NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

  • Опубліковано 20 чер 2019
  • Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix [ft. Blueface] (Official Music Video)

    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Midas 800
    Director of Photography - Snyder Derival
    Steadicam by Renard Cheren
    Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino

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  • Dharmawan Elmadya
    Dharmawan Elmadya День тому

    Me fart: 0:51
    Poop: 1:34

  • Flashpapii
    Flashpapii День тому

    1:34 Me coming to school with airpods

  • tommy
    tommy День тому +1

    Uwa baltner is better

  • WinstyBacon
    WinstyBacon День тому

    MrBeast: uploads
    Morgz: 1:34

  • lolface
    lolface День тому +1

    When the pizza rolls are ready 1:34

  • Dat Llama
    Dat Llama День тому

    The only part I like is “blue face yeah, yeah, ight”

  • lolface
    lolface День тому +1

    When jah enters heaven 1:34

  • NCbintang E Ahnaf
    NCbintang E Ahnaf День тому

    Me sleeping in my bedroom..
    Mom : son wake up its time to go to school
    Me : 1:50

  • Yash Loco
    Yash Loco День тому

    Me- mom how does krishna ji looks
    Mom: 1:34

  • Big Dilf
    Big Dilf День тому

    1:18 me trying to fight my big brother

  • Abyssal Red
    Abyssal Red День тому +1

    yo why tyler1 got the mic?

    D- KOMPOSE День тому

    1:49 when I go back to class

  • Tyy Armstead
    Tyy Armstead День тому < check out this song 💯💯💯. Subscribe also !!

  • Jake
    Jake День тому

    The jews when hitler died: 1:34

  • zeelo.
    zeelo. День тому

    00:48 me thinking I have a gang at school 1:02 what me and my friends really do

  • robyn the beast
    robyn the beast День тому

    Love the song

    Like fo NLE😭😰

  • シRoxick
    シRoxick День тому

    nobody knows what NLE Choppa was running from...a creature a spirit of the COPS

  • Itz Chris
    Itz Chris День тому +1

    My mom when I have an A- 1:20

  • oscar vargas
    oscar vargas День тому

    This lack of actual talent,talking about the mumble rap bullshit,skinny jean wearing weird fucks,just proves how fucked up this music is now,if it van be called music...

  • Itz Chris
    Itz Chris День тому

    Antonio Brown: *leaves raiders*
    Karma: 1:34

  • DogeGota GD
    DogeGota GD День тому +1

    No One
    Not Even Anyone

    Me: Walking To Area 51 1:34

  • BasketballVlogs
    BasketballVlogs День тому

    Where is bluefaces nipple?😂

  • ThisCommand GT
    ThisCommand GT День тому

    He looks away and back to the camera 2:40

  • nicole maragno
    nicole maragno День тому

    Is it just me or is the original better

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog День тому

    Put it at 2x speed it’s actually kind of fire 🔥

  • faZe TSM_ninja
    faZe TSM_ninja День тому


  • Notjustaprobruh
    Notjustaprobruh День тому +1

    Me when the teacher gonna take my unfinished test : 1:49

  • Josias Casas
    Josias Casas День тому +1


  • Cosmic Bader
    Cosmic Bader День тому

    Thots 2:32

  • Cosmic Bader
    Cosmic Bader День тому

    Girl(hits you)
    Girl “ come on hit me back”
    Boy 1:49

  • 丂ㄩ丨匚ᗪ4ㄥㄒㄖ卂丂ㄒ3尺

    Me in an Uno match and I put down a reverse card: 1:49

  • Rhonda Tejan
    Rhonda Tejan День тому

    Gang gang

  • TheLastGamerXY
    TheLastGamerXY День тому

    1:34 Me when I get good grades
    3:00 When I get a C or lower

  • hello there
    hello there День тому

    the ketchup wasted in the beginning of the video... :(

  • pedro Valado
    pedro Valado День тому

    Witch one is better like for blue face comment for lik choppa

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown День тому

    They look alike

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    class clown: *says something funny*
    the whole class: 3:00

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    no one:
    girls on dubsmash: 2:29

  • Lil Nuggetz Official
    Lil Nuggetz Official День тому +1

    I like the Napoleon dynamite style intro

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me: *has pain in back*
    also me: 2:24

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me and the homies when we get a question right on kahoot: 2:20

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    no one:
    the turtles after eating their daily plastic: 2:09

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me with my new shoes at school: 2:06

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me at the bbg: 1:43

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me:*breaks up with my bf*
    the cute nice guys in my dms: 1:34

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me: *sad*
    my friends with love and affection: 1:34

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    *someone breaths too loudly*
    that one kid in the class who always mad: 1:20

  • Dragonrobloxer The best
    Dragonrobloxer The best День тому

    When your mom walks in with the belt

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me when my song comes on: 1:18

  • Dragonrobloxer The best
    Dragonrobloxer The best День тому

    You guys make great content

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    6th graders seeing who’s the tallest in the group: 1:08

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    allergys in pollen season: 1:35
    everyone wiping they nose: 1:06

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    the windshield wipers when it’s raining: 0:55

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    me trying to start up the lawnmower: 0:51

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    *girl wears hoop earrings to school*
    the whole school: 0:46

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    no one:

    literally nobody:

    the white kids in the back of the bus: 0:31

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    6 year old me finding my mom’s camera: 0:28

  • Storm IRL
    Storm IRL День тому

    Microwave: “dings” (ready)
    Me: 1:35

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    no one:

    absolutely nobody:

    *cricket noises*

    the mixed boys at the bleachers: 1:51

  • SuperSonicRBV TehObjectThingy1070

    6ixSnitch get out:

    Trey bloods: 1:33

  • lilacplanets
    lilacplanets День тому

    teacher: * writes something on board* write this down, you’ll need it on the test
    teacher .000000000000001 seconds later: *erases board*
    whole class: 1:49

  • Achista
    Achista День тому +1

    1:06 when u got a cold

  • Your Boyno
    Your Boyno День тому +1

    0:32 when you play shotta flow in class

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot День тому +1

    My mom left 12 year ago

    Me:got a masserti and a mansion
    Mom: 1:34

  • James paterson _
    James paterson _ День тому +1

    when people stop making shotta flow remixes

    everbody: finally

    Me: whyyyyyyyy

  • Maggie Paul
    Maggie Paul День тому

    He's fuckin 16????? Bruh 👀

  • Lily Genaro
    Lily Genaro День тому

    Liliandri Genaro
    Want youre name

  • SplooshyTM
    SplooshyTM День тому

    me killing a silverfish:
    other silverfish hiding in the stone: 1:34
    me when i see the silverfish coming to kill me: 3:00

  • Joli Wilson
    Joli Wilson День тому

    When my food is ready 1:34

  • Joli Wilson
    Joli Wilson День тому

    When my food is ready 134

  • Novella Williams
    Novella Williams День тому

    Boy and stuff that y

  • nosusnofuss [Zen]
    nosusnofuss [Zen] День тому

    My girlfriend:
    My girlfriend:
    Me:*walks into room to turn on Xbox* 1:34
    My girlfriend: 1:49

    CSR PHANTOM День тому

    Kid in 1300s Europe:
    When I grow up I want to be a-
    Rat: 1:34

  • elano green
    elano green День тому

    Girls be like 1:34 in my dm's

  • Jaliyah Bryant
    Jaliyah Bryant День тому

    Yea yea ight

  • Holo Hoops
    Holo Hoops День тому

    goddamn y’all are beautiful. Nle why are you so young making me feel weird

  • Chicken Potato Nugget
    Chicken Potato Nugget День тому +1

    I showed this to cat...

    He is now a tiger

  • Easy 8
    Easy 8 День тому +1

    Indian Therapist: Black Blueface isn’t real he can’t hurt you
    Black Blueface: 1:35

    • Swazey
      Swazey День тому

      Easy 8 what?

  • juanol146
    juanol146 День тому

    La base es muy parecida a la de peke 77
    Pero está de ruta el tema

  • Ofilda Zelaya
    Ofilda Zelaya День тому

    Ohh he got money i am running his wallet

  • Terrie John
    Terrie John День тому

    I started this shit

  • autumn benton
    autumn benton День тому

    my mom after she heard i did something bad 1:37

    me 1:49

    my mom with the shoe 2:10

    me running from that whopping 3:00

  • Fabian Mercado
    Fabian Mercado День тому


  • Nakala Wilts
    Nakala Wilts День тому

    why is everyone meming the song?

  • Jaiden Dunn
    Jaiden Dunn День тому

    I woahed the whole time ( WOAH )

  • pembertons Youtube
    pembertons Youtube День тому +1

    I am obese Kim lovers like penis Megan Behavior trying to use my image of hornet smoke under the bus love you so much and if you did you make another video I would like all of your videos that's the time that's the time I like all your videos

  • Aiden Hernandez
    Aiden Hernandez День тому

    ha i love it !!!!!

  • Rxndxm Chxnnxl
    Rxndxm Chxnnxl День тому +1

    Me: I'm fully over them
    My feelings a week later: 1:34

  • Khloe Gipson
    Khloe Gipson День тому

    Blueface baby yea

  • Imxn
    Imxn День тому

    Me getting a whooping and trying to dodge the belt 1:02

  • Shontel Cutts
    Shontel Cutts День тому

    you fine

  • flexy *
    flexy * День тому


  • Jason 2K
    Jason 2K День тому

    Me cooking 1:26

  • M⃟ʏтн𝖎сa⃟𝖑
    M⃟ʏтн𝖎сa⃟𝖑 День тому +1

    Nobody notice NLE’s mom was in this music video. R.I.P NLE’s momma....

  • Blazed Legend
    Blazed Legend День тому

    Bad quality

  • ZxSkylinexZ
    ZxSkylinexZ День тому

    I love all his dances he does 😂😂

  • Xist Kelpy
    Xist Kelpy День тому

    Exercise instructors on TV in the 80s: 0:35

  • Kaiesha Watterson
    Kaiesha Watterson День тому


  • Mr Nolalife
    Mr Nolalife День тому +1

    One like = 1 "I knew that boy was a hoe"


  • Xist Kelpy
    Xist Kelpy День тому

    When mom says we eating pizza rolls tonight 0:23