'The Five' reacts to the Senate battle for impeachment trial witnesses

  • Опубліковано 24 січ 2020
  • Is the battle over potential impeachment witnesses winding down? Reaction and analysis on 'The Five.'
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  • Harold Rathbone
    Harold Rathbone 8 днів тому

    Here we go again. Fox News doing a great job. Then Juan Williams is on the screen running his ignorant mouth.
    Somebody needs to tell this idiot that most if not all republicans support the Trump administration and more and more Democrats are supporting the Trump administration every second.
    Once again I must remind you that Juan Williams is an idiot that passes off fake news as if it were truth.

  • Alan Tally
    Alan Tally 10 днів тому

    Schumer! What a liar.

  • Roselyn DeSander
    Roselyn DeSander 11 днів тому

    Have to agree Juan has to go, he just doesn’t understand things and is bordering!

  • Mary Canfield
    Mary Canfield 11 днів тому

    I noticed it last night. You look marvelous! No, seriously, you look sexy. Don't go back!

  • Jon Slagill
    Jon Slagill 19 днів тому

    Juan is not seeing the same thing I'm seeing. I wonder if he actually believe what he is saying.

  • Gary Loger
    Gary Loger 20 днів тому

    Hitler's speeches were emotional too.

  • David Roe
    David Roe 20 днів тому

    Your facts are wrong Juan.

  • N4L74
    N4L74 21 день тому

    I can’t believe people that watch FOX news can listen to all the misinformation (LIES)

  • ewallt
    ewallt 21 день тому

    How can he say Hunter Biden has nothing to do with this? That’s beyond absurd.

  • ewallt
    ewallt 21 день тому

    It’s the impeachment itself which is political, obviously, as it had no bipartisan support.

  • Story Gordon
    Story Gordon 21 день тому

    No witnesses? No credibility.

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller 22 дні тому

    Stop letting your stupidity prevent your ignorance being cured Juan. Stupidity, and your bias, is the only reason you remain ignorant. Or, you simply find it necessary to lie to the audience. Which is it?

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller 22 дні тому

    Any responsible prosecutor would have the necessary evidence to support and prove a charge would have all in place before he makes the charge! What do you not understand about that Juan? What a dumb )&)(^)*&^* you prove yourself to be.

  • Barbara Bennett
    Barbara Bennett 22 дні тому

    The Impeachment trail is not over till the all the information is presented. Stop giving the people who listen to you half truths. It is not over till it is over. I believe that the president was in his right to do the things he is doing. You are providing fake news again. That's why it is hard to listen to the news. You need to balance the news.

  • Hasty Z
    Hasty Z 22 дні тому +1

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but Juan is the only voice of reason I hear from The Five anymore. Sad, It's almost like they didn't watch the trial at all, smh

  • Faustino Alicaba
    Faustino Alicaba 22 дні тому

    Back to my home screen for my next visit

  • Argonaut121
    Argonaut121 22 дні тому

    I'm an attorney. Next time I have client who is charged and sent to trial I'm going to tell the judge that the prosecutors aren't allowed to call any witnesses who weren't interviewed as part of the investigation, even if they have evidence directly relevant to the trial. Let's see how far I get!

  • Religion WhistleBlower
    Religion WhistleBlower 23 дні тому

    Senate Prayer: The reason we have been suffering with so many problems in USA is that we have made up a fake religion for our country which you would not find it in any religious Scripture. Those wicked preachers came up with a fake name "Jesus" which you would never ever find this false name in any scripture of the Almighty Creator in order to steal their money so they could purchase more mansions and airplanes. Yet, in the original Aramaic scripture he was called "Easoa" also he is called as "E-saw" son of Maryam in the Arabic Quran, the untouched message of our Creator, based on 1500 pages of mathematics, the exact science. The Almighty Creator gathered all of those people whom they came up with this fake name as 'Christians' which you would not find this name in any scripture, in around the Bible belt area. That is why He has been sending them more than a 1000 tornadoes every single year, plus hurricanes, floods, fires, church firing and shootings as the consequences of wrong doings. Yet, they do not take heed. The reason is that around 229 years ago they added this manmade religion to our Constitution and made us a Godless nation. The Law of the Almighty is, "Nothing happens to you if you follow from His rules on earth", and "Anything bad happens to you is from your own short coming". Unless we turn back to our Creator who created us from ejected semen, otherwise we would suffer much more.

  • Phill Hendricks
    Phill Hendricks 23 дні тому

    Biden did exactly what they are trying to impeach Trump for. How sorry.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 23 дні тому

    I thought Biden had a no show job in Ukraine. How is that not relevant? It is obviously political kickback.

  • Big Bear Hungry
    Big Bear Hungry 23 дні тому

    Juan, get rid of that BUTT hair between your mouth and nose.

  • Sherri Buxton
    Sherri Buxton 23 дні тому

    So the liberal media owns a thesaurus?

  • Mααrʈεn M
    Mααrʈεn M 23 дні тому

    Even if the Dems get their way for more witnesses they would still need 2/3 of the vote to remove Trump from office. That's 66 votes. Good luck getting 21 senators to defect. Game over

    JOHN'S WICK 23 дні тому

    "Bullet proof case , overwhelming evidence!" Now these Dimocrats want more witnesses to make their case even MORE bullet proof and More overwhelming. LMAO! what a circus.

  • James Gao
    James Gao 23 дні тому +1

    I fast forward every time Juan open his mouth !

  • James Gao
    James Gao 23 дні тому

    Juan needs to go . Every time he speaks he just lies !

  • Lid Soto
    Lid Soto 23 дні тому

    Juan Williams....were does he get his %....this man can't tell the truth even if it bit them on the face!

  • Lid Soto
    Lid Soto 23 дні тому

    Schumer, you can spin things around, but you are the one that is scared to call Hunter Biden. The words for this week for the state
    run media....passionate, virtuoso, etc....they have a tingle down their legs!

  • Wendy Ferguson
    Wendy Ferguson 23 дні тому


  • Wendy Ferguson
    Wendy Ferguson 23 дні тому


  • chasphotonic
    chasphotonic 23 дні тому

    The House already HAD witnesses! They chose NOT to subpoena John Bolton because they knew Trump has Executive Privilege. Juan is a dolt.

  • Freaky
    Freaky 23 дні тому

    I think they making Juan a clown... it's like they are talking to a democrat.

  • Ron Allen
    Ron Allen 23 дні тому

    FOX needs to DITCH JUAN ! ! ! I ALWAYS tune this show OUT when Juan comes on !

  • russian bot
    russian bot 23 дні тому

    Juan again is an idiot, so you can tell America's top secrets once you leave the gov. Cool cool no doubt

  • russian bot
    russian bot 23 дні тому

    Adam's emotional it must be true

  • russian bot
    russian bot 23 дні тому

    Sounds like he is gloating them to call him

  • Frank Warner
    Frank Warner 23 дні тому

    Get rid of Juan!

  • Leslie Greenhalgh
    Leslie Greenhalgh 23 дні тому

    Juan is pastries sell by date time to throw thastold dem hack in the garbage

  • JR Walters
    JR Walters 23 дні тому

    still amazed at the ignorance of the dems lemmings the lot of them i for one will be glad to see them run off a cliff

  • Trump Zilla
    Trump Zilla 23 дні тому

    Juan does nothing but spin the truth. Why is he on Fox?

  • Viveshan Phillips
    Viveshan Phillips 23 дні тому

    John Boltons book is gonna prove how big the cover up really was ....and what bots repulicans and his supporters are ....no ballz

  • Mike Callahan
    Mike Callahan 23 дні тому

    Does the Donny Brook go on after air between Jessie,Greg,& Juan? LMAO.

  • Rita Huang
    Rita Huang 23 дні тому

    DEMOCRATE of Polosi to impeach president for fear of their corruptions

  • Shine On
    Shine On 23 дні тому

    That's the prettiest green, I've ever seen!

  • mastereddie
    mastereddie 23 дні тому

    Schiff is like Obama,,,,, a toastmaster graduate. They both know how to deliver speeches (barak is an expert). Take note "Republicans" learn to be a "ToastMasters" expert.

  • MrSnyper360
    MrSnyper360 23 дні тому

    The Five is a shitshow today

  • buckstershookinsonsters
    buckstershookinsonsters 23 дні тому

    Refer to the gallery of Senators with their heads in the hands. One of the most powerfully sleep inducing presentations they'd ever heard.

  • Juliana65
    Juliana65 23 дні тому

    Juan Williams.... NO credence after stating the President's presence at the March for Life was racially divisive. What a dope!

  • drums&drones
    drums&drones 24 дні тому

    Dana looks fantastic in green!...

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 24 дні тому

    Juan always gives bs percentages! Always.

  • Craig Steffner
    Craig Steffner 24 дні тому


  • Shirley Dreitzler
    Shirley Dreitzler 24 дні тому

    Schumer another complete idiot

  • Joyce Thomas
    Joyce Thomas 24 дні тому

    hey juan, the 66 % that want witnesses don't know how this all works.. they're ignorant of the process

  • Norm Durkin
    Norm Durkin 24 дні тому

    Schumer is another piece of schiff.. Schiff is the biggest piece of schiff in the history of schiff

  • elden neemia
    elden neemia 24 дні тому

    wow emotional yeah bunch of actors.

  • Zero .Karma
    Zero .Karma 24 дні тому

    From now on I am calling your show "The Four", I am skipping over when that moron Juan speaks from here on out. It would be nice if you could provide timestamps of when this braindead knuckledragger is "talking" because you are obviously determined to keep him regardless of the fact that your comments sections are 90% calling him out.

  • Slick 49
    Slick 49 24 дні тому

    Juan doesn't know about polls all the ones we see say 80% are against impeachment but believe all the liberal congressman involved should be in prison

  • Gregory Saeger
    Gregory Saeger 24 дні тому

    I hate the FIVE cuz of Juan

  • bruce dunning
    bruce dunning 24 дні тому

    He says there should be witnesses but as soon as he said trump wants one and he said oh please? What a loser

  • Kieran’s Media Network
    Kieran’s Media Network 24 дні тому +1

    it's "empassioned, sincere, bla bla bla". Democrats, Adam Schiff's speech might be all of this, it's everything EXCEPT True! 👈🏽