Laura Dern Breaks Down Her Career, from “Jurassic Park” to “Star Wars"

  • Опубліковано 2 січ 2019
  • Laura Dern discusses her expansive career, including roles in "Blue Velvet," "Rambling Rose," "Jurassic Park," "Big Little Lies," and "The Last Jedi."
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    Laura Dern Breaks Down Her Career, from “Jurassic Park” to “Star Wars"
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  • Adam Lancsak
    Adam Lancsak 20 годин тому


    USCHI LOU 22 години тому

    Why isn't "iconic" in the title of most of the female actors featured?

  • JackBauer137
    JackBauer137 День тому

    I like how she has nothing to say about her character in The Last Jedi

  • Din
    Din 2 дні тому

    You should've asked her about enlightened.

  • SandyTheMaster
    SandyTheMaster 2 дні тому +1

    Jurassic Park's Dr Ellie Sattler = the first young and beautiful female character in a movie that I saw that wasn't a love interest to the main character. It's hard not to love Laura Dern for me! She's amazing. She was excellent in The Last Jedi too (I loved her character... too bad I didn't like the movie as a whole).

  • Hector Constanzo
    Hector Constanzo 3 дні тому

    Kinda upset they didn't mention Enlightened. Such a great show.

  • June Hudson
    June Hudson 3 дні тому

    loooove her

  • Corysande Leandre
    Corysande Leandre 5 днів тому

    I would love to see one with Angela Bassett.

  • Patrick Noone
    Patrick Noone 5 днів тому

    They should have let her talk about "Enlightenment", one of the most underrated TV shows of the past decade. The episode "Consider Helen" truly was one of the most haunting, touching and truly emotional moments of television I've ever experienced.

  • Zach Bourque
    Zach Bourque 6 днів тому

    INLAND EMPIRE not even on the timeline??

  • cloned81
    cloned81 6 днів тому

    Missing "A perfect world" 😢

  • Adam-Marc Kelly
    Adam-Marc Kelly 7 днів тому

    was i supposed to weep so much. Lauras such a love.

  • Matt S
    Matt S 7 днів тому

    Her character in Last Jedi was maybe one of the worst in movie history and helped to kill a franchise. Thanks for that. But not completely her fault. Director and producer mostly to blame.

  • mistrimeat
    mistrimeat 7 днів тому

    She sucked in Star Wars.

  • Apurva Kumar Joshi
    Apurva Kumar Joshi 8 днів тому

    Her expression of bewilderment when she sees a dinosaur in Jurassic park is an integral part of my childhood memories

  • Billy Savedra
    Billy Savedra 8 днів тому

    What about Mask ???? She was Awesome in that I really believed she was blind in that movie

  • Wade Castle
    Wade Castle 8 днів тому

    america's sweetheart ^

  • Karlie Starr
    Karlie Starr 8 днів тому

    Where's F is For Family?? She's AMAZING in that show!!!

  • Nik
    Nik 9 днів тому

    Something about her is so comforting.

  • Emily Adams
    Emily Adams 9 днів тому +1

    I love her so much 💜💜💜💜

  • Druuna55
    Druuna55 9 днів тому

    I don't know if she forgot to mention or I just didn't hear it but I absolutely loved her in Enlightened. Her mom was in that too :)

  • RebSike
    RebSike 9 днів тому

    It's a shame how the whole Holdo thing turned out, Laura Dern is great

  • Otto Bangsgaard
    Otto Bangsgaard 9 днів тому +2

    can't wait for a video with Uma Thurman breaking down her career

  • Journey Teal
    Journey Teal 10 днів тому

    I loooove her Mississippi accent!

  • Stech55
    Stech55 10 днів тому +1

    She seems so down to earth and appreciative. Good interview.

  • William Burke
    William Burke 10 днів тому

    Would've liked to hear what she had to say about playing Rocky Dennis' blind girlfriend in "Mask".

  • Sally F
    Sally F 10 днів тому

    Too bad “Enlightened” wasn’t mentioned. I loved that series!

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James 10 днів тому

    Classy, talented, smart, unique, etc. She's greeeeeeat! :D

  • Tertiary Adjunct
    Tertiary Adjunct 10 днів тому

    10:55 Rian Johnson spending 10 minutes talking about his project and no one getting it's a "Star Wars" movie makes perfect sense. Having slugged through it, I still didn't get it was supposed to be a "Star Wars" movie.

  • Griffin Holmes
    Griffin Holmes 10 днів тому


  • Livio Piantelli
    Livio Piantelli 10 днів тому


  • Vinícius Souza
    Vinícius Souza 11 днів тому +1

    You guys skipped my favourite role of Laura Dern, in Inland Empire

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard 11 днів тому

    Why would that be a shocker?

  • Fred Roman
    Fred Roman 11 днів тому

    Where exactly does Lauren Dern fit in the Indiana Jones movies?

  • TheGameLecturer
    TheGameLecturer 11 днів тому

    Laura Dern or how to age gracefully!

  • ShesThe1yup
    ShesThe1yup 11 днів тому

    and hopefully BIG little LIES will have a season 3? yes?... the first time i remember seeing Laura was on a movie about working in a dank lil office space on a computer and she had an overbearing mother it was called "Enlightened" I rather liked it.

  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith 11 днів тому

    She can basically do anything at this point

  • Stephen Otoole
    Stephen Otoole 11 днів тому

    Wonderful funny grounded woman and superb actress

  • Marina Miller
    Marina Miller 12 днів тому

    So well spoken. I haven't closely followed her career, but for some reason I was tearing up by the end of this.

  • foxhound13
    foxhound13 12 днів тому

    Man no F is for Family? I love her in that.

  • Kayla L. C.
    Kayla L. C. 12 днів тому

    anyone else love her in In Treatment? God, what a gift!!

  • Ray Rayz
    Ray Rayz 12 днів тому

    The only character I know of that used lightspeed as a weapon.

  • lnzEz
    lnzEz 12 днів тому

    Without her mother she is a macy's vendor

  • mrteabaggervance
    mrteabaggervance 13 днів тому

    She should be pissed that Ruin Johnson tried to run her legacy into the ground.

  • Erika Ortiz
    Erika Ortiz 13 днів тому


    • Frost
      Frost 10 днів тому

      Wow, you're stupid...

  • Zach Warren
    Zach Warren 13 днів тому

    I love Laura Dern! sad that she didn't talk about October Sky! One of my favorite movies... and Miss Riley was an incredible character.

  • Steve Harrington
    Steve Harrington 13 днів тому

    Do Corey Feldman

  • Patriotic Justice
    Patriotic Justice 13 днів тому

    Liked her in Jurassic Park, but man, was she a train wreck in Star Wars.

  • Jayme Lynch
    Jayme Lynch 13 днів тому +1

    I first fell and in love with Laura Dern In one of her earlier movies titled “Smooth Talk” with Treat Williams. It was a coming-of-age story about a typical teenage girl who does little more than run around with her friends and flirt with boys. Then she meats a strange, good looking, older man who had been stalking her. It had such an impact on me in the 90s. I found the full movie the other day online and watched it again. Today I am disappointed “Smooth Talk” wasn’t on her list. But I still love her! I also enjoyed the series “Enlightened.” I could easily watch the whole series again. Just know that this is not a complete list.

  • B
    B 14 днів тому

    She’s just so lovely

  • Koji Kaze
    Koji Kaze 14 днів тому

    She was 16 in Blue Velvet?!? Why did people hate her for Star Wars?

  • JWentu
    JWentu 14 днів тому +1

    Amazing. I am ashamed to admit I just realized the same actress played in Jurassic Park and in BLL!! And she gave such a great performance!

  • Lauren Schaffer
    Lauren Schaffer 14 днів тому

    I love her!

  • Tommy Okuniewski
    Tommy Okuniewski 14 днів тому +2

    I'd make the argument that Sandy is the most crucial character in Blue Velvet. Without her light the film would be Nathanael West tier cynicism and the whole thing would just be too inhumane

  • Wilson Wijaya
    Wilson Wijaya 14 днів тому

    Imagine when you die and Star Wars 8 is your last movie. how sad would that be?

    • Isabelle Dias
      Isabelle Dias 13 днів тому

      But Big Little Lies.... that was something else, here acting... so amazing.

  • Smaakjeks K
    Smaakjeks K 14 днів тому

    You're welcome

  • Dedham Tinker
    Dedham Tinker 14 днів тому

    So hot

  • Arun Phillips
    Arun Phillips 14 днів тому +1

    So much like her dad, the amazing Mr Bruce Dern!

  • AwkPrød
    AwkPrød 14 днів тому

    "...Fabulous Stains!"

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 15 днів тому

    She's so beautiful

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 15 днів тому

    Jurassic park was her best role

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 15 днів тому

    another great video I didn't know that her career went that far back LoL

  • villen
    villen 15 днів тому


  • István Sipos
    István Sipos 15 днів тому

    dammm, after Jurassic Park, I did not recognize her in Star Wars

  • Brenda Shea
    Brenda Shea 15 днів тому +1

    no mention of Enlightened? Such a great show and you KILLED in it.

  • pickledmama
    pickledmama 16 днів тому

    Aw man -- would've loved to see her talk about Mask.

  • Hannah Vancuren
    Hannah Vancuren 16 днів тому +1

    Could she be more likeable?? And her character on Enlightened is HILARIOUS. Everyone needs to see that show.

  • Crakatoot
    Crakatoot 16 днів тому

    Last Jedi was TERRRRIBLE

  • Crakatoot
    Crakatoot 16 днів тому

    She was great in Citizen Ruth

  • Tomorrowland Traveler
    Tomorrowland Traveler 16 днів тому

    I wish she would've talked about Mask.

  • Thuc Nguyen
    Thuc Nguyen 16 днів тому

    Her skin is glowing yall

  • Alemanio B
    Alemanio B 17 днів тому

    No mention of Inland Empire??

  • Lloyd Lee
    Lloyd Lee 17 днів тому +1

    No Enlightened? Clearly one of the most important projects for Dern and for HBO.

  • m0egrrL
    m0egrrL 17 днів тому

    My fave guest appearance in the West Wing ep. as Toby's poet crush.

  • nathaniel schwartz
    nathaniel schwartz 17 днів тому +1

    Wow, she was only 27 when she did The Puppy Episode. That's incredible. I am now older than she was then. I came out at 23 and I am now 29. Thank you Laura Dern for being a step in the right direction.

  • Stefan Brooker
    Stefan Brooker 17 днів тому

    They skip right over October Sky :'(

  • Lovorka Nikšić
    Lovorka Nikšić 17 днів тому

    She is so fun to watch in Big little lies ❤

  • Kenneth Russell
    Kenneth Russell 18 днів тому

    Her father is Bruce Dern

  • La Patutu
    La Patutu 19 днів тому

    She is wonderful

  • Edming Productions
    Edming Productions 19 днів тому

    Such an interesting person! Loved it.

  • Beatrix Sky
    Beatrix Sky 19 днів тому

    loved her in blue velvet and jurassic park!

  • mrbrockpeters
    mrbrockpeters 19 днів тому

    Laura Dern can get this pipe yo!

  • Michael D. Williams III
    Michael D. Williams III 19 днів тому +3

    Laura Dern is so beautiful inside and out, she truly seems like such a genuine person.♥️💐 Great video, and she’s a good actress. ☺️😊☺️

  • alana terrel
    alana terrel 19 днів тому

    There is nothing amazing or brave about going against God such a shame

  • alana terrel
    alana terrel 19 днів тому

    What did she do on ellen?

  • Andreas Persson
    Andreas Persson 19 днів тому

    Truly enjoyed this one! Great job!! 👍🏼☺️

  • TheMarker2015 L.S
    TheMarker2015 L.S 20 днів тому +2

    Star Wars was the worst movie she was in, Jurassic park was her best for me. She needs to do more.

  • kmaezz
    kmaezz 20 днів тому

    I recently heard both her parents are still alive and are 83. Insanely lucky!

  • Lisa Payne
    Lisa Payne 20 днів тому +3

    I really liked her in the show, Enlightened, on HBO.

  • MrS98VAC
    MrS98VAC 20 днів тому


  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko 21 день тому +1

    What about Enlightenment...she was so good in that...
    She's so down to earth and free spirited ...amazing chick

  • Nalijay
    Nalijay 21 день тому

    I really love Laura but I think she was miscast on Star Wars.

  • Shaka Ohana
    Shaka Ohana 21 день тому

    Omg I didn’t realize that was her in Jurassic Park. She didn’t age one bit. I love her in Big Little Lies, she says things that we hold back. She tells it like it is.

  • Emma Cabral
    Emma Cabral 21 день тому +2

    and such an underrated actress 😭

  • Emma Cabral
    Emma Cabral 21 день тому

    i feel like The Fault In Our Stars should have been mentioned because of the story about having Hazel has her daughter and stuff.

  • Magic juice makes the world dance
    Magic juice makes the world dance 21 день тому

    She is such a good mom character

    PHOENIX MINISTRY 21 день тому +15

    I fell in love with her on Ellen and she has only made me love her more since. She is such a great example of compassion, integrity, love, and encouragement. Laura Dern is a modern day hero and Hollywood is better for her being part of it. #Legend #Icon

  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith 22 дні тому

    what about Citizen Ruth!!!

  • SpiritsEnchantments
    SpiritsEnchantments 22 дні тому

    What about Fat Man & Little Boy? The film about the Manhattan Project, set in Las Alamos, NM during WWII. That film was made in 1989 with John Cusack. Considering the subject matter, I would say that was a very important and substantial film. Laura Dern had an important part and I can't believe Jurassic Park would be mentioned before that biographical film that changed the world as we know it for all eternity.

  • Heather Griffin
    Heather Griffin 22 дні тому

    So sad to not see any more episodes of HBOs "Enlightened". ABSOLUTELY LOVED her in that.