Amanpour confronts Saudi minister on Jamal Khashoggi killing

  • Опубліковано 20 чер 2019
  • The murder of Jamal Khashoggi was "gruesome" but a United Nations report into the journalist's killing is "flawed," Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir said.
    In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, al-Jubeir denied that Riyadh should accept responsibility for Khashoggi's murder, and said he disagreed with the findings of a UN rapporteur who laid the blame on the government.
    "This is a gruesome murder that took place without authorization, for which the people who perpetrated (it) are being punished now," al-Jubeir said.
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  • Matt Jacobs
    Matt Jacobs 2 дні тому

    What a faggot bruh shame on Saudis

  • A B
    A B 2 дні тому

    The man was so clear there was a crime happened their people getting punished for the end he's a Saudi citizen

  • lina nicolia
    lina nicolia 3 дні тому

    I expect you would have to be a hypocrite to hold the job this man has. Expect nothing other than lies. Lets see what the UN can do. Sanctions ? that would be a start.

  • Nick Mehler
    Nick Mehler 4 дні тому

    Stupid fucking rag heads

  • Mohammed Muchai
    Mohammed Muchai 7 днів тому +1

    Hahaha... 'terrible! This is terrible...' damn! you could almost believe him.

  • Robert Kirby
    Robert Kirby 7 днів тому

    He reminds of some of Trumps other best friends......Putin, Kim for some reason. "Show me your friends and I will show you who you really are"!

  • Raheel Haider
    Raheel Haider 7 днів тому +1

    He is too confused
    See his body language
    terrified just trying to get away with the questions

    • lina nicolia
      lina nicolia 3 дні тому

      it's almost laughable. She gave him diarrhea, for sure. Poor dude cannot say anything but a denial. What else ?

  • taseer khalid
    taseer khalid 9 днів тому

    I say find the pilots of the jet that brought them here and see if they are on the royal family's payroll.

  • Murat Cebeci
    Murat Cebeci 9 днів тому


  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith 9 днів тому

    saudi scum

  • ابـو صالـح الـزهـرانـي

    Any Amitican here come and SUCK MY DICK you son of bitches! We havnt forgot what you did in Iraq Mother Fuckers! Abo Ghrib? FUCK YOU! You will pay for it Very soon.

  • الموعظة الحسنة Shamwilu Isshak

    Stupid minister and a lier, your end will be miserable. Who are those in jail? They must do the trial publicly and by independent people not by Saudi judges. May Allah turn the lunacy of MBS against those defending him. May all his defenders end like honourable J K ameen.

  • Hero Lee
    Hero Lee 9 днів тому

    This man is an actor. C u h r i n g e!

  • errol malleus
    errol malleus 10 днів тому

    Gruesome murder but the USA did not call for regime change? No sanctions, no tariffs?

  • Bom Bay
    Bom Bay 10 днів тому

    Talk about Abu Gharib ?!

  • Allison Croft
    Allison Croft 10 днів тому

    If that guy "Jamal " was from any other country . You would not give a shit .. You hypocrite democrats

  • MaFess ABR
    MaFess ABR 10 днів тому

    People ...need to know SAUDI ARABIA is a country where SATAN governs.

  • umu Aidha
    umu Aidha 11 днів тому

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  • greeko25
    greeko25 11 днів тому

    fuck Saudi Arabia

  • CensoredScouser 1066
    CensoredScouser 1066 11 днів тому


  • terry varta
    terry varta 11 днів тому

    Ooo some murders are authorised. Glad to know.

  • Deen Patel
    Deen Patel 11 днів тому

    His body was chopped in pieces and this man just says it’s terrible really !!! Only with the help of USA he can get away .... but states has time to invade innocent countries with no proof shame shame shame

  • Izhaar 123
    Izhaar 123 11 днів тому

    There is no counter arguement that Saudis can produce.
    The reason is that happened in Saudi Embassy in Turkey.
    The most strong evidence is WHY THE SAUDI EMBASSY LET ALL THAT HAPPEN IN SAUDI EMBASSY; cause it represents SAUDI ARABIA.
    It is a sort of a Saudi Govt. in Turkey.
    So does the Saudi Govt. refuses to take the blame???
    Well !!! In US there is our booze and pal. Pres. TRUMP. Why worry. We ( Saudis ) buy our military weapons from him. He will ""back us up. No worries."".

    That is the World today...

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 11 днів тому

    Fkn gang member cock sucker .their days are numbered. These people are not Muslims they are drunk,rapist and killers.

  • jaskirat singh
    jaskirat singh 12 днів тому

    All the left winger terrorist like CNN will be Islamic terrorist dog and will be defending Saudi next day

  • shahid mehmood
    shahid mehmood 12 днів тому

    Israili and american manupulating through their tools of deception and lies., CNN BBC Fox Aljazeera all mouth piece of satan.
    Every ones not dum here.
    Shame disgrace, cowards.

  • SalmanTheDon
    SalmanTheDon 12 днів тому +13

    Americans grilling saudi about an alleged political murder is crazy funny

    • Movie Masala
      Movie Masala 9 днів тому

      Exactly! It's a normal thing! That's what consulates are for!

    • liilu8
      liilu8 11 днів тому +1

      even funnier an Iranian reporter is grilling the Saudi through an American media :)))

    • Capt Shahinur
      Capt Shahinur 11 днів тому

      SalmanTheDon , r u joking?

  • Linny w
    Linny w 12 днів тому

    From the locust plague to the flooding to the hailstorms..God is trying to tell them something.....Evil .....repent.....

  • Linny w
    Linny w 12 днів тому +3

    This joker lies so convincingly because he knows that if he doesnt his crazy relatives will torture and or kill him too...

  • alecrebel
    alecrebel 12 днів тому

    the inbred saudi royals are vile people by any standard. They are capable of anything ...

  • 23Domo
    23Domo 12 днів тому

    Iran, Saudi, Qatar and everyone else in that region...they are backwards countrys, no matter how many new buildings they build...they are at laest 300 years behind every other country on this planet.
    They fight each other because of their belive and revenge.
    These assholes will still fuck each other in 200 years.

  • dave deonarain
    dave deonarain 12 днів тому

    Trump + US Establishment = Keep Saudi Arabia Great Yet Again

  • Baban Sdl
    Baban Sdl 12 днів тому

    Hahaha....... killer is the judge democracy in the world. ......?

  • Isaac Resek
    Isaac Resek 12 днів тому

    That’s an evil look

    BAZXXXBEST 12 днів тому

    I have no idea what is all about but this woman is piece of shait
    She is Devil , she is not good person
    Sorry guys I had to comment soon I heard her

  • HondaMu$ic
    HondaMu$ic 12 днів тому

    But Iran are the enemy? Nonsense.

  • HondaMu$ic
    HondaMu$ic 12 днів тому

    America’s ally.

  • Abbasalt Afridi
    Abbasalt Afridi 12 днів тому

    will you punish yourself?

  • faisal bari
    faisal bari 12 днів тому

    Abughrib victims will never have justice as well as jamal khashogji.

  • john sean
    john sean 12 днів тому +1

    If there were ever weasels in Saudi Arabia....they would look like this man

  • Chris Amyot
    Chris Amyot 12 днів тому

    Fake BBC

    • Abd All
      Abd All 12 днів тому

      It is cnn

  • All Tooler
    All Tooler 12 днів тому

    Donald Trump"i can't kill billions deals over a slaughtered journalist "

  • Salman Audi
    Salman Audi 12 днів тому +1

    These guys are hiding something

  • herroherrar Lee
    herroherrar Lee 13 днів тому

    criminals just like the mafia

  • M N
    M N 13 днів тому +1

    They will take a poor man and he will take the fall for killing of this journalist...

  • M N
    M N 13 днів тому +1

    LOOK AT THESE SICK WAHHABI'S...... Look at how they blame and try to steer the conversation towards something completely different.....

    STE DON 13 днів тому

    Well you were..
    Put in place hahaha

  • Najila Saudi Arabia
    Najila Saudi Arabia 13 днів тому

    He was killed by rogue agents not MBS. The rogue agents are being prosecuted

    • Najila Saudi Arabia
      Najila Saudi Arabia 12 днів тому

      Ryan Harrington no he didn’t you just watch too much propaganda

    • Ryan Harrington
      Ryan Harrington 12 днів тому

      Lol. Thats so funny. Ya. We believe u. Lol. Punished? Lol. The leader set this up

  • Vladimir Perez Peres
    Vladimir Perez Peres 13 днів тому

    Saudi barbaria

  • CHITRA Channel
    CHITRA Channel 13 днів тому +10

    What 1 life matters? When the saudis dont flinch massacering thousands of Yemeni innocents

    • ThinkForward
      ThinkForward 8 днів тому

      Yooo bro what do u know about yemen , as a yemeni my self the uae and saudi arabia saved us from al houthi who took over the goverment by force was killing yemenies left and right changing our religions killing people who dont agree with him WE r the one who asked for their help so stop listning to your media bs take it from some one who is from there

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish 13 днів тому

    INEZ Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers, I am taking my Illinois worker's compensation case all the way to the supreme court, I came this far why would I stop now? it's been seven years so longer will not stop me, I will not quit, I will not let evildoers discourage me, evildoers know their decoys mean nothing and not worth my time or space, Inez Qtaish don't have to prove anything except prove my Illinois worker's compensation case, Inez Qtaish have no fear , Inez Qtaish will keep defending myself no matter what, so if fooling yourselves or making yourselves feel better believing in lies go head no matter what false information, accusations and blasphemy evildoers.posr or say will not affect inez Qtaish at all, no matter how much evildoers reject the truth, the truth will be reveal publicly anyway no matter if evildoers choose not reveal the truth about inez Qtaish anyway. regardless the truth will be reveal publicly no redactions , my name will be said, my name will be cleared at the illinois supreme court hearing and evildoers involved in inez Qtaish Illinois worker's compensation case will be exposed.

  • Banglaroad
    Banglaroad 13 днів тому

    there are no Saudi army, I mean what ever they have is useless...........therefore US has all the strategic stations all over Saudi Arabia and UAE.........

  • Banglaroad
    Banglaroad 13 днів тому +1

    there are authorized murder and not authorized murder..? Wow that's already admitting a murder...........

  • Mike Simo
    Mike Simo 13 днів тому

    These Arabs are so stupid and unorganized. This is why Jews overpowered them.

    • Abd All
      Abd All 12 днів тому

      We come back one day

  • Gregory Thompson
    Gregory Thompson 13 днів тому

    she reminds me of trump. even looks like him

  • G P
    G P 13 днів тому

    Murder doesnt stand in the way of weapons sales according to Trump....what a shame. Hey that's business..... Thou shalt not kill...... amanpour sure hates Iran- her birthplace- she was a fan of the Shah..... not interested in American hostilities and the zio Anglo Saud americanski axis of evil....

  • john hand
    john hand 13 днів тому +10

    When he heard the word Khashoggi deep inside he's thinking "i did not sign up for this Camel Sh*t"

  • Vladimir Perez Peres
    Vladimir Perez Peres 13 днів тому

    Saudi barbaria

  • Stompie Joe
    Stompie Joe 13 днів тому

    ALL governments in the world are greedy, dirty cunts! period. they've ALL committed atrocities and most of it is the name of religion and or 'god' . all in the name of a sky god that doesn't fucking exist. hilarious.

  • Ahmed Bashir
    Ahmed Bashir 13 днів тому

    This people are dumb only gas dumb people

  • blax52vet
    blax52vet 13 днів тому

    I wonder how much America paid for the 8 billion worth of weapons ? I have a strange feeling it was more than 8 billion.

  • Jacob Ramage
    Jacob Ramage 13 днів тому

    Even saudis dont like CNN

  • joseph-Ignace Guillotin
    joseph-Ignace Guillotin 13 днів тому

    CNN the Enemy of the People !!!

  • AENB2016
    AENB2016 13 днів тому

    Disgusting to see a journalist try to play the hero against an easy target. It would be interesting to see if Ms. Amanpour can treat Netanyahu or one of CNN’s corporate advertisers in the same way.

  • Samer Khan
    Samer Khan 13 днів тому +1

    It’s clear even if you ask a child who killed Khashoggi ? Answer is clear so it’s not logic even to waste time on it, if there is justice then the right person should be punished but there is no justice in the world of materialist

    FRANCIS LAZAR 13 днів тому +1

    Bloody mudder Saudis and shame on the U.S. president Trump supporting this murders... I feel shame on U.S. people that they elect this kind a leader as president who supports killers.

  • ken ho
    ken ho 14 днів тому

    beware u got dismantle alive

  • Molana Rumi
    Molana Rumi 14 днів тому

    Saudi’s are the worst of humans collectively than any other . They are ass kissers to power, and oppressed of underprivileged. They are the cause of terrorism around the globe. The fucking MBS ordered the murder. Get rid of him bastards.

  • abdullah althubaiti
    abdullah althubaiti 14 днів тому +19

    USA with great Britain killed and displaced 2.3 million in Iraq under the law of democratization

    • Jay S
      Jay S 13 днів тому +2

      They were all 'authorized' apparently.

  • hz Fan
    hz Fan 14 днів тому

    Saudi minister is saying correct

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      This Saudi head chopping , journalist dismembering criminal lies . He practices Taqiya

  • Caesar Valentin
    Caesar Valentin 14 днів тому

    The more you live the more you see the more you understand.

  • Fathima Peer
    Fathima Peer 14 днів тому +1

    Allah is greater, the arrogant crown prince seems to forget that one day he will die and meet his lord, Allah the all powerful who will deal justly

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      He will meet Allah, yes Satan wants to meet his good servants of the Saudi regime. They dismember and behead for bogus reasons just about anyone who enters their death traps(embassy or consulate).

  • Bilal Ul haq
    Bilal Ul haq 14 днів тому +20

    That's hilarious 😂 when we see these kind of journalist asking on Khashoggi killing when half of the gulf was slaughtered by America and it's Allie's in the name of terrorism.
    Who's gonna answer that my dear Christine Amanpour

    • Baban Sdl
      Baban Sdl 12 днів тому

      Bilal ul haq ........who started the killing of innocent people. ........remember 9/11............ after that you must be ready for tough reaction. .....

    • Tareq
      Tareq 12 днів тому

      Bilal Ul haq brotha she is British Iranian of course she want to show him in a bad way because she is Iranian

  • Lan Huang
    Lan Huang 14 днів тому

    CNN journalist is so impolite and rude!

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      You should lick this head chopper's boots then, on your knees and bow down when facing your master.

  • Norm La Marche
    Norm La Marche 14 днів тому

    This poor ragheaded faggit is shitting his pants because one wrong word and he'll be next for the bone saw. Saudis have such dirt on Amurika that they can drop the W.T.C. and get away with it.

  • Salma D
    Salma D 14 днів тому +4

    She should have asked him if he fears he could end up like that if he went against MBS

  • Slim
    Slim 14 днів тому

    Banaba republic ! A murder ordered by MBS !

  • F S
    F S 14 днів тому

    CNN is ruled by the Saudis? That’s basically what she meant when she said they are in charge of the press. Now, you tell me what’s wrong with her question.

  • Hill Belly
    Hill Belly 14 днів тому

    Fifteen out of nineteen sept 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia ,

  • amehnn
    amehnn 14 днів тому

    Arabs kill one person. Media freaks out. AMERICAN ISRAEL BEEN KILLING MILLIONS NO ONE CARES.

  • Reehan Acharya
    Reehan Acharya 14 днів тому +1

    Sunni vs Shia Conflict

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      They are such a religion of pieces...I meant to say peace.

  • HAMO
    HAMO 14 днів тому +4

    “This is a gruesome murder that took place without authorization.”

    • Molana Rumi
      Molana Rumi 14 днів тому

      You mean your authorization? You are not the MBS, are you? Or you are a Saudi ass kisser protecting your murdere boss.

  • Dom Mee
    Dom Mee 14 днів тому


  • nazmul haq nion
    nazmul haq nion 14 днів тому +1

    What about abu gorib

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      Yes what about it? Stop trying to deflect the Saudi crimes.

  • Syndicat K
    Syndicat K 14 днів тому

    This dude is fooling himself and whole Saudi Wahabi terrorist state, but the saudi terrorist state will never be able to fool the whole world, that is for sure!

  • Mohamad Yasin Owadally
    Mohamad Yasin Owadally 14 днів тому

    Yes u r right. Finally the usa & saudi ploys work with flying colours. Iran will be unfortunately the fabricated cause to re arm Saudi to the teeth to darken again the red patches of their red scarves with the blood of their neighbours.

  • Pierre s'not mad
    Pierre s'not mad 14 днів тому

    This is so fake guys wake uuupppppp !!!!

  • Skatevids
    Skatevids 14 днів тому

    Guy's a pussy murk people in the embassy let your nuts hang and say yeah I did that and my boys who did it are gonna be ok but instead he's like obviously lying and now putting all his own killers under the bus

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt 14 днів тому

    It wasn wllllllwu

  • yar tecta
    yar tecta 14 днів тому

    We don’t have faker than the Saudis !

    • yar tecta
      yar tecta 14 днів тому

      Arthur Wilk these savages drove camels just 10 years ago West made them rich because of some dumb ass movement against Iran .

    • Arthur Wilk
      Arthur Wilk 14 днів тому

      These rats treat the world as servants,all because some foolish Westerners sold them tech to extract black gold from the ground. These savages would remain poor if it was not for the West.

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt 14 днів тому

    Defiantly sell Saudi weapons are these guys crazy it will be in the America’s best interest if they do all the help the better I say why not!! It’s not like there not allies to America let hem spend 8 billion less money we have to spend I say

    • Roy Hunt
      Roy Hunt 14 днів тому

      Yes they killed a reporter horribly but there’s a lot more at stake here atm

  • Anony Moose
    Anony Moose 15 днів тому +1

    The US has been bombing Syria and Iraq for more than two decades combined and killing thousands of innocent civilians, but the American press is concerned about one man. This Amanpour is an Iranian, no wonder there's so much venom in her demeanour towards the Saudi minister.

  • Badis Kebsisi
    Badis Kebsisi 15 днів тому +1

    The devil 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  • Dina Ab
    Dina Ab 15 днів тому +10

    Would amanpour or cnn for that matter acknowledge or even ask tough questions to any Israeli official when it comes to the atrocities they have committed for many decades ??

    • Linny w
      Linny w 12 днів тому

      Yes she would...but they wont grant an interview particularly with regards to the guy smothered with a pillow in a hotel by mosad

    • Master Ace
      Master Ace 13 днів тому

      And who will question all the civilians and more importantly all the Kenyan children that the Saudi Arabian Jewish royal family is putting to death via bombs and by arming rebel groups to cause chaos in the region? Shut the fuck up when the Saudi jews are being questions for the fuckary they do all over the muslim world. Fuck Saudi Arabia and its roayl jewish pigs.

  • Equilibrium Gatekeeper
    Equilibrium Gatekeeper 15 днів тому


  • Equilibrium Gatekeeper
    Equilibrium Gatekeeper 15 днів тому


  • Harvey Sheering
    Harvey Sheering 15 днів тому +8

    They come over on private jets. See who paid for that jet. Just follow the money.

    • Harvey Sheering
      Harvey Sheering 12 днів тому

      Curtis Caudle you mean the Saudi Prince?

    • Curtis Caudle
      Curtis Caudle 13 днів тому +1

      They pay for it, they’re rich...

  • boss love
    boss love 15 днів тому

    I thought Saudis meant to have a beard if they don't they are gay, this guy looks gay, like most of the Saudis, DEATH TO MURDERS KING OF SAUDI ARABIA, SPONSORS OF THE WORLD TERRORIST.

  • Shahnam Asghar
    Shahnam Asghar 15 днів тому +2

    This dude is a fagget.. lubes his crack and everything

    • Gully gullible
      Gully gullible 14 днів тому

      How did you even think of that ! Peace

  • Eire Saoirse
    Eire Saoirse 15 днів тому

    Lol nobody will be prosecuted for this.and if they are itll be a showtrial and theyll be released in 6 mths