I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3

  • Опубліковано 10 лип 2019
  • im sorry... :(
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  7 днів тому +7300

    I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭

    • logicaltoast78
      logicaltoast78 Годину тому


    • Ava Suazo
      Ava Suazo 2 години тому

      It's ok it was just a little lie. ❤✌

    • Savanah, Eve, and Ari -
      Savanah, Eve, and Ari - 2 години тому

      We forgive you

    • Bluetooth vlogs and gaming
      Bluetooth vlogs and gaming 3 години тому

      Me when I realize that rule number three is be honest and he lied:*wipes tear*

    • Rebekah Louden
      Rebekah Louden 8 годин тому +1

      you know what you guys need to back off. What would you guys have done in this situation? Like telling someone that your a youtuber in this day and age is tough because people think that they don’t have a “real job” and some people think that they are playing the system. So you guys need to back off.

  • Austin Blankenship
    Austin Blankenship 2 хвилини тому

    It’s ok you guys need to chill he did okay I bet you can’t do any better you would do it to so

  • ElScratchA1
    ElScratchA1 9 хвилин тому

    I'm upset bc i actually loved these videos

  • Suzanne Schwartz
    Suzanne Schwartz 32 хвилини тому

    you are so cool

  • Jackie Chan is America's 2030 President 21
    Jackie Chan is America's 2030 President 21 35 хвилин тому +1

    It's ok BUDDY

  • Marcus Cheung
    Marcus Cheung 43 хвилини тому


    ur still a liar

  • Mikeandike
    Mikeandike 44 хвилини тому

    Those haters literally are like you cheated you changed your clothes! What universe are these people living in that you have to pay money to change your clothes!

  • Alto Playz
    Alto Playz 59 хвилин тому

    You know what even though you lied once I still enjoy the content and I won’t even unsubscribe

  • morgz mum DESTROYER
    morgz mum DESTROYER Годину тому

    okay buddy

  • Carson _SS
    Carson _SS Годину тому

    O no buddy

  • Ben Ruzicka
    Ben Ruzicka Годину тому

    Fuck u

  • MouldyUsername
    MouldyUsername Годину тому

    the main lie was the paid actors that payed $20 and $30 for some lemonade and gum...

  • It’s Me Connor
    It’s Me Connor Годину тому

    You suck this video is fake liar 🤥

  • Survival An more
    Survival An more Годину тому

    I think it seems like you did not lie I think like that stuff you don’t think about that.

  • La Juantis Jones
    La Juantis Jones 2 години тому +1

    Everyone has lied so you are not the only Liar

  • Zackary Garcia
    Zackary Garcia 2 години тому +1

    Everybody loves bags of chips takis, cheetos, etcc you can just go to houses and sell them for $5 each🤑

  • Nick Tyler
    Nick Tyler 2 години тому

    Please do .ore videos like this

  • FireStorm
    FireStorm 2 години тому +1

    you didn't delete your youtube channel thats why im disliking it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori Salazar
    Lori Salazar 2 години тому

    Really guys y’all want content from him so he goes out and embarrassed his butt off for us and y’all still have some messed up stuff to say like I don’t see you doing it any better shoot at that I don’t see you doing it at all

  • Siddl
    Siddl 2 години тому

    Charging your phone only costs a few cents yearly tho

  • Corelso 76
    Corelso 76 2 години тому

    Does anyone really care if you told a small lie. It was for the views Ryan. For the VIEWS!!!

  • connie james
    connie james 3 години тому


    Sorry I’m weird love 💗 u

  • Funnel Boy/Jonathan
    Funnel Boy/Jonathan 3 години тому +1

    Dont delete your channel please 🙏🏼

  • Arion Goll
    Arion Goll 3 години тому

    I think you are amazing those people are just angry they can’t get any subscribers

  • Waheed Khatab
    Waheed Khatab 3 години тому

    I today forgot about it :/

  • 2ble Trouble
    2ble Trouble 3 години тому

    He looks like lachlan

  • johnmartyn67
    johnmartyn67 3 години тому +1

    you just agmitted you staged the video i wonder what else you staged idoit

  • Jacey H.
    Jacey H. 3 години тому

    Idk if ur trying be funny in the like first 5 minutes but it wasn’t rly funny, at all 😐 no offense

  • Matthew McAtee
    Matthew McAtee 3 години тому


  • Ben Burgos
    Ben Burgos 4 години тому +2

    Guys leave him alone he’s just trying to entertain you and you guys show him hate. I want to see you guys complete this challenge without cheating/lying etc.

  • Louie Atkins Lego
    Louie Atkins Lego 4 години тому +2

    All to you haters shut up about Ryan Traham
    go and !!SUBSCRIB!!😉
    don't be a hater
    people make mistakes

  • Jehzebel Davila
    Jehzebel Davila 4 години тому +1

    I love ur vids pls reply😊😊 I love these episodes

  • Morgs Vlogs #1
    Morgs Vlogs #1 4 години тому

    Sry to burst your bubble but how come the money mark didn’t go down when you caught the stuff to make the lemonade you poured over your head?!

  • HeyyItzzEllie
    HeyyItzzEllie 4 години тому

    AwH ryAn ur not a liar.... UAplus is our school...

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis 4 години тому

    He only lied once that’s ok I think he is a good person

  • NuggsForCam
    NuggsForCam 4 години тому


  • Josh Kruzic
    Josh Kruzic 4 години тому

    surviving on 1 penny gets more money than 1 penny XD not an insult btw

  • Envious _John
    Envious _John 4 години тому

    Your a liar

    You really didn’t do day 3

  • Bananaman -360
    Bananaman -360 4 години тому

    8:40 to 8:43 be like Ooh peice of candy

  • Blake Games
    Blake Games 5 годин тому

    As a UAplusr never look at your comments I feel bad for you

  • 陈家麟
    陈家麟 5 годин тому

    Do more of these plssssss

    BJJ EVERYDAY 6 годин тому

    Yeah "BUDDY"

  • Rebecca Ko
    Rebecca Ko 6 годин тому

    I subscribed any2ays

  • Demon Doll
    Demon Doll 6 годин тому +1

    I’m sorry but I don’t know how he cheated

  • EJ HQ
    EJ HQ 6 годин тому

    you gained a new sub but not like im special or anything :)

  • Hunter Bowley
    Hunter Bowley 6 годин тому

    They should have got him a bunch of pens

  • Vanessa Obot
    Vanessa Obot 7 годин тому

    Some people are just haters, they have to criticize one little thing. But that little thing changed this series. 🙁 Dont hate show love.

  • zouldie
    zouldie 7 годин тому

    10:30 i was more interested at the guy playing football in the background than him talking about lemonade 😂

  • gaming with red cow slayer 2008
    gaming with red cow slayer 2008 7 годин тому

    He don't have to do it his channel it is good so what you would probably lie you'd probably be weirded out stop hating guys

  • Gabriella Bradford
    Gabriella Bradford 7 годин тому

    A.B.E Always Be Honest ~ Ryan Trahan ~ 2019

  • Davin Axenson
    Davin Axenson 7 годин тому

    You told him it was an antroponuership PROGECT
    Sorry can’t spell that word

  • 1 Devendorf
    1 Devendorf 7 годин тому

    You did cheat

  • Crumby Keyboard
    Crumby Keyboard 7 годин тому +1


  • Collier Hannigan
    Collier Hannigan 8 годин тому

    yo you cheated delete your channel buddy

  • Eat My Shorts9
    Eat My Shorts9 8 годин тому

    I was so fucking hyped bout pt 3 to see how far he gets and then these autistic fucks ruined it like he didn't say it was a class he said project you retards like honestly Im pissed he shoulda said "FUCK YALL" and for the record, it was basically a project for himself to see how far he gets and after he did "lie" he apologized like 1 min. later to the viewers. IT WAS JUST A DAMN CHALLENGE! He can do what he said want y'all don't run him or his channel.

  • Nick Lalowski
    Nick Lalowski 8 годин тому

    Says hes might have messed up the challenge for lying. Goes on to say that A.B.E. Stands for always be honest

  • Jungle Power
    Jungle Power 8 годин тому

    NO more bad things 11:35 He drops the lemonade holder thingy

  • Scarlett Playzz
    Scarlett Playzz 8 годин тому

    People make mistakes stop the hate

  • dyh the joke
    dyh the joke 8 годин тому

    I see the hidden comment

  • Denise Douglas
    Denise Douglas 9 годин тому

    it aint matter everyone makes mistakes so leave him alone

  • Austin Viccars
    Austin Viccars 9 годин тому

    Ur not a liar

  • Fudge Ripplez
    Fudge Ripplez 9 годин тому

    I'm going to draw Abraham Lincoln on my white board now

  • NoscepII vLoGz
    NoscepII vLoGz 10 годин тому

    why do you remind me of tom holland

  • The Flick and Flip
    The Flick and Flip 10 годин тому

    3:23 headphone users be careful

  • Finley Booth
    Finley Booth 10 годин тому

    haters why i was really looking forward too part 3 :(

  • Mochizuki Toa
    Mochizuki Toa 10 годин тому

    Idc if u lied I like this series’s

    EVAN AGUIRRE 10 годин тому

    Bro you literally said “I promise I will delete my UAplus channel and restart the whole thing”

  • Scrumbler
    Scrumbler 11 годин тому

    Hey buddy

  • Charlie your boy Madsen
    Charlie your boy Madsen 11 годин тому

    But I like the vid

  • Charlie your boy Madsen
    Charlie your boy Madsen 11 годин тому

    Yo you are NOT LIYING

  • kingbraulio2777 Luciano
    kingbraulio2777 Luciano 11 годин тому

    Since he is a liar he can also lie about deleting his channel

  • Jo Morrissey
    Jo Morrissey 12 годин тому

    were did you sleep for the last two nights because you can not you's your bed if you did you cheated instead you could of to a hotel or something: :( :( :(

  • AceyGD
    AceyGD 12 годин тому

    I lowkey don’t care if he lied this series was funny as hell 😂

  • Sarah Volk
    Sarah Volk 14 годин тому

    He poured lemonade on himself when he was wearing a mic........ aHhHhHhH

  • Joseph Morris
    Joseph Morris 14 годин тому

    Y’all are hating cause you didn’t get this far ass

  • ZMZ Blackout
    ZMZ Blackout 14 годин тому


  • Keaton Gadd
    Keaton Gadd 14 годин тому

    ok i just wanted to watch another penny challange but this lmao i all down to earth

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin 14 годин тому

    I feel like those comments were fake 😂😂 but ok

  • Trxpical XX VLOGS
    Trxpical XX VLOGS 15 годин тому

    Tbh The haters going to hate, but if you feel as if your doing it right, its your channel (do what you think is right for you! 🥰👍🏽)

  • Eviecat
    Eviecat 15 годин тому

    Truthfully tho, I would love for you to do this again

  • Verge Nova
    Verge Nova 15 годин тому

    Ok day one he says it’s a Monday. It’s day three.
    “It’s a Tuesday.”

  • Taztic
    Taztic 15 годин тому


  • Jacob Reardon
    Jacob Reardon 15 годин тому

    Idc I still think this series type thing was the best video you’ve made

  • Wingchunwillie
    Wingchunwillie 16 годин тому

    Wait so he wouldn’t be able to use a camera either. Or live in a house.

    Hold up.

    EMO'S WORLD 16 годин тому


  • Brycen Dry
    Brycen Dry 16 годин тому

    Its ok ryan i still like ur vids

  • Preston Davenport
    Preston Davenport 17 годин тому

    These are the first three videos I have watched of you

  • Xx Ironic xX
    Xx Ironic xX 17 годин тому

    This guy looks like my cousin 😟

  • Super Clips
    Super Clips 17 годин тому

    You’re not a liar. You just needed to get it done somehow.(Also the skits were hilarious 😂).

  • Use code lazar
    Use code lazar 17 годин тому +1

    Coming next,on keeping up with the kardashians...

  • meliodas
    meliodas 17 годин тому

    Hey where watching a UAplus video at lest he did something productive

  • Gabriella Bradford
    Gabriella Bradford 18 годин тому

    1:50 through 2:10 makes me think about that one episode of spongebob and i dont know why.

  • Rubiks cube tutorials and patterns
    Rubiks cube tutorials and patterns 18 годин тому

    Well my man sometime you gotta lie bout a few things to get things, it life, nobody is perfect

  • Sajitha Razack
    Sajitha Razack 18 годин тому

    My question is where did you sleep?

    Ryan:Home (Cheater)

  • iza plays
    iza plays 19 годин тому

    you didnt evan finish >:O

  • Lil_blueberry Juice box
    Lil_blueberry Juice box 19 годин тому

    Wow I’m broke and it’s hot outside everyday good way to make money

  • James Grundy
    James Grundy 19 годин тому

    4:24 is where the video actually starts

  • Wilson Garcia
    Wilson Garcia 19 годин тому

    Part 4???

  • Broken Down
    Broken Down 19 годин тому +1

    Y’all r rlly petty for that like come on he’s doin all this for u

  • KingChikenWing
    KingChikenWing 19 годин тому

    the cringe