Sophie Turner, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender Teach You English, Scottish and Irish Slang

  • Опубліковано 5 чер 2019
  • On this episode of "Slang School," Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender teach you English, Scottish, and Irish slang. They star in "X Men: Dark Phoenix" out in theaters June 7th.
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    Sophie Turner, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender Teach You English, Scottish and Irish Slang
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  • Drom Glance
    Drom Glance 4 години тому

    What was James was saying? Kiba, Kiba la how?

  • rodrigo peraza
    rodrigo peraza День тому

    I think this is the first time I see Fassbender actually being Irish 😂😂

  • Angyliv
    Angyliv День тому

    Ok it’s not British so why do you call spanish to castillian???

  • kelp808
    kelp808 2 дні тому

    Please do Jason Momoa Teaches You Hawaiian Slang one day😊

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 2 дні тому

    *I’m feeling SO American right now.*
    1.) How did I not know Michael Fassbender is Irish?
    2.) I actually use to think we all spoke English. 😏 (Yes, it’s a joke)
    3.) If just between them they were confused on some of those, imagine how I felt as an American.

  • Ana Rijo
    Ana Rijo 2 дні тому

    Oh the Scottish accent. ❤

  • Jonathan Laedke
    Jonathan Laedke 3 дні тому

    You'll do fookin nuttin

  • Mathew Dransfield
    Mathew Dransfield 4 дні тому

    There was a lot more to do in england

  • Marco Femto
    Marco Femto 4 дні тому

    So who's English, who's the Scottish and who's the Irish???

  • potwhovian
    potwhovian 4 дні тому

    DO they just have too much time in Europe and sit around thinking up ridiculous ways to say the most common things like is that the Only way they know how to express emotion

  • reelkena
    reelkena 5 днів тому +1

    nobody watched your movie

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White 5 днів тому

    Why couldnt they get these guys to make an awesome x men movie. Theyre awesome

  • Le Duck
    Le Duck 5 днів тому

    McAvoy has been waiting for this moment his entire life

  • Zoe Bluth
    Zoe Bluth 6 днів тому +1

    I love this video

  • Nat Le
    Nat Le 8 днів тому

    I’ve never heard of shift and drift 🤨
    And I’m Irish.
    We used to say “did you meet her/him”, for when you kissed etc with someone.

  • Michelle Flood
    Michelle Flood 8 днів тому

    We use sprog too here in Australia but we use a bit of Irish and Scottish slang has worked its way in to our vernacular

  • Santi Jauregui
    Santi Jauregui 8 днів тому

    Sophie’s accent def the most boring

  • el desconocido
    el desconocido 8 днів тому

    two hunks. dayumm

  • Nette A
    Nette A 9 днів тому

    Ah, my 3 favourite cinnamon rolls 😄

  • Leon Werneck
    Leon Werneck 9 днів тому

    Legend has it Billy Connolly cloned himself a bunch of times and the clones had to make a living for their own and so they renamed themselves Craig Ferguson and James McAvoy

  • BanTheUndead
    BanTheUndead 10 днів тому

    What is that last not at the end that McAvoy says?

  • Katya Vinogradova
    Katya Vinogradova 13 днів тому

    Scottish slang is the best! Or is it McAvoy's accent that makes it so awesome?

  • DrAxe Dharme
    DrAxe Dharme 16 днів тому

    Ugh, uneducated Yanks

  • Aurora Galore
    Aurora Galore 17 днів тому

    Just here for the comments about how awful Americans are with Geography 🙈😂

  • Dylon Allen
    Dylon Allen 17 днів тому

    What even is language anyway?

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant 17 днів тому

    Well done, McAvoy. Dickhead ignorant Americans getting the countries mixed up.

  • peachy bee
    peachy bee 18 днів тому

    McAvoy rockin that grey streak of hair. Rawr.

  • Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene
    Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene 18 днів тому

    Wow, Sophia Turner looks gorgeously beautiful. I don't even know if thats a word :D.

  • Meana Be
    Meana Be 18 днів тому

    This was hilarious!!!!

  • Under
    Under 19 днів тому

    Wales crying in a corner right now

  • Kanyshai Abil
    Kanyshai Abil 19 днів тому

    Why Michael is looking only Mc?

  • ralph justin
    ralph justin 20 днів тому +1

    Wait fassbender is not german? My whole life is a lie!

  • Probable Cauzz
    Probable Cauzz 21 день тому

    Too much HOT in one spot.

  • Ross Prior
    Ross Prior 22 дні тому


  • Benjamin Douds
    Benjamin Douds 23 дні тому

    Gallus is Latin for rooster.

  • Marcel Fernández Romero
    Marcel Fernández Romero 25 днів тому

    I see some Hedwig in James.

  • Alec Neate
    Alec Neate 25 днів тому +1

    Nice to hear proper slang rather than all the modern London "Peng" and "ends" and "hench" stuff

  • Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft
    Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft 25 днів тому

    I think "shite" is the greatest word of all time!

  • Marlon Wilson
    Marlon Wilson 25 днів тому

    I never realized how cute James is maybe it’s the beard

  • ThePictishMan 26
    ThePictishMan 26 27 днів тому

    In Aberdeenshire a Gallus, or Galluses means suspenders
    "Git galluses fir yer briks" is "get suspenders for your trousers"

  • Shoichleach74 Callum
    Shoichleach74 Callum 28 днів тому

    "Cat" is definitely Scottish. It means if something is's crap...which is also Scottish. If it's no Scottish it's crap.

  • Not Dave's Channel
    Not Dave's Channel 29 днів тому

    Sophie's too young to remember Maggie Thatcher. Frit is a Lincolnshire slang word Thatcher used once about an opponent and it caught on for a bit.

    PAYSON DAVIS Місяць тому

    Hello, I'm Sophie Tuhrnah!
    I'm James Maccavoy,,,,,
    andI'mMichaelFassbndrr .

  • Tom Sanders
    Tom Sanders Місяць тому

    The British Isles is a geographical term, like North America - I guess we must avoid using the term North America as it is hardly fair on Canadians and Mexicans...

  • Stiofán Davies
    Stiofán Davies Місяць тому

    Gobshite = Donald Trump

  • Brian
    Brian Місяць тому

    They are awesome

  • m33p0
    m33p0 Місяць тому

    can't you find a welsh actor somewhere?

  • Mark Conrad
    Mark Conrad Місяць тому +43

    James = Type of guy you party with
    Sophie = Type of gal you take to the party
    Michael = Type of guy who you chill with outside the party

  • fabrizzio monsalve
    fabrizzio monsalve Місяць тому

    Why fassbender doesnt sound irish

  • jerrey n
    jerrey n Місяць тому

    I was NOT expecting McAvoy to have a strong Scottish accent, that’s impressive

  • Edd25164605
    Edd25164605 Місяць тому

    Nice one James. The early clafication that 'England' and Britain are not the same thing.
    England,Scotland and Wales = Great Britain.

    • Tom Sanders
      Tom Sanders Місяць тому

      with Little Britain being Brittany

  • Samuel Gioeni
    Samuel Gioeni Місяць тому

    this is soo great!

  • Kristina Litvinova
    Kristina Litvinova Місяць тому

    I came here just to say how I envy Sophie

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Місяць тому

    Wouldn’t Scottish be in with the British slangs? But what do I know
    Edited: didn’t watch it first

  • D Grave
    D Grave Місяць тому

    chiamhar a tha thu love it!!

  • Ella Angel
    Ella Angel Місяць тому

    I'm bilingual and I learned specifically British english, England I mean hahaha but I can't understand Scottish people going full slang, I can't 😂 I still need subtitles watching Trainspotting and I've watched that movie 100 times.

  • Nova M.
    Nova M. Місяць тому

    They all have such pretty eyes, and Sophie is so pretty too, tf?! 😯

  • Kenneth Potato
    Kenneth Potato Місяць тому

    I thouroughly enjoyed this video.

  • So sehe ich euch (Kanalinfo)
    So sehe ich euch (Kanalinfo) Місяць тому

    Racists, who are narcisstic and think their narcissm and real sadism is worth to be listened to.

  • Mundane05
    Mundane05 Місяць тому

    What's Scottish for "Box Office Poison"?

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Місяць тому

    by the way sophie turner makes several extraordinary anagrams

  • Maryem Hossam
    Maryem Hossam Місяць тому

    James McAvoy is the best teacher ❤❤💖

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Місяць тому

    shift and drift across the pond would be a funny car ride with a manuel gearbox that uses a stick shift.... just saying 🙏

  • Sky yKS
    Sky yKS Місяць тому

    I am inlove with the Scottish accent.

  • Sky yKS
    Sky yKS Місяць тому

    Oh my

  • Upkar Angrish
    Upkar Angrish Місяць тому

    Sophie turner thanks for ruining the X-Men for us.

  • DrarryForever
    DrarryForever Місяць тому

    Someone should do a video of James just doing classic words of Scots language - I'd love to watch James describe and then give an example of the word 'glaekit.' XD

  • Tur Mortin
    Tur Mortin Місяць тому +1

    Did James just speak Gaelic in the end? :O

  • caitron neery
    caitron neery Місяць тому

    Wow what I would give to be in that room with them omg

  • Aug07broken
    Aug07broken Місяць тому

    Anyone notice her LV dress, she is lovely...💕

  • Universal Soldier
    Universal Soldier Місяць тому

    I didn't understand a single word they all said.

    ELENA DI RUVO Місяць тому +1

    "Gallus" has the same meaning as in Italian: we say "gallo" (the rooster, the bird) referring to someone proud and full of themselves. Cool to know, man! I love to find out this stuff, lol

  • cursyvengativa
    cursyvengativa Місяць тому +2

    I can listen to James McAvoy speak in his native Scottish accent all day!!

    • 18 75
      18 75 20 днів тому

      cursyvengativa he sounds like a millionaire

  • Katie_pol
    Katie_pol Місяць тому

    Oidhche mhath, ciamar a tha thu fhein, James?Though that sounds a bit weird to say. “Good night, how are you also James?”
    Feasgar math, ciamar a tha thu? (Good evening, how are you?)
    Edit for typos. My English keyboard does not like Gàidhlig!

  • Michelle Flood
    Michelle Flood Місяць тому

    Acting the maggot actually means you’re acting foolish not an idiot FYI Michael

  • Devon Archer
    Devon Archer Місяць тому

    That was such a dumb mistake to make at the start - how are you going to make it out as if British and Scottish are two different things

  • Chiffon cake;-;
    Chiffon cake;-; Місяць тому

    My 3 favorites

  • woundedryhmes
    woundedryhmes Місяць тому

    That was really boring.. Why was Sophie even there? She barely said a word.

  • aguus
    aguus Місяць тому


  • Wassergekuhlt
    Wassergekuhlt Місяць тому

    Gobshite is more of a gossip than an idiot.

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland Місяць тому +1

    too much white in this video...even the ipad is white

  • veronicadredd22
    veronicadredd22 Місяць тому

    Got a love James McAvoy, for knowing that no one In Ireland calls it the British-isles he is always diplomatic about such things ,

  • ACXIAO666
    ACXIAO666 Місяць тому

    does a voice actor voice over james in dark phoenix , he doesnt sound the same like the film

  • Siddhi Pitale
    Siddhi Pitale Місяць тому +1

    they're all so attractive I don't know who to look at

  • Ariel G
    Ariel G Місяць тому +1

    LOVED this one. James McAvoy is so underrated it makes me sad. Fantastic actor and clearly great personality!

  • Jack Mathis
    Jack Mathis Місяць тому

    James be talking, having flashbacks of glass

  • Rex Fett
    Rex Fett Місяць тому

    I've got family in England Scotland and Ireland and this video is so awesome and relatable

  • Dylan JOnes
    Dylan JOnes Місяць тому

    Welsh people must be feeling a bit shafted right now

  • Olivia Caroline
    Olivia Caroline Місяць тому

    My fav people❣️❣️

  • powercookie m2
    powercookie m2 Місяць тому

    "Scotland and England are in Britain" not for long 😁

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill Місяць тому


  • Intan Park
    Intan Park Місяць тому +2

    I feel like i need to turn the volume up to max everytime Michael talks...👀

  • Laura M
    Laura M Місяць тому

    I think the funniest moment was Sophie at 1:11 I laughed so hard

  • Endless Night
    Endless Night Місяць тому +2

    Never realised Michael Fassbender has such a soft voice. Usually see him dubbed. It's a true lull 💗

  • spokes
    spokes Місяць тому

    Was anyone else laughing when she forced him to walk up the stairs.

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas Місяць тому

    I'm not sure anybody's used 'frit' since the 18th century.

  • fghfhg1212121
    fghfhg1212121 Місяць тому

    One of the worst actress ever!

  • shicrapt
    shicrapt Місяць тому

    Good thing she's got a pretty face.

  • Andrew Bevan
    Andrew Bevan Місяць тому

    They always leave the welsh out!

  • Yvonne Rediger
    Yvonne Rediger Місяць тому +1

    Well, I learnt a few new Scrabble words. 🇨🇦