NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

  • Опубліковано 20 чер 2019
  • Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix [ft. Blueface] (Official Music Video)

    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Midas 800
    Director of Photography - Snyder Derival
    Steadicam by Renard Cheren
    Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino

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  • Alexander D
    Alexander D 12 годин тому

    *Police* : "Which way did he go?!"
    *me* : 0:55

  • Mix Tapes
    Mix Tapes 12 годин тому

    y’all came here for 1:36

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy 12 годин тому

    *Opens a bag of takis*
    Fatass Mexican and black girls: 1:34

  • Babyy Guirlyy
    Babyy Guirlyy 12 годин тому +1

    The way blueface walked in bruh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zamira Wells
    Zamira Wells 12 годин тому +1


  • Chivo
    Chivo 12 годин тому

    is it just me or I heard this dumbass say like Tracy Mcgrady from the pistons🤔😂

  • Julieta Manuel
    Julieta Manuel 12 годин тому +1

    When i am last one alive in tag
    Me: 1:34

  • LurkClutch
    LurkClutch 12 годин тому

    Blue face never on beat

    BUJU CAPP! 12 годин тому +1

    Jitt jiggin da whole beat💃💃

  • The shy one
    The shy one 12 годин тому +1

    NLE: okay so I want this and this
    producer: budget cuts
    NLE: ummm okay, hey looks they're having a bbq.

  • Zharaq
    Zharaq 12 годин тому

    Me walking in the school bathroom just to talk: 1:36

  • DK Voltz
    DK Voltz 12 годин тому

    Is it just me but i feel like this guy the next rapper to get shot 😐😐🤔🤔

    XFESO 12 годин тому

    This song is trash

  • cutetingz !
    cutetingz ! 12 годин тому +1

    Area 51 guards: we will stand our ground and not afraid to shoot

    Florida man: 1:34

    The guards: 3:01

  • BucsBeast
    BucsBeast 12 годин тому

    Millennials rolling up to Area 51

  • Random Random
    Random Random 12 годин тому

    I am OBESE you can not tame me

  • frosteon or zykui idk
    frosteon or zykui idk 12 годин тому

    me: wins lottery
    my dad who went missing for 13 years: 1:34

  • Young AK-47
    Young AK-47 12 годин тому

    Tracy McGrady never played for the Pistons.

  • DAN131
    DAN131 12 годин тому

    Teacher takes roll. Thank god hes abse-. Me walking in high af late 1:34

  • OrangeHead
    OrangeHead 12 годин тому

    End of pride month:
    Lil nasx: 1:34

  • The helper
    The helper 12 годин тому

    St first I thought it was good but then I realized I don’t like nibber music

  • sxblime_
    sxblime_ 13 годин тому +1

    “Finally spring break! No more wor-“
    All teachers: 1:34

  • SimplySamples
    SimplySamples 13 годин тому

    0:39 what is that white dude doing there

  • Adiv Property
    Adiv Property 13 годин тому

    Y’all taking bloc boi funk sway

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah 13 годин тому

    1:34 goes to comments to find a meme

  • Deceitful -
    Deceitful - 13 годин тому +1

    When you pass the STD test without studying: 1:34

  • Malachi Smith
    Malachi Smith 13 годин тому +2

    When your teacher gives you work on the last day of school 1:49

  • biorni domi
    biorni domi 13 годин тому

    1:34 the way how blue face walks in xD

  • Grandma With A Gun
    Grandma With A Gun 13 годин тому

    I feel like a little white girl when i bump this in my car but fuck it

  • L.A Gang
    L.A Gang 13 годин тому +1

    Am I the only one who loves when they do that thing at 1:51.....

    Just me ok

  • Kemah Orr
    Kemah Orr 13 годин тому

    My crush: "I hate being single"
    Me: 1:48

  • StephoOfficial
    StephoOfficial 13 годин тому +1

    Here’s what y’all been looking for: 1:34

  • *Reality is a lie*
    *Reality is a lie* 13 годин тому +1

    i came for 1:32
    Like if you did too

  • Mike Morales
    Mike Morales 13 годин тому

    Me at a party dancing with a pretty girl: 1:02 and 1:17
    Me when her man comes over: 3:01

  • ERS Proficey
    ERS Proficey 13 годин тому

    Funeral Home Calls my name to come say something nice about someone who passed

    Me at the food table: 1:42

  • Daniel Lern
    Daniel Lern 13 годин тому

    If you think it was a cake but it wasn’t

  • Viser Clan Fortnite
    Viser Clan Fortnite 13 годин тому

    0:28 when I touch the glass case of new shoes

  • Sofia Holguin Gallegos
    Sofia Holguin Gallegos 13 годин тому +1

    How Blueface is gonna enter area 51 1:34

  • Jwam Ham
    Jwam Ham 13 годин тому

    Autotune baby yeah yeah yeah

  • Aced Fn
    Aced Fn 13 годин тому

    Avengers: what do we do now?
    Ant man: 1:34

  • Wyatt Draper
    Wyatt Draper 13 годин тому

    This song makes me want to drink a glass of water while drowning

  • Puffy
    Puffy 13 годин тому

    Me sleeps
    My dog 1:48

  • IIXxRadioactive LithiumII
    IIXxRadioactive LithiumII 13 годин тому

    Loudest noise in the fucking world exists*

    1:34 Dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower

  • Game Builder
    Game Builder 13 годин тому

    Me: Opens of a big of Cheetos
    Other Kid: 1:34

  • Kaleb She
    Kaleb She 13 годин тому +1

    I guess you like touching people’s nose or sum

  • Phil the mini bike master mechanic Channel

    me runing from the police after smashing granys proon juice on here colecshen of rare1900 gold plates

  • Sʅყρҽყ
    Sʅყρҽყ 13 годин тому

    1:34 Is What You Where Looking For

  • Beemo
    Beemo 13 годин тому

    Blueface ruins everything

  • Chi chi Sucka
    Chi chi Sucka 13 годин тому

    1:34 is me when I’m done roasting the hell out of people

  • Jonathan Skelly
    Jonathan Skelly 13 годин тому

    Me: Playing football with my friend
    My annoying brother: 1:34

  • chris_Dj Big Mac white
    chris_Dj Big Mac white 13 годин тому

    Why he (choppa ) look like some kin to Nelly ?? This shit bang though...def dropping' this on they heads tomorrow night in the club !!!

  • Crazy Youtuber k
    Crazy Youtuber k 13 годин тому

    Me: going to a party
    Mom: 1:34

  • Isaiah Tamayo
    Isaiah Tamayo 13 годин тому +1

    Opens a pack of gum

    Everyone at school : 1:34

  • Non Americans
    Non Americans 13 годин тому +1

    Me: forgets to do that one homework assignment and tries to play if off

    My teacher: 1:34

  • JonoIsABot
    JonoIsABot 13 годин тому

    People chilling in the middle east:
    Isis niggas dropping bombs: 1:34

  • Amare Little
    Amare Little 13 годин тому

    no disrespect

  • Taylor Reneé
    Taylor Reneé 13 годин тому

    me: opens a bag of chips
    ppl at my school: 1:34

    ELICOOL25 13 годин тому +1

    Ali-A intros plays

  • Jordan Dawson
    Jordan Dawson 13 годин тому


  • Amare Little
    Amare Little 13 годин тому

    he only 16 and he curse like that

  • Choxe
    Choxe 14 годин тому

    Everyone: *fighting in area 51*
    Me: Sneaking into Area 52

  • Kyle De Leon
    Kyle De Leon 14 годин тому

    Me: *tries to pass the semester*
    a D+: 1:34

  • xdgloomy_kid
    xdgloomy_kid 14 годин тому +1

    No one :
    Me at 3am walking to my parents room to tell the I ate my shit 1:34

  • Daz
    Daz 14 годин тому +1

    who’s here after the behind the scenes video

  • Hi Friend
    Hi Friend 14 годин тому +1

    Me: getting up to do class presentation
    Random boner: 1:34

  • Tianna Rauch
    Tianna Rauch 14 годин тому


  • Tianna Rauch
    Tianna Rauch 14 годин тому


  • GHOSTRexz_YT !
    GHOSTRexz_YT ! 14 годин тому

    So we’re just going to ignore the fact the at 26 he threw a hotdog and didn’t catch it

  • Brie Schuber
    Brie Schuber 14 годин тому


  • Fred Hall
    Fred Hall 14 годин тому

    Kid: when I grow up I wanna be a-
    Climate change: 1:34

  • bl_zzard
    bl_zzard 14 годин тому

    Me: Doesn’t light up house in minecraft
    Mobs: 1:34

  • Lame Games
    Lame Games 14 годин тому

    500k people from Facebook raiding area 51 1:34

  • Jamika Broughton
    Jamika Broughton 14 годин тому

    1:34 when you just got yo ass beat but you act cool because your friend there

  • Jemcy.
    Jemcy. 14 годин тому

    1:35 *When nobody's finds me in hide n seek*

    WoLF VERCA 14 годин тому +1

    Us sneaking into area 51: 0:57
    The military with their ray guns: 1:34
    Us: 3:00

  • Big Troy 420
    Big Troy 420 14 годин тому +1

    Someone:Will you go out with me?

    Your Crush: 1:49

  • retep
    retep 14 годин тому

    blueface baby

  • Supreme criptic
    Supreme criptic 14 годин тому

    Subscribe to me

  • Nok Z
    Nok Z 14 годин тому

    Everytime he drops a hot dog when he tries to flip it.
    Blue face: *yeah aite*

  • Jaiden Bia
    Jaiden Bia 14 годин тому

    Me:brings Takis to class

    Class: 1:34

  • Lucas Mitchell
    Lucas Mitchell 14 годин тому +1

    *Wife who took the kids*
    When u win the lottery 1:34

  • Flyguy Sai05
    Flyguy Sai05 14 годин тому +1


  • Isaiah Zeigler
    Isaiah Zeigler 14 годин тому


  • Tanya Perry
    Tanya Perry 14 годин тому +1

    1:34 1:34 1:34 1:34 replay buttons

  • AustinP-Gaming
    AustinP-Gaming 14 годин тому

    Me: in my room all day
    Mom: Pizza for dinner!
    Me: 1:34

  • Brandon Summerlin
    Brandon Summerlin 14 годин тому

    Okay everybody making jokes but nobody really listened to blueface baby fr. Dude went in tbh😤

  • Isaiah Zeigler
    Isaiah Zeigler 14 годин тому

    Blue face baby, yea aight,

  • stilletopuppy21 21
    stilletopuppy21 21 14 годин тому

    NLE and blue face look like father and son 😂😭

  • Stephan Perez
    Stephan Perez 14 годин тому


  • Rixts Ys
    Rixts Ys 14 годин тому

    I Knew That Boy Was. A Hoe

  • Corey Collins Jr
    Corey Collins Jr 14 годин тому


  • Fate Marii
    Fate Marii 14 годин тому

    When 1 person cones to the area 51 raid
    U.S goverment 1:34

  • Alijah Tolentino
    Alijah Tolentino 14 годин тому

    How I enter my party 1:34

  • Master Doge
    Master Doge 14 годин тому

    What you were looking for 1:36.

  • QUEEN bee
    QUEEN bee 14 годин тому

    What you want to eat mr bluface 2:02

  • kary collazo
    kary collazo 14 годин тому

    me at 1:27

  • SoarSmash
    SoarSmash 14 годин тому +1

    Me: Goes up for a class presentation

    Boner : 1:34

    BIGBODY BOY 14 годин тому +1

    Nle choppa: I knew that boi was a hoe
    Blueface: 1:34

  • Panini blitz Trader and random things
    Panini blitz Trader and random things 14 годин тому

    1:35 blue coming back to lyrical lemonade be like

    BIGBODY BOY 14 годин тому +1

    *bell rings*
    boner: 1:34