to say we are sorry for kill those innocent souls on flight 655.

  • Rockinghorse Winner
    Rockinghorse Winner 23 дні тому

    Democrat TV is OFF THE HOOK!!!

  • alicia ali
    alicia ali 23 дні тому

    It’s 2019 . No war ever. Use dialogues, deals.

  • charles muniz
    charles muniz 23 дні тому

    This POS wants to look like a hero when in fact he's nothing more than a corrupt POS. He was told long before of possible casualties. We need to go out and Imprison or Impeach the motherfu*ker. 45 is Putin's bitch. I pray the motherfu*ker has a stroke in his sleep.

  • Aftab Ali Khan
    Aftab Ali Khan 23 дні тому

    Iran Russia China France Germany and Britain Good.. America is very bad and trump is very stupid and very very crazy

  • Samadh1
    Samadh1 23 дні тому

    Looks like US MSM hasn't changed at all since they helped sell the Iraq invasion to the American people.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez-Argoti
    Ricardo Gonzalez-Argoti 24 дні тому

    Its like the us WANTS war

  • Bodo Genx
    Bodo Genx 24 дні тому

    Americans think they are only the sane humans

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex 24 дні тому +1

    Globalist are desparate for wars yo, they push trump to start war but trump pulled out.🤣😂😂😂

    • Old Woman
      Old Woman 23 дні тому

      Do you even know the definition of "globalist", or are you just spouting buzz words?

  • Lutz M
    Lutz M 24 дні тому

    CNN is controlled by the Zionist state of Isreal and Amercan jewish masters who what to invade Iran like when they invaded and attacked IRAQ under false intelligence and fake information.

  • alice johnson
    alice johnson 24 дні тому

    In case you were not aware of it CNN like most politicians has huge ties to the military industrial complex who bankroll a lot of policy and media institutions. You can actually watch an interview with award winning former CNN reporter Amber Lyons who made a documentary on Bahrain. CNN has never aired the documentary and she uncovered the reason was because they received millions of dollars to air positive propaganda stories on their regime. This is fake advertising of a regime which violates human rights disguised as news. That is what CNN actually is. Wake up people - they are totally untrustworthy and they are propaganda agents. You can bet they are being paid by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin etc etc to spin these war mongering lies.

    • alice johnson
      alice johnson 24 дні тому

      Here is the link to the interview with Amber Lyon uaplus.org/kanal/rBgks7tdjvkmP_U

  • Lutz M
    Lutz M 24 дні тому

    A strike on Iran is not important they done nothing wrong. It's wrong for America to even invade Iran they have every right to defend themselves against Isreal and America.

  • lhateG00GLE
    lhateG00GLE 24 дні тому

    FU CNN. Pushing for war. Iran would not send a boat full of people to retrieve a mine. Nobody would. That footage is from something elae. Also how would US respond if Iran was flying drones on the east or west coast?

  • fourteen
    fourteen 24 дні тому

    yes, wars will come, Ezekiel 38,39, Isaiah 17, Joel 2, Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 & 14, Matt 24:6, Rev 6:8,9:15. However God has provided a way for all to be saved through the atoning death of His Son on a cross for our sins, John 3:16. If you knew how much He loves you, and how much you are worth to Him, you would thank Him for His mercies, Psalm 136. The only way to be saved is to put your faith and trust in Jesus ( Yahshua HaMashiach) alone to save you, and accept His free gift of eternal life, Acts 16:30,31, Romans 3:23 -26, and 6, Ephesians 2:8,9, be blessed.

  • J Hadley
    J Hadley 24 дні тому

    The faux-left fascist scumbags will attack Trump for anything and everything. Despicable people

  • World Shaper
    World Shaper 24 дні тому

    CNN you do not represent the American left, that is why you hate Bernie.
    Trump might be pathological Liar, but he avoided killing 150 human beings and starting a war.
    The progressives agree.

  • el self
    el self 24 дні тому

    Why did the US send its drone to some territory which doesn't belong to the US . What if other countries send their drone to the US . What will the US do then. It's not correct. USA is unauthorised to do such things in some other countries.

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 24 дні тому

    Run out of passion for iranian malign regime behaviour to destabilize and try to destroy the region. Too many innocent lives has taken away from this savage regime, not to mention the suffering of iranian ppl itself for long long time since the first time this savage regime took power, and also the suffering of iran neighbouring countries like the slaughtering and genocide that's happened against syrian ppl. Iran regime destructive action in the region is no longer acceptable , its beyond the limit of mankind civilization MR PRESIDENT. For the sake of humanity in this universe, this savage regime malign action should be TERMINATED AND ERADICATED once and for all before its too late MR. PRESIDENT.

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar 24 дні тому

    Iran reportedly shot down the U.S. drone on 20 June , 2019. Rival contentions between the US and Iran have surfaced between the two countries as regards whether the downing of the drone took place when the drone was in Iranian territory or in the international airspace of the Strait of Hormuz. Whatever the truth , the news reports say that US President Donald Trump withdrew the retaliatory strike action on Iran before it could be executed. That is obviously a step in the right direction because likelihood of a major military hostility , which could have even led to probably something world has been designating as WW3 , has been averted for the time being. Instead , it is learnt through news reports that military computers are being hacked by the US. News reports also said that Iran has begun to take hacking cyber action. Prices of crude oil may have strong probability of impacting overall market prices. Additional sanctions are reported to have been announced against Iran. In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive article - “ World trends in April to August 2019” - brought to public domain widely in March and subsequently on 5 April 2019. The month of June in 2019 was in particular alert for more care and appropriate strategy against “ fires and blasts” in the Arabian region. It was also alerted like this :- “1. Economic and financial aspects may reflect major worrisome concerns. 2. Aviation sector , both military and civil , look to be worrisome. This may also cover cyber , space programs , internet and other forms of communication through space”. While the grave danger of military strike action has been averted for the time being , still this writer has astrological view that a period of about fortnight from 25 September to 9 October , more particularly 28 - 29 September in the present year 2019 may call for more care and restraint from the angle of war or ww3 ( where vulnerable ) or severe natural disasters like storms , tornadoes , cyclones , massive earthquakes , political turmoil and economic crisis in some of vulnerable countries of world. It may be known that a right human strategy has weight over planetary impacts.
    Note : - Some of significant predictive work of this writer in relation to the U.S. can be visited at wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/4897/ and wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/5060/.

  • A B
    A B 24 дні тому

    Who cares what the meth head says, do you understand the ramifications of a strike on Iran???? Holy shit you're dumb!

  • Discerning Troll
    Discerning Troll 24 дні тому

    Still no mention on US Media that Iran has recovered substantial parts of the Drone in Iranian Territorial Waters on any USA Media? Who controls USA Media?

  • SoldiersofSelfMastery
    SoldiersofSelfMastery 24 дні тому

    A trigger was engaged because of the drone signaling a weapon on the ground? President Trump made a bold move here by Stopping

  • Joyce Lau Lee See S
    Joyce Lau Lee See S 24 дні тому

    If Trump attack Iran, he is making a very big mistake. Thousands of young Americans serviceman are going to die not 150 as told by his advisor s

  • Wayne Wright
    Wayne Wright 24 дні тому

    Bitch ass coward rump

  • Praetorian
    Praetorian 24 дні тому

    Dear fellows, war is coming; but don't worry, because when it starts, will be a short war, will end very fast.

    Who knows? may be will last an hour, or one day.

  • Russell Racey
    Russell Racey 24 дні тому

    *ATTENTION* *Trumpster* *Shoppers:*

    _Special_ _order_ *MAGA* *hats* *NOW* *COME* *WITH*
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    Stand out in the crowd at Trump rallies! Get yourself noticed by rally officials to *win* *honored* *seating* *behind* *Great* *Leader!* _Later_ _watch_ _yourself_ _on_ _TV!_ Simply get family members, friends, co-workers _(and_ _your_ _boss)_ to record the spectacle! A promotion, a raise, a pink-slip - anything is possible! _You’ll_ _never_ _be_ _sorry!_

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    Products Made in Mexico.

  • Jiji Kader
    Jiji Kader 24 дні тому +1

    Thank you IRAN

  • tlaloc1525
    tlaloc1525 24 дні тому

    Pompeo Bolton plan all this to make pinochio/trump look good

  • tlaloc1525
    tlaloc1525 24 дні тому

    Staged. Oil tankers the the drone the not proportionate to attack Iran. The idiotic media is being used to spin these bull.

  • ezjapanesecooking
    ezjapanesecooking 24 дні тому +5

    Didn't know CNN is a warmonger. Trump calling it off being flexible is a good thing.

    • Old Woman
      Old Woman 23 дні тому

      Being impulsive, however, brings nations to war.

  • Sailor Jerry Swallow
    Sailor Jerry Swallow 24 дні тому

    good move iran will kick ass, and wonder why israel is so quiet, somethin is up

  • grace watson
    grace watson 24 дні тому


  • Adil AlZeer
    Adil AlZeer 24 дні тому

    Escalation coming from: Tehran ...
    Who wants war: Tehran ...
    Who creates tensions: Tehran ...
    So no one blames Saudi Arabia for chastising Tehran's followers ...
    Our war with them is a necessity war
    Abha Airport

  • infinitely Jenzay
    infinitely Jenzay 24 дні тому

    Heck No that Drone Isn't killing me Ha No No No Donald Trump and that Guy can Have A war At Space *actually at mars* Well I need to move bye

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm 24 дні тому

    Seems like CNN wanted Trump to attack

  • And roid
    And roid 24 дні тому

    Yeah CNN!! Bring on the crack-heads!!!

  • Suryanwarrior Mowa
    Suryanwarrior Mowa 24 дні тому

    Disgusting CNN and who is this bitch asking for war, she won't be Fighting it. Another Hillary, Uma Abedin, Loretta Lynch, lisa paige, Mad. Albright, Feinstein, Pelosi, etc.... these women should not be in politics they are all blood sucking witches who want war all the time, a bunch of fustrated women who have no business taking part in decisions that concerns the military.

  • Prestige Steeler
    Prestige Steeler 24 дні тому +1

    It’s sick that they are bashing trump. Trump literally stopped the military strike because he didn’t want to kill 150 lives

  • John Smith
    John Smith 24 дні тому

    Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, dismantled the Iran Deal, recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, gave Israel $38 billion, increased legal and illegal immigration, didn't build the wall and is starting more wars for Israel. Are we tired of winning, fellow Jewish people?

  • LuvMyLilBabe
    LuvMyLilBabe 24 дні тому

    CNN wants WAR!

  • Anna Phillips
    Anna Phillips 24 дні тому

    Who the hell is this moran. Trump does not want a wwar but CNN does

  • Shaggy Dogg 63
    Shaggy Dogg 63 24 дні тому

    Good move by President Trump not retaliating showing compassion on innocent civilians over an unmaned drone. But something should be done so this doesn't happen again.

  • Jerry Mane
    Jerry Mane 24 дні тому +1

    Iran is not the enemy ! !! Is this real? Is real? Isreal ! !! Who's keeping millions hostage? Wake up world! They need your help!!

  • Hesse Germano
    Hesse Germano 24 дні тому

    What a damn liar! Trump is a war monger. Going to war against Iran is a fact waiting to happen. It is just a matter of time before the pentagon starts the invasion. There is an invasion plan drawn and set up by the CIA. All they have to do is wait for war monger, Trump, to give the order.

  • rooney INDO
    rooney INDO 24 дні тому

    FUCK AMERICA You destroy Syrian Afghanistan and other Arab countries and now you will destroy Iran,, #FUCK AMERICA

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk 24 дні тому

    There will never be war again, all of this is a ploy for Trump to up some points for reelection. We are living in the New World Order. Thier agenda, (Russia, China, U.S., Iran), is to better control the masses. Better control of the masses equals absoulute power for the elite and thier families and friends. What will happen is like somethings that they are doing now, right now, every week, we drink enough plastic in our water to make a credit card. We consume so many chemicals in our food, they try to vaccinate us with viruses that deteriorate our health. They want to out live us. The elite figure this way, they will always be around and we wont. But in all thier schems, God always makes a way for us, those that are not royalty, or born into wealth. This is why you should always pray for your food and water before consumption. God bless

  • Mujeeb Lodhi
    Mujeeb Lodhi 24 дні тому

    MY Simple question who gave America right to be their. America itself is in violation of international code . Get the hell out of their will be no war go home bitches . This is not IRAQ BUSH GAME YOU ARE PLAYING WITH this trump bitch is just a money lover XOXK SUCKER can i tweet 3 am in morning .
    If these arab aren't too afraid to lose their Lavinishness ... today their be no war.why dont the all the Muslim world attack the jews once and for all their be no America

  • Jewpac Shakur
    Jewpac Shakur 25 днів тому

    For those of you that think that we should be bombing Iran or sending our Troops over there to engage in conflict OR EVEN continuing these ridiculous sanctions that are making life miserable for the PEOPLE of Iran I can only hope u have the decency to take 10 to 20 minutes out of your day to watch these links attached and see for yourself the kind and loving people that are no different from you and me that will be murdered by us if we begin a bombing campaign! PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE ON THE NEWS OR WHAT YOU HEAR FROM OUR POLITICIANS! The Iranian people are some of the best and most kind hearted folks on this planet! PLEASE SAY NO TO WAR OR BOMBING AND ANY SANCTIONS ON IRAN! PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS OF HOW IRANIAN PEOPLE TREAT A COMPLETE STRANGER THAT IS A NON ISLAM WHITE MALE IN HIS 30S!

  • sergio rodriguez
    sergio rodriguez 25 днів тому

    Trumps accreditation’s show weakness

  • Dima Leoniv
    Dima Leoniv 25 днів тому

    Iranians aren't in the stage of readiness to join the Western world and share its values. But the people of Iran are definitely ready to get free from Islamic oppression. They are nice fellows and they need help. Russia needs help as well to get rid of "junta". We have passed the line when we could do it by ourselves.

  • Hassaam Tariq
    Hassaam Tariq 25 днів тому

    I heard this stupid trump Jewish terrorist story about attack on Iran. Don't worry Iran, Pakistan always with you. Destroy american terrorist mind set forever. America is curse for whole world and shame for peace. Everyone is know america is Terrorist state and Jewish are controlling them. Anyway america can not do anythings against muslims countries. UAE and Saudi Arabia will see that what happened he was did against muslims? Be Muslims, support muslims...

  • Lyte Lute
    Lyte Lute 25 днів тому +1

    All life as we know it depends on the ignorance of that orange moron.

  • syed raza
    syed raza 25 днів тому

    This fucking donkey face trump it seem to me he will get us in war. We have already lost so many souls brothers sisters sons fathers mothers for God sake let us live peacefully without fear. Barack obama was such a gentalman and hes fucking donkey face. Mother fucker

  • Troy Schick
    Troy Schick 25 днів тому

    He is unstable and needs to be removed from office.

  • Doris Latimore Johnson
    Doris Latimore Johnson 25 днів тому

    Doing the same old same and expecting different results:
    Timeline: Backs out of nuclear detente with Russia; Demands N Korea eliminate all facilities; Backs out agreement with Iran; Still threatening N Korea; tankers attacked by xyz; Surveillance drone incident over Hormuz; Multiple Iranian targets intended but; Trump cancels attacks.
    Meanwhile, besides sidebark financial war with China, there's Russia word dueling with Japan over islands; MbS in Yemen; Boka Haram in Nigerian oil fields; USA Mexico dispute at border with no national tracking if where unaccompanied children are being dropped off; leaving or blocking international bodies of mutuality; self-delusional implosion fueled by isolationist and fools who think the rest of the world is still operating at post world war 2 limits.
    Using same old school assumptions..
    Meanwhile, need to refresh my memory on the following terms: lame duck, common ground, common sense, elephant in the room., cry wolf, bark bite false pride, stupid is as stupid does, head in the sand, chicken soup, lemmings, empty barrels make the most noise, intelligent life on Planet Earth.
    This is not reality TV.
    Meanwhile we expect our young to function but offer no examples of wisdom.

  • Fariborz Vasell
    Fariborz Vasell 25 днів тому

    Blah, blah, blah...!
    Proportionate, did you really thought so.?
    I am terribly sorry Mr. Trump, history of American wars does not prove any of your claims, thus don't try to cover your insufficiency on the account of generosity, you know very well that even a child won't buy your fake story.

    The day that you listened to the advice of a bunch of warmongers such as Bees group and ignored a treaty which was a result of 12 years intensive negotiations for just a silly pleasure and unofficial pose in front of cameras, you did not think about being trapped and so confused on what to say a year later, nothing Mr. Trump, nothing you just talking nonsenses...!
    It is not such a long time ago, an American admiral who shut down the Iranian airlines Airplane in the Persian Gulf, carrying 290 passengers mostly children and women which all have perished, when this Admiral went back to America he was praised by receiving a medal of honor or courage by American officials...!

    Echo of your voice is still in the air, a nation TERRORIST you called them, above of that military group which shut down your most sophisticated Drone also have been considered as a TERRORIST group under your administration, since when you care about lives of TERRORISTS.?
    No mercy is the slogan of the most American president, Vietnam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc were bombarded and so many innocents were killed, and yet some countries are under your general's thumb, who do you try to fool.?
    Just a couple of months ago in the United States, you imprisoned women and their children, by separating their children and imprisoning them, some of those children died yet you did not care, how come that you care about these 150 in particular.?
    You did not allow the Iranian who are living outside of Iran to send their humanitarian supports mainly money even medicines to Iran, while the whole of Iran was ruined by flood, surprisingly overnight you became so generous, what an incident..."!
    Mr. Brian Hook, didn't you say that the Iranian missiles, etc are just photoshop.?
    Using your power in any possible way you could, putting Iran under the maximum pressors & sanctions, using your power against other countries to do not continue doing business with Iran, yet you are so AUDACIOUS and talk about diplomacy, is this your diplomacy which you are talking about.?
    You Bees team are CHECKMATE, you have just two ways, whether going back to the previous treaty which was signed by Iran, America United Nations and other countries and lift up all the cruel sanctions, or starting a war and accepting all the consequences, there is the third way too, losing the next election either way...!
    In fact, you warmongers are the only ones who should act and behave normally...!
    Stealing people movements, channelizing the movements, tilting their natural course into your ways, and call some of the movements Arab Spring, inverting the realities, coercing any nation you could to accept your conditions, IS ALL OVER...!
    Soon by Great God willing you'll see from where the real freedom comes from...! 23/06/2019

  • luis escobedo
    luis escobedo 25 днів тому

    All bark no bite

  • jay etebari
    jay etebari 25 днів тому

    please tell Mr Trump we are tiered form hitting you today or tomorrow or the day ofter if you want to do it them do it talk is cheap we know how to take care of ourselves we bent to god only and they told you 150 Americans die you don't care how many of us die you are chocking us already get away from zionist dajall

  • Tommy Walters
    Tommy Walters 25 днів тому

    This he / she is a joke. She is basically agreeing with Trump on everything but then turns around and disagrees with Trump on everything this skinny he/she is a fucking joke just like fake news CNN

  • Tommy Walters
    Tommy Walters 25 днів тому

    Omg cnn is a joke. And this chick or to be honest I think it is a man. It is just throwing up words to sound good.

  • Perennial Beachcomber.
    Perennial Beachcomber. 25 днів тому

    5:50 et seq.

  • natesai johnston
    natesai johnston 25 днів тому

    So this cunt is being critical of Trump not starting wars? Then she is critical of the legality of the possible strike. She is trying to cover all of her miserable cunt bases. How miserable twisted and inhumane and humane and reasonable.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 25 днів тому

    Trump thinks he's the hero in a Lee Child novel.

  • Cody
    Cody 25 днів тому +1

    Why criticize Trump for deciding not to kill around 150 people for a drone? Imagine being in his position where you have the ability to take away hundreds of people's lives within 30 minutes on top of being able to start WWIII if we went to war with Iran.
    These people have husbands, wives, daughters, sons. If Obama did this CNN would praise him for his good decision.

  • Joe Airbender
    Joe Airbender 25 днів тому

    CNN are pro-war, nasty.

  • James Massingale
    James Massingale 25 днів тому

    CNN hates this

  • King Yonis
    King Yonis 25 днів тому +3

    No more WARS no more killings enough is enough what a sick world we are living evil Psychopaths