Behind America’s gender wage gap in soccer

  • Опубліковано 20 чер 2019
  • They’re the country’s most successful soccer team. But the women of the US national soccer team get paid, on average, roughly 38% as much as the members of the men’s national team. Here’s why that’s a major problem. #CNN #News #Cillizza #Politics #WorldCup


  • CNN
    CNN  28 днів тому +28

    The US women’s national team has fought for years to increase their pay. Do you think 2019 will see any changes?

    • Joseph W.
      Joseph W. 18 годин тому

      @carpe diem the womens soccer team gets 22 percent of their revenue and the men get 7 percent but I'm just gonna say womens soccer will never get the same because no one watches it. They will not get that money ever because they dont deserve it.

    • Jack Long
      Jack Long День тому

      carpe diem nope. Women’s soccer brought a paltry $73 million, men’s 8 BILLION..... no one watches women’s soccer but fat lesbian America pigs. And they suck.

    • Jack Long
      Jack Long День тому

      Philip S this women’s team was crushed by 14 year old boys in 2017 in Dallas 5-2. They are a fn total joke like all of women’s sports. When you’re smart enough to figure that out maybe the rest will fall into place for you, you fn dunce.

    • Jack Long
      Jack Long День тому

      Don men brought in $7 billion, women $73 million. I guess you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Jack Long
      Jack Long День тому

      carpe diem men’s soccer $8 billion dollars, women’s soccer $73 million. Women are vastly OVERPAID and are getting 13% while the men are getting 9%.... I guess you’re just like the women, Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. You fn dunce.

  • Quintin Tarantino
    Quintin Tarantino 2 години тому

    The USWNT wining a bunch of trophys is like wining a trophy in the a u14 boys league it doesn't mean anything because they aren't that great at soccer to begin with they were beaten 5-2 to an u15 boys team they are actually quite bad at the sport in the comparison to the men's team.

  • Jeremy Lunsford
    Jeremy Lunsford 15 годин тому

    Take the regular pay gap lie and apply here. Take the regular pay gap truth, and you've found the solution the the 'soccer pay gap' lie

  • Jim Adams
    Jim Adams 16 годин тому +1

    It should be illegal to pay women less than men for doing the exact same job!!!

    ...What? It already is?

  • Lenard Torres
    Lenard Torres 18 годин тому

    Make the men and women bet their wage. And play for it. Women will still win 😂

  • Timothy J. Horan
    Timothy J. Horan 18 годин тому

    This matters why?

  • Brennan Dillenbeck
    Brennan Dillenbeck 20 годин тому +2

    You are distorting the facts
    The women make 22% of what they earn while the men make only 7%
    Men make over 5 billion annually while the women make only 550k
    But the numbers are irrelevant because they agreed and signed the contract agreeing to make only 1/3 of the men’s total pay

  • Jammy
    Jammy 23 години тому +1

    They don't get paid because I don't watch women's and many of people don't watch women's football. Men are not paid more because they are men, they are paid more because of large audience which might make lot of profit

  • Alex Paynter
    Alex Paynter День тому

    The men’s team generated 6 billion dollars in revenue compared to the women’s 130 million. Based on that the women are WAY over paid. Especially for what they do. Plus almost no one wants to watch soccer, especially women’s soccer lmao.

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man День тому +2

    If there is no such thing as gender, how can there be a Gender wage gap? 🤯

  • enoc ramirez
    enoc ramirez День тому +1

    You haven't explained why. Also, this guy is a soccer fan...sure. Also, you see how this Great Value Jhon Oliver change equality with equity at 4:30, their not the same thing. Also, "women made more revenue than man" was just a lie when you compare world cups.

  • Ali Alegaili
    Ali Alegaili День тому

    CNN is incredibly not credible

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long День тому

    Women are vastly OVER paid. 14 year old boys annihilated this team 5-2, they are a joke. Way overpaid.

  • SupremeDutchyy
    SupremeDutchyy День тому +1

    They should get payed the same as men if they bring in as much revenue

  • Phon Xieng
    Phon Xieng День тому

    i work in the warehouse i want equal pay as those manager and ceo because i do most of the work while they walk around with their clipboard

  • Jontrell Miles
    Jontrell Miles День тому

    If women become more entertaining problem is solved. That is all

  • oxomaticman
    oxomaticman День тому

    The only way you could enforce pay equity is by bringing the men's pay down. Otherwise, you'll go bust. On that note, by all means, make 'em cough up the dough.

  • Steven Morales
    Steven Morales День тому

    Pay should be skill based...not based on whether you have a vagina. If women could play soccer as well as men, then maybe you’d have an argument about pay equality.

  • Andres Perilla
    Andres Perilla 2 дні тому

    this liberal faggot...

  • Why do I need a channel to comment

    Clown News Network tackling the tough issues by not listening to the questions, ignoring the facts and making up the most hateful, divisive fake answers they can think of..

  • Mason Powell
    Mason Powell 3 дні тому

    This is why I don’t respect CNN as a news network they kept so many facts from us in this video.

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass 3 дні тому

    Sorry soccer bitches until you draw crowds to your games more than the men then we can talk about equal pay... watching the women's game is like watching it in slow motion.
    Talent speed strength is just not there from the woman's point to put this already boring game on a higher level concerning the women.. facts of nature men's games are faster more talented with a ton more speed more enjoyable to watch...
    Here's an idea and it would draw Millions. The marketplace decides the pay.
    Have the women's us team Challenge the US men's shity soccer team to a match.. you beat the men you get your pay. It would be great TV watching these over cocky women get their asses beat.. when you can match a man in Talent speed and game attractiveness we'll talk..
    Until then just be happy being a US champion women's soccer team. Now get back in the kitchen and make me some bacon and eggs.🙄

  • vial.of.photons
    vial.of.photons 3 дні тому

    The women get paid less because women's soccer is inferior and brings in less money. This should be obvious to CNN. You make less money because fake news is not in demand any more.

  • Earl Dwire
    Earl Dwire 3 дні тому

    If their pussy-eating dildo captain would keep her America-hating trench mouth SHUT, maybe you would have more viewers which = more money. The fucking homo pig captain ruined their image. I, for one, lost intrest when I saw her Kapondick antics... fuck them

  • Snappingturtle 267
    Snappingturtle 267 3 дні тому +3

    Pay equity in soccer is such s joke. They don’t bring in the same dollars as the men.

    • Phon Xieng
      Phon Xieng День тому

      it dont matter leftist make up lies to get what they want

  • Matt Harrell
    Matt Harrell 3 дні тому

    The women need to remember that they played in the "FIFA Women's World Cup", and not the USWNT cup... it's a world game and the viewership is the entire world, not just the USA. Now compare the mens vs the women, and compare viewers when African, Asian, and South American nations play. It's great when ratings and sold out stadiums happen when the USA play, but what about when less than 10,000 people show up to watch Sweden (top 5 team) vs Thailand.

  • Gene Tacey
    Gene Tacey 3 дні тому

    CNN is as stupid as the congressman that now want to hold hearings on the "gap". All the idiots have to do is see how many people are in the stands paying admission to watch and you have the answer. But of course Dems don't understand value added and how business really works.

  • Homework Hopper
    Homework Hopper 4 дні тому

    I don’t watch much UAplus, but this is genuinely the first time I have seen a video with more dislikes than likes.

    Top Rank AUDIOBOOKS PLUS 4 дні тому +1

    I know I’m late, but this is a simple analogy.
    You have a bread selling business.
    Joe also has a bread selling business about the same size.
    Joe gets more customers at his business and therefore earns more money.
    You sell fresher bread but you don’t try and get more customers, and therefore you don’t earn as much as Joe.
    Now You’re calling Joe some sort of discriminating “isn’t” word and demand equal pay.
    Sounds familiar to the Women’s soccer team.

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 4 дні тому

    Female sports attract far less profit and viewers than male sports; hence lower pay. But Libtards and Femtards will never learn.

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 4 дні тому

    WRONG Men’s soccer 7billion. women’s a paltry $73 million. Pathetic. CNN all lies all the time.

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 4 дні тому

    Bwahahahaha! A < 15 year old pre high school boys team in Dallas kicked the shit out THIS women’s team in 2017.... they really just suck. Men’s soccer generates $7 billion dollars, women’s soccer made a pathetic $73 million. Stupid pigs, can’t comprehend basic economics. You don’t earn .02% of what the men generate. Women are taking 13% of profits. Men 9%. Men are underpaid. Idiots. BTW ANY high school boys team can beat this pathetic team.

  • Michael Zaitz
    Michael Zaitz 5 днів тому

    This whole argument is so disingenuous... world cup revenue and ratings from the united states is a needle in a haystack compared to the rest of the world. According to Forbes, the Men's World Cup in Russia generated over 5 billion in worldwide revenue, while the Women's World Cup cycle 2019-2022 is estimated at 131 million in worldwide revenue. Prize money, for women, as a proportion of total revenue is actually more than 2x what it is for men.

  • João Vítor
    João Vítor 5 днів тому +1

    If a company has 2 employes, a man and a woman, and they give you the same production, in my view, they should receive the same pay check. But when you don't play soccer as good as men, and lose to a 15 yo boys team, why should you receive the same as them, just because the competition they face is harder than yours?

  • Paul Gernah
    Paul Gernah 5 днів тому

    Female pornstars bring in more views and revenue to the Adult film industry, and earn more as a result...Male pornstars don’t complain because they understand MATH
    USWNT don’t understand MATH, they suck and no one cares about women soccer that’s why the earn less
    You get payed according to what you bring in, not because of gender equality

  • Paul Gernah
    Paul Gernah 5 днів тому

    This is why smart people don’t watch CNN, News networks are so disingenuous, and so are Democratic Party...Why do people intentionally deceive others to increase chaos and hate, only the politicians gain from this rubbish

  • Akash Guha Thakurata
    Akash Guha Thakurata 5 днів тому +1

    I bet a junior boys team could easily beat the crap out of this team.

  • samuel solano
    samuel solano 5 днів тому

    These women are stupid... how hard is it to understand they do not bring in the real world bucks..

    YOUR PRESIDENT 5 днів тому

    When the US Women's Soccer Team plays the same level of soccer as a men's team then we'll sit and talk.

    YOUR PRESIDENT 5 днів тому +1

    That means that everybody should get paid the same not mattering whether they are good at at a job or not. that doesn't make any sense

  • U mad Bro
    U mad Bro 5 днів тому

    Ok so by your Logic 15 year old boys who did beat the womans soccer team should be paid as much as the woman ?

    RHETT BELL 6 днів тому

    CNN.....You Suck...!!!
    Have a nice day

    SAVAGE SOTO 6 днів тому

    Actually the premier league in 2015 in football (soccer) was one of the most watched sport events ever, drawing in 700 million views world wide
    Liverpool vs united.
    The USMNT makes less revenue than the USWNT did, but it’s not the US Soccer association that’s giving all the men this money. It’s the World Cup
    In the last Woman’s World Cup, it generated nearly 73 million dollars. While the men’s made 4 BILLION DOLLARS. You got a piece just for being in the event. The women are squeeze money from something that doesn’t exist. They can’t give you a piece of money that they don’t make.
    The wage gap is a myth.

  • Cali fornia
    Cali fornia 6 днів тому

    Have the women play against the men

  • Eric F
    Eric F 6 днів тому

    2015 Women’s World Cup made $73 million, players got 13%
    2019 Women’s World Cup made $131 million, players got $30 million, more than 20%

    2010 men’s World Cup made almost $4 billion, players got 9%
    World Cup in Russia, more than $6 billion, teams shared about $400 million, less than 7%


  • The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid 6 днів тому

    Anyone who wants equal pay for the woman’s World Cup are truly clueless.

  • Riley Lynch
    Riley Lynch 7 днів тому

    Worthless report that ignores the difference of revenue between the men and women. If any thing the men should get paid more due to women getting a higher percentage of revenue.

  • Stephen N
    Stephen N 7 днів тому

    I work everyday and really hard also I should at least get paid the same as the women's soccer team.

  • President Donald J Trump
    President Donald J Trump 7 днів тому

    How about all actors get paid the same in the film industry? Tom Cruise and a no-name actor.

  • Ann Sophiarobb
    Ann Sophiarobb 7 днів тому

    CNN back at it again, never having the facts straight.

  • Lenabo 99
    Lenabo 99 7 днів тому

    Its not discrimination, it's based on the amount of money in the game there is far more money in male football than womens. If America choose to pay national teams the same on principle cool. But, don't ever mension equal pay at club level it is impossible. Anyway I don't see why either men or women should be getting payed for play for their country. The owner to play should be enough

  • james walsh
    james walsh 7 днів тому

    How about the women's team play the men's if they win they get more money ?

  • james walsh
    james walsh 7 днів тому

    Women football doesn't generate enough money to warrant a pay raise that's not the men's fault that's just business

  • Henock gebriel
    Henock gebriel 7 днів тому +10

    CNN just keeps proving their fake news.

  • Let us Reason
    Let us Reason 7 днів тому

    I see that you got a Clinton/Gore pendant on the wall.
    I can see that you are not going to be fair in you analysis.
    Why dont you do a pro / con report. This topic is not as easy as you are portraying it.
    Or why dont you get a few people from the other side, and let them respond you your questions.

  • Let us Reason
    Let us Reason 7 днів тому +1

    Well, how much money do they bring in?
    And what are their ratings?

  • Kevin D. Najera
    Kevin D. Najera 7 днів тому

    Forget those who are saying men are paid "more" cuz they earn more, true but that's not the reason why they are paid "more". In fact MEN EARN A SMALLER PERCENTAGE THAN WOMEN in terms of their total earnings, meaning if we all wanted women to get paid as men do then women's soccer team would ear less than what's it's currently earning.

  • Mr. Fett Esq.
    Mr. Fett Esq. 7 днів тому

    This is bullocks as Womens team gets around 17% of the intake revenue they bring. Where as men get around only 7% of theirs. So really it's men who should by rights get the raise if we're being honest and NOT skewing facts. Sorry women but you already get a bigger percentage then men. You just don't bring in enough money. Because women's sports are boring.

  • DMB Yurtsever
    DMB Yurtsever 7 днів тому

    It only makes sense that men and women should get paid equally for the same work. When we compare men's and women's soccer, the work is definitely not the same. In women's soccer the game is very slow. Women players tend to make way too many simple mistakes that a typical soccer fan cannot stand watching. There is a significant difference between men and women soccer players in terms of speed, strength, athleticism, and technical skills. The difference is so large that I don't think US women's national soccer team can beat any of the top 50 U-17 male national teams in the world.
    That is why the market for women's soccer is almost nothing compared to the market for men's soccer. What women/men soccer players get paid is proportional to the revenues generated in their respective markets.

    If women soccer player gets paid as high as men soccer players, all those women soccer cubs will go bankrupt within a couple of months. Despite this, let's say somehow women soccer players managed to get paid as high as men soccer players. What is next then? Basketball? Ice hockey? Baseball?

  • clc
    clc 7 днів тому

    It's just a matter of time before trans men deicide they want to play women's soccer ⚽ and take all their money.

  • E.V. Gaming
    E.V. Gaming 7 днів тому +3

    Your paid by PERFORMANCE & ACHIEVEMENT and how much REVENUE you bring into FIFA no matter Tournament your playing. Same goes for the men.

  • Ryan Layman
    Ryan Layman 7 днів тому

    BTW Here's the link to the WSJ reference at the end.

  • Me, I'm Counting
    Me, I'm Counting 7 днів тому

    So - Men's WC 2018 generates $6 Billion and pays players $400 Million
    Women's WC 2019 generates $130 Million and pays players $30 Million
    To "equalise" the pay - where does the missing $270 Million come from?

  • Afnan Acchan
    Afnan Acchan 7 днів тому

    Simple. Very few people watch female football so they bring way less money to industry. If they got paid same as their male counterpart it will bankrupt whole female football. In fashion industry female paid way more than men because there are more demand. Top female models earn 20x more than their male counterpart.

  • David Rooks
    David Rooks 8 днів тому

    Pay is based on world viewership advertising value. Women's soccer has lower viewership on the world stage by an amount commensurate to the pay gap. Success isn't the issue. Advertising value is.

  • Joey Calabrese
    Joey Calabrese 8 днів тому

    No one watching women soccer !!!!! Thats why

  • Andre Brito
    Andre Brito 8 днів тому

    maybe because female sports suck and nobody cares about it.

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia 8 днів тому

    The problem here is that the women's world cup barely generates the views and revenue than the men's world cup. The sponsorships, FIFA marketing and fan base is where the money is generated. Comparing both world cups (2018, 2019) just in the US there was way more traffic of information for the men's world cup (despite the US men's team not qualifying). I would like for the women's game to get more recognition, but why all of a sudden care about equal pay when the average American barely watches their domestic leagues. If some MLS teams struggle to get enough people to watch the games, the NWSL struggles way more. People need to stop complaining about equal pay when these "fans" only seem to care about the women's game every 4 years during a world cup. I want the women to get a higher pay, because let's be honest, the men's team isn't worth sh*t. But the sponsorships, FIFA marketing, fan base, and worldwide views generate the men's higher salaries, it doesn't matter if here in the US women create more revenue for USSF. So the solution to this gender gap is to get more people to watch the female sport here and abroad and make it entertaining to watch. The more views the women's team gets, the higher their salaries will get. It's basic economics.

  • Kelley 081
    Kelley 081 8 днів тому +1

    I bet that every single man on the mens team would love to earn 22% of the their teams total earnings, (like the womens national team) compared to the 7% that they currently earn..... but.... yea.... keep bitchin about that ladies....

  • Michael Holderbaum
    Michael Holderbaum 8 днів тому

    In 2017 these lesbians lost to a under 15 boys team. So tell me why they deserve the big bucks.

  • Patriot
    Patriot 8 днів тому

    This is absolutely ludicrous. Who do you think generates more revenue - Men's soccer or Woman's? That's right- the men. Sorry - You want more pay? Put more butts in the seats. It's that simple.

  • Unlicensed Pharmacist
    Unlicensed Pharmacist 8 днів тому

    they should have a match men vs woman but you can have double the number of woman on field, i bet men would still dominate

  • Isaac Saiz
    Isaac Saiz 8 днів тому

    Does cnn know how to do math? Or do they even understand how soccer teams get paid? Haha this is why you dont let Democrats run this country because they clearly dont know how money is moved around in the world haha

  • esteban lopez
    esteban lopez 8 днів тому +3

    Australian national womans Soccer team with profesionals woman players at the team have suffered a desvastating defeat going down 0-7 to the Newcasttle Jets unders-15 boys. equal pay for the same job jajajajaja

  • BigPlayJohn J
    BigPlayJohn J 8 днів тому

    Seriously dude, please pleSe stop. This isnt a social justice issue... this is an economic issue... the women dont generate the money that the men do. God why the fuck are people so stupid??? This is insane!! Its simply an economic issue. Look up the ratings between the men and the women. How many eyeballs watch men's soccer. And how many watch womens soccer. Same with basketball. The WNBA has NEVER been profitable. Ever. And they still cry. I get it though, the women work hard and are the best in the world. But just because your the best, doesnt mean that people will pay money to watch. It's simple. Shut the fuck up you creepy little weirdo.

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera 8 днів тому +1

    “So, so puzzling.” 😂

  • Luis J
    Luis J 8 днів тому

    "You're gonna make the same if you do as good a job "

  • Maam Maam
    Maam Maam 8 днів тому

    I wonder how many do these politicians actually watch soccer?

  • Patrick Fitzsimmons
    Patrick Fitzsimmons 8 днів тому +4

    men generated 6billion women 70 million in the last world cups... not discrimination simple maths.

  • Matt Hix
    Matt Hix 8 днів тому +1

    Revenue dum dum.

  • Teddy B
    Teddy B 9 днів тому

    This video is not giving the people the facts. This years woman world cup made a little over 131Million dollars in Revenue. The Mens world cup last year in Russia made 6BILLION dollars in revenue. Not only did the Mens World cup generate more money, but it also blew the ratings and viewership of what the entire womans world cup did around the world. Last but not least the Woman actually receive 13% vs the Men who get 9% of the revenue. The woman make more on percentage of revenue vs the men. CNN needs to do better here come on. Show the people the facts not just what you want them to hear.

  • shannonrameka
    shannonrameka 9 днів тому

    Fucking tool

  • Kevin BL
    Kevin BL 9 днів тому

    How people who thinks the womens World Cup is the same as the mens look like:🤡🤡🤡

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 днів тому +1

    Lol ok CNN women make less then men in soccer cause of oppression not because no one watches women's soccer.

  • Revel Heir
    Revel Heir 9 днів тому

    Here's some more grade-A bs for the pink- hair brigade.
    *You want equal pay? Bring in equal revenue.*
    The prize pools are taken from revenue totals; the women's prize pool is 23% of total revenue, while the men's prize pool is just 7% of total revenue. If women brought in as much as the men's teams, they would already be making 16% more than the men as is.

  • The Last Nyte
    The Last Nyte 9 днів тому +2

    I think the USWNT is overearning. I bet 14 year old boys (who play football twice a week for recreation) can give a run for their money. And BTW I am from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • Zel
    Zel 9 днів тому

    Hey CNN my band only gets paid $500 bucks a night at my local nightclub covering Springsteen , but Beyonce gets paid like $50 million a year. I demand you do a story on this sickening case of gender discrimination. I really don't know how my local nightclub gets away with this kind of sexism....

  • Riki-oh Lanna Siam
    Riki-oh Lanna Siam 9 днів тому +1

    Ouch! more dislike than like....U R fake news!

  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young 9 днів тому

    Gender wage gap lol!! Men bring in more money then woman ya fucking dopes.

  • UsernamerAlreadyTakn
    UsernamerAlreadyTakn 9 днів тому

    Why isnt there equal pay in porn!?!

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon 9 днів тому

    1 billion people watched the women’s tournament this year.
    Last year 1.12 billion watched the men’s finals alone.
    And didn’t they get beat by a 15 yr old little boys team? Kinda hard to watch or care when kids can beat them. Shouldn’t those kids make as much as the women? That’s the argument right? Equal pay?
    If they want to pay them equally they will bankrupt the women’s women’s soccer in the US. That’s when they will cry that the men’s money should come their way.

    SIGMA MALE 9 днів тому

    Every time a man plays a woman in sports he crushes her...
    Serena Williams ranks 700 even as number 1in the 90s she was crushed by a low ranking male.
    She later stated that she didn't realize how hard it would be...
    He easily beat me...
    You women need to get over yourselves

  • Alfred Neuman
    Alfred Neuman 9 днів тому

    EQUAL PAY IS RIDICULOUS! It's only about mathematics and money.........and logic. Men's sports make a ton more money than women's sports. Players get paid accordingly. Just simple math - no evil agenda!

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 9 днів тому +1

    They can get a second job cooking and cleaning if they want to make more money!

  • two dogs
    two dogs 9 днів тому

    It's the "13-0" Tweet by Sen. Gillibrand that poignantly spells out the discrepancy in play between the men and woman. Anyone who follows soccer knows that such an outcome would be a complete outlier in men's World Cup play. Thailand was such an underdeveloped team as they should NOT have qualified for the WC. But, when you take into consideration that women's soccer is VASTLY unpopular, comparative to men's, and that the Thai team was in the competition due to a lack of qualified women's teams on the international stage, its easy to conclude that our US women's success are leveraged on the fact the women aren't sporting, worldwide. The disparity in WC revenue is ALL one needs to look at when comparing men to women in international soccer. I believe it's about 70 million for women to 4 - 5 billion for men. THIS IS THE REASON FOR PAY DISCREPANCY, AS WELL AS THE GAP IN SUCCESSES BETWEEN USMNT AND USWNT.
    Brazil is arguably the greatest country in soccer. The men DOMINATE in international play, where the women languish. It's a catholic country with stark contrast in culture for women's sports. The same can be said for a vast majority of the world's teams. If you notice, the Women's WC is usually a contest between the US and Western Europe.
    Chris Cillizza (sp) is reporting on something he knows very little about. It's probably why he can only juggle a ball 3 times. Good day.

  • aaron
    aaron 9 днів тому

    Thanks for not giving any supporting facts CNN.

  • vsenan
    vsenan 9 днів тому

    You failed to mention this major point - "The USSF sells broadcast and sponsorship rights for the men’s and women’s teams together, and as a result, it can be difficult to determine the exact broadcast value of the two teams." CNN - when you can't get a job at mcdonalds.

  • Silas Bishop
    Silas Bishop 9 днів тому

    #Sidebar, this is bullshit. There is an earnings gap. What are these "similar" positions? I am a Product Manager, but I have a Product Analyst who is a woman. She makes significantly less than me. Is that discrimination?

  • Silas Bishop
    Silas Bishop 9 днів тому +1

    Women's sports don't bring in the viewers/revenue that Men's do. They aren't being paid for their record. This whole debate is absurd.

  • Scott Bradshaw
    Scott Bradshaw 9 днів тому

    Disappointed that CNN doesn't actually do research here. The "Point" he makes at the end are only for ticket sales. This is A point, but only a portion of revenue generated. Why not actually review the data and give facts? The 38% number is also from 3-4 years ago. It's closer to 89% now. Still a problem, but citing 38% is dishonest.