Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

  • Опубліковано 9 лип 2019
  • We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Cassie Taylor ASMR
    Cassie Taylor ASMR 18 годин тому +1

    20:02 *"Dont drown me in the womb bro"* 😅

  • Ria Patel
    Ria Patel 18 годин тому

    “Ethan and Grayson annoying a doctor for 15 minutes straight.” 😂

  • Marina Borba
    Marina Borba 18 годин тому

    i mean... its...urine

  • Shrektacular
    Shrektacular 18 годин тому

    This is how you know that they’re running out of ideas

  • Sarah Garcia
    Sarah Garcia 18 годин тому

    ok can we pls have a video where one of you act like "grethan" like a combined version of you two (personality and aesthetic) pLeAsE

  • ChRoNoX
    ChRoNoX 18 годин тому

    Is it me or is the doctor fine 😬

  • Alexa And Savanna
    Alexa And Savanna 18 годин тому

    🎵sweet home Alabama🎵

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 19 годин тому

    You guys crack me up!

  • Madison C
    Madison C 19 годин тому

    DoN’t SlAp MoM😂😂

  • drew
    drew 19 годин тому +1

    22:42 damn he equipped

  • Natalia Martinez
    Natalia Martinez 19 годин тому

    Ethan: ( smacks ball )
    Grayson: Stop Disrespecting Mom!
    Ethan: ( smacks ball again )

  • Hey U
    Hey U 19 годин тому +1

    What vid was the clip at 14:30 from?

  • Katie J
    Katie J 19 годин тому +2

    Lol the doctor says half of a 2 liter bottle instead of 1 litter

  • Aziar Playz
    Aziar Playz 19 годин тому +2

    Ethan smacks the “womb”. Grayson: “STOP SMACKING MOM” Ethan: “SoRry”😅😂😂

  • Trevor Crowe
    Trevor Crowe 19 годин тому

    “So you know about twins and wombs and stuff?” I cry for humanity.

  • Kawaii x Puni
    Kawaii x Puni 19 годин тому

    23:06 did anyone else notice that Ethan had his toes painted white

  • Trevor Crowe
    Trevor Crowe 19 годин тому

    Yes you were alive.

  • Gabriela Juarez
    Gabriela Juarez 19 годин тому

    Hmm? Aliens screaming mom

    JILLO 19 годин тому

    My mom is an identical twin and they were four minutes apart😂😂 my mom wanted outta there

  • Miko Bouvat
    Miko Bouvat 20 годин тому

    They can sit and be gay together but god forbid james does it!

  • Zaira Mendoza
    Zaira Mendoza 20 годин тому

    I know y’all seen that 22:43 🤣

  • Cheyenne Strickler
    Cheyenne Strickler 20 годин тому

    babies dont breathe in the womb the umbilical cord provides the baby with oxygen until the first breath.

    I dont have a kid lol.. i just know

  • Kawaii x Puni
    Kawaii x Puni 20 годин тому

    Ethan : what color is the fluid?
    Doctor : it’s clear Amniotic fluid is actually babies pee
    The twins : have a very concerned look on their face
    ( the doctor look at the. So weirdly like wtf did they get this idea from ? ) 😂😂😂

  • Lulu Parise
    Lulu Parise 20 годин тому

    they called the vagina a special hole

  • Tabatha Oneal
    Tabatha Oneal 20 годин тому

    I’m only 1:52 seconds in and I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂 SEND HELP

  • Jocelynn Acosta
    Jocelynn Acosta 20 годин тому +1

    I wish me and my twin sister were as close as you guys 😭 and btw 20 minutes feels like so much time for me cuz my sister was born 1 minuet before me 🤭

  • Rayme Villalona
    Rayme Villalona 20 годин тому +1

    Grayson: iM cLaUsTrOpHoBiC
    Ethan: sToP sMaCkInG mOm💀

  • Carolyn McHugh
    Carolyn McHugh 20 годин тому

    "are you even considered alive at that point?"
    **i start to sweat for them not realizing how loaded that question is**

  • Lexi Ehle
    Lexi Ehle 20 годин тому

    “ I think you were my little bitch in the womb “

  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored 20 годин тому

    7:05 so basically a one liter bottle😂😂 not “half of a two liter bottle”🤪

  • v clyhaía
    v clyhaía 21 годину тому

    Thank me later 😊

  • tara warrick
    tara warrick 21 годину тому

    The doctor was so concerned when they said “I don’t think we should pee in it though”. After the doctor told them the “water” is urine.😂

  • angelina Martínez
    angelina Martínez 21 годину тому

    Soy fan de ustedes Boy a ver todos sus vídeos los quiero mucho

  • Fag Got
    Fag Got 21 годину тому

    The doctor acted so concerned

  • Mindy and Cassie
    Mindy and Cassie 21 годину тому

    That doctor probably went home and contemplated stopping specializing in twin deliveries hahaha

  • abbey rivers
    abbey rivers 21 годину тому


  • Ally Morvillo
    Ally Morvillo 21 годину тому

    Doctor: what kind of questions are these, why am I here

  • Ally Morvillo
    Ally Morvillo 21 годину тому

    Doctor: what kind of questions are these, why am I here

  • Adriana Marshall
    Adriana Marshall 21 годину тому

    This kinda funny

  • Karista Norman
    Karista Norman 21 годину тому

    I don't think o would be able to do that with my twin sister

  • Genevathediva
    Genevathediva 21 годину тому

    First thing I have to ask is WHAT THE HECK

  • nemoisagoodpet !
    nemoisagoodpet ! 22 години тому

    24:47 wait... what😂

  • BryBry Nandez
    BryBry Nandez 22 години тому

    I don't think babies wear clothes in the womb. 😏😉😈😈

  • Ara Navea
    Ara Navea 22 години тому

    I cringe

  • Marlee Kilgore
    Marlee Kilgore 22 години тому

    This doctor is like what the crap are they doing

  • Triniti Thomas
    Triniti Thomas 22 години тому +3

    Ethan: *smacks bubble*
    Greyson: Stop disrespecting mom
    Ethan: *hits it again*
    Greyson: sToP sMaCkInG mOm

  • MoonWolf KNC
    MoonWolf KNC 22 години тому +1

    Why were Ethan’s toenails painted white?! 23:07 😂

  • CristinaM
    CristinaM 22 години тому +1

    “Mom can you eat?”
    I’m so dead that was hilarious

  • Tori Mills
    Tori Mills 22 години тому +1

    Is it just me or does the doctor look kinda like Major Lilywhite from iZombie 🧐

  • Dats.mely_ mel
    Dats.mely_ mel 22 години тому

    So we gonna act like we don’t see GRAYSON bulge at 22:42😂

  • klickklackbom '
    klickklackbom ' 22 години тому

    Hahaha he's thinking you're really weird 😂😂😂 and thinking like" wtf how can they take this so seriously but not at all at the same time "

  • Tori Spence
    Tori Spence 22 години тому

    imagine if goops actually talked in the womb and constantly yelled that they were hungry...oh wait

  • MoonWolf KNC
    MoonWolf KNC 22 години тому +1

    Here’s a question: Why is Grayson tan and Ethan pale

  • Nada Al zaabi
    Nada Al zaabi 22 години тому


  • Chloe Kelleher
    Chloe Kelleher 22 години тому

    @8:30 uhh sure.... lol

  • Itschloe _PL
    Itschloe _PL 23 години тому

    I’m a twin and I weighed 7.3 pounds when I was born

  • gracie rae ellen
    gracie rae ellen 23 години тому +3

    them: “this is youtube we cant be naked”
    me: “sure you can.”

  • Tori Spence
    Tori Spence 23 години тому

    no one:
    not a single person:
    not a soul:
    some random ass person: um you're not in the mothers tummy you're in her uterus. omg get it right.

  • Adalai Eagle
    Adalai Eagle 23 години тому

    *Ethan and Grayson Dolan realizing the're twins for 28 minutes straight*

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 23 години тому

    I have a twin uwu

  • Leslie Bilotta
    Leslie Bilotta 23 години тому

    These guys are cute! Just take out the earrings/ they look dumb!

  • kelseeeyxoxo
    kelseeeyxoxo 23 години тому

    what are these questions 🤣 go back to school lmaooooo

  • Samantha Pagan
    Samantha Pagan 23 години тому

    17:41 he got so offended 😂

  •  23 години тому


  • angelina proviano
    angelina proviano 23 години тому

    me and my twin sister were 6 7 lbs and 6 9 lbs LMFAOOOOO so my mom had 13 pounds on her

  • Sophia Messer
    Sophia Messer 23 години тому

    Lmfao this was released on my birthday 💀😂😭

  • H-TownBaby Squad
    H-TownBaby Squad 23 години тому


  • H-TownBaby Squad
    H-TownBaby Squad 23 години тому

    aww I forgot that Gray was claustrophobic 😢

  • Angela Rodriguez
    Angela Rodriguez 23 години тому

    The doctor was threw with their shit

  • Sophie XO
    Sophie XO 23 години тому

    my brother was 10.6 lbs lmao

  • Natalie A
    Natalie A 23 години тому

    This doctor is so concerned 🤣Im wheezing

  • Sarina Litteken
    Sarina Litteken 23 години тому


  • Patricia Jackson
    Patricia Jackson 23 години тому


  • Kamaria Avery
    Kamaria Avery 23 години тому

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Heaven Bell
    Heaven Bell День тому +1

    I’m so glad I had the womb to my self😂😂😂

  • Jamie Sematat
    Jamie Sematat День тому

    They’re basically doing science experiments for self reasons and not school projects 😂

  • Bárbara Gabriel
    Bárbara Gabriel День тому

    Imagine if babies are actually like this in the womb 😂😂

  • Greta Kanisek
    Greta Kanisek День тому

    Dolan twins: *asks weird questions*
    Doctor: *poker face* YEAH SURE

  • Cameron Carrillo
    Cameron Carrillo День тому

    can someone find out what time the twins were born plz and thanks

  • Olivia Rasmussen
    Olivia Rasmussen День тому

    "I slipped right out"


  • CutePandaGirl 2004
    CutePandaGirl 2004 День тому

    It's so awkward! The doctor looks so uncomfortable answering the odd questions.

  • Emma Cats
    Emma Cats День тому +3

    They have no shame for asking this poor man such weird questions.

  • brianna huddie
    brianna huddie День тому

    lol their questions were so adorably stupid and the doctor was so nice about it lol

  • Niven lim
    Niven lim День тому


  • Trydentt
    Trydentt День тому

    “In A bElLy”

  • Niven lim
    Niven lim День тому

    This vid was a great topic on twitter Hahahahah it blew up cos Ethan um got a little too excited ahhahs

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole День тому


  • luvly tutorials
    luvly tutorials День тому +1

    Other youtuber's intro: *Hey guys!!......*

    Dolan twins intro: *shut the fuck up ethan*

  • Sparklegirl👸
    Sparklegirl👸 День тому

    Can we get a “spending one week apart” part 2 pleaseeeeeeeee

  • random_ ciera
    random_ ciera День тому

    I'M READING A GRETHAN STORY ON WATTPAD sorry I just thought y'all would know that lol

  • DiscoKitten5
    DiscoKitten5 День тому

    Literally who wants to see this. Why? How's it funny? Two dudes in a nasty plastic ball? That's entertainment? Fuckin hell.

  • Aliyah Prince
    Aliyah Prince День тому

    SToP sMACkiNg mOM

    SoRry Mom

  • zero music
    zero music День тому

    "Stop smacking mom"

  • Sadia Miah
    Sadia Miah День тому +1

    Absolutely no one:

  • aesthetics Disney lover
    aesthetics Disney lover День тому +1

    Could be... Could be.... Erm

  • Daisy Kriz
    Daisy Kriz День тому

    I’m sad they didn’t mention that they have scars on their thumbs that might be from being connected In the womb

  • Cam F.
    Cam F. День тому

    The doctor has the same smile as nick jonas

  • Sumaya Mohammed
    Sumaya Mohammed День тому

    I bet you were my little bitch in the womb

  • Ashton_Stevens DJAsh
    Ashton_Stevens DJAsh День тому

    I'm a twin!!!😂

  • Batman
    Batman День тому +1

    22:41 bulge :)

    • Batman
      Batman День тому

      I can’t stop replaying cause like wow lol

    • Batman
      Batman День тому

      Ivy Animates

    • Ivy Animates
      Ivy Animates День тому

      ....I lowkey love you