I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

  • Опубліковано 11 чер 2019
  • I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • brazil
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    haha grape

  • Isabel Uribe
    Isabel Uribe 3 години тому

    Your face reminds me of Mars Hughes from FMAB? I dunno why you look like skinny less muscly Hughes

  • Rebecca Sanchez
    Rebecca Sanchez 3 години тому

    When I was in a two week fast, I loved watching people cook and eat food. I even liked cooking. I couldn't eat anything I made but I still wanted to be around food.

  • Zz Cutie
    Zz Cutie 3 години тому

    I couldn’t stop watching the part were the first part

  • Tyonne Cobb
    Tyonne Cobb 3 години тому

    1:25 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Male 2007
    Mr. Male 2007 3 години тому

    Omfg I luv ur art style!!

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 години тому

    ....OHHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT So your saying is that Boost drinks are the devil and tomoto soup is god IM I RIGHT

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 години тому


  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 3 години тому

    My little sis called "SomeThingElsYT" A cat not a demon I LOL my socks of

  • nikki carma
    nikki carma 3 години тому

    Your so cute....

  • VickVix 129
    VickVix 129 3 години тому

    I will not like the smash button

  • Ashley Murray
    Ashley Murray 3 години тому

    I think he's still kinda tired cuz' he said "don't forget to like that smash button" instead of smash that like button" 12:20

  • Carter Conkle
    Carter Conkle 3 години тому

    Remember to like that smash button

  • Oslet Playz
    Oslet Playz 3 години тому

    Omg I relate i couldn’t eat food for two days bc of my expanded and I was dying XD

  • theforcebewithu
    theforcebewithu 3 години тому

    This is such a good video just because of the demonize thing

  • Lisa Henkel
    Lisa Henkel 3 години тому


  • GuideBeauté Jeu
    GuideBeauté Jeu 3 години тому

    guy's he said shutttttttttt uuuuuuup

  • Hypr Lynk
    Hypr Lynk 4 години тому +1

    RIP Adam's chocolate milk
    1 like = 1 carton of chocolate milk

  • Silent Potato
    Silent Potato 4 години тому

    Poop wins

  • Maria Beach
    Maria Beach 4 години тому

    this was posted on my and my mums birthday

  • Ayisha Gangadin
    Ayisha Gangadin 4 години тому

    How did you brush your teeth

  • SquishiSquishi
    SquishiSquishi 4 години тому

    But... did he ever get his #ChoccyMylk?

  • Squid
    Squid 4 години тому

    7:12 my favorite part of the video

  • CHloE748
    CHloE748 4 години тому

    I’ve had more hospital stays than I can count, and I’m on my 26th surgery later this year (I’m 22). Because almost all of them were pancreas related, you can’t have anything to eat, even ice chips. My longest hospital stay was exactly 4 weeks and I only got to eat the last week, but it was all clear liquids (chicken broth, jello, water) and let me tell you, it tasted fantastic, even though it was disgusting lol. Every time I was admitted I would watch the food channel to torture myself lol, I could taste the food through the screen. I would also cheat and have my mom get me different flavors of gum, even though I wasn’t supposed to have any. Each flavor was like a different meal to me 😂

  • natalie angel
    natalie angel 4 години тому

    i want gadoraade

  • Jaylah Luster
    Jaylah Luster 4 години тому

    I will fucking eat you 🤣

  • max v
    max v 4 години тому

    mate i had the same thing happen to me but i was 7 and i could not eat for 3 YEARS GGOD DA-

  • luke alan
    luke alan 4 години тому

    At least you stopped yourself from being graped by youtubes demonitisation

  • NBW Br0Ck
    NBW Br0Ck 4 години тому

    Ha look at me I will do and will succeed if I don’t care I had my jaw shut with underwear

  • TheMythCraft
    TheMythCraft 4 години тому +1

    There are two things that popped into my head when Adam said the word ‘Mukbang’.

    BEN Drowned.

  • Leah
    Leah 4 години тому

    I swear to god youtube is listening to me. I've never seen ANY of your videos before, and THIS is the video I get. I'm getting jaw surgery (for different reasons) in two weeks and my jaw is getting banded shut. I'm thanking my lucky stars it's only for two weeks

  • Don't talk to me
    Don't talk to me 4 години тому +1

    Me: **sees the title**
    Also me: Hehe, you should see Meridith Grey

  • Ahnaf Amer
    Ahnaf Amer 4 години тому

    Just watch buzzfeed Worth it by far the best I even downloaded it ( it’s the food one)

  • Maria Medina
    Maria Medina 4 години тому +1

    wait no... I'm so confused *i cant find the smash button*

  • Call me beep me My mother beats me
    Call me beep me My mother beats me 4 години тому

    That burrito is from sheetz

  • Matthew Plasencia
    Matthew Plasencia 4 години тому

    guy's he said shutttttttttt uuuuuuup

  • gamer_110
    gamer_110 4 години тому

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  • Zakk's Farts
    Zakk's Farts 5 годин тому

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    Grace Hauck 5 годин тому

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    Kavuela 5 годин тому

    Kanye west

  • GachaWith HollyXX
    GachaWith HollyXX 5 годин тому

    ....you look like markplier

  • Duck_15 Duck_15
    Duck_15 Duck_15 5 годин тому

    I watched this video wale sipping on a Diet Dr. Pepper

  • XtremeVoltage
    XtremeVoltage 5 годин тому

    The first “Adam” to talk in the vid isn’t him. Where’s the common sense on the hoodie

  • Teeny Plains
    Teeny Plains 5 годин тому +1

    But what about...

    Pizza bagels?

  • Awkward Small Person
    Awkward Small Person 5 годин тому

    *gasp* its hydrocodone i had it after wisdom tooth removal and it was sooo amazing (i have muscle and nerve damage) to where my parents had to hide the bottle (i only had like 10 pills)

  • Alabaster1223
    Alabaster1223 5 годин тому

    Eyyy I caught that bo burnam refrence

  • Alabaster1223
    Alabaster1223 5 годин тому

    I love this style of humor and the animation style is amazing

  • MetaNARS
    MetaNARS 5 годин тому

    You're a wonderful person and you look awesome! (I'm an aspiring animator and I will surpass you one day!

  • SmolRebel
    SmolRebel 5 годин тому

    You will hate me so much but


  • Prince Y
    Prince Y 5 годин тому +1

    Any type of surgery is a living hell but only a single type of drink for 2 months with no food could be a nightmare

  • Rusko Sukuza
    Rusko Sukuza 5 годин тому

    Oh no

    He's hot!

  • Rich Hiatt
    Rich Hiatt 5 годин тому

    I am so glad you think the same about tomato soup

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    Mateo Maldonado 5 годин тому

    In 3:29 you can find loss

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    Iris KnowsAll 5 годин тому

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    Iris KnowsAll 5 годин тому

    *"I was gonna eat my brother."*

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    walk.sleeper 5 годин тому

    I want a gf who is as passionate about me as adam is about tomato soup

  • Ryry’s life _
    Ryry’s life _ 5 годин тому

    So I went to the dentist yesterday and I’ve always had jaw problems like it would lock and click and it suvks and hurts.WELLLLLL the dentist said I am going to need braces and that in the future I am most likly going to have to get this surgery😢

  • Kira Johnson
    Kira Johnson 5 годин тому

    You Hannibal 30 something year old man tried to eat his own brother

  • Harry Jackerson
    Harry Jackerson 5 годин тому

    'There are two dogs killing themselves'

  • Megan R
    Megan R 5 годин тому

    Did u lose any weight from this?

  • Kalentine
    Kalentine 5 годин тому

    2:13 I would never take my food for granite!

  • Harry Jackerson
    Harry Jackerson 6 годин тому

    Aww :)))))))

  • I'm Alone
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    Probably suck DI-

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    seba albo sebix 6 годин тому

    they did surgery on Adam?

  • *Sheriff Birb*
    *Sheriff Birb* 6 годин тому

    I saw a guy with your pottasium shirt in San Diego

  • Melon Productions
    Melon Productions 6 годин тому

    I had to do this for 3 weeks when I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I did two at a time and it was about a week and a half of recovery time each time

  • Brett Woodland
    Brett Woodland 6 годин тому

    Did anybody else catch that he said to like that smash button😂

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    Leslie Inniss 6 годин тому

    I drink boost because I’m too skinny

  • Shrimpii Shrimp
    Shrimpii Shrimp 6 годин тому

    Maybe don’t curse in ur vids... my mom heard u and now I’m not allowed to watch u anymore

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    Audrey Kramer 6 годин тому

    You have another subscriber lol I love your vids

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui 6 годин тому

    “Don’t forget to like that smash button”
    Correction: “don’t forget to smash that like button”

  • alyia and jaedyn
    alyia and jaedyn 6 годин тому

    Still nobody:
    Adam:give me my fucking chocolate milk you hospital hoes

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    Something else yt ur in a vid the vid is called gildedguy and the green eyed cowboy just watch the vid u oddsout and Jaden are in it with tabbes Alex Clark and more

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    IF you don't know why I'm laughing its because this video is tooooooooo funny XD XD XD XD

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    愛編ßlü. ėÿęś 7 годин тому

    *adam the hec*

    *_i understand you,the same thing happened to me 😂_*

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    My dad got his jaw wired shut because he got in a bar fight while we were on vacation

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